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Your sacrifice, My children, will be a tower of strength for all who refuse to accept the light in these dark days

December 26, 1970 - Eve of the Holy Family

     A short time before the start of the vigil on the eve of the Holy Family, December 26, 1970, our Blessed Mother instructed Veronica to write this poem message for all the loving souls in God’s garden of souls on earth who participate in the vigils of reparation at the Shrine:

Mary, Guardian of the Flowers

In a garden of souls stands a Lady so fair,
She caresses each petal growing weak from despair,
Breathes the strength down upon them, brings the waters of life,
Feeds the plants that have weakened from the earth’s constant strife.
The flowers spread out in colors profuse,
Each bud a fair promise of a heavenly use.
Tender hands take the bent stalk grown weak from the flight
From the darkness of soil that has shut out the light.
Turned the blossoming petal with soft, tender hands
To face up to the light that shines down from His land.
Sprinkles stardust to cover the flowers with grace
As they grow on the path that leads straight to the place
Where the fairest of flowers sits next to Her Son
As She welcomes you all from a mission well done!

     Our Lady – “Your sacrifice, My children, will be a tower of strength for all who refuse to accept the light in these dark days. While you reject all body comforts, We look down upon warm hearts. [Temperature during the vigil that night was in the teens.] Your example will be the beacon, for they have closed their ears to the truth and remain blinded by worldly pursuits and pleasures.
     “It is sad to see, My children, that the light has left many homes. The children are walking in darkness. Must My Son forcefully admonish you with a strong hand? So many of the good will then have to suffer along. I repeat again: the punishment metered out to you for the disobedience and turning away from God will be more than your human minds can conceive possible.”

Huge waves on East Coast
     Veronica – I saw large ocean waves, extremely high—at least twelve feet, all along the coast. It looked like a map of the East Coast—our United States. The huge waves arose very high. Large holes and wide cracks appeared in the earth. I could see tall buildings seemingly drop into these holes. It was most frightening!
     Our Lady – “My child, My heart is saddened. I look into homes and see the darkness within, for the children no longer feel love or respect for their parents and others. It is already a way of life. The blackest of sins has entered the homes.
     “Mothers, how dare you fall down in your duty as parents! Take your children to be slaughtered! How dare you fall down in your duty as a parent! And when you fall in your duty as a parent you will remain in hell forever.
     “Do you deny your God because the punishment has not come upon you as yet? It is only because He is long-suffering and cares not to see one child lost to Him that the punishment you so deserve has been held in abeyance. But each day you continue without penance and atonement, bringing you closer to the end.
     “Yes, My child, you have reason to fear; but not for what can happen in this world, but what will be your lot as you pass over to the Kingdom. God will look into your hearts and you will be judged, not by the way or standards of the world to judge, but the complete picture. He will see in your heart.
     “Your country cannot conceive nor expect the vengeance of an angry Father! [Our Lady wept bitterly.]
     “My voice grows weak, child, cries, but grows weak. How long must I shed My tears for an uncaring world? How long must I care for a world who cares for the things of satan? Every person will fear; and the good will suffer, for they will fear the damnation ahead for those who choose to lose the way.
     “Repent now, while there is still time! Make sacrifices and reparation for His abused heart which is already too much shattered by the sins of an uncaring world.
     “The choice has always been yours to make: the kingdom of satan or the Kingdom of My Son. We want you with Us. Turn not from Our pleas into the path of satan, for he is waiting to gather you into his kingdom of the fires.
     “Persevere, My children. Accept the scorn of the world, for your reward for this suffering will be greater than all the knives that tear at your heart in this Mission from Heaven.

Priests confused
     “Pray always for your priests, your pastors, who are now confused. It is a way of satan, this confusion, for men grow weak from confusion. Increase your numbers of Rosaries, for they will always hold back the darkness. The graces you will need will come from the Father because of His great love of this darkening world.
     “I love you all, My children. My Son hopes, but He is in great despair. Pray, My children, pray always. Remember your Rosary.
     “I bless you, My Son blesses you with the light from Heaven.”
     “Carry your cross, My children. Be not affected by the mockery and insults you will receive when you defend My Son. We will always be with you, so face the world with His cross in your hand. It will not be an easy mission, but the final outcome will far exceed all the greatest joys of expectations.
     “Yes, they will hate you, as they hated My Son when He brought the word. They will laugh at you as they laughed at Him. Prepare for this heavy cross.”

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Any assistance in the donation of stamps, stencils, envelopes, etc. will be greatly appreciated, as the cost of mailing is spiraling every day. While the sand runs down, praise be to God that we are realizing the number of souls that we can ransom as the hourglass guides us by the light.
     Happy New Year, and all Heaven’s graces in the light be with you!

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