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"Take heed to yourselves, and to the whole flock, wherein the Holy Ghost hath placed you bishops, to rule the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.  I know that, after my departure, ravening wolves will enter in among you, not sparing the flock." - Acts of the Apostles 20: 28-29

"A coalition of evil is being formed in the Eternal City, My child. You will pray for Cardinal Villot and Benelli, Giovanni Benelli.
     "You must tell them, My child, by letter that their actions are not hidden to the Eternal Father. He has looked upon them and found them wanting.
"Come out of the darkness now, or you shall be cast into the abyss!
"My child, you must pray much for your great pastor in Rome, the eternal Father, your Vicar, Pope Paul VI. He suffers much at the hands of his enemies. My child, he is but a prisoner in the Eternal City.

"The forces of evil are working to remove him, My child." - Our Lady, September 13, 1975

"My child, I bring to you a sad truth, one that must be made known to mankind .... Our dear beloved Vicar, Pope Paul VI, he suffers much at the hands of those he trusts....
     "He is not able to do his mission. They have laid him low, My child. He is ill, he is very ill. Now there is one who is ruling in his place, an impostor, created from the minds of the agents of satan. Plastic surgery, My child--the best of surgeons were used to create this impostor.
     "Shout from the rooftops! He must be exposed and removed. Behind him, My child, there are three who have given themselves to satan. You do not receive the truth in your country and the world. Your Vicar is a prisoner....
     "Casaroli, you shall condemn your soul to hell! Giovanni Benelli, what road have you taken? You are on the road to hell and damnation! Villot, leader of evil, take yourself from among those traitors; you are not unknown to the Eternal Father." - Our Lady, September 27, 1975

"They have, I repeat, brought forth an impostor, while they have laid low Pope Paul VI, your true Father*. It is the deception of the century!" 
- Our Lady, October 2, 1975

*See also Directive #49 - Pope Paul VI

"The impostor, My child, that I spoke of with you, he is a professional man of the acting trade. He has done his job well." 
- Our Lady, December 6, 1975

"The appearance in public is not Paul VI; it is the impostor pope. Medication of evil has dulled the brain of the true pope, Pope Paul VI. They send into his veins poison to dull his reasoning and paralyze his legs. What evil creature have you opened the doors to the Eternal City and admitted?" 
- Our Lady, September 27, 1975

"This impostor, who has been given the image of the Pope, Our Vicar Paul VI, will pose and assume a role of compromise to the world. It is the plan of the evil ones about him ... to discredit your Vicar by placing him in print and photographs in a compromising position to destroy him." 
- Our Lady, April 10, 1976

"Yes, it is a fact and a truth that there is another who impersonates him and goes about having photographs taken. And there is a voice that comes out upon your air waves, a very good imitation of your Holy Father. It is all the master deception created by the evil forces that are seeking to destroy your Faith, My child."
- Our Lady, March 18, 1977

"You cannot accept now what comes from Rome, for they do not come--these bulls and these directions are not written by the pen of Pope Paul VI. They are written by the pen of Benelli and Villot." 
- Our Lady, September 27, 1975

"It is common knowledge now in the city of Rome that there is one who has been impersonating your Vicar, an actor of great talent, one who through surgery has gained the countenance of your Vicar. It is now common knowledge, My children...."
- Our Lady, August 14, 1976

"We have chosen to give this message through you, My child and My children in the United States, for We find that there is much courage in the hearts of your countrymen." 
- Our Lady, October 2, 1975

"Satan, Lucifer in human form, entered into Rome in the year 1972. He cut off the rule, the role of the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI. Lucifer has controlled Rome and continues this control now." - Our Lady, September 7, 1978

"Yes, I tried to warn everyone of what was going to happen to the world in the future. Our Lady said that the little Father in Rome [Pope Paul VI] would suffer great persecution, but much of this persecution would come from his very own--those whom he trusted. That is why the picture was given to you: to send the message throughout the world." - St. Jacinta Marto, June 8, 1974

"Your Father, in the eternal city of Rome, Pope Paul VI, your Holy Father, is a blessed man, for he carries his cross. Your Holy Father is a blessed man, for he shall be martyred." - Our Lady, June 18, 1977

"I ask you again to pray for your Holy Father [Pope Paul VI] in Rome.  He is very ill.  He needs many prayers, for he is being crucified by his own.  He is truly the little one in the message of Jacinta.” - Our Lady, June 1, 1978

"And as a holy Pope once told you before he died, he knew that the smoke of satan had entered into Rome and the Vatican. Well did he understand My visit to him, My child. The world has never known how close I was to your Vicar at that time, Pope Paul VI. Yes, My child, he was removed from the earth, also, with his impostor."
- Our Lady, September 14, 1985

Our Lady - "My child, the years are passing quickly upon your earth. O My children, how long I have gone throughout your world cautioning you, warning you, begging you to turn back from your path of destruction. Many are blinded to the truth; satan has poisoned the minds of many. O My children, take off your blindfolds and look upon what you have created with the help of all of the agents of darkness."
Veronica - Our Lady is pointing up to the sky. The sky has become very dark, a black color, black, a deep black. Now the darkness is rolling away, and I can see Saint Peter's, and Rome, the Eternal City of Rome. I can look up now on the side of the building. It is a group of buildings, not by the dome but off to the right side. It appears a separate building. And I see the Holy Father coming out upon the balcony. He's being held up on both sides by priests. They appear to be priests; they're clerics dressed in black. I can see their Roman collars. They're whispering to him, and he's shaking his head, no. There's some kind of a conversation going on that's upsetting our Holy Father very much. "No," he says. And now they're taking him back through these wide windows and into a room, and they're sitting him at a desk. And he can barely hold himself up in the chair. He's placed his hands to his eyes. He's terribly upset.
Now there are people coming into the room. I don't recognize them. Yes, I recognize one. It's Cardinal Villot. They are talking about something that is upsetting the Holy Father very much, and he's shaking his head, no. His "no" is provoking much anger with those who are gathering now. They're coming closer to his chair. The chair is just a little in back of a desk. Now the Eternal City of Rome appears to be darkening.
Our Lady - "There is to come upon Rome a great trial, My child. The forces of evil have gathered. They will seek in the coming new year to remove your Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, from his rule. Already he has become, My child, but a figurehead in his own house, for there are many Judases about him--many who, for the love of money and power, have sold their souls to get to the head." -
November 20, 1976           

"In Rome, My children, We are now engaged in what I shall say in human language is a 'cat and mouse' game.
"Yes, My child, those who are promoting this evil are well aware of My message. If more prayers are given for their salva­tion, one among them shall be saved, or one among them shall be lost: Villot, Benelli, and Casaroli." -
Our Lady, January 31, 1976 

"Already, recognize the evil that has come forward from stopping the prayers within the last two weeks, My child. Already in Rome, as I gave you in the past, the man called Benelli has come forward to approach the Seat of Peter and to bring upon Rome the full reign of 666 on the Seat of Peter! I beg you, I implore you, as your Mother, to listen! I have warned you now upon your earth; I have come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man, imploring you to listen to My counsel and My direction. The forces of hell are loosed upon your earth now. They try to stop all missions from Heaven. It is the final battle of the spirits; the forces of good and evil now entangle en masse." -
Our Lady, June 4, 1977 

“My child, you will understand soon the meaning of this message.  You must pray now for your new Vicar.  There is a foul plan afoot against him.” – Our Lady, September 13, 1978 

“My child and My children, I am not intending to go through a long discourse with you on the present state of My Church in Rome.  Suffice it to say that 666, Lucifer and his agents, will make a concerted effort to dethrone the present Vicar.*  In his plan, the plan of Lucifer, he seeks to unite My Church with the world, and this I shall not permit.” – Jesus, September 28, 1978 

* Pope John Paul I was found dead the next morning. 

"My child and My children, you wonder now of the happenings in Rome. Much that has happened has taken place because too few have cared to pray and do penance for the priesthood. One day all will be made known to mankind.
"I have come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man, in the will of the Eternal Father, to warn you, O priests in My Son's Church, His House upon earth, that you must turn back and start again.
"Lucifer is in Rome. His army comes as 666 among you. He has been a murderer from the beginning. My children, man has fallen very low, without grace, even consorting to murder.
"My children, a conclave shall start, and without prayers* you will receive one on the Seat of Peter, one with dark spirits, consorting with the devil." -
Our Lady, October 6, 1978 

*Our Lady of the Roses prophecy fulfilled:
The history of this papal election bears witness to Our Lady of the Roses prophecy:
     In the first ballot Cardinal Benelli got 22 votes; Siri 18; Felici 17; Baggio 15; Poletti, the Vicar General of the Pope, 6; Cardinal Wojtyla only 2. The remaining 31 votes were dispersed (of the 138 electors, 27 were Italians). 75 votes were required to be elected.
     The second vote shortened the field with a big surprise: Cardinal Siri had no votes, but Felici had increased to 30. Benelli had escalated to 40; he needed 35 more to win. Cardinal Wojtyla was astonished to have escalated to 9. Cardinal Koenig was certainly his enthusiastic fan, making proselytes in his favor, especially among the Polish and Germans such as Cardinals Krol and Ratzinger. The other 23 votes were dispersed. The idea of a non-Italian Pope was still hard to digest.
     For the third vote there were two big contenders: Cardinal Felici, 38; and Benelli, 46. Cardinal Wojtyla remained immovable at 9 votes. 
     The fourth ballot was, for many, the end, when they heard that Benelli had got 20 more votes for a total of 60, leaving all other challengers far behind.
     So went the fifth and the sixth ballots, except that Cardinal Wojtyla had started to gain ground and his supporters now were 25. 
     After the seventh ballot, Cardinal Benelli thought he was nearly elected: 70. Five more and he would be the new Pope. Still black smoke poured through the Sistine chimney.
     Suddenly, after the eighth ballot, the count had switched: Cardinal Wojtyla, 70; Benelli, 40. All stared at Wojtyla, who went to his room to pray. 
     Finally, the ninth scrutiny voiced loudly: Karol, Cardinal Wojtyla, from Krakow, had obtained 96 votes. The news was announced by white smoke. Pope John Paul II had become the 266th successor of St. Peter!

"And now, My child, I must ask that you write, that you all write to Cardinal Casaroli, who is influencing the Holy Father to not listen to this message. His influence shall bring great penance to his soul if he does not come from his course of appeasement, which shall lead to enslavement for many.
"My child and My children, I do not have to go into a long discourse to tell you of the evils of Communism. The world and it's condition speaks for itself." -
Our Lady, June 18, 1987 

"How I warned and warned that satan would enter into the highest realms of the hierarchy in Rome. The Third Secret, My child, is that satan would enter into My Son's Church." - Our Lady, May 13, 1978 

"But, My children, as I said in the past, I repeat again, that satan and his agents, the band of 666, has entered into the highest places of the hierarchy; and therefore he has captured some of Our formerly noble hierarchy to do his bidding." - Our Lady, June 1, 1978 

"Hasten, harken, and listen! The Message from Heaven is going throughout your world. The Queen of Heaven, your Mother, has come to your earth to bring you the admonition from Heaven. Each man shall accept or reject this message in his free will. The sheep shall be separated from the goats.
"Rome, Eternal City, the light is dim. Rome, haven for heretics and all manners of abomination, shall you not cleanse yourself before the Eternal Father places His hand upon you in chastisement? You have opened your doors to all manner of evil spirits.
"Holiness and piety! Man--men of God, you must wear your garment of purity, dedication, and piety. What manner of foul deeds do you perform for the destruction of your sheep! For what? Material gain and pride and arrogance? You shall be cast into the abyss! Rank shall give you no advantage when you come over the veil." - St. Michael, December 24, 1975

"My children, your Vicar shall be taken from among you. Too few prayers now are given for him. Many acts of sacrifice, many victim souls will be needed to keep him with you throughout this year. There is in the Vatican, the Eternal City, a force of evil so great that it shall bring great trial upon the good, suffering to those who will stand faithful and true.
"My children, the time is approaching when it must be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal; for those who should know better, who have been given graces beyond the ordinary man, they have used this power to set themselves against their God. Many are evil consorts of satan sent into My House to destroy. They are not unknown to Us. We will turn all evil to good. However, the ways of the Eternal Father are unknown to mankind." -
Jesus, February 1, 1977 

"We will go back, My child, in history, a short history, and remember well what had happened in Rome to John, Pope John, whose reign lasted thirty-three days. O My child, it is history now, but it is placed in the book that lists the disasters to mankind. He received the horror and martyrdom by drinking from a glass. It was a champagne glass given to him by a now deceased member of the clergy and the secretariat of the state.
"My child and My children, these messages must be strong because they are in truth. And one cannot turn his or her back upon the truth, or they will be led into more gross errors." -
Our Lady, May 21, 1983 

"Among those who went forth to harm the Church of Rome, there was Cardinal Jean Villot. He has received his just penance." -
Our Lady, July 1, 1985




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