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"But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea." -  St. Matthew 18:6

"Your country and many countries throughout the world have given themselves over to immorality and unnatural vices of homosexuality and the perversion within childhood. Woe unto the man or woman who has taken part in the scandalizing of the young! Better that that being had died in his mother's womb than to scandalize one of the young! Parents, teachers, have you all become insane, selling the bodies of your children!
"Red Hats, bishops, you go about earth oppressing the children of God, but you neither chastise nor condemn the evil ones in your House, the Church." - Our Lady, May 3, 1978 

"Woe, woe, woe to the man who is responsible for the destruction of a young soul! My children, it would be better if that man had not emerged from his mother's womb, or a millstone had been tied about his neck and cast into the sea, before he committed his foul deeds.
"My children, do not scoff and turn your backs upon what is happening about you because it has not touched your life. If you do not act now, every life shall be touched by the agents of hell.
"Your country now has become perverted, paganized by its leaders. Sin is insanity, and can you not say that your children, many have become insane with sin? Many now consort as animals." - Jesus, November 21, 1977

"Little children, victims of their elders! Defilement among children by adults! Woe to the man who scandalizes the young! Better that he had died in his mother's womb! Suffer all little children to come to Me. The Kingdom of Heaven--the children should symbolize the spirit of innocence and purity and faith, but we see the most vilest of acts being committed against the purity of children. And I say unto you: better that a man receives a millstone about his head and is cast into the sea than to defile the young!
"Reams of pornography! Abuses to children! Ages almost from the cradle! I say unto you: you have called down upon yourselves a just punishment from your God!
"Parents, exercise discipline in your homes, or your children shall be victimized outside their doors. Because of the laxity in the highest places of lawmakers in your country and countries throughout the world, sin has become a way of life! Murders and all manner of foul deeds are being committed!" - Jesus, May 28, 1977 

"My children, can I bring you a message of joy when My heart is torn by the murders and the loss of respect for your elders? Children against parents, parents going about, running to and fro, marrying and giving in marriage, living adulterously, consorting with evil, with homosexuals and lesbians! What manner of life do you show for your children to make example of? Woe to the parent that scandalizes his child. It is better if that parent had died in his mother's womb! Woe to the pastors that scandalize the children! They shall burn in an eternity of hell for their deception!
"Shall My Son return among you and find even a flicker of faith left in your hearts, O pastors? Only a few shall be saved. Can you not work to be counted among the few? Will you give less honor to man and give more honor to your God, or shall you be forced upon your knees? Pastors and shepherds, the choice is yours!" - Our Lady, August 5, 1977 

"My Son is much grieved by the manner in which His Sacrifice is conducted within the churches of the world. Pastors! Shepherds of Our flock, have you not the courage to stand up for the light? Do you fear mankind? No man shall save you from your eternal reward if you receive the recompense of your abominations! You shall be cast into the abyss, counted among the least. You have been given a divine vocation. You scandalize those who have been entrusted to you! Awaken now from your blindness! Bishops, the salt--what have you done to your vocation? You have brought scandal, destruction of souls!
"I beg, as your Mother, for you to listen to My warnings. My urgent plea is of major concern to your world now. For if you do not listen to Me now, you will set fast into a major World War. Wars are a punishment for man's sins." - Our Lady, March 18, 1975

"Little do your news medias enlighten you to the truth. I cannot, My child, give you in discourse a full and open knowledge for mankind of the deceit and the misdirection in your country by leaders who have cast away the knowledge of God and the supernatural in your country and throughout the nations of the world.
"O My child, years upon earth, and what has happened? What has happened among My children? Purgatory is overflowing. Satan, the adversary, the prince of darkness, has many now forever lost in hell. And who brings Our children to the knowledge of hell, of its existence?
"But I tell you now, as your Mother, that woe to the man who commits scandal and chooses of his own free will to cause the fall of a young soul. For better that he had died in his mother's womb or a millstone be put upon his head, about his neck and cast into the sea, before he brought scandal to the little ones.
"My child and My children, I have counseled you on the approaching plague among the children. Because of the sin of man, this cannot be avoided, this cannot be held back, My child." - Our Lady, June 18, 1981

"I do not intend to act as a hammer upon the heretics who have entered My Church, the deceivers, those not of the Faith who entered to destroy. My Mother shall direct this battle. Lucifer and his agents are in Rome now. Do you not know what this means? Are you so blinded that you do not know of the power of Lucifer? My children, My pastors, awaken from your slumber! While you sleep the sheep have run away. Awaken and save your own souls, for you have brought scandal into My Church." - Jesus, September 13, 1978

"Pastors, I look into your hearts, and what do I see but many who have given themselves over to worldly pursuits and wantonness--given themselves to the destruction from pleasures of the flesh. I assure you that your vocation has not given you a special privilege to sin and mislead and misguide, for then you have cast aside your vocation and then become agents of hell.
"All who call out and cry to Me shall be received in the same meter of justice that they have given out by misleading My sheep. I say unto you, your time for atonement is running out.
"Sin is insanity, and this insanity shall set in motion the elimination of many nations upon your earth. My Mother has cried in the past for you to pray and do penance, or Russia would send her errors throughout the world.
"My children and clergy, you have taken it upon yourselves to destroy the Faith in the hearts of the young. And woe to any man who brings scandal to the children!" - Jesus, May 13, 1978

"Observe: Women shall be meek in the presence of their husbands. We hear the call of 'liberation'! Whom shall woman be liberated to but satan!
"A man, as a figure of the Christ, my child, shall be the head of his household. So it is from the Lord.
"A woman shall adorn herself not in pearls and braided hair, but in goodness and piety and good example to her children. A woman will not expose her body as a pagan. What manner of ex­ample has she given to her children? Woe to the parent who brings scandal to her children!" - St. Paul, March 22, 1975

"The greatest strength for parents in your so-called modern civilization is the knowledge that the eventual triumph over this evil will be for Heaven. Even My Church shall come out of the conflagration renewed.
"The test will be great, but this will be allowed to mankind as a manner to separate the sheep from the goats. The harvest will be great! But those who did not listen, of free will, and made no effort to repair the cracks in My House, My Church, and those who did not listen and made no effort to save their souls and the souls of their families and children, they shall be caught up in the harvest and burned.
"I say to you, woe to the man who brings scandal to the young. The reaper shall cut you down. The angel of death, Exterminatus, has been loosed upon mankind. You who reject the knowledge of the supernatural shall be lost. You who do not prepare and safeguard your household shall be lost. After the great Chastisement only a few will be saved.
"In your arrogance, O man of sin, you believe, in your arrogance that you shall escape a punishment? I say unto you, as you have sown so shall you reap!" - Jesus, March 15, 1978

"The days are numbered for your country. Murders will abound. You will see insanity among mankind, for sin is insanity. Brother against brother, children against parents, slander and scandal, murders, abortion. What manner of sin can I not count and list for you that does not stand in lieu of judgment?
"My child, shout it from the rooftops unto your last breath, for as such will the gates of Heaven be open to all. The road to Heaven is not easy. It is a road of sacrifice. Too few stay on that road, because they do not understand the value of suffering.
"You are but pilgrims upon earth. You were placed here to do honor to your God. And now how many are honoring satan--Lucifer, the adversary. If I could open to you now and show you hell! It is overflowing. But no man shall enter hell, and be cast unto damnation unless he wills this of the free will given to him through the Eternal Father." - Jesus, May 30, 1981

"Parents, you cannot now expect your leaders in government--city, state, or national, to protect your children, for the forces of evil are solidly entrenched now in your government. Your medias of communication are controlled. Each and every parent must assume now full responsibility for the salvation of their children's souls.
"Those who call themselves pastors in My Son's Church upon earth have given themselves over to worldly pursuits and living, while they scatter Our sheep.” – Our Lady, February 1, 1978 

“Protect your children. Tears shall be shed, for many children shall die in an epidemic uncontrollable by science.” – Our Lady, May 30, 1981  

"Murder, rapings, distortions of all manner of godly inclinations, shall prevail upon your earth. Your children are the major victims of their elders now. As parents you have now a special mission: to protect your children against satan and his agents.
"I assure you, My children, My Mother has told you countless times to recognize the faces of evil about you. They will come as angels of light with countenances of sweetness and joy and piety. But you must pray that you may have a discernment of spirits for your protection. And do not leave them enter into your household to corrupt your children.” – Jesus, August 13, 1977  

"My child and My children, I have very little to say that could solace Me for the evil I see prevalent upon the earth. Your generation have become perverse and indoctrinated by satan, until the cults of satan now are well stacked in your country. Your children will be the victims.
"Yes, My child and My children, I know it is difficult for you to understand, without having an actual meeting with these satanists, to see how vile they are, how they desecrate everything, and how they torment the souls of the children and those they have in their grasp.
"Protect your children! All the mothers and fathers of the world, protect your children, or they will disappear from your homes forever. Even human sacrifice is taking place at this very hour that I am here with you. How can We do anything but beg with you to listen now, before it is too late!” – Jesus, June 18, 1990 

"As in the time of Sodom and Gomorrha, the Eternal Father was most merciful until His mercy could no longer be contained. So will it be for those who partake of the abominable acts of what you call upon earth homosexuality. It is an abomination in the eyes of the Eternal Father.
"Parents must guard their children, even from their teachers. Many are now direct agents of hell, though they walk in human bodies. Protect your children with their sacramentals. Teach them!” – St. Theresa, June 18, 1991   

"My final word, My children, is to warn all mankind at this time that they must guard their families well--the children, with sacramentals. For there are mysterious forces now and false miracles that will abound upon earth, even to deceive the elect. Therefore, to protect your children, they must use all the armor available from Heaven. We do not wish to see and watch future broken hearts of parents as they bury their dead children.” – Jesus, October 6, 1980  

"I have cautioned you, parents, to protect your children. They must not be without a sacramental upon them! We are now at war, My children, a war of the spirits, far greater a war than man has ever experienced in the history of his creation. It is a war to a final battle. The sheep are being separated from the goats, the wheat from the chaff. My children, have you prepared your household for the test?
"Parents will assume the greatest responsibility for keeping Tradition and Faith, the firm foundation of Faith in the hearts of their children.” – Our Lady, June 16, 1977  

"My children, I ask for victim souls.  I ask as your God for penance and atonement. Avoid the occasions of sin. Protect your children. The time given in prayer and penance, the unity of the family will remain intact.
"Take from your homes diabolical literature. It's an abomination in the eyes of your God for parents to have pornography in their homes. They warp the minds of the young and shut the Kingdom of Heaven from them; the doors remain closed.
"Penance will be sent upon the world. In the mercy of the Eternal Father a heavy penance will be sent upon many.” – Jesus, July 25, 1979 

"Woe, woe, woe to the man who shall use his rank as teacher, the priesthood, to destroy souls. The lowest ladder to hell could never be enough for an abominable creature that has defiled his garments."  - Jesus, September 7, 1976 

"Your country and many countries throughout the world have given themselves over to immorality and unnatural vices of homosexuality and the perversion within childhood.  Woe unto the man or woman who has taken part in the scandalizing of the young!  Better that that being had died in his mother's womb than to scandalize one of the young!  Parents, teachers, have you all become insane, selling the bodies of your children?!
"Red Hats, bishops, you go about earth oppressing the children of God, but you neither chastise nor condemn the evil ones in your House, the Church."  - Our Lady, May 3, 1978 

"My children, you will experience a time of great suffering. As man becomes defiled in nature, he will lose all sense of charity of heart, for he has no God within his heart. He will abuse his neighbor in all manners of defilement; he will commit murders, robberies, defilement of the young, abuses of the flesh! My children, as time goes on, you will feel that insanity has gripped your world."  - Our Lady, July 15, 1977 

"O My child and My children, if I could take you step by step, you would die of fear and of horror if you could look behind the closed doors and see what is happening to your children.  Many now are being trained as adults with a knowledge that cannot be absorbed into their young minds.  Therefore, they become victims of their elders.
"How long shall this be permitted by the Eternal Father?  My children, not very long."  - Our Lady, March 18, 1983 

"The children, the innocent children, are victims of debauchery. The children--many of them shall die. We shall set upon your nation and other nations of the world a mysterious disease. But be it known now: It will not be a mysterious disease, but the hand of the Eternal Father placed down to remove these innocent souls before they are sent into debauchery. O My children, the missing children in your countries are not just missing because they want to be adopted, or others wished to take them into their homes as children to be loved. They are being taken to be used in all foul manners.” – Our Lady, June 30, 1984  

"My heart bleeds as a Mother for the youth of your land and the world, for they are truly the suffering victims of their elders, of poor example in the homes, poor example in the governments of your country and the world, and poor example in the House of My Son.  What more can We do?  My Son knows no answer but to bring an end to your era." - Our Lady, October 6, 1973 

"Do not be affrighted, My child; I placed a veil between him and you at the time. But they are conducting their services this evening, so the prayers that you will say, My child, when you return home tomorrow, you will say it for this group. There are children among them that have been missing now for months, for years. They are all pawns of the satanic cults!
"You ask, My child, what can be done about them. First, you must go to the supernatural. You must also read your Bible and place before these obnoxious, self-satisfied demons from hell, that have entered into the bodies of these individuals . . . They have been under full control; therefore, they have no conscience. They have no holiness. They are everything the opposite to Christianity, and their goal is to take the Catholic children of the world, through nationwide cults. Already, there are five thousand or more now in the United States and Canada, and people ask: `Where have my children disappeared to?'" – Our Lady, June 18, 1988  

"My child and My children, pray for those poor mothers who had the missing children, There will be great punishments before this major Chastisement, My child. There will be many punishments; many tears shall flow from the mothers' eyes, and their hearts shall be opened for mercy, begging for mercy.” – Our Lady, July 1, 1985  

"My child and My children, need I repeat to you all of the abominations being committed upon the earth now? I can also repeat to you that in some of these horrible, excruciatingly painful cults that are growing up fast in your country and other countries about the world, they have even gone so far as to dab now in cannibalism, the eating of human flesh as a sacrifice to satan. That is why, My children, so many cannot be found who are missing--mostly, My children, young children. Mothers have cried, their hearts torn with anguish when their children disappear from the streets. Your police do not investigate fully. Sending out photographs of the missing children, this is of little help when they fall into the clutches of the satanists, for they do not remain about long. Their bodies are often cremated on pyres to satan.” – Jesus, November 1, 1985  

"Children shall disappear from the streets, never more to be seen, taken into covens and buried in their burial grounds. Know it now; don't cast it aside and say that this is a reign of terror. Do not cast it aside, for your child may be next!
"Only a child of conscionable age, who is in the state of sin mortal, shall be attacked. The attacks shall become more frequent unless you pray. Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer now. Keep it going throughout your country. Pray that those who are working and praying shall remove this demon from among you.
"Prayer, My children, is all that you have now. You have waited too long. The evil has accelerated now, and your children are surely the victims of your laxity, your permissiveness. You condoned immorality. You condoned sexuality. You made no effort to fight the evils that have corrupted your schools and your governments, and now your homes.
"Parents, who are parents, have not been an example to their children, and have led them astray. The day will come when they will cry, as they look for their little Jane, and Jane has gone away, never more to be seen.
"My children, desecration of body is being committed only doors from you in covens. Do you know what is going on about you? The covens, in two years, have grown beyond anything man could expect. They are homes now for the practice of black mass witchery.
"Many have entered, many have entered because they are misguided by the schools, and parents, and teachers, who do not believe in the supernatural. They experiment with the occult, and then they fall!
"The occult is true. Demons are true. More and more will you see them upon the earth now that satan himself has come upon the earth. He is 666. He promotes the final capitulation of man, the destruction of mankind.” – Our Lady, August 13, 1977 

"The children are the true victims of their elders. The example given to them is poor. Many children shall be removed from the world, My child. It will be necessary for the salvation of their souls. It will be a great plague.
"Remember, My child, they turned away and did not listen to the message of the prophets of old. Nineveh fell, Sodom and Gomorrha, and so will your country and your city. I place upon you the word 'if,' My child. This 'if' can only be used for a short time, for the time allotted to mankind to make redemption to the Father is short." - Our Lady, April 5, 1975  

"Man has chosen to destroy life created by the Father. Innocent souls are sent on the road to the prince of darkness. With the coming plague, many of the young will be removed before they become of the age of reasoning, held accountable by the Father for their actions. It is an act of mercy from a sorrowing Father.
"The sign of the Son of Man will appear before the great Chastisement." - Our Lady, April 14, 1973



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