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"And behold a pale horse, and he that sat upon him, his name was Death, and hell followed him. And power was given to him over the four parts of the earth, to kill with sword, with famine, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth." - Apocalypse 6: 8


"You have, My child, received now the full story of the approach of Antichrist to the Eternal City of Rome. It is a sad fact that the apocalyptic days are here, and the visions of John will now unfold to completeness. There is much that was not revealed, but these are the days of the Revelations. You will read the visions of John, the Apocalypse, and you will find yourself filled with the spirit of knowledge and wisdom. The story of the end days will unfold as you read. You will not be found without knowledge if you will take the Book of love and life, your Bible, and read it." -
Our Lady, October 2, 1975 

Veronica - Now the third angel--oh, behind him are four horses. Oh, the horses behind the third angel, they're all colored: one is black, one is red, one is white, and one is green. They're four colored horses.
Now I see a large body of water, and I see two angels. Now they're standing over the waters, and they place their hands over the waters. And the waters are now--are rising very, very high.
Now there are four angels. It's like they were on a four-cornered pond. And they're standing now, each with spears, at the four corners of the pond. And now Michael is coming to the right side, and he's saying:
St. Michael - "This, my child, is another puzzle for man to figure out. If not solved in due time, the Father plans to set the answer upon the world Himself."
- February 10, 1973 

Veronica - Now Michael is extending his hand out, and there's a very large sword with a cross-like handle, and he's pointing it down, like this.
Now Michael is going over to the center of the sky. He's pointing with the sword upward, and--oh, going across the sky there is a red horse, and a green horse, and a black horse--all sinister looking. They make me feel very ill. But behind it there's a great light; behind the three horses, there's a great light now approaching. And over this light there are words written in the sky in golden lettering: "FAITHFUL AND TRUE."
Now there's a beautiful white horse coming forward. He's prancing; he's almost like he's dancing. And upon the horse--oh, it's Jesus! Oh, Jesus is upon the white horse! Oh!
Now Michael--Jesus, where is He? Oh, He's disappeared. The horses are no longer in the sky.
Now Michael is coming forward.
St. Michael - "My child, you have viewed what is to be, and is to be in your present. What was to happen in the future shall be now.
"Pray for all men of sin." -
July 15, 1975 

St. Michael - "Yes, my child, you find the balance heavily loaded, leavened by the sins of mankind and all manner of abominations that cause the Blood of your Creator to overflow in the chalice. This Blood shall wash mankind clean. Blood, the blood of mankind, shall flow in the streets in revolution! Wars are a punishment for the sins of mankind."
Veronica - Now as I look up, I hear this great--it's a clamor of horses, and it's--they're galloping; they're galloping, and it sounds like hundreds of horses galloping across the sky. But in the lead is this horse--it's all black; it's a deep, absolute pitch black. And the man upon the horse, he looks like an executioner. He's wearing a black hood, and he's carrying in his left hand a bow. Oh!
Now I see a huge ball. It's turning at an awfully fast pace; it's spinning. It's shooting out fire, and it's very hot. It's coming closer, and I can feel the heat. It's burning! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, I've never seen anything so hot. There are gases forming around it. It must be gases; it's all colors--a deep yellow, and an orange, and there's a tremendous heat! Oh!
Now I hear . . . it's Michael standing over on the right. His voice is booming again.
St. Michael - "Skin will dry up and blow off the bones as if it had never been. Eyes will see and still not believe, so hard have become the hearts of mankind.
"Prayers, atonement--is this too much to ask of you in the face, the reality, of what is to come upon you?" -
August 5, 1975 

Veronica - Next to Our Lady, on the right side, is Saint Michael. Oh, my, is he big! Oh, he's--oh-h! He's very tall. Oh, Our Lady looks like a little statuette next to Michael. And Michael, now--it's very hard looking at him because Michael has very metallic-looking, 'brassy' hair, sort of, like metallic. Oh, he says: "Do not say 'brassy,' my child. It is, it's God-given. You could surely choose to use a better word." Oh, he said "translucent." Oh. Well, anyway, it's, it's very, very bright and brilliant, like gold, so I thought it was metallic.
Oh, Michael is smiling, and he's pointing over. . . . Oh, he's--oh, right across there, there's horses now. Oh, they're coming across the sky so fast! But these horses have got colors. They look very funny, because it's a white horse and a red horse and a black horse and green horse. And now they're going across the sky very fast. And Michael is standing back, and he's holding up--now he has this scale; no, it's like a scale or balance. He's holding it in one hand, and he has like a spear. It's a long stick with an edge--it's not quite a point; it has . . . oh, I see, it has three points on it, like three prongs. And he said:

Michael - "Time passes very quickly in the Book of life."
Veronica - And now he has stopped, now, one. And I see the other horses have passed into the sky, but the black horse now is coming over. Oh, it looks awful. Sitting upon the black horse is this horrible . . . . Oh, it's--oh, I can't look at him. He looks--it's not even a he; it's like an animal. It's--oh! It's horrible! He's all black and charred, and he has . . . he looks like . . . .
Our Lady says:
Our Lady - "Do not be frightened, My child. You have the sight of what is to be. It is death."
Veronica - But it looks like a skull, with almost like horns, like a demon. But yet it has the body of a man, because it has like its legs, which are black, very black and dark, over the sides of the horse.
Now he has something in his hand; I can't see it. Oh, my goodness! He's holding a skull. He's holding a skull--it's an actual skull, like, you know, a human skull, in his hand. Now he's holding the skull up very high, over his head. Now the horse is beginning to move, and it's going over to the left side of the flagpole. And now--oh, he's going into the sky. I can't see him. Oh, I don't--I can't look at this. Oh! Oh!
Now Our Lady is coming over. It's becoming much brighter. It's becoming much brighter. And now Our Lady's coming forward; She's looking very serious. And Our Lady said:
Our Lady - "Blood will flow freely upon the earth. I cannot come with words of untruth and promise you a great peace until the world is cleansed. I cried for years for atonement and penance, but My words fell on many deafened ears. Now you have all been prepared and We expect you to adjust your lives accordingly." -
March 25, 1973 

Veronica - Now I see going across the sky--oh, they're horses. There's a white horse and a red horse--strange colors for horses, white and red. They're galloping. Oh, they're going very fast across the sky. And then there's a black horse. Oh, and then next to the black horse there's a large--it looks like a question mark, a question mark next to the black horse. Now next to the question mark, there's a very strange figure coming out; it looks like a clenched fist. It looks like somebody is shaking their fist, like this. Right next to the question mark--looks like a sickle, and there is a large hand, but the hand is blue and black. It's like a black hand, and it's held over like this.
"I don't know what it means, Blessed Mother."
Our Lady - "You will, My child, in the future." -
September 7, 1974 

Veronica - Now it's growing very dark, and I see . . . Michael is pointing the sword downward, and the sword is dripping with blood.
Now--oh, it's getting very light, and there are . . . I see horses. There are men galloping across the sky. Oh, they're horrible! Oh, the first horse is red, and on it is sitting--it's a man. He's dressed all in a red robe, but it has slits in the eyes. And he's got a sword in his hand, and it's dripping blood. Oh, and written above it is: "WAR AND DESTRUCTION."
Then there's a man now--the horse is black; it's very dark looking. The black horse has a mask over its eyes. And sitting on the horse is a horrible--it's, I guess, a man. He has on a black robe also, with slits in its eyes--round, sort of, but rounded out; and he's got a band about his head, a black band, almost a band of mourning. Now he is holding up now--oh, from behind him, in the back near the horse, he's holding up what looks like a balance also. Now he's stopped the horse, and he's taking what looks like a coin, and he's dropping it into the balance, and he's saying: "How much will you give for the bread?" Now he's now returning the balance to the side of his horse, and the horse now is galloping off beyond the trees.
Oh! Now there comes a figure through the sky. It's a horrible-looking figure. Oh, he's also on a horse. The horse is green, but with two large black eyes set in his green face. And he says: "Pestilence! Pestilence will be set upon earth!"
Oh! Oh! Oh, they're terrible! Oh, it's the bodies! I see  bodies, and there's bugs crawling all over them! Oh! [Veronica moans at the disgusting sight.] Oh, the bodies! Dig holes--bury them! Oh! Oh! And I see people. They're trying to dig holes, but there are so many bodies, so many that they can't get them into the holes. Oh! Oh!
Now it's growing very dark, and I can't see anything. But now--oh, there's a bright light over by the trees. Oh, and Our Lady's coming forward. Oh, She looks very beautiful. Oh, Our Lady has on a white robe, and it goes all about Her head, and it's trimmed in gold. And She has this golden sash about Her waist.
Now on Her feet are slippers, golden slippers; but they're made like with ties, because they're between Her toes. I can see the golden rope between Her toes. Oh, Our Lady is very beautiful, very beautiful!
Now She says to repeat Her words.
Our Lady - "My children, it is not My intent to fill you with fear, but I must awaken you to what will be your eventual fate. It is not a picture that gladdens the heart.
"All who remain in the light will have no fear in the days ahead. They will find solace and refuge in My Son's Sacred Heart. Bring My Son into your homes in monuments and daily remembrance. You will find this a great rock in a world that will go into darkness. Your homes must become a fortress in the battle ahead." -
June 16, 1973 

Veronica - Now Michael is raising his sword, and it's half-way suspended in the air, and there are drippings of blood coming from the sword. Now Michael is pointing with the sword, and there's a red horse now galloping across the sky. My goodness! It's a very large red horse, and it's going now from the left side to the right side and galloping off to the left again. Now it's disappearing behind the tree there. Oh, my!
Our Lady is now moving Her head, saying yes. Our Lady appears very sad. Now She's pointing upward to the sky, and She's saying:
Our Lady - "Communism is the scourge of mankind. Blood and revolution." -
June 24, 1976 

"The red horse is war! And war is in the balance next, My child. And what can you do about this? This is My direction from Heaven—and We hope, My children, that you will get this out to the world—unless the bishops and the Holy Father in unity with all the bishops of the world—unless they consecrate Russia to My Mother's Immaculate Heart, the world will be doomed! Because Russia will continue to spread her errors throughout the world, rising up wars and carnage and pestilence and famine." - Jesus, June 17, 1989 

Veronica - Our Lady is standing over by the right side of the tree, directly above it. And Michael now is remaining above Our Lady's statue, high in the sky. He's looking down, and he's pointing now over to the spear, with his spear onto the left side of our sky here, and there are letters forming in the sky, in black letters: "PESTILENCE AND WAR."
Now Michael is pointing with the spear, and there is a black horse running across the sky. It's a large black, ominous-looking horse, and it has a rider on it. The rider is dressed all in black; he looks almost like an executioner. He has a hood upon his head, and he's carrying something in his hand. I don't know what it is. It looks like a basket of some kind. Now behind him there's a green horse, and the green horse is, has also an ominous look. And now there's a voice crying: "Pestilence and sickness. Illness of the body. Pestilence, illness of the body." -
August 14, 1976           

Veronica - I see that black horse now. It's a horse--it's galloping right across the sky now. It's a black horse, and there's a horrible-looking man upon it. He's dressed all in black. He looks like an executioner, because he's got a--it looks like a grass cutter; it's like a Y-shaped hoe, sort of. He's the reaper. Reaper! The word "REAPER" is written over the sky, over his head. "DEATH, FAMINE, STARVATION." All the words are written now in the sky. Oh! Oh, my! He's galloping fast across the sky. Now I can't see him anymore. He's gone beyond the trees. Oh.
"Oh, Blessed Mother." -
September 13, 1974 

"You will read the warnings and the message in the Book of life, known as the latter days of the Apocalypse. Read it, study it well, and learn by it. The course of mankind is traveling fast to the conclusion of the book of the Apocalypse."  - Our Lady, November 20, 1974 

"I, John, have made it known to you what lies ahead in the last days of your era. You will all peruse the pages now and know what lies before you. There is no mystery to the words, for with the light of the Spirit you will be able to understand. All will be revealed to those who search." - St. John, September 7, 1972 

"My child, we have asked you to send the word to mankind that they will read in the Book of life, the Bible, the words given to them that will fulfill the prophecy of the latter days, Apocalypse. You are living the days of the Revelations. Read them and be knowledgeable, and you will not be caught without the light." - St. Michael, June 8, 1974 

"When I came to Fatima many years ago, I knew that communism would go throughout the world destroying many nations and attacking My Son's Church. Therefore, I made a promise that if the Pope, the Pope of those days and the Pope today, would unite with all the bishops of the world, all together on one day--not the world--but the bishops and the Pope will unite and pray for the consecration of Russia. I do not mean the world, My children; I mean Russia--Russia, the scourge of mankind. You will pray for Russia. One day must be allotted in which Pope John Paul II and also, all the bishops of the world must unite on one day, I repeat, and pray for Russia; or Russia will continue to be the scourge from God. Russia will continue to go throughout the world annihilating people and places and countries." - Our Lady, October 2, 1987


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