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Pray for My priests. They are led into the darkness.

July 15, 1970 - Eve of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

     Our Lady – “Pray for My priests. They are led into the darkness.
     “Many hearts are hardened to the truth. There is salvation in prayer. Many will be sacrificed in the engulfment. Carry your cross, My children. All hearts must rise to Heaven in prayer.
     “The light is burning low. Satan will seek to extinguish this light.
     “Man has become arrogant, forgetting his God. Many of My dedicated have lost their way.
     “Mothers, watch and guard your children with prayer, for they are the victims of evil.
Avoid all forms of entertainment
     “You must avoid all forms of entertainment, for they have been promoted for the destruction of your soul.
     “My Son is still shedding His blood for the sins of the world. A Mother’s heart is breaking. He accepts this suffering, My children, because He loves you.
     “Turn away from your satanic diversions, before it is too late! The pleasures blind you to the truth and place you on the wide road, away from My Son.
     “The doors of hell are open wide. Save your soul and those you love. Prayer alone can save you.
     “The light is burning low. Open your hearts to the Holy Spirit. Be guided by the light. Without My Son, you are lost.
     “I hear the mournful cry of the dove. So many souls will be lost.”
     [In 1969 Veronica saw in vision a large dragon standing up on its two hind legs. It was flailing out with its two hand-like front legs, and to its right side there appeared a beautiful white dove, a small dove flying fearlessly into the face of the monstrous dragon. This staunch little dove kept repeatedly flying back and forth into the face of this danger.]
     “Our Kingdom is just a sleep away. Bring the reality of this to My children. Your world here is only temporary.”
     [In August 1970 when Veronica was reading this message on audio tape she included the following three paragraphs.]
     Veronica – In 1969 Saint Theresa, in one of her locutions to Veronica, also stressed that the word “death” should be removed from the dictionary, for there is no such state as death—only the exit from our body shell. For the real you is housed in the temporary housing for the soul or spirit, the human body casing which we shed, so to say, on our trip to the Kingdom in the company of the heavenly guardians, the angels or the saints or another inhabitant of Heaven whom our Father chooses to send to escort us home.
Saint Theresa has promised to be there when I arrive—that is, with the grace of our Father. For Theresa told me that “just look for the girl with her arms filled with roses,” and I will know her.
So you can see that passing away is a most glorious expectation. Yes, you just fall asleep and wake up on the other side. Of course, there is judgment at that time for everyone; but if you love God, the Father, and all of our family in Heaven, this won’t be such a terrorizing transference, as most people seem to feel. Because actually we are not going on ahead into a place that is really unknown, especially when we know and love all of our family in Heaven.
     Our Lady – “Do not defame My Son’s sanctuary. Visit My Son often, for He will protect you against the darkness.
     “The eagle is plucked. He will not rise again.”
     Veronica saw in vision an eagle stretched out flat on his stomach, with his head hanging weakly to the side, struggling to get up. His feathers were all about him, plucked out. There were three creatures by him. Two of them were leaving his vanquished form. These two had the forms of a dragon and a lizard. The lizard had a most unusually long tongue. There was the other creature, the third, that looked like a bear, still beating on the fallen eagle.
     Our Lady – “Be not ashamed of My Son’s cross. Why do you hide His cross? Darkness covers My Church. My Son is hurt. Turn to My Son.
     “Satan walks the earth. The abyss is open. I have come to save you.”
     Veronica – “I see so many souls going down. I don’t see many going up.”

Vision of hell
     Veronica at this time saw the forms of many being sucked down into a great, open chasm, the bottomless pit, the abyss. The look of mortal terror, shocked anguish, and despair tore at her heart as she tried to reach out desperately to clutch at these poor souls, who seemed to have lost all equilibrium as they tossed to and fro, but going down faster. Within Veronica’s view were only a handful rising up. Veronica became very ill at this scene. She saw so many familiar young faces among them. It was sheer heartbreak for that moment, but Heaven chose to blot out their identity after the vision was over.
     Our Lady – “Though you may stand alone, persevere, My children, to the end, and the Kingdom of Heaven will be yours.
     “Fight not among yourselves. Just pray, for you are all brothers. Satan seeks to separate My children with discord. Heed not his diabolical plan that blinds you to the truth. Sacrifice your pride, your avarice, your greed. Be humble in heart, for only as little children shall you enter the Kingdom.
     “Worldly honors have sorrow as a companion. Store up your treasures in Heaven.
     “My Rosary will hold back the darkness.
     “My heart is wrung with sorrow at the falling of My dedicated.
     “Parents must guard the children’s souls to bring them to My Son. Be guided by the Holy Spirit, and keep your Rosary always in your hands.
     “See the visions of hell sent before you. Cry out loud for the justice to God.”

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     We ask in humility and charity for everyone who comes to the vigils to kindly arrange for transportation back and forth, as it presses hard upon the husband and family of Veronica to drive people around and then remain without sleep all night.
     Our Lady is asking prayer, sacrifice, and penance, for we are in the age of sorrows upon sorrows.
Reports of graces have been received through Rosaries, phenomenal photographs, etc. Please let us know of these unusual favors and graces.

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