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"Take refuge in the sacred wounds of Christ, and there in the fervor of prayer, and in serious meditation on His passion, find a salutary remedy for all the wants of thy soul." - Thomas Ó Kempis, Valley of the Lilies

"You must meditate more on the Passion. Why, My children? Because you, too, as followers of Mine, shall go through your passion upon earth.... Time shall bear out this message." - Jesus, November 1, 1977

I saw Jesus on His knees, bent over in anguish, praying.... There was a great sadness in His face, great sorrow. He was talking to His Father in Heaven: "Father, I will drink of this cup, down to the last dreg, if it be Your will. It is not I that should seek that this cup be removed from Me. My strength is everlasting in the light, and My heart a bleeding vessel for this cup." -Veronica, March 8, 1971

I cried out, "No! No! Stop that!" For there was our beloved Jesus being pulled to and fro as His tormentors pulled His upper garment from His back. They tied His wrists together and drove a spike into an upright beam. Jesus' hands were bound by strips of a brown, leather-like cord.
     Then the central part of the cord that bound His hands was looped over the spike in the beam. Poor Jesus was pinned by His hands. There were five people in this cave-like room that appeared to be dug out of a hillside, a sort of hole-room in the hillside.
     I screamed and winced as two soldiers took turns hitting Jesus' bare back with a long brown, leather-like strap. On this strap were metal hooks, laid horizontally all along the strap. These nail-like, claw-like fixtures on the strap cut and scratched deeply into Jesus' flesh, causing blood to pour out. It was a despicable game with the soldiers. They laughed and joked. Jesus never said a word.
     I cried, "Say something! Say something!" He could save Himself, but Jesus remained silent as they spat and insulted Him. His back became a mass of welts and torn flesh. Jesus was barefoot; His sandals had fallen off as they banged a stake higher into the pole and raised poor Jesus up so His toes barely touched the floor. The floor was just dirt and blood. The soldier remarked, "Maybe they cut out His lying tongue. Ha, ha!" Our poor Jesus remained silent. - Veronica, March 8, 1971

I then saw Jesus. He had been cut from the post and had fallen over. A soldier roughly pulled Him over to a wicker-like stool and plunked Jesus onto it. Poor Jesus hung forward, and a nasty soldier put a 1ong stick in His hands to balance Him up, and yelled, "Ha, ha! So this is the King of the Jews! Let's dress Him as fitting!"
     The soldier went outside, to return with an armful of brier bush. He used the metal tongs to make it easier to handle. He made a sort of cap and stuffed a circlet of briers into it. In that way he could handle it better and shove it on poor Jesus' head. The thorns were too hard to weave, to stay together, so the cap was thought of. It was so big, and he kept batting it down with a stick. The sadist gloated as he swung. Jesus, dearest Savior, said never a word. The pain was excruciating. Tears coursed down the cheeks of our poor Jesus, but they were of sorrow. The greatest pain was in His heart!
     Jesus' hands were tied again with the brown, leatherlike material; and He was dragged to His feet. The soldier draped His top gown over His torn back. Oh, I could see it stick to his oozing blood. Oh, it was horrible! - Veronica, May 8, 1971

Veronica - And now He's tapping His forehead. Oh, He wants me to tell you, as He told me this afternoon, that I must tell the world that when He was crucified ... they have a false notion about His crown of thorns.
     The crown of thorns were placed in a basket weave cap and then placed on His head, and He was pummeled and hammered with sticks and a sledge hammer to get it down on His head; and that drove the terrible spikes of the thorns into His head. It seems that His murderers could not find gloves at the time to handle the thorns. So they thought to take their implements and place these terrible thorn weeds inside of the basket weave hat. And that is what Jesus wore when He was crucified. - September 27, 1986

"The Eternal Father has set upon earth His rule. He has sent My Son to you as a pure Sacrifice to open this Kingdom to you.... That Sacrifice was known by the Father and My Son, and was to be perpetrated and continued unto eternity!" - Our Lady, March 18, 1975

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