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My tears fall on you...

June 18, 1970 - First visit of Our Lady at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers

Our Lady spoke to Veronica in locution, and said:

Our Lady’s tears
     Our Lady – “My tears fall on you. [At this point Veronica broke into tears.]
     “Pray, My children. So many souls will be lost. It is because I love you that I come.
     “You will have to suffer, My child. Cry with Me, My child, for I have never stopped crying. [Veronica continued crying.]
     “Pray; pray always, because so many souls will be lost. I have come to save you. Turn back! Turn back! So many souls will be lost. Listen to Me! Pray, please pray! There is hope in prayer.
     “The darkness grows deeper. I carry the light. . . . Much to suffer. Listen to Me! [Our Lady wept bitterly.]
     “Pray! Pray! Pray! Love Him. Love My Son; do not hate My Son!”
Our Lady then asked Veronica to repeat the poetic message given to her by Saint Theresa in 1969:

All hearts must ascend in true supplication
To avoid the sad fate of divine devastation.
Dear holy Mother, our Mother of love,
Does beg us to heed these dire words from above:
His heart is torn by careless surrender
Of too many souls that don’t try to remember
The Father, the Son, the Spirit of life,
Smite in the heart with the human knife
Of hate, greed, avarice, vanity—
All indications that sin is insanity!
What more must we do but place the full load
Of saving all souls on the few who are bold,
Who’ll stand up and fight for all Heaven’s glory,
And meet with Pope Paul at the end of life’s story!

     Our Lady – “Everyone has to care. . . . Not enough who care. So many will be lost!
     “I love you, My children. I love you, My children. I will come soon.”
     Speaking of the Rosary, Our Lady said:

Pearls of prayer
     “These are the pearls of Heaven, pearls of prayer. These are My pearls of prayer to Heaven.
     “I am your Mother of love. Blessed is he who extends his love to his brothers and gives his heart to Me.
     “I love you all, My children; but you must pray more. I love you all, My children. My arms are filled with roses. [Our Lady spoke these words when the children led the Rosary, after about ten hours of continuous Rosaries of reparation.]
     “My heart is sad. My Rosary has been discarded in many places, and neglected here.”

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Our Blessed Mother would not appear to us, because Her requests and directives, which were given to Veronica in preparation for Her coming, had been ignored by those to whom Veronica made Our Lady’s requests known, by name and specification. If only one, just one request had been heeded . . . but no one listened!
     Veronica served only as the messenger and the intermediary of Our Lady’s messages, in childlike obedience to Our Lady’s will.

     [The following was taken from the June 18, 1982 message.]
     So now I notice the day is dawning, so this must be the beautiful day of the feast day of June 18th of Our Lady. Oh, oh, how wonderful it is, because it is just about the time—I can remember back in 1970, we were to start the vigils at 9 a.m. I knelt from 9 a.m. in the morning of June 18th until after 1 a.m. the following morning—that would be June 19th—and for three days I had to lie in bed, as I’m lying now, unable to walk, having knelt so many hours.
     But at my side at that time—I don’t know if it was ever known to many that Padre Pio sustained me. An individual from a Padre Pio, promoting a group, I believe it was Joey Lomangino at Garabandal, who had given a friend a crucifix, a small brown crucifix that I’ll never forget. I wore that crucifix the whole time on June 18th, 1970. And every time I felt I was weakening (because there were times when I came out of that—oh, state of being out of myself, like in a coma or something, or—not a—I don’t like to use the word “trance,” because that sounds like something in the occult or something. But actually I was in a state of being absolutely unconscious. But when I came out of it, after a few hours, after the message was given, I felt like I was slumping. But I knew that I had to remain on my knees, because it was so important. Our Blessed Mother depended on me to remain on my knees. There was so much at stake, so many souls that had to have this penance, Our Lady said, that I would then clutch this crucifix about my neck, given to me—a small brown wooden crucifix—and I, immediately I noticed that I was renewed, and I felt vigorous and fresh, and I could go on and continue praying the Rosary until Our Lady then, or Jesus appeared, and then I had to blank out, sort of, again and repeat, as a voice-box, what Our Lady and Jesus had to say.
     It’s very difficult for me to talk at this time, because, today, June 18th, the humidity feels just as bad as it did—and I do remember in 1970, the first lady that we had, who came from Indiana, who was writing the notes, it was so bad, the heat, that she passed out writing the notes, and someone else had to take the lapboard, one of those lapboards you write on, from her and continue writing the message that Our Lady gave....
     Veronica – “I will be a bride of Christ, Blessed Mother, if You want me. I will be a bride of Christ.”
     Our Lady – “My child, you are a bride of Christ. Did you not know that? Do you not remember when you were given the ring, many years ago?”
     Veronica – Oh, the ring, the ring with R-G-P: Redemption, Grace, and Peace inside the ring. The ring when I lived in Bayside at 226—226th St. in Bayside, off 69th Avenue and Springfield Boulevard. Oh, yes, Blessed Mother, I understand now. Redemption, Grace, and Peace ring. I am a bride of Christ.”
     Our Lady – “My child, that is why Theresa had you write ‘Tomorrow My Bridegroom.’ Do you remember nothing of it?”
     Veronica – “Oh, Blessed Mother, yes.”

I walk up through the garden
With roses in my hand,
And place my left hand out
To show you there’s a band.
I’ve waited all these years
To see this dream come true;
I’ve watched and prayed,
And followed my heart
Until it came to You.

     “Yes. Blessed Mother, I understand.” [Veronica stammers.]
     “I don’t know where the tape recorder is....”
     And it appears that Our Lady is spacing Her time. If only I could go back to the first day of June 18, 1970. You will find that Our Lady spoke throughout the whole afternoon, even in pouring rain.

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