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Discord among Hierarchy...

May 19, 1971 - Eve of the Ascension of Our Lord

Jesus appeared with Our Lady.

     Jesus – “My child, it is not by accident that We chose this site for atonement. The evil is unparalleled in your city. It is like a cancer! Would I set the sword on you now, your city would be leveled. But My Mother begs Me to give you time to atone.”
     Our Lady – “Yes, My children, I am here with My Son tonight. Our hearts should be joyous, but We have looked beyond your state into the hearts of your countrymen. We see evil spreading west. Already your children are having their souls desecrated.”
     Jesus – “The evil one I have warned you of has continued on his dastardly deeds of destruction. When will you wake up from your feelings of false security? You are all blind, My children. Will it take a major catastrophe to awaken you?

Abortions to bring destruction
     “The souls you have sent back to My Father will be your score sheet for the destruction that will fall on you! These innocent angels have been untimely cut out of the plan of My Father. You are no longer sharing with My Father in creation, for you have chosen to be against My Father!
     “Would you have listened to Us, the man of sin would not have entered your country. You left the door open. Pray that this serpent does not enter your house; for he roams, gathering these souls for Lucifer. We are at war now, but the war of the spirits has far direr consequences than the human beings in worldly war combats.
     “My Mother has given the plan for salvation countless times before. Will there only be counted a few in the final total? This will depend on prayer, works, and efforts of love in action demonstrated by all remaining souls on this earth.
     “I have chosen from this world many messengers to repeat Our cries, but they, too, will share the way of the cross.”
     Our Lady turned to Jesus and said, sadly:
     Our Lady – “O My Jesus, how well the darkness covers the land! We look upon hate, greed, paganism, and murder. The darkest of sins are being committed!

The unholy ray
     “Guard your children from the unholy ray. Keep the monuments [statues] in your home. Keep the Rosary about your neck. These were not given for decoration. We cannot bear the blasphemies against Us much longer.
     “Now We admonish you to save your soul and the souls of your loved ones. We are always with you. Just raise your hearts in prayer to Us. Your prayers and sacrifices will be needed for your priests.”

Discord among hierarchy
     Jesus – “Yes, they will be needed to safeguard those who represent Me in My House. For the man of perdition will enter higher places to render discord among those who rule My House on earth.
     “Have pity for those who will fall into his trap. Only prayer and mortification of the senses can retrieve one of these souls. No one will be free from the assaults of the Church by the one called Antichrist unless you keep Me with you, not as an occasional visit, but as a daily act of love.
     “Satan has placed his disciples in your schools, your government, your ways of entertainment, your means of communication—all have been infiltrated. You can readily see, My children, how far he has progressed to destroy!
     “We are gathering Our armies from Heaven. Yes, We are watching and will join in the eventual combat, for My Mother’s heart will heal when We triumphantly remove the evil one from among you.”
Veronica then received a personal message from Jesus, which she cannot reveal at this time.
     Our Lady – “We will continue to guide you in the dark days ahead. We urgently beg you for acts of penance, atonement, sacrifice—daily. This will be all that can hold back the darkness.
     “My children, I hear all the prayers and pleas that are coming to Me. I am gathering the graces to strengthen you in the days ahead.”

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     In your charity, please remember the medal fund. We want to send them to all souls.

We encourage everyone to print or email copies of this web page to all the Bishops and all the clergy.  Also, email or send this web page to the news media and as many people as possible.

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