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Many peoples must unite to stop the slaughter of the Holy Innocents. Your God commands with a stern hand

December 31, 1970 - Eve of the Solemnity of Our Lady

     Our Lady – “My child, you would not have suffered the inner turmoil would you have listened to My cautioning you to remain within yourself before each vigil. By not retiring in full prayer at least one hour prior to the vigil, your soul would meet with the disturbing forces that are working from satan to destroy your mission here on earth.
     “Many peoples must unite to stop the slaughter of the Holy Innocents. Your God commands with a stern hand. You and your conduct are being tolerated only because of the elect at this moment.
     “Already the Father has sent you many warnings which you fail to recognize. Observe the near future and open your eyes to the truth, for the hand of God is ready to strike.
     “Those living in the light have nothing to fear, for all body discomforts or destruction will only remove the shackles that bind your soul to this darkening earth.
     “Jesus sends His emissary down to strengthen you in the battle. Michael will stand beside all who call; for he is the leader, the warrior chosen by God for His army.
     “The Father now diffuses the Spirit throughout the world. Pray not that He will find need to remove the Spirit, for then no words will describe the hell upon you all.
     “Without the Spirit, man will act as insane to his brother. There will be no law, no order, no charity of heart. Man will be as animal.

The unwanted aged and infirm
     “The hardness of heart I see in man already has reached out to destroy the unwanted aged and infirm. Only when this practice becomes a way of life, which I warn you now is in progress, will those of true spirit shudder in fright.
     “I place this truth with you. I cannot see beyond ‘71.
     “No, My child, I do not close My eyes to what lies ahead or try to, at this time, pinpoint any dates; for all is in the will of the Father. But I must admonish you that, again, I do not use My words lightly.
     “Tell the dear soul that the Rosary of the little children is much loved in Heaven. [Francisco and Jacinta.]
     Veronica – And you can put in parenthesis there so we understand, Francisco and Jacinta.
     “Like little children, you must follow My Son in loving obedience, questioning not the motives or methods of Heaven, but confidence in His all-knowing goodness.”
     Veronica – I see the floor in the chamber of the League of Nations, but I do not see faces behind the desks. I see serpents, their tongues lashing out in every direction.

The godless U.N.
     Our Lady – “Where is the godhead in this group? What is their true purpose, as they play with the lives of millions?
     “Liars, sent by the father of all liars!
     “Trust not in the ways of man, but place your full trust in your God.

Witchcraft coming from England
     “Many materials destructive to the soul are being shipped here from England. These soul destroyers are included in the practice of witchcraft, devil worship—soul destroyers!
     “Who opens the doors to this brood of vipers?
     “O My child, if I could take you on My travels, what sorrow would fill your heart. Already many are imprisoned because of the love of My Son and the upholding of the truth. And sad to say, the imprisonment is also within your country that has always been called the land of the free.”
     At this time there appeared a burst of gold stars over the roof area in the sky of the old St. Robert’s Church. The whole phenomenon lasted a short while, for a trail of pink light trailed this event up in the heavens. Many present at the Shrine saw the spectacle.
     Veronica – Oh, I’m sorry to stop you here [Veronica alerts them after a very long pause that they are to start writing and tape recording the message again] but Our Lady said the rest of this Rosary must be continued, because—this is a very, very horrible thing that Our Lady said—that at this very moment many lives are being lost without grace. Without having the grace, these people are now at this moment dying, and we will see in the papers [the evidence].
     Our Lady said because of revelry and sin this evening, many lives will be lost. And you will count them in your morning papers, She said. This evening—that means there will be many dying this evening. Oh, what a horrible thought! And Our Lady did say that—continue a Rosary for these souls now that are already dying, She said, and not in the state of grace. Our Lady said due to the mixture of drugs and drink, the deaths will be counted so numerous. Oh, my! Oh!
     Our Lady – “How sad to see many dying in the pursuit of revelry and worldly body pleasures.

Drunkenness an abomination
     “Drunkenness has always been an abomination in the eyes of the Father, and time will never distort the word of God. Time and custom never changes in the eyes of your God.
     “Tonight We view all abominations taking place. We see consorts in sin destroying the sacredness of the marriage bond with drink and brain medication.
     “What honor, what constructive pursuit is there that will destroy the total personality of man, reducing him to the animal level in emotions and actions. The heavy hand of God will not fall lightly on these offenders. Always remember that excesses weaken the soul.
     “Gluttons of worldly pleasures, can you not see the sorrow, the many miseries of starving nations, and souls leaving this earth untimely? Is this cause for revelry and joy? Can the heart go joyously into worldly celebration when there is so much sorrow about you? Is this not the time for full prayer? Have you so little faith that you believe your time not limited? Cast not your lot in with satan now, for in His mercy our Father must often look the other way when He calls many souls to the judgment.
     “I repeat once again: without sacrifice, prayer, and self-denial you will not enter My Son’s Kingdom. The choice is yours to make now: My Son or the world.
     “Remember, this world will pass. Your soul will eventually reach judgment, but what you will harvest will depend on whether you store graces now or place yourself on a completely worldly level of living for the present.
     “My first word in the New Year is PREPARE: P-R-E-P-A-R-E, underlined.
     “I bless you all, My children.”

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Wear the Rosary around your neck. Our Lady wants you to make many sacrifices. Visit Our Lord, Jesus, often. Learn self-denial.

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