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Keep your Heart in Heaven...

July 25, 1971 - Eve of St. Anne

     Our Lady – “I have come early, My children, to protect you, for there are many satanic influences with you tonight. You must expect this, My child, for there is nothing the evil one will not do to stop the good work.
     “Yes, My child, I am wandering, for there is nothing that I would not do to save My children. There is much work for us, even in this world of turmoil.
     “You will tell Ben to tell the boy in the tree if he steps out any further, he will meet with a very serious accident. If he comes out any further, he will fall.

Save the children
     “The children are the victims of their elders. All parents will be held responsible for the fall of their children’s souls.
     “You parents must well remember that satan seeks to claim the souls of all those destined for Our Kingdom. But you parents must now struggle to save them from the reach of satan, for you did not prepare yourselves when you were warned of the dangers that were lying ahead of you. Yes, you turned a deaf ear. I had warned you for many years. You deafened your ears and hardened your hearts.
     “Your country is calling upon itself a greater danger, for when they seat themselves against My Son and seek to lock Him out of their houses and to lock Him out of their country, We have no recourse but to chastise you as We would disobedient children.
     “All about you, you see the disobedience of children. In your schools, your government, your churches—where is the respect, the honor to your God?
     “O you blind, foolish parents who do not recognize the products of your laxity! The blow, it will be visited upon you; for as you sow, so shall you reap. Yes, you parents are filling the bodies and minds with luxuries, but you have chosen to starve the souls of your children. Your children are being led farther into the darkness. We do not see the light ahead for them.
     “O mournful sight, to see the destruction that is imminent upon you! O mournful heart, for you who do not listen. When this comes upon you, you will still not believe what you see with your eyes. O My children, will you be counted among the few, or will you be lost forever to Us?”
     Jesus arrived to be with His Mother.
     Jesus – “You will continue to disperse the messages that We have given you in the past times. We are approaching the final gathering of the souls. You will send out the message of the last days to all cardinals and bishops as directed, for when My hand comes upon you, My warning will have been sent throughout the world. When this Chastisement comes upon you there will be no excuse for ignorance. For in truth it will be that you have remained in the darkness and rejected the light.

Women lead others to sin
     “You women who profane your bodies have been led by satan to soul destruction. You expose your bodies, not knowing the evil that comes into the mind of the beholder. Therefore, your sin is twofold, for you have led another to fall into sin. The parts that you expose shall be burned from your limbs when I send the Ball of Redemption upon you.
     “To remain with Us will call for perseverance, sacrifice, and prayer. It will not be easy. The way to Heaven has never been easy. More will find themselves martyrs if the darkness grows deeper. You will come to Us as martyrs.
     “I have given My Mother the power to hold back the darkness. If you reject the pleas of My Mother, I will not keep My hand from giving you the destruction you so rightly deserve.
     “I have watched as My Mother shed tears for those who deserve no pity. I have watched as they defamed Her name, Her body, Her spirit. Shall you watch as I destroy those who have created this monstrosity against My Mother?
     “My Father has created, and My Father can destroy. No one is beyond the reach of this destruction if it is in the will of the Father. We are merciful, but how far can you charge Our mercy when you live with black hearts?
     “When will this hand of Mine come down upon you, you ask, My child. It is thy decision. And I repeat, thy decision.”
     Veronica – Jesus means your decision.
     Jesus – “Already the words of My messengers are being spread throughout the earth. Already I send you signs that you do not recognize. When you all meet with the destruction, it will only be your choice.
     “You will keep your Rosary about your neck. You will continue to pray that the evil one does not enter your house. You must turn your back to material things of your world, or you cannot enter Ours. For you cannot have both. I do not expect you to live in poverty, but to recognize better you have poverty of the body than poverty of your soul.”

Keep your heart in Heaven
     Our Lady – “Everything about you has been created by satan to destroy your soul, to turn you from God. You will not have both. You will be subjected to mockery, but walk with your eye on the sky and your heart in Heaven, for then you will be on the straight road to the Kingdom.
     “You have shouldered this cross well. There are many agents of satan among you tonight. You will learn, Veronica, by experience, and much wisdom in suffering. These disturbances are not the mere pranks of children, but the well-planned acts of satan. He has sought to stop tonight’s Rosary, but he does not realize the graces I give to My priest in the light.
     “Many cast stones at My Son as He walked about for the Father. Many also mocked Him and laughed in derision. This will be the road for all disciples of My Son as your earth proceeds into deeper darkness of spirit.
     “Michael fought a good battle for you this evening, My child.”
     [There was much noise and disturbance during the vigil from some who had not come to pray.]

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