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My poor children, you desire so much in material things and so little in the spiritual!

December 24, 1970 - Eve of the Nativity of Our Lord, Christmas Eve

     Our Lady – “You see, the task I ask of you is most difficult, for you will have to forsake all others and trust in Me and My Son. This is only one small sacrifice that will be asked of you.”
     [Many faced the objections of family and friends who preferred to spend this eve in revelry and worldly occupation. Our Father and the mission must be placed first.]
     Then Our Lady said to proceed with the Rosary.

Pray for vocations
     Our Lady – “The numbers of those in the service of thy Father is growing smaller. Pray for the vocations that are sorely needed. A great void is being created by the loss of vocations, for the little ones are left to wander.
     “My poor children, you desire so much in material things and so little in the spiritual! We look down upon so many homes that are becoming the reason for the destruction of children’s souls. The memory of the truth of My Son’s existence must be kept in the homes.”

Vision of the Nativity
     Veronica was permitted, through the love of our Father, to view in vision the scene of the Nativity:
     Veronica – I see a hole dug deep within a hill. The entrance is very large. I can see a Lady sitting on the ground. The ground looks dusty and hard. There are some animals around Her; there are three sheep. The Lady gathered the lambs closer for warmth about the little figure lying on a mound of straw or dried grass.
There is a man—it must be Saint Joseph, dressed in brown cloth robe, looking down at the Infant. The Infant Child is very small, wrapped in cream-colored sheeting. The Lady, Our Blessed Mother, was pushing the sheep closer. A large animal with large horns and tough-looking brown skin was standing near the entrance.
It is very dark in the cave, but there seems to be a light all around them; the light seems to be coming from the air. There are two very large angels behind the man. But I don’t think the Lady, Our Blessed Mother, is aware of this, because She keeps looking down.
     Oh, how poor they look! But they look so happy. Our Lady is sitting straight on the hard ground, in the dust. It must have been very difficult for Her to have brought forth the Child into the world, but She looks so happy!
     Our Lady – “The food we ate was hard, but the light was upon us and we accepted all with joy.”
     Veronica – I could see that Our Lady had a piece of what appeared to be dried fish, and that it was most difficult to chew. Joseph had a dark, almost black section of what appeared to be bread in his hand. It was not a wide loaf, but quite flat, like baked without rising or something. It also looked hard and dry.
I can hear music. Our Lady and Joseph are smiling because they can hear the music. The cave was filled with the many voices of little children in song. The voices are singing, “Hail, Little Savior dressed in the light. Born to join in Heaven’s fight.”
     Our Lady – “Many came bearing gifts, but we looked down into their hearts and sent them on their way.”
     Veronica – Then someone, a man in a white gown, poked his head through the opening into the cave, but he didn’t hear the music or see the angels. It would have been evident in his face. The man started to talk to Joseph. I could not catch his words.
     I am convinced it is only by the special grace given by the Father that one can share in a supernatural manifestation.
     The face of the Infant Child was most unusual, for He looked so young, and yet His face held the wisdom of the ages. Mary looks so lovingly happy. But there is also a tinge of wistful sadness, for She knows already the path ahead. The sorrow She will face in the future has been made known to Her. She said, in the softest of tones:
     Our Lady – “Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Do with Us as You will.”
     The angel came to Mary’s side and said:
     “This Child will be nourished by the light.”
     Veronica – I could see the eagle again. All the demons had made a straight path up from hell. They are trying to push the eagle from behind. They are trying to push the eagle over the side on the edge of the cliff!

England to be watched
     I see a power—England—but I cannot fully understand the involvement with satan. They pretend to be friends. They are to be watched. It looks like a conspiracy. It is the uniting of forces to destroy America. They are doing their work well so far, but our Blessed Mother stresses the power of prayer to hold back the darkness.
     These are desperate times. Do not be deceived by the momentary cries of peace.
     I see the false prophets increasing in number, cunning in their deceit, even to the elect.
     Our Lady – “Many sciences, many false religions will try—I say try—to take the place of truth, personified by your God. Believe Me, My children, when I tell you they only succeed for the moment, for all this will be evened out in the time of the destruction. For the goats will be separated from the sheep.
     “The eyes of Heaven are upon you. Bring My words to your neighbors, for We need all to be apostles for the Father in the recovery of souls.”
     Referring to the Christ Child infant doll so lovingly brought to the site by E. M., to be placed in our Mother’s arms (represented by Veronica, due to the size of the doll and beautiful gown of red satin velvet and white fur trim.) Our Blessed Mother said (for the gown and headcovering kept slipping in the wind):
     Our Lady – “The Child has the warmth of the light. He does not need clothes!”

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     May Heaven send a shower of roses and all blessings in the light, in the coming New Year to you all! May God bless you always.

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