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Gift of Free Will...

May 30, 1971 - Eve of the Queenship of Our Lady

     Jesus and Our Lady arrived separately. First Our Lady came, in the company of Saint Michael.

     Our Lady – “I have arrived much earlier, My child, than expected, for I am busy in all parts of the world. There is much turmoil.
     “You did well to warn souls of the dangers to come. Yes, there will be much gnashing of teeth because of the destruction set upon the earth by the evil one. Unless you listen carefully, and with your heart, to Our guidance, you may become a victim in the web of deceit that now enshrouds the world.”
     Our Lady descended to the pillow placed there for Her. She looked around and said:
     Our Lady – “Thank you, My child, for the comfortable footage. My Shrine is truly a place of beauty. On veneration at this sacred place there will be sent forth the graces necessary to retrieve souls from the evil one.
     “I cannot urge you enough to continue your prayers. This you must do from love. Your prayers are needed sorely for your priests, for they are under heavy attack by the evil ones, Antichrist and his accumulated disciples. Yes, his evil will be as hypnotism to the weak soul.
     “My heart cries in pity for what lies ahead for your countrymen who go blindly on their way sowing the seeds of their own destruction.
     “We are sending personages from Heaven to help you in the battle ahead. You will not be alone, for We are always with you.

Worship of satan
     “This is the hour of the false prophets—beware!—and those who will claim to take the place of My Son. Already the worship of the evil one is in your city. The ‘mass’ of the black demon has spread throughout the whole earth.
     “You must know the full power of your prayers. The evil one cannot stay where there is prayer.
     “My children, these monsters are unseen to your human eyes, but they are all about you. Run them out with a constant vigil of prayer! Do not wait until there is no recovery. The hour grows short.
     “My children, if you have been given the grace to be now in the light, We beg you to share this grace, and try from your heart to rescue those who are drifting toward the abyss of hell.
     “Yes, your prayers and sacrifices are needed for those who do not have the power of grace to help themselves. If you could see the vast numbers who have already succumbed to the evil, you would spend all your time on your knees. No excuses must be given in defense of worldly gain. No excuses will be accepted if you did not care enough to save your brother. You will be held accountable for all discard of duty, of inborn godly conscience.
     “Yes, the world is enshrouded in evil. Yes, it has entered everywhere. To talk solves few problems now on earth. Your only recourse now is prayer. We are of light and hope. If you cast Us aside, you will travel only one road—in the darkness!
     “My child, this message must be made known immediately to all.”
     Jesus arrived and continued:
     Jesus – “The blind shall not enter My Kingdom unless they repent on free will. Every man will be held accountable for the fall of his soul and the soul of those entrusted to him. I am warning you now.
     “My Mother, Her voice grows weak. My heart is ever torn. I look upon My Mother in deep sorrow, for as a Mother She is anguished. If you had not listened, and you do not listen now, the sorrow is greater than you could subjugate.
     “It is not Our methods to instil fear, for fear is the work of the evil one; but laxity and ignorance in knowledge can only bring confusion and misleading influences.
     “Had you remained true to My prophets who sought to enlighten you with written direction from Us, these symptoms We see would not have grown.
     “You no longer find the revelations in the Book of life. Yes, you will read another book, for man seeks to write another book, his own book, and found satan. In a section are the names of his conquests. Will you be in that book?”
     Our Lady – “We love you all. You are Our children. We do not want to see you lost to Us.”
     Jesus – “My Mother will stand in combat in the ultimate victory ahead, but there will be much suffering. Trust in Her, My children, because I have given Her the light. Amen.”

Gift of free will
     Our Lady – “Dear children, I have come to lead you from the evil one. You have free will; your Father gave you this. You have chosen to use it not to save yourself. You have the choice to be cast into hell or return to your rightful home with Us.
     “Once, a long time ago, Our Father gave this gift to His people in Heaven, and they, too, used it to no avail. They, too, became arrogant and looked upon the Father with no respect or love. Your world is a wide road traveling in the same direction—away from the Father.
     “You just remember, My children, to call on Michael and the angels, whom man has deemed to cast aside. Yes, this guardian you will need. We have placed them at your sides; call on them. We are all waiting and watching. No one will be lost if they call on them, Our warriors.
     “Go about and look for a poor wandering soul, the one in darkness. Yes, you will be mocked and turned away. You will follow the same road as I. I have lived life on your earth. If you don’t care, so many will be lost to Us.
     “Remember, My children, to keep pure and holy thoughts in mind, for your mind is the main point of entry of the evil one. Yes, one stands on each side ready to enter you.
     “This war is on! In war all barriers can be cast down. The evil one uses the foulest schemes. It is to degrade and destroy. He is cunning, often parading as an angel of light. Unless you have the light of grace, you will be blind to the truth. How will you recognize them? You will be led to become confused between right and wrong, until darkness, blindness, carries you off—another victim.
     “Keep the armor on you—your Rosary, your crucifix around your neck, or you, too, will receive the stamp of the man of perdition.”
     Jesus spoke with Veronica at this time—not to be revealed.
     Our Lady – “I do not wander the world for socializing. Yes, I came because of love. And the pain of the sights before Us in your world saddens all Heaven.
     “Your children are Our main concern. Direct them well, or suffer heartbreak.
     “Do not be disquieted of spirit, My child, for you will be hated as My Son was hated when He brought the truth.”
     Jesus – “Penance, atonement, and acts of love We cry for. My Mother gives you the plan for your salvation. Remember—the day will come when you will remember this, when you will be tried and found wanting, or ready for the jubilant entrance into My Kingdom! Keep your thoughts on this, My children. It will all be yours.
     “The medal will be given to all clergy and nuns, for the attacks on them will increase. He is banding his disciples now. Lock him out! You can lock your door against him and save your country.”

Existence of hell
     Our Lady – “My child, tell the world now there is a hell. The evil one seeks to remove the thought of punishment from sin. Sin will then be a way of life. It becomes easier to delude you then, to capture your soul. Open your eyes! Do not be blind, for the blind walk in darkness.
     “Everything has been planned well to bring you into darkness. Everything is planned in every war. Without Us, you will be lost. Do not try to fight the battle alone. So they will scoff at angels and demons? But will you scoff at them when they are face to face with you? Do not follow the bad example like sheep to the slaughter block. Do not let them blind you. You can carry the truth, the light, always in your heart.
     “Show the example of a living Christ. Carry My Son’s cross, for by your example you can save others and We will reward you. Do not let him take them from Us!
     “I love you all, My children. Help Us! We are with you always, and will direct you through the future. Believe and you will be saved. Believe and you will be saved! Believe and you will be saved!
     “Armageddon! Armageddon!”

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