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"Because thou didst not serve the Lord thy God with joy and gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things: Thou shalt serve thy enemy, whom the Lord will send upon thee, in hunger, and thirst, and nakedness, and in want of all things: and he shall put an iron yoke upon thy neck, till he consume thee." - Deuteronomy 28: 47-48

"It is in the direction of the Eternal Father that you remove from your country the forces of satan now running rampant in the grouping you call the United Nations.
"You must as a nation take yourself away from this group of satan. You have opened your doors to the enemies of God! These enemies do not defend you, but they wait to pounce upon you like vultures! They are bringing you down to your knees now, My children. Like vultures, they will await their time.
"I shall not, My child, be repetitious in My speech of the many abominations and atrocities that condemn the souls of mankind to hell. In purity of heart, in purity of spirit, redeem yourselves by coming to My Son in belief. Believe and you will be given the way." - Our Lady, September 13, 1974

"My Church is becoming fast the meeting place of all heretics. My Church, My House upon earth, is being defiled. Young souls are being sent out into the world to meet with all manner of evil and contamination. And what of Our leaders? Parents, do not depend on your leaders. You must, as parents, now assume full responsibility for the salvation of your children's souls.
"There will be much woe and gnashing of teeth set upon the world by the evil one. The forces of 666 are gathered for the final battle with mankind. All hell now is loosed upon earth. Recognize the signs of your times, and do not be caught asleep, My pastors. Measure for measure shall you make an account to the Eternal Father for your laxity, your permissiveness, and your sin. We look upon Our clergy and are much distressed to find you wanting. Shall you stand before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight? Amen, I say to you: I shall turn you away. I shall spit you out into the fires, as you have joined the venom.
"In the Eternal City of Rome, I watch the gathering of the vultures. All bishops will now come forward and affirm their faith now! You are following like sheep to the slaughter. You are bringing division in My House. A House divided shall not stand; it shall fall! I, your God, I am your foundation. The foundation is solid, but the walls are crumbling. And what are you doing about it? You are reconstructing these walls. They are becoming an edifice of man, not of your God.
"Do you, in your human nature, feel, in your arrogance, that you will be commended for your acts of treason to your Vicar? No! You stand on the threshold of your own condemnation!
"You shall not bring about a division in My House from the blood of your Vicar. O you of little faith, what manner of falsehood and false teachings are you bringing into My House? I will set upon you a sword. I shall send upon you the reaper to cut down the harvest and separate the chaff from the kernel.
"The foundation of your Faith has been given in simplicity to you, and you, O man of little faith, have sought a change that has scattered Our sheep and destroyed souls. Shall I commend you for this? No! I say unto you: You shall receive the sword!
"My little ones--and I say in fact, My little ones, who are of humble heart and spirit, who seek not the pleasures and gain of worldliness--My little ones, I comfort you with the knowledge that you will receive the keys to the Kingdom. Be not discouraged in this world of darkness, My children; go forward with My Mother. Her direction is true to you. You may not understand all that is being given, but accept this with confidence, for when the time is right, all will be made known to you." - Jesus, August 21, 1976

"I am the foundation, and when I speak of death, I do not mean the extinction of My Church. But I say unto you now, all bishops and cardinals, all that is rotten will fall. You consort with the enemies of your God for money and power, and they are waiting to pick your bones clean. You will not bring about a conversion of those who are presently apostate by compromising your Faith or changing the construction of the exterior lines of My Church; and by that I mean the physical appearance and the manner in which you conduct the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass." - Jesus, May 26, 1979

"Russia has great plans for the capture of Rome. I beg you as your Mother to listen now while there is time. Bishops, cardinals in Rome, a plan is set afoot against you." - Our Lady, November 20, 1978

"The octopus of evil, the international conspiracy of evil, has at its head a Grand Master. I cannot at this time, My children, reveal in entirety the order of succession of those who seek to enslave your world.
"The fall of man, this destruction that is fast approaching upon mankind, is being allowed as a redemptive measure by the Eternal Father, a means, a way to separate the sheep from the goats.
"In the past many have cried out, warning you of the coming of false teachers. Now you must open your eyes, come out of your slumber, and pray a constant vigilance for guidance from your Holy Spirit.
"The persecution to all those who follow and defend My Son in truth, in the light, the persecution will be great. The masters of deceit, they are gathering like vultures to send into motion a conspiracy of evil that has been brought about because mankind has given himself to all manner of evil.
"The time given by your prophets of old, the time of times is here. You will all, My children, wear your sacramentals in the battle, the days ahead. What was to happen in the future shall be now. Your world will be baptized by fire. Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption.
"False teachers and teachings abound in your world now. False teachers roam in My Son's House. You must now, pastors, reverse your ways, for they offend the Eternal Father much. I cannot hold back the hand of My Son; it grows heavy.
"All manners of corruption and evil abound in the hearts of many. The children are the victims of their elders. The children are fast going into darkness. All parents hold a great responsibility for the salvation of their children's souls. Do not expect the truth to be given to your children when they leave the safety of your homes. Satan has control of your earth now. He works through bodies of humans, but these bodies are captured by satan through sin and they are used, they are used to enslave many." - Our Lady, May 26, 1976 

"The world, earth, shall pass through a great crucible of suffering. Many minor warnings have been given in the past, and too few recognized them as such. Death will become prevalent in your country. Murders, robberies, fornication, idleness through famine and drought. My children, all who are of well spirit shall pass through these times with perseverance. You must all follow the counsel of My  Mother. She has been permitted by the Eternal Father to come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man. Her promise is true. She will remain with you, steadfast in Her promise. It is the will of the Father that She shall direct the children of earth in crushing the rule of satan.
"Satan now gathers his armies. You must learn to recognize the faces of evil about you. They are living bodies with dead souls. And the eagles and vultures shall gather to pluck their bones when they become dead bodies and dead souls.
"The powers, the forces of darkness are great. You must use every sacramental for the safety of your soul and the well-being of your human body.
"Many shall be asked to sacrifice this body, My children, in the days ahead; but it is a fast and glorious trip over the veil, My children." - Jesus, May 13, 1978 

"O My children, there are doctrines of demons being given throughout your world now. The teachings of the prophets of old are being cast aside as being too old for a modern world.
"We do not wish to see a division among Our children. Slowly we see a 'tug of war,' a long road for both Christian and non-Christian, the struggle for existence in the world, with the soul as the price to pay for this existence. Who are you selling your soul to? Satan?
"My children, I repeat, 666, known forever in the Book of life, the Bible, as the man of perdition, is not one man, but the forces of evil gathered like vultures to destroy the Christian and Christianity, to enslave the good and make powerful the bad, to make sin a way of life until each and every living creature of knowledgeable age must make the decision: Who is your master, man or God?" - Our Lady, April 9, 1977

"My children, you are not masters of your own destiny, though you have given yourselves to all manner of debasement; you have given yourselves to powers you do not understand, nor know how vile and how encompassing they are to your nature. You dabble in the occult; you seek for psychic phenomenons; you wander about with heads high in the clouds--your children following suit, and what have they found but satan!
"Astrology, cards of fortune, psychic abilities--for what? Falsehood! Gain to many, worldly gain of money. These vultures and charlatans, preying on human nature and its faults, becoming rich on the ignorance of many! And I watch as some disport themselves as Christians! They are charlatans and agents of hell!
"You who cast your lot with satan, you who guide yourselves by stars and rocks and time and signs, you are pagans in My sight, and you are pagans to your world! You are unbelievers, and you are men without God! Astrology is for the unbelievers.
"I created you, in the Father and the Spirit, in the image of the Father. The Father is not stone! The Father is not only a light, the Father is emotion! What stone has emotion? You were created as men above the animals. You have precedence over the animals, though you lower yourselves and conduct yourselves worse than animals in fornication! I say unto you: remove the blindness from your hearts. Look about you and set straight your values." - Jesus, May 18, 1977

"My children, I am certain that you all are familiar with the corruption and the evil that has entered upon your government and all of the governments throughout your world. I have watched with dismay and sadness of heart as your governments gather together in a united nation. I feel that they have surrendered themselves now to the enemies of your God, for the major powers are gaining forces, forces of evil to destroy their fellow men.
"My children, do not be deceived by the reports being given to you from your news medias, for they are controlled by the father of all liars and his agents in human form. While your world cries peace, love, and brotherhood, they prepare for war! While your world cries peace, love, and brotherhood, they slaughter their brothers, they murder the children. And what kind of peace will you have when you defy your God? I say unto you: there will be no peace when man has given himself to sin.
"All the nations of the world gather while the vultures gather over their promised land, going unrecognized as signs of the times multiply.
"Your scientists are masked with false faces shouting love and brotherhood, while they compound all manner of evil devices to destroy the bodies and minds of men.
"Lust and greed, avarice and vanity cloud the minds of men even in the highest places of rank in your world, in your government. Man has given himself to seeking pleasure, pleasures of the flesh that send many into hell . . . unbridled passion, debasement among men." - Jesus, March 18, 1977

"My children, parents, you must be now guardian of your children's souls. Satan is doing major battle upon the teachers in My Son's House.
"Your governments, your medias of communication, your medias of entertainment are now fully controlled. The United States of America has been plucked. The vultures are gathering for the kill. I say, My children, unto you that unless you pray, this year shall not pass without the weeping and gnashing of teeth. I repeat Myself that, unless you do penance now, this year shall not pass without much weeping and gnashing of teeth, for much woe shall be set upon the world by the agents of 666." - Our Lady, April 2, 1977

"In the days of Sodom, so too were men giving themselves over to all the pleasures of the flesh: eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage. All manner of sinful lusts are being committed. Men shameful with men, women casting aside their role of motherhood and lusting after women. As it was in the days of Sodom, so now is this black cloud over America."  - Our Lady, July 14, 1979  

"O My children, how happy were the days when I could look down from Heaven upon you and find that America was so beautiful--a Christian nation, devout, pious, and following the road as given by the Eternal Father, through My Son and the Holy Spirit of light. And now the light has been darkened.” - Our Lady, December 24, 1979   

"Learn a simple lesson from the past, My children. When the morals of a country start to go down into darkness, and the teachings turn from God to man, that country will soon be ended. First the spiritual life and then the material life of your country shall be destroyed." - Jesus, October 2, l976    

"You must inform My children in your country that they must put into your government God-fearing men who follow the rules of the Father. If you bring murderers into the house, robbers and thieves, they will rob you until nothing remains. You will be stripped of all earthly wealth and this wealth will be turned over to one small group to govern the lives of many!" - Our Lady, November 1, 1974 

"For that one reason among many, the United States will suffer unless there is placed into your government a group that fears the Lord if they cannot love the Lord. They will fear Him and find measures to stop the slaughter of the unborn." - Our Lady, April 14, 1984 

"My child, you must not have fear at speaking the truth. It is for the salvation of souls and the recovery of your country. America the beautiful must not fall to communism, My child. America the beautiful shall not be sold into slavery. Cast out the money changers in your government!
"What manner of government is there that condones sin? Abomination upon abomination--giving monies for the murder of children, giving monies for the murder of the elderly!
"Your government, My child, has been infiltrated by men of sin." - Our Lady, September 13, 1975 

"A country is known by the moral values, My children. In the history of your world, if you consult and look, My children, you will find that your country and many in your world are now proceeding along the same course taken before the fall of an empire!"  - Our Lady, February 10, 1976 

"You see, My children, as long as there is someone praying the Rosary in your country, We will be here to guide you. But accept Our counsel now. Do not wait until it is too late. America the beautiful will fall!" - Our Lady, June 18, 1992

"My children, much of the evil now that is spreading in the United States and Canada was promoted by these men and women of satan, known as Communists, who have been allowed to enter not only into your country and the countries of the world, but also into My Son's Church upon earth." - Our Lady, May 17, 1986 

"It is to your advantage to listen and act upon My counsel, or you will cry bitter tears of regret when it is too late!" - Our Lady, September 13, 1977



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