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"I am the vine: you the branches: he that abideth in me, and I in him, the same beareth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing." - St. John 15: 5

"My children, I have promised you always that I will be with you. You shall not be abandoned in the days ahead. The greatest lesson man will learn in the days ahead is: should he place his trust in another man, he is doomed for disappointment and sorrow. You will always keep your eyes turned upward and say, My Jesus, my confidence!" - Our Lady, November 19, 1977

"No man shall set himself above the Father, for what takes place in sacredness upon the grounds shall be directly from the Father and His merciful heart. Cures, conversions, and many manifestations, miracles in the eyes of mankind, shall take place. Many shall be rejected. But know, My child, the weakness of mankind. Many will reject them because they do not want to face up to the knowledge that they offend their God.
"Many are allowed to be blinded as penance to them, for they must find their way out of the darkness that they have allowed themselves to fall into." - Our Lady, September 28, 1974 

"The road to sanctification is not an easy road. We expect all to fall and tumble. But you will pick yourselves up and continue to carry your crosses." - Our Lady, July 15, 1973 

"My child, do not be concerned of the opinion of man. It is a human weakness of pride that all who follow the road to the eternal Kingdom must be divested of. Do not be affrighted, My child. I give you this with a loving Mother's direction.
"The Eternal City of Rome shall go through labor pains. The struggle shall lead to blood within the streets. There shall be a war among your clergy. It shall be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, for 666 has entered upon Rome. I repeat, My children: awaken from your slumber! 666, the forces and agents of satan, have entered upon Rome!" - Our Lady, July 24, 1976

"You now go forward in two factions, My children: the light and the darkness. You will work as true children of the light--children of your God, to hold back this darkness. Many of your brothers and sisters shall be rescued by your example and acts of sacrifice. Do not falter in the trial ahead.
"You will find, My child, that as you advance in Our mission, you will care less about the opinion of mankind. For it is only your human weakness of pride or self-evaluation that keeps you from going forward with more peace of spirit. You are allowed to fall into this error, My child, to make you stronger in the future." - Jesus, June 5, 1975

"I was honored by the Father in your years of twelve. My young years, My child, were spent in seclusion. I, too, was not without persecution when I carried on the apostleship of My Son.
"You must never slacken or give in to your human weakness, for you will be given the strength to finish your mission." - Our Lady, August 14, 1974

"The Book of life, Bible, must not be changed to suit the weakness of man.
"As children of the Eternal Father, you have been placed on your earth with a purpose, and only one purpose: to travel, as pilgrims, the road leading to the Kingdom of your God. You were placed here on your earth to do honor to your God by fighting the adversaries of Heaven, satan and his henchmen. Instead, many of Our disobedient children have entered the darkness. They have bargained and sold their souls to Lucifer.
"Many in the House of God have been misled to accept teachings other than truth. Falsity has been covered by rationalization and leanings of modernism and humanism. You will find, My child, this well-laid plan has corrupted many." - Our Lady, October 2, 1972

"Wars are a punishment for man's sin. Satan promotes these wars by using the weakness of man. As long as man idolizes and searches for the temporal things of this world, earth, he will go farther from the laws set forth by his God. As long as man turns from the laws of his God, he will be engaged in conflict of war. Before the coming of My Son and the armies of Heaven, there will be a great world conflict. Pray that your loved ones do not become involved.
"The measure for avoiding catastrophe and destruction to your earth will be in measure of the penance, the sacrifices, and the acts of atonement made to a dishonored God. You shall receive what you have sown." - Our Lady, November 1, 1972

"My child, you must not have fear in your heart. The knowledge of what is to be will bring fear. But with understanding that the Eternal Father is all-merciful, you will go through this period of test and trial with confidence and perseverance. You must surely carry the cross, as did My Son, for then you will merit your key to Heaven.
"The weakness of human nature will come upon all; no one is free from this test. However, if you remain close to My Son in the tabernacles of the world, tabernacles that are being defiled and bringing much sorrow to My Son's heart . . . My children, remain with Him; let Him nourish your soul, strengthen you with His Body and His Blood, and you will go through this time of trial with fortitude and peace of spirit." - Our Lady, November 1, 1975 

"The desecration to the Body of My Son must be stopped now! The abominations have reached into the House of My Son.
"The weakness can be placed upon the dedicated because they have cast aside the necessity of prayer. They have grown soft in the ways of the world.
"Every man of God in the House of God must set himself forth as an example of the living God. As a man of God chosen from the world to lead the sheep, he has been endowed with the graces to gather the souls. He can take these graces and cast them aside, accepting to bargain with Lucifer, and with his power as a fallen man of God, he has the power to take many souls with him into hell!
"We watch this battle, and the Father has His plan. No evil will ever be triumphant. The Father allows this condition to reach the high point of iniquity, and then it will be stopped!" - Our Lady, February 1, 1973

"You, My child, must give more effort to spreading the Gospel Truth. The Book of life and love, the Bible, is being rewritten. It is done, My child, with great cunning and deception. Only those in the light, made knowledgeable by the light, will recognize this deception. Little by little the errors are being spread.
"Read, My child, read! You must not forget the fifteen minutes a day of reading the Book of life and love, your Bible. Do not be concerned of the words of mankind. Know that all who follow My Son must carry His cross. It is only your human pride that will make you seek the acknowledgement of mankind. This is a weakness, My child, of all human nature. Pray and you will be strengthened in this virtue. You will find that you will accept suffering and rejection more easily.
"You must go back, My child, to the early years, 1968, and reread the messages given to you by your sister, Theresa. She has trained you well, Theresa, the Little Flower." - Our Lady, December 24, 1974

"You, My child, Veronica, must learn to live each day as it comes. For worry is the weakness of all humans, but it is not constructive to the mission. Trust and confidence in the direction of the Father is all that you need to stabilize you in your work.
"We have been gathering the prayers and sacrifices of the many who have come to these hallowed grounds. It lightens My heart and eases the sorrow brought to many through My Son.
"As you live the remaining time upon earth of your lifetime on earth, you will guard your souls with all the sacramentals given for your protection. To those who are in darkness, you will be an object of scorn, derision, and scoffing. Know that none can be above My Son, for they will follow the road to the Kingdom just as My Son did. Prayer, atonement, sacrifice. Many will return with the phenomenon My Son plans soon." - Our Lady, July 15, 1973

"I have asked, and I repeat anew, that you will spend at least fifteen minutes in reading the Scriptures in the Book of life, the Bible. This knowledge you will need to fight the errors of your age.
"Man must not change the words in the Book of life to suit, to bring out the base weakness of human nature, for the words as written must remain unchanged. The word of God is eternal." - Our Lady, March 24, 1974

"You will be attacked with great cunning by satan. You will bar your doors to all but close workers and the family.
"Understand, My child: you do not look in the right direction. Satan will try to stop your mission through those of your own. It is not the unbelievers, or those without the waters of life given to them, but it is those who have cast aside the truth and, through bad example and direction, will attack you. Satan has many agents, using both the young and old. Pray; pray much.
"I have placed you, My child, upon your back for reason. You must now have more quiet contemplation. I cannot speak to you when there is constant confusion.
"The message, My child, will go as planned by the Father throughout the world. Trust in His guidance. Worry is in the nature of all man. It is a weakness of man; but still, My child, you are human." - Our Lady, August 21, 1973

"My child, you will continue with the prayers of atonement. There is much that We wish to discourse with you at this time, but I understand, My child, the weakness of your human body. We do not expect you to give in to all of your wishes to do as much as you can in short a time. You must also exercise good common sense, My child, and not wear yourself thin. For you will not be able to do your mission well. Take each day as it comes, My child, for tomorrow is another day. I also want you to remember this, My child: to allow yourself to go without sleep gains nothing. There are seven days of the week. There are six days in which to do your work, a seventh shall be a day of rest and prayer. Remember, My children, that the moon has come and the sun has gone, it is time for all children, good or evil, to rest. For the moon has come and the sun has gone, I repeat: it is time for all children to rest. That, My child, will now end the discourse with you this evening.
"But I assure you, We shall not put you through the strain  again that forces you to miss My Mother's vigils here at the Vatican site. Yes, My child, you will not be free from suffering, for you have accepted once those sufferings sent upon you, and in this manner will you keep yourself in the state of grace so necessary for the deliverance of Our Message to the world." -
Jesus, September 14, 1985 

"It is not My intention to fill your heart with fear at the sight of what is to come upon this ungrateful generation. I have wandered throughout the world, shedding many tears. My pleas for penance and atonement have fallen on many hardened hearts and deafened ears. Now all I can do is prepare you for the days ahead.
"You will keep all sacramentals with you as I have directed in the past. Satan will seek to remove this protection from you.
"Many of Our dedicated have fallen in line with the false maxims of modernism. Our hearts are truly saddened at the blindness that has entered into the hearts of many in the House of God.
"The symptoms of the weakness of the human soul are in abundance about you. The graces dispensed from Heaven have been accepted only by the few. Many have preferred to accept sin as a way of life.
"I do not have to give you the count of hours, days, or years before the coming Chastisement. What matters is that you prepare your souls now for what lies ahead of you." - Our Lady, March 25, 1973

"We are patient, We are merciful, We are persevering. You will read the Book of life, My children. We left you a treasure of knowledge. But your Book is being updated, and this Book is being rewritten by satan. Be knowledgeable, My children, and understand that satan will not come to you as himself. He possesses the body of any unclean soul, be it man, woman, or child
.     "I repeat to you now: all parents will be held responsible for the fall of their children's souls. Give them a good foundation, and when they are subjected to the storms of evil, they will not crack and crumble under the onslaught.
"Permissiveness, My children, is destroying you--laxity of discipline, parents who involve themselves with things of this world. What has become of the dedication? What has become of the laws given to you by Our prophets? They are thrust aside. They have been changed to suit the weakness of man. How long do you think I can hold back My Son's hand? We see the vilest of evils being committed in your country and throughout your earth--the lowest of abominations, the desecration of My Son's Body, the desecration of young souls." - Our Lady, March 25, 1972

"O My children, since the beginning of creation, never has the state of man's soul been so defiled upon earth. In the days gone by, if you read the testaments of your good Book, you will find that man was always warned of his folly, and man was warned of his coming punishment, and the heavy hand of his God then descended upon him.
"O My children, you do not learn from your past, but you commit over and over again the same mistakes and the same follies. But now mankind has accepted a more sophisticated form of sin, so diabolical in its nature that it could only come from the black heart of the depths of hell and satan!” – Our Lady, May 30, 1977  

"I cry out, as your Mother, as a Mediatrix from God to mankind. Listen to Me, and act upon the directions from Heaven. Save yourselves and your children. There is little time left.
"Shall you be given a full scourge of communism and slavery? Shall the elements be used against you to cleanse your world? Shall mankind feel the great heat and burning of the Ball of Redemption? You who laugh and scorn this message, the day will come when there shall be much gnashing of teeth and woe set upon the earth.
"As it was in the days of Noe, so it is now that man never learns from his history. He repeats his mistakes over and over.
"I give you, My children, the simple solution to your problem. It is faith, My children, truth in faith. Believe and you shall be given the way.” – Our Lady, February 1, 1977 

"My child, you must make it known that in order to receive the way, the light, you must believe.
"Your country proceeds farther into the darkness. Blindly they stumble, not recognizing the dangers they are calling down upon themselves. Their involvement will bring this country to great confusion and dispute.
"You will watch as the disagreements confuse your country--yes, the disagreements with Russia, Red China, England, and many others. You will learn that to turn to human endeavor it is wasted, for your country is in a condition that can only be brought back to normalcy by turning to Us.” – Our Lady, August 5, 1971  

"The way, a simple way, was given to mankind. I gave the keys to the pastors of My Church, My House upon earth, and these keys have been tarnished through greed and avarice and the lust for power. My House now is producing bad fruit, and I shall soon shake the tree. All that is rotten shall fall! Remember, My children, the world and My Church shall not be as one. Conform and you will die on the vine!
"I ask you this: do not abandon My House, My Church. Remain in your parishes as an example. If you unify against evil you can vanquish this evil! If you run away, you leave My Church open to thieves and robbers! Shall you deny to your brothers and sisters the opportunity to enrich their souls with My Body and Blood? The parish church must remain open. I shall be there with you, though man is desecrating in his rituals. I shall be there always with you.
"Do not abandon Me at the tabernacles of the world. I am your Bread of life. He who eats of Me shall have life. Without Me you will only find death, death of the body and death of the spirit, My children.
"Parents, save yourselves the anguish of heart: teach your children now. Give them a firm foundation of their Faith. Many young people are taking their lives because they have no faith. And the way the world progresses, My children, when I return to earth shall I find even a flicker of the true faith left?
"You will all read the writings of John, the Revelations, your Apocalypse, and learn by it. You will not be left without knowledge of your times. You are passing through the latter days, the days when many saints shall come out of the great conflagration." - Jesus, May 27, 1978 

"You are all descendants from the creation of the Eternal Father, Adam and Eve. And as such you face the trials, you face the punishments, as they did; for there is a reward for holiness and purity and piety and following the Commandments of your God. And then, My children, there is also a deficit in reward by your banishment to the abyss, eternal damnation forever with Lucifer." - Our Lady, August 14, 1979 

"O My children, what a world We are looking upon! Never has sin been so sophisticated and accepted as normal. No sin shall go unpunished. I want you to know now: there is a Heaven, there is a hell, and there is purgatory. And you, My children, of your own free will, will choose where you will go. No man shall go to hell unless he wants this and accepts it, and has turned to satan as his leader." - Jesus, June 30, 1984 

"Fight not among yourselves. Just pray, for you are all brothers. Satan seeks to separate My children with discord. Heed not his diabolical plan that blinds you to the truth. Sacrifice your pride, your avarice, your greed. Be humble in heart, for only as little children shall you enter the Kingdom." - Our Lady, July 15, 1970


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