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"There was a throne set in heaven, and upon the throne one sitting. And he that sat, was to the sight like the jasper and the sardine stone; and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald." - Apocalypse 4:2-3

Oh, I see a most beautiful Being, but He's all of Light. I know it's the Eternal Father; but I cannot see Him in form as Jesus and Our Lady are appearing. He seems to be a beam of all light, but the light itself is so beautiful. It gives you a great feeling of warmth and also a feeling of comfort. - Veronica, October 6, 1988

"Nothing ever changes in Heaven. The Father is, the Father was, the Father always will be!" - Our Lady. October 6, 1973

"The Father has counted His sheep. He is familiar with the souls of all. Each hair upon your head has been counted, and your soul is mirrored before His eyes." - Our Lady, September 28, 1973

"Pray; pray much. Make many sacrifices of your senses. These are most pleasing to the Father. Sacrifice will recover a straying soul." - Our Lady, November 24, 1973

"Your destiny is in the hands of the Father Eternal." - Jesus, June 18, 1975

"Accept the life given you upon earth by the Father, and use every moment of it to please the Father and to sanctify your soul. Love is the way, the road to Heaven. If the world can only recover the true meaning of love, for love is truly the essence, the odeur of divinity." - St. Theresa, December 31, 1972

"Have great courage in your struggle, knowing that all that happens is allowed by the Father for the salvation of souls. By this manner you will reap many benefits, if not for yourself, but for others." - Our Lady, September 13, 1973

"The Father promises all salvation if you will just follow His direction." - Jesus, December 30, 1972

"The reward given to those who love and honor the Eternal Father in their lifetimes shall not be found upon your earth, for you are reserved for your reward in the Kingdom of your God." - Our Lady, February 10, 1976

"The Eternal Father has created every living being upon earth." - Our Lady, May 30, 1978

"I created you, in the Father and the Spirit, in the image of the Father. The Father is not stone! The Father is not only a light, the Father is emotion!" - Jesus, May 18, 1977

"Man of science must recognize the supernatural and the existence of a God, and as such, do honor to God the Father. He must, as a man of science." - Our Lady, May 27, 1978

"Communion in the hand has not been, and will not be accepted by Heaven. This is a sacrilege in the eyes of the Eternal Father, and must not be continued." - Our Lady June 30, 1984

"There must be, My child, a complete reversal of man's ways that offend the Father. Unless this is accomplished in a measure of time allotted by the Father, there will be sent upon you a great Chastisement." - Our Lady, November 23, 1974

*See also Directives #57-62 - The Great Chastisement.

"The Eternal Father, My children, is constant. He demands of all a discipline, tempered by love, but discipline!" - Our Lady, February 10, 1976

"These plagues were called the Legionnaires' Disease, Herpes, and AIDS.... However, these diseases that came upon mankind originated through the merciful heart of the Eternal Father. Sufferings were brought upon those who must cleanse their souls to avoid hell." - Jesus, August 21, 1985

"I have a secret for you.... Pray more and ask for more suffering, and the Father will give you less. You see, the Father is most gentle, Veronica. You will learn to love Him as I did, and as I do." - St. Theresa, September 6, 1975

"Much has been not recognized in the past as coming from the Father. The Father controls the elements of your atmosphere, My children--the Father, your most high God in Heaven. Do not credit satan with this. It belongs to your God." - Our Lady, December 31, 1974

"The destiny of every man lies in the hands of the Eternal Father, My child. We are much distressed to find many of Our children becoming engrossed in this game, My child, of astrology. Do they not understand that it is promoted by Satan to deceive them?" - Our Lady, August 5, 1975

"All who have come to the sacred grounds have come with reason. The Eternal Father has a plan, and everyone who comes to the sacred grounds has been called there by the Father." - Jesus, June 18, 1983

"When the Eternal Father placed mankind upon earth, He expected a great world of joy to Him. But instead, man that He has created has brought great sorrow time and again to His merciful heart. In His Divinity, no human could understand the ways of His accepting with a compassionate heart, these stabs that are given to His heart by an ungrateful generation." - Jesus, June 9, 1979

"My child, the Eternal Father is a spirit, but nothing is impossible with the Eternal Father. To all He is everything. There is no race, no color; to all He is everything. This is the greatness of your God." - Our Lady, June 12, 1976

"How foolish are those who think that they shall set themselves above the Father, their Creator! Have they not learned their lesson from the past? Lucifer and his agents, they were cast out of the Kingdom! Do you think that you will enter when you deny the Father upon earth? No! You will claim your just reward with Satan in his kingdom. Hell, an eternity of hell awaits all who desecrate and deny the existence of the Father in My Son and in the Holy Spirit." - Our Lady, September 7, 1974

"Your allegiance is to the Eternal Father in Heaven. Offend Him not! Not for a mere man shall you offend the Eternal Father." - Our Lady, September 6, 1975

"I admonish all parents now to spend at least fifteen minutes of your day reading the Bible to your children and your family. It is now a command from the Eternal Father!" -Our Lady, November 21, 1977

"This great secret of life will ever, and is forever known only by the Eternal Father, the Creator of mankind and the earth." - Our Lady, March 18, 1978

"The Father, the Eternal Father, My children, offers you His home. It is yours for the asking. There is no price. This Kingdom of light is yours. Believe in My Son and you will be given the way." - Our Lady, March 18, 1975

"People have forgotten the Eternal Father." - Our Lady in locution*, January 31, 1994

*A verbal communication from Heaven to the ear or directly to the intellect.

"The people must recognize the existence of the Eternal Father. Talk to Him, pray to Him, so that He will not be forgotten." - Our Lady in locution, February 5, 1994

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