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#91 - GRACE

"For the law was given by Moses; grace and truth came by Jesus Christ." - St. John 1:17

Prayers can move even the hardest of souls to repentance. Were it not for the prayers of many, many would fall fast into the abyss of eternal damnation. For those who have received graces in abundance, much is expected of them, My children." - Our Lady, September 7, 1976

"Do not fall into the errors of modern thinkers. Your scientists and your new theologians in My House who have cast aside the knowledge of sin and the penance for sin--yes, I died upon the cross to open Heaven to all mankind, but all shall not enter. My death upon the cross does not guarantee every man entrance into Heaven unless he merits it by grace.
    "Graces are given in abundance for the asking, but you must seek it, or some charitable brother or sister upon earth must seek it for you. Graces are given in abundance through My Mother's intercession for you. You will listen to Her counsel. Her words are not given to you in idleness but in preparation for what lies ahead in your near future." - Jesus, May 30, 1978

"Each day of your life must begin with prayer and end with prayer. Accept all of the graces that are given to you freely. Do not reject the means given to you through your Sacraments." - Jesus, February 10, 1977

"Satan may come to you with many faces. That is why We caution you often to recognize the faces of evil about you. There is a war now, My children, taking place--a war of the spirits, a war, a supernatural war. And you must now use graces to fight in the supernatural." - Jesus, June 1, 1978

"My child, I am well aware of your great distress. The cross grows heavy. You must understand, My child, that graces are given and graces can be removed. I have warned all who gather to send out the Message from Heaven that 666 and the agents of hell will be among you to try to stop the good work." - Our Lady, June 4, 1977

"My children, pray constantly a vigil of prayer. I ask you not to do just lip service, My children, but pray from your hearts. The words do not have to be studied, but pray from your hearts. Ask and you shall receive. Believe and you will receive many graces." - Our Lady, April 1, 1978

"My children, many of your brothers and sisters are selling their souls to get to the head. What does it matter if you gain all of the world's graces-and they call them graces, but how they foul the supernatural! It is no grace, My children, to achieve worldly acclaim and fortune. True grace only comes from Heaven, the eternal Kingdom of your God." - Our Lady, April 1, 1978

"Gather you graces, My children; they are given to you in abundance. The enemies of your God shall take these from you if they can. They shall strip you of the manner of receiving these graces. Have you cast aside indulgences? Do you call Our graces now a myth and superstition? How dare you set yourselves to join satan! All manner of false ideology! All manner of false deception! Doers of good who are rulers of evil!" - Jesus, November 20, 1975

"I dispense upon all many graces: graces in abundance, graces for the asking. Come to Me, My children, all who are burdened with sorrows, mothers forsaken by their children. There is great discord in family life. I have given you the sacramentals, and the plan to restore peace within your homes. You must bring My Son back into the hearts of your children. You must return prayer to your home." - Our Lady, December 24, 1973

"Many have lost their souls for worldly gain. O My children, what have you to gain when you lose Heaven? Your gain is but a temporary gain. You must leave your earth as you were sent to it by the Spirit, taking nothing. You will have no credentials but the graces you have accumulated in your earthly existence." - Our Lady, October 6, 1973

"Mankind uses the word 'indulgence,' My child. We call this 'grace.' Your prayers are powerful, My child, more so than you can ever understand. They will be gathered and used to release the suffering souls in purgatory. They will be gathered and used to bring many from this place of waiting into the eternal joys of the Kingdom of the Father." - Our Lady, May 17, 1975

"Prayer, My children-you must pray a constant vigilance of prayer, but you must also gather graces through works."  - Our Lady, March 18, 1977

"You will be given, My children, no heavier a cross than you can carry. Think of the great graces you can accumulate with your suffering. To walk to the Kingdom is a thorny road. Pick up your cross, My children, and follow My Son into the Kingdom." - Our Lady, April 14, 1973

"Upon these sacred grounds will be given many graces: graces needed for the recovery of straying souls, graces in abundance for the asking, graces for cures and conversions. Come to Me, mothers who weep for their errant children, and I will comfort you. I will show you the road for their recovery." - Our Lady, March 25, 1973

"Pray, pray much, My children, for those who are in darkness. You who have been graced to have your eyes opened to the truth are under obligation now to spread the word and recover those who need your help in prayers and sacrifice. These graces were given to you so that you will be champions in the battle." - Our Lady, February 10, 1973

"My child, as it was in the days of Noe, you have your scoffers, you have those who will persecute Our voice-boxes. The good must suffer, for the thorns will be long, and they will become abundant in the days ahead. But always remember, My children: you must pass through these thorns to gather the roses. And I say unto you as your Mother, I send upon you a full garden of roses in graces." - Our Lady, December 7, 1978

"My Son asks that you all comfort Him in His tabernacles throughout the world. He grows lonely. So many graces are never accepted." - Our Lady, July 15, 1973

"My children, all manner of evil now is covering your earth in darkness. It will take many graces, great grace to remain free of contamination.
    "You must use everything given to you in the past: the sacramentals, the monuments, the statues. My children, while you remain in your human nature you will be tempted and tried. Many shall fall away from the Faith. Many shall sell their souls to get to the head." - Our Lady, February 1, 1978

"You must expect, My child, to receive great persecution. Graces are given in abundance, but they are for the asking. You cannot bestow graces upon a closed heart." - Our Lady, February 1, 1975

"There have been set upon earth many voice-boxes issuing the warnings from Heaven. How many of you have listened and followed the course given by the Queen of Heaven to you for the salvation of your soul and the souls of those in your care? Have you gathered your graces to use them selfishly, or have you proceeded under the direction of the Queen of Heaven to share these graces in searching throughout your world, the dark corners of your earth, for the salvation of the straying sheep?" - St. Michael, September 27, 1975

"My child and My children, only you as an individual can save your soul now and the souls whom you love and whom you have the charity to reach out for. For those with great graces, they can be shared. You have a great obligation now to go forward as disciples of My Son." - Our Lady, June 13, 1981

"My children, you must always remember: you may despise the sin, but you must love the sinner. For grace is a special gift from your God, and without it each and every one of you are capable to fall!" - Jesus, June 9, 1979

"Pray a constant vigilance of prayer, My children. All who are in the pure spirit of the light will have nothing to fear. If you fall victim to satan, you must immediately run to receive a new store of grace from your pastor in confession and the receiving of My Son's Body. My children, you must concentrate now all on saving the souls of your children and those you love. There is not much time left." - Our Lady, August 13, 1977


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