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Accept Eucharist only from a Priest...

February 11, 1971 - Eve of Our Lady of Lourdes

     Our Lady – “My heart is saddened, My children, that We are forced to send this trial upon you. Wake up! Time grows so short. Will only a few be gathered in this short time?
     “My heart is saddened also at the reception of My words by the clergy, but it is not less than We have expected, for hearts have grown hardened.
     “From now until the plan is fulfilled, I must stress that you keep resigned to a life of prayer and sacrifice, for that is all that will save you.

True meaning of 666 revealed
     “We still hope to gather Our stray children; and therefore, We reveal to you now the secret of the ages, the true meaning of Mr. 666, known as the Antichrist: 6 is for the six who are coming; 6 is for the six days of suffering; 6 is for the six who will be punished. Man is wise, but through the ages the true meaning becomes lost. This, My child, We give to you.
     “Watch, wait, and pray. He is still in your land! Safeguard your homes and your family, as I have told you countless times before. The danger will increase to the souls.
     “Repeat to all this prayer: Jesus, extend to us in the light, in Your infinite knowledge, the power, through the light, to understand the task that lies ahead for all of us who wish to be saved.
     “Unless you all remain in the state of grace, you will not walk through these days of sorrow without being affected by the evil one. All power of salvation will be given to those who believe.
     “This man of perdition—this man out of hell—will spread his darkness through holy Church. Hold the truth always in your heart.

Accept Eucharist only from a priest
     “Pray for your priests, your hierarchy, for the Faith has grown weak. They will be victimized by the evil one who is loose in your land. He will only possess a soul that has grown weak. Strengthen your soul by staying with My Son near the tabernacles of the world. Accept the gift of My Son often, His physical Body, present in your Eucharist—but given to you only by consecrated hands, hands blessed by My Son and ordained to do His work and represent Him. Turn your face from those who wish to profane the Body of My Son! The light of the Holy Spirit will guide you in this respect.
     “The indignities to My Son, the Eternal Father, and all Heaven are increasing with the increased destruction of this man of sin. His goal is the possession of all spirits destined for My Son’s Kingdom.
     “Many will not accept your revelations, My child, for man has yet to understand the difference between the physical body and the spiritual soul. Man fails to recognize the existence of the unseen world about you. Right now the demons are gathering for this full scale war of the spirits.
     “Unless you continue to live in the spirit, you will become blind to the signs that My Son and I will give to those who are destined for the Kingdom. Satan and his henchmen are loose upon your earth. He sends his highest advocates now to destroy My children. The path you travel will be left for you to choose. We can only beg you, out of love, to listen and guard your soul.
     “It is not Our wish to instil fear in you, My children, but We have found it is necessary to be stern. Perhaps in this way a few of Our straying lambs could be gathered. It is not always in the best interest of loved ones to hide the bitter truth, to gloss over the facts of a coming destruction. We must approach this with a practical eye and an open heart, also with confidence in the ultimate victory of all Heaven and the gathering of the beloved souls with Us.
     “The path of the war and the length of the sorrows will all depend on men, for it is their choice: to follow satan or to fight for My Son. This We give you in the confidence that you will join Us in the battle.
     “There is no time left for thinking of your worldly pleasures or your worldly gains, for in the end they will be nil!
     “How We long to be able to spread words of cheerful vein, of happiness and joy; but, My children, how can one smile and laugh when the heart is crying?
     “Many will be taken out of the world in the conflict ahead. But do not despair, for with your prayers, even these may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
     “Pray, My children; never cease your prayers. For that is the only step to take for the recovery of souls—not only of those you love, but those who have no longer a soul caring enough to pray for them.

Medal of Our Lady of the Roses
     “Our arms send forth a shower of blessings upon you all at this moment of a great joy to My heart: the reception of the medal of Our Lady of the Roses. I thank you, My children. Many blessings will be yours.
     “Wear this, My children, for there are many surprises in store for you, that We give with glad hearts in these dark days. You see, My children, We will show this man of perdition where the true power of God lies. For eventually, My children, I will crush him through the power of the Eternal Father.
     “Remember January 21, 1971. This was the day, My children, when this man of perdition came to your city and entered your holy Church. Now he moves about and will spread destruction throughout your land before he proceeds on to Egypt. Remember this date, My children, for it was a sad day for mankind. For what could be sadder than the entrance of the Antichrist into your land!
     “The attacks upon you, My child, will not cease, so keep your armor, the protection We have sent you. This must remain a secret between us for the time being, for your safety. Guard it well.

Do not accept Communion in the hand
     “The next abomination to My Son’s heart—do not accept His Body in your hands, for some will seek to cast His Body in the holy water fountains, My child. For such is the work of satan, to degrade My Son’s Body!
     “O woe to ungrateful man who cares not for the Blood that My Son shed for them! Their own destruction will be made through their own hands, in their own evil hearts. For the blackened soul can seek faster the ways of satan.
     “We cry, also, for the many souls that will be lost because of misdirection. Our hearts are merciful, but many will still be lost.

Peace symbol will strangle souls
     “I admonish you again, parents: remove that diabolical sign of satan from your children’s throats, for it will strangle their souls—this mark of the Antichrist, the cross that is broken, used as a disguise, the ‘peace symbol.’ Destroy them, before they destroy your children! Place the cross upon their necks, for that will be all that will save them. Do not fall down in your job as a parent, for you will also be held responsible for the condition of your children’s souls when they are brought to Us.
     “Remember, as ye sow, so shall ye reap. Plant good seed now, while there is still time.
     “I will continue, with My Son, to guide you in these dark days, My children. We shower all the blessings of Heaven upon you, so have confidence. And remember to keep your Rosary with you always. Keep it about your neck, if possible, for that moment will come when you will need it.
     “M. [Mary] and Ben, bless you, My children. Your names will be written in Heaven. A work of art, a work of love that has brought tears of joy to Our hearts. For this I bless you all, My children. We now have placed a full set of armor upon us.
     “Through this treasure [the medal of Our Lady of the Roses] will flow many graces from Heaven. Have them also blessed by a true, loving priest and wear them for the days ahead. For, as the crippled will be cured, the blind can see, so shall all be saved who believe and wear this medal.”

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