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Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends. - St. John 15:13

"In My travels throughout your world, My children, the warm heart of your Mother has been extended to you with the knowledge of how to save yourselves and your children and those you love, and, in your charity, to extend this love and reach out for your brothers and sisters--those who have not been given the graces you are gathering now--reach out and gather them for Us." - Jesus, November 22, 1976

"Know, My children, that nothing has been wasted--no act of charity has been wasted, and none shall say that they didn't try; because that is also the secret of success into the Kingdom of God, is that you will try to follow in My Son's steps."  - Our Lady, June 18, 1984

"My child, as a Mother you will understand. I have a world of children, whom I am losing every day upon earth. I warn and I caution, and I cannot seem to save all. I shall wander to and fro, My child and My children, hoping that, as My voice goes through the voice-boxes upon earth, you will listen to Me. Even if I recover one of My children, My heart shall be eased. Pray with Me; weep with Me, My children. Extend charity to all." -  Our Lady, November 20, 1979

"My children, without charity you have nothing! Does holiness reign; and charity, in the hearts of the clergy in My Son's House?! Or shall I give to you the measure of offenses by count as My Son suffers for these offenses by count?! For when you do not clothe your brother in his nakedness, when you do not feed your brother in his hunger, when you do not comfort him in his affliction, you offend the Father in Heaven and the Trinity; for even the most humble and smallest among you, as human beings upon earth, are the children of your God, and each and every man, woman and child has been created in the image of God." - Our Lady, September 7, 1979

"You see, My child, how deep is My sorrow. I am truly the Mother of Sorrows. Make many sacrifices, My child. Instruct My children to follow the rule. Many shall fall into the abyss because they have no one to pray for them and do penance for them. Charity, My child, charity must be extended to all. Works without charity are works that are dead, My child." - Our Lady, November 23, 1974

"Charity of heart you shall extend to all your brothers and sisters, for without charity, My children, you have grown cold. Without charity you have become in a mass of darkness. Without charity, My children, the world will be lost." - Jesus, November 1, 1977

"There is hope for mankind. My Mother brings you this hope. The warning She gives, She gives to you in love and charity, as only a Mother could express Her love in Her heart to you. Do not cast Her away. Do not turn from Her, but seek and you will be given the way. Believe, and you will understand what My Mother is saying."  - Jesus, October 6, 1978

"In the general resurrection of all souls and bodies, My Son shall take the bones and rise them up, knitting them and uniting them, and placing upon them incorruptible flesh, for death will be conquered. Pain shall be no more. Sin shall be no more. Joy will abound. Charity will abound. Goodness, mercy, kindness, and all the goodness created by the Eternal Father." - Our Lady, August 5, 1975

"Pray much for your neighbors, your brothers and your sisters. Your prayers have great power. It is of great charity to pray, My children, for many have prayed for you all, or you would not be here among those counted upon this sacred mission." -  Jesus, August 5, 1975

"I have a simple lesson to give to all mankind at this time, My child. It is, as We know, charity among mankind. All works and all acts of sacrifice, have they a value when they are not covered by charity? And what is charity, My children? When you come across lives that have been darkened by sin and evil, you must not become smug; you must not feel secure in your own piety and graces given to you, but you must feel a sadness of heart for those who have fallen into the darkness. You must not judge, for the Eternal Father has the only key to an individual heart." - Our Lady, March 18, 1976

"Yes, We do have hope that your prayers, your understanding, your charity, will bring back those who have gone astray. This can also be accomplished by your example. Pray, My children, keep a constant vigil of prayer. We will shower many graces on you all. We are always with you. Remember, My children, wars are always a punishment for your sins." - Our Lady, June 17, 1971

"Sorrowfully in the past, I have warned you all and counseled you, as your Mother, as a Mediatrix from God to man, that you must mend your ways and do penance. And what did you do to stop any chastisement upon you? Very little, My children, very little! The good have gone upon their way, neither caring to save their brothers. Selfishness has entered into the hearts of even the good. My children, without charity you are as nothing." - Our Lady, October 6, 1977

"My child and My children, charity must be exercised at all times, but this charity does not mean that you must compromise the Faith or the doctrines of My Son's Church." - Our Lady, June 18, 1979

"My child, weep with Me, pray with Me. Have mercy in your heart for the sinner. No man is without sin, and therefore charity must not grow cold among mankind. You are the creation of the Eternal Father, and as such you are brothers and sisters upon earth, with a destiny similar to all mankind. Sooner or later, you will fulfill this destiny by coming over the veil. Sadly, many are coming to Us unprepared, and not warranting entrance into the Eternal Kingdom of Paradise." - Our Lady, October 6, 1980

"My Mother is rising up many armies throughout the world, candles in a dark world. Continue to unite all for the salvation and redemption of mankind. Pray now. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Be the soul of charity to all." -  Jesus, July 25, 1978

"My child and My children, if I could take you with Me and give you the eyes to see and the ears to hear, you'll understand why I have cried out to you in the past to protect your soul, your children's souls, your families, and accept as a victim soul the graces given to you from Heaven to reach out with to save others. For charity and love of heart knows no bounds, no restrictions, but in giving does one really bring forth the true meaning of love."  - Our Lady, June 18, 1981

"Pray a constant vigilance of prayer, ever upon your knees to your God the Father. Beg Him! Do penance, if not for yourselves, but share, in charity, your graces for those who, without your prayers and sacrifices, shall be lost forever to the eternal Kingdom. For those who receive in abundance, much is expected of them." - Jesus, October 2, 1976

"I speak to all the children of the world. You have been given armor and graces to rescue your brothers and sisters in this battle. Do not waste these graces, but multiply them. Disperse among the world a fine example of charity and faith." - St. Paul, July 1, 1973

"I consign you, My children, all who hear your Mother's voice, as bearers of light. Go forward with Jesus, My Son, as your confidence. Approach your brothers and sisters, for what greater glory, what greater love can a man give to one another but to even face death to save him." - Our Lady, May 14, 1977

"Remember, My child and My children, no matter what course you proceed upon, if you do not have charity for your neighbor, you have stopped in your progress to sanctity." - Our Lady, May 20, 1978

"Remember, My children, love is the outstanding word being used in your world today, but so few know the true meaning of love. So few have practiced the true meaning of love, for much of this in your world, My children, is based on self-love." - Jesus, October 1, 1983

"Pray, My children, for your priests, your bishops, your cardinals. Too few pray for them, for in their awe and their knowledge, they believed in the past, My children, that these Hierarchy had a special passport to Heaven. No, My children, they have a human nature also, and human frailties, and must be protected by prayer and penance and sacrifice, and this means the prayer, penance and sacrifice of others also, for them. In your charity of heart, in your love of human nature that We hear man speaking of as he falls into the errors of modernism and humanism-true love lies in prayers and sacrifice for an individual, for when you come over the veil, I assure you, it is only love and prayers that can follow you." - Jesus, May 20, 1978

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