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Remain within the Church...

June 17, 1971 - First Anniversary of Our Lady of the Roses

     Our Lady – “My child, you will have no fear at speaking out, for to accomplish your mission for Heaven, this will be necessary. Unless you pray for the souls that are falling in My Son’s House, you, too, will be affected by the disaster that lies ahead of you.
     “Yes, My words were given in the same vein many earth-years ago, and they, too, were not heeded. Did you act upon them? No! You hid it away from the world. What will you do now? I warned you many years ago that satan would enter My Son’s Church, but you did not listen. Now he is there!
     “Have pity for all men of sin. Have pity for those who represent My Son and are falling into the web of deceit of satan, for they will be answerable to Us more so, for they were given the graces to fight this.

Darkness is blindness of heart
     “What is the darkness, you ask Me, My child. The darkness is a blindness of heart. Yes, you can be conditioned to accept error; you can be conditioned to turn from the truth. You can be conditioned to be confused and no longer recognize the truth. You have a free will to go your own way. Should you fall, you must fall alone. We will not let you take innocent souls with you.
     “You are trading My Son’s Home and making it a place of self-gratification for arrogant man who follows after his own lust. Your love of money has been your downfall. Yes, you are misguiding!
     “There will be much suffering for those who stand to defend My Son’s House. This can never be destroyed, for the foundation is solid. The foundation is My Son, but many now dishonor Him in His House. Blind man of self-gratification, blind man who pursues after his own heart his lust—you call the hand of the Father heavily upon you!
     “This condition did not arrive overnight, or this year, or two years. This has been well planned.”
     Jesus – “Confusion, delusion! O mournful heresy! Whatever will We do with you? Satan is now banding his disciples within My Church.”
     Veronica – This is Jesus.
     Jesus – “My heart is bleeding. We watch this. My Mother’s heart is torn.”
     Our Lady – “Your prayers are sorely needed for your priests, your cardinals, your bishops. The heaviest attacks are upon those with the most influence in My Son’s House. Yes, there are those who have fallen to satan, and they will drag many other souls to hell with them.

Remain within the Church
     “We do not want division within My Son’s House. We want you all to be brothers and sisters, patching the cracks in the walls. Don’t leave My Son’s House! Help patch the cracks, and one day it will all be one again.
     “We do not want the flock to scatter. Do not be misled by those who seek to break away. That will solve nothing. You must stay where you are and pray a constant vigil of prayer that this evil one will not enter upon your home. And remember, a House in darkness wears a band of death about it.
     “We are your hope; We will guide you through the darkness. Yes, Our House is in darkness, but We carry the light if you will only come to Us. Many have traded Us for worldly gain. Can they buy eternal life?
     “Love My Son. He has shed His blood for you. He is still shedding His blood for you, for, in His merciful heart, He has not visited upon you the destruction you so rightly deserve.
     “Already We see the desecration of His Body. Yes, the mockery—how long do you think We will let this go on? We warn you now that you must mend your ways and atone for the many offenses against your God, for your time grows short. Your redemption will soon be near, but there will be much suffering before the glorious day when all will be even.
     “I love you all, My children; My Son loves you. Do not force Our hand upon you. Yes, We see those whom satan has placed within Our House. You know who you are. You went onto the wide road!

Plan for destruction of Church
     “Throughout your country We see pagan practices! Who led them into such vile practices? There is a well-laid plan to destroy My Son’s House. Many have sold their souls to get to the head. Eternal damnation is their destination!
     “Why have they chased Michael from My Son’s House? He was their guardian. They must place Michael back where he belongs in My Son’s House. Yes, they have shut the doors and the minds against him, but they cannot shut him out of the hearts of those destined for My Kingdom.
     “What kind of noises do We hear in My Son’s House? Demons on the prance! Did they not dance around My Son as He hung there on that wood?
     “Confusion, confusion! It is satan’s method—fear and confusion. You must recognize the face of evil. You must not be led as the sheep to the slaughter.
     “We gave you all an inborn conscience. These evils must be stopped because of the children. The heavy load will be upon the parents. They must keep the Faith in their hearts. Keep the Faith in the hearts of those you love. It will not be easy. Your only refuge would be your home. You will have to bar the doors against evil. Yes, you can be deluded and misled when you do not see the evil about you. It could be, My child, like mass hypnotism.
     “Satan has gained great ground throughout your earth. Many souls have fallen, and the numbers increase every day if there is not enough forces to stop it. We place a heavy burden upon those who have the heart and the faith and the light. They must go out and rescue their brothers and sisters from this evil. We do not wish to see one of Our children lost to Lucifer, who now gives Us battle.
     “There is such turmoil in the world that We cannot come to you as often, Veronica, for We are needed very badly in this battle of the spirits. We listen to all who call to Us. We will answer all who come to Us in belief. Come to Us. Believe in Us, and you will be saved.

Wear Rosary for protection
     “I have asked you to wear your Rosary to protect you from the evil that now enshrouds the earth. Already those destined for My Kingdom know Me and We know them. And those who have joined Lucifer, they have turned their backs on Us, and We will not know them.
     “Soon, My child, iniquity will so abound that even many of the elect will be in fear to be charitable. Yes, the charity will grow cold. We have already impressed on you the necessity for prayer, the power of prayer, to chase him out. If you do not listen, you, too, will walk into the darkness.
     “You must not go around berating your brothers or your sisters. You must pray for them. Mortal man cannot fight satan without prayer.
     “These are not ordinary times. These are not ordinary days. No, if you read the words left by the prophets, you will understand. The Book of life is there for you. It is all there if you will take the time to read it. All must come to pass, and then the Ball of Redemption will be upon you.
     “At these latter days, We are manifesting to many, My child. Many will receive graces far beyond most human understanding.
     “O My children, there is nothing We would pass by in order to save you. But We must caution you in the days ahead to be very prudent in your approach to miracles, for in this battle of the spirits, the evil one will send out his disciples. But by his fruits he will be known to you. In time, he will reveal the blackness of his heart.
     “We can see and hear everything. Nothing is hidden from Us. Nothing can be done in secret. The Eternal Father is the Lord high God and your Creator, and as such He can destroy you.
     “I have told you before that everything has been planned for your destruction, and the evil is well rooted in your country now. Your country is in dire danger because it has the facility to promote more evil throughout the world. Therefore, the punishment would be far greater for the men of sin within your country. And the punishment will be far greater for the men of sin within My Son’s House.
     “You will glorify My Son in your House, Church, or you will not stand as a House! You will not cater to the lusts of man, or you will not stand as a House! You will not glorify man before your God. You will not exchange the heart of God for pieces of gold or silver.

Disobedience to Holy Father
     “You will stand with the Holy Father and render him no more sorrow. You who have been his disobedient children, you will stop plunging the knife into his heart! He is Our Vicar. He is Our father and yours on earth, to guide you. Why do you disobey him?
     “You will render this message to all clergy. I will surround you with My Immaculate Heart and protect you, My child. The situation has grown too grave now, My child. Words cried through the years have had no effect. They ask for the sword upon them. But for the elect, they would have been cut asunder sooner, for We hear all the pleas that come to Us.
     “We do have hope that your prayers, your understanding, and your charity will turn those back who have gone astray. And this also you can accomplish (their salvation) by your example.
     “You must keep a constant vigil of prayer in these dark days. We shower many graces upon you, and We are always with you.
     “Remember, My children, wars are always a punishment for your sins.”

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