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"The Holy Virgin was all beauty and all love; the sight of Her overwhelmed me. In Her finery as in Her person, everything radiated the majesty, the splendor, the magnificence of a Queen beyond compare. She seemed as white, immaculate, crystallized, dazzling, heavenly, fresh and new as a virgin. The word LOVE seemed to slip from Her pure and silvery lips. She appeared to me like a good Mother, full of kindness, amiability, of love for us, of compassion and mercy." -  Melanie Calvat's description of Our Lady of La Salette

Veronica - Now in the center of this beautiful glow the sky is opening up. I can see Our Lady. She's coming forward. Oh, She is so beautiful! Our Lady has on a white gown. Oh, it's so beautiful! It gives you a feeling of complete warmth and beauty. Everything about Our Lady is perfection.
Our Lady has a deep blue sash about Her waist. And She is taking now Her Rosary, the beautiful Rosary with the golden Our Fathers and the Hail Mary beads that change colors as Our Lady is turning the beads.
Our Lady has a mantle on. It's a white mantle with a golden trim around the border. The trim is about three-quarters of an inch wide. Oh, Our Lady is so fragile looking! The light is so beautiful that it has an impact upon you emotionally. There is no human way I can explain this. - November 1, 1977

Veronica - Now Our Lady is watching, and She has a smile on Her face. It's a sad smile, but one that makes you feel like it's just wrenching your heart to look at Her. I know that She is most distressed this evening because of what was told to me this morning at home. Our Lady now is floating over--She's not walking, She's floating over, directly over our heads now. The ball is joining Her, and Our Lady is floating onto the top of the ball.
Now high up in the sky--I can't judge the difference--it's hard to describe Our Lady on the ball; She's a picture of such beauty that it's not earthly. Our Lady--Her face is very radiant, but I do see tears upon Her cheeks. -
March 18, 1989 

Veronica - But Our Lady now is--I must say that Our Lady is beautiful this evening, too. Among all the beauties that we've seen this evening, Our Lady's gown is just exquisite. And Our Lady--many people ask, you know, what does She look like. How can I describe Her? She has features that are--are just not of this world. The beauty and the light that comes from Her face and Her eyes, and the light that seems to just exude from Her body all throughout the sky, it lights up the sky over us for--oh, a large area of, I would say at least 20 feet extending way behind us there. - October 1, 1988 

Veronica - Now Our Lady is looking all about Her, and She's now taking Her Rosary from about Her waist. Our Lady has a golden sash about Her waist this evening. She looks so beautiful! And the shining of the gold, upward, seems to be so mystical that I have no words to explain it. It's so beautiful that it actually takes every bit of feeling and emotion to explain the beauty of Our Lady standing there. - September 14, 1985

Veronica - Oh, She is so beautiful. She is just so beautiful! Words cannot describe Her beauty. All I can say is, this is something that is not earthly; it's the most heavenly sight that anyone could see. Our Lady has on Her white gown, with the gold trim all about the edge. And She has the mantle over Her head. I very seldom have even seen a wisp of Our Lady's hair. It is so beautiful. -
October 6, 1988 

Veronica - And She has on now, on Her head--I did not notice it before, but Our Lady has the Fatima crown, the large Fatima crown, upon Her head. And now She's got Her hands together, like this. And Our Lady looks so regal--every, every inch a queen. Her beauty is perfection. There is no human way to describe this. And the light that emanates from Them, there is no human words to describe this either. It's a phenomenon that's beyond human understanding, but not beyond the power of God. - June 18, 1984

I can see now Our Lady coming forward. Oh, She looks very fragile. Our Lady is dressed in a pure white gown, and upon Her feet She has very dainty sandals. I can see Her, Her feet. And the sandal has one strap. The sandals are gold in color; and upon the tip of the strap that extends from Her ankle to the center of Her toes, there are--there is on each foot a small golden rosette, a tiny, tiny baby rose.
Our Lady has also about Her waist a deep blue sash, a beautiful deep blue. Her mantle is very long and flowing. Our Lady's mantle is also a pure white, as white as sugar. I could say snow, but I think the coloring of sugar would best explain the beauty of Our Lady's mantle.
All about the edging, inside edging of Our Lady's mantle, there is a border of very fine gold. It looks like an actual metallic gold metal, shining in appearance. Our Lady has Her hands joined in prayer, like this, with Her Rosary extending through Her fingers. -
November 20, 1979 

Veronica - Our Lady is smiling and She's placing Her hand out. She has the Rosary, and Our Lady has a rose in Her hand, a beautiful red rose.
Our Lady - "My child, in My mission with you I did not explain the meaning of this rose. It is a symbol of perfection and piety. It is the queen among flowers, a beauty beyond all human understanding, in the supernatural. That is why the good of heart have referred to My Queenship as the Mystical Rose."
Veronica - Now Our Lady is rising high above the flagpole. Oh, Our Lady looks so beautiful! -
October 6, 1974 

Veronica - It's difficult to explain the brilliance of the light, even coming out of the saints--the glow, the light. Without Heaven's intervention, I'm certain that my natural, human eyes would be destroyed from the light. But this is something that's beyond words to explain . . . that the light is more brilliant than a hundred suns. And yet the beauty of it holds you transfixed, where you don't actually feel it. I'm certain, without Heaven's intervention, I would have no eyes, because it was like looking into another world. But so beautiful. And I notice now, and I wish to be known to all, that this light also emanates from Jesus and Our Lady whenever They appear here. And I'm sure that should we all be graced to enter Heaven without much suffering, even if we have to go to purgatory perhaps awhile--God forbid that we should go elsewhere! But should we go to purgatory, we could always think of the day when we, too, shall enter beyond the veil into that beautiful light. - May 17, 1986 

Veronica - I can see Our Lady coming through the sky. Oh, She's just beautiful! There is no way I can explain the brilliance and the beauty of our Blessed Mother. And She--I, I was quite weak when I arrived here, but I feel stronger already. I feel that Our Lady--oh, Our Lady is smiling now, and She's nodding Her head. -
October 6, 1992 

Veronica - Our Lady now is coming in quite fast. She's floating in, and She is now nodding Her head. Oh, Our Lady looks absolutely beautiful! She has on a long white, a pure white gown; it's very billowous. And about Her waist there is a blue sash, a deep blue sash. Our Lady's cape is also a stark white, a beautiful white, and it's trimmed in a gold trimming that seems to circle the whole outside border of Her mantle, Her cape. And the cape goes across Her head.
But setting on Our Lady's head is the most beautiful crown. Oh, She looks absolutely queenly, so gorgeous! The crown is round--round, like a bowl shape, and it has--it's made of gold. I can see that it has a golden cast to it, and a large cross on the top. But set into the crown are the most beautiful stones. I can see the colors now as Our Lady's turning Her head over to the right. They must be emeralds, green stones, and a light purple stone, and beautiful white--they look like diamonds. Oh, it's a beautiful crown, and it sets directly over Our Lady's mantle and down onto Her forehead. - May 26, 1979

Now Our Lady is taking Her beads from about Her waist. She has on a gold-type of braided waist-piece. It doesn't seem to be like a belt; it seems to be sewed into the waist of the gown. And Our Lady now is taking Her Rosary, the beautiful Rosary with the golden Our Fathers and the Hail Marys in white, but that actually are gathering all the colors of the rainbow. . . . And they're very, very difficult to explain, the effect on your eyes, because you're looking through clear diamonds . . . the most gorgeous sight I have ever seen in my life. It's absolutely beautiful! -
August 21, 1985 

Veronica - Now Our Lady is moving over to the right. She has on a beautiful white gown, and the light about Our Lady brings out the vividness of Her gown, so that it looks absolutely brilliant. Our Lady has on a white long gown. And also Her mantle, which reaches from Her head to Her feet, is also white but trimmed with a border of gold all around the edging of Her mantle.
Our Lady has on Her head the most beautiful crown. It's Her Fatima crown. Our Lady has worn it on several occasions before, and it's an absolutely gorgeous crown. - October 1, 1983

Veronica - Now Our Lady is turning. And it must be windy because Our Lady's skirts are being caught in the breeze. And Our Lady now is floating across the sky. She doesn't walk. Her feet don't move. She's just carried as though She's weightless. Yes, Our Lady looks just as solid as you and I, but She's carried weightless, but beautiful. The light is so brilliant about Her that it's absolutely gorgeous. -
June 18, 1981 

Veronica - Oh, Our Lady now is going back now beyond the flagpole. She is smiling, and She is holding out Her hands. Oh, from Her hands now those rays . . . the rays are coming down. They hurt my eyes; I can barely look at them. Our Lady is holding out Her hands like this, and the rays are coming down, right down, down onto the grounds. There are three very brilliant rays. They're so bright that I can hardly look at them. Oh, they're very bright! They're beautiful. Now the rays are not white now, they're turning colors. They're predominantly blue, but they have the most gorgeous colors of yellow and orange and green. Oh, they're coming from both of Our Lady's hands.
- February 1, 1974 

Veronica - Oh! Oh, She is so beautiful. Our Lady has on a sparkling white gown. Oh, it's even more sparkling than Her past gowns. It's as though it was very festive. And She has a border of about, I would say about three-quarters of an inch of gold around Her gown, even at the border near Her feet, and also the mantle. The mantle still covers Our Lady's hair. I cannot see Her hair, but Her mantle is down on Her forehead. And Our Lady is looking about Her now. And She has on the golden slippers. They're like sandals, with the little golden rosettes on them. Oh, She is so beautiful. Now Our Lady--Her face is very radiant, so radiant that I can actually see Her eyes this evening. They are a blue, a very deep blue. And now Our Lady is taking from about Her belting Her Rosary, the beautiful Rosary with the large crucifix, made, I know, of solid gold; and also the golden Our Fathers and the translucent white Hail Marys that, as Our Lady is turning, they sparkle and become all the colors of the rainbow. - June 18, 1987

Veronica - Now Our Lady is going over to our left side, and She's looking down. It's so brilliant, the light about Her, I can barely look into Her face. Oh, the light is so bright! Snow white garments! Oh, they just are so brilliant! I don't think I've ever seen anything so white and bright. Oh! -
December 6, 1975 

Veronica - Oh, Our Lady is beautifully gowned in white. And there's golden trim about Her head covering. It goes all from Her feet around Her head, down to Her feet. And on Her feet are these beautiful golden sandals. Now on the sandals I can see . . . they look like golden roses, one on each foot. They look very dainty; the sandals look very dainty. They're very beautiful. -
April 6, 1974 

Veronica - Oh, Our Lady has upon Her head the most beautiful crown. Oh, it's made of pure gold, but the stones are so brilliant. I think they're diamonds, but there are also very bright red rubies. And I know the greens are true emeralds; the color is so brilliant that you can barely look into it. Oh! oh, the colors now from Our Lady's crown--She's turning now to the left and then to the right--they're so brilliant that the colors are shooting across the sky. -
May 30, 1974 

Veronica - Directly over Our Lady's statue, high in the sky, there's a beautiful stream of light almost looking crystal in appearance. Directly from the center of the light Our Lady is coming forward. She's dressed in a beautiful white gown with a heavy blue sash about Her waist.
It is quite windy because Our Lady's mantle now--the mantle reaches all about Her head and down to Her feet--it's blowing. I can't see Our Lady's hair, because under Her mantle Our Lady has a sort of--I don't know what you would call it--a sheeting, a piece of very wide white material that frames Her face, almost nun-like. I don't see Our Lady's hair at all. -
September 13, 1977 

Veronica - Our Lady now has turned to Her right, which is our left, and She's going slowly over across the sky. She has a very slight smile on Her face. It's a smile that covers so much to explain. It has neither full gaiety nor full sorrow. It's a smile of tenderness, of love, of compassion, but also of great sorrow, as Her eyes and Her heart knows the future of mankind. Our Lady is extending out now Her Rosary, the golden crucifix, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. -
November 1, 1985 

Veronica - Now Our Lady is putting the Rosary back into Her sash, so I'll always remember how to tie it. Our Lady is putting it back onto Her sash. And now Our Lady has placed Her hands together in prayer, like this, and She's now motioning with Her finger. She has a very dainty finger, and just every piece of Our Lady, every bit of Her, is perfection. Heaven has created a most beautiful mystical perfection. That is what Jesus called it one time: a beautiful mystical perfection of Our Lady. - June 18, 1983 

Veronica - Now Our Lady is smiling. And She's now raising Her crucifix on Her very large, beautiful white Rosary. The Our Father, the golden bead is so beautiful; it must be made of pure gold.
Our Lady - "Yes, My child, all is perfection in Heaven." -
September 28, 1974 

Veronica - Now Our Lady is approaching, directly over Her statue. Oh, She's very, very beautiful! Our Lady has on a pure white gown, with a gold belt about Her waist, a belting, a narrow belting. And Our Lady has Her hands joined in prayer, like this, with the Rosary--Her beautiful Rosary with the golden Our Fathers, and the Hail Mary beads that are--as Our Lady turns, they're catching all of the colors of the rainbow. Where from? It must be from the light, because the sky is a mixture of blue and white--just beautiful, about Our Lady, and all lighted. Our Lady has on a mantle, a long white mantle with a border of gold. The gold, I would say, is approximately--oh, about three-quarters of an inch wide.
Our Lady has on sandals. They only have one strap. They appear to be gold; the whole sandal looks golden. And at the tip of Her feet, there is on each sandal just one tiny, metallic-looking, golden rose--a very small baby rose, very tiny, on the--just the edge of Our Lady's sandals. Only one strap seems to be crossing from Our Lady's ankles, which I can barely see. I would assume that, because I can't see Our Lady's ankles, just Her shoes, Her sandals, as they're coming out from under Her gown. -
October 6, 1979 

Veronica - Our Lady is looking all about Her. She is so beautiful tonight! She's always beautiful, but Our Lady is really something to explain--in human language it would be almost impossible.
But She has on a pure white gown. And it's a little breezy up there because the gown is rustling back and forth with the wind. Our Lady has on sandals. They're golden sandals. And on each foot I can see a small gold rose--a rosette, a tiny rose. And Our Lady has on a mantle, pure white, with gold trim around the outside edging about--the trim is about a good three-quarters of a--not a yard, three-quarters of one ounce gold, Our Lady is trying to tell me now. I often wondered if Her trimming was really gold or just something sewed on to simulate gold.
No, Our Lady says.
Our Lady - "My child, this is pure gold. I say this not with pride, but to allow you to know the secrets of Heaven." - June 18, 1983

Veronica - She's very beautiful. Now Our Lady is looking from the right to the left. Oh!
Our Lady has a long white gown on. It's very beautiful, with a blue sash. The sash is long. It comes almost to the tip of the gown. And about Her head, Our Lady . . . I can see only  small strands of Our Lady's hair. They look very brilliant, like a deep brown, but with gold coloring around the edges from the light that's shining from Her covering that's over Her head. Our Lady has a gold trim on the border of the covering, and it's reflecting onto Her face and head. Beautiful! -
July 25, 1974 

Veronica - Our Lady now is rising. She looks very beautiful. There is a great light now coming from within Our Lady; it's very difficult to describe. She's lighting up the whole sky all about Her with this beautiful, beautiful light. There's no way to explain it; it's crystal-clear of purity.
Now Our Lady is placing Her two hands out in front of Her and saying: "I am the Immaculate Conception." - February 10, 1977

Veronica - She looks very beautiful. Oh, Our Lady has on the most beautiful garments! Her gown now does not have the stark white appearance that She normally did have. It's more, almost like a silk, a very fine, very fragile-looking white. And Our Lady has a belting, a gold belting, a very narrow gold belting. And also there is a most beautiful shade of blue mantle, cape, about Our Lady's shoulders, and it covers--the mantle has a head covering that's a little tighter than I have normally seen on Our Lady. And it's held in place, Her mantle. I can see just a wisp of hair, of Our Lady's hair, very--not much, just a wisp. -
September 28, 1978 

Veronica - Oh, Our Lady is coming through, oh, like a focal point, the center point of the sky. Most beautiful! Oh, Our Lady is dressed in the most beautiful white, clear white gown--almost sheathed in light; all light about Our Lady is so beautiful!
This evening Our Lady is in Her bare feet; She has nothing upon Her feet. Her gown is very long and billowing about Her. Our Lady has a deep blue sash about Her waist. It's cinching in Her waistline. Our Lady's mantle is a white, a pure white, sugary white coloring. I can't explain the coloring; the light is so brilliant that it, but for the grace of God I'm certain it would blind you to look into it. It's so beautiful! About Our Lady's mantle there's a gold trim all along the edging, oh, about an inch and a half wide, the border around the edging of Her mantle. -
June 10, 1978 

Veronica - Oh, Our Lady is so beautiful! The coloring of Her gown is a white, but it's a pure white, and there seems to be a light coming through the whole figure of Our Lady. She's coming from quite a distance, because I have to wait now. As She's approaching--Our Lady now is coming much closer--I can't see Her face because of the brilliant light. Oh, yes, now Our Lady is joining Her hands together, like this, in prayer. She has Her beautiful Rosary about Her hands. -
May 20, 1978 

Veronica - Now Our Lady is coming forward. She's very pretty. I see now Her mantle goes back down Her shoulders and ... very brilliant. This is the first time I've seen Our Lady's hair. I can see Her hair. It's aoh, a light brown, almost a blonde, from the light. I can't tell; the light's very bright. And Our Lady is smiling. - July 1, 1973 

"Remember, My children, come to My Mother; for in Her memory of Her human days upon earth, She above all humans created--sinless, without the stigma of sin, a perfect life upon earth without sin, and assumed into Heaven, body and spirit--She above all can direct you because She is your Mother; She is the Queen of Heaven, and the Mother of every human being upon earth." - Jesus, August 14, 1979



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