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Plotting against Holy Father...

September 14, 1971 - Exaltation of the Holy Cross & Eve of Our Lady of Sorrows

     Our Lady – “My child, are you frightened? There is no need to be frightened. I do not wish to frighten you. Man has been treading this road for quite a while. When the destruction falls, it is only because he has refused to come to Us. We have begged for atonement, sacrifice, and prayer. Should they turn away, I must bow to the will of the Father; and even I must turn My back upon the sorrows I shall see.
     “The knives in My heart are countless, My child. This, My child, is the hour. We, too, are busy. Many of those who have spent their lives on earth are with Us in this battle. Continue in your acts of sacrifice. You must continue to release those souls from purgatory who will join you in this final battle.
     “Woe to evil man who has sought to destroy the souls of the young. He goes about sowing the seeds for his own destruction.
     “Many signs and manifestations have been given to the world. Some have been recognized and others have been cast aside in blindness. Many of you will not even give credit to your God for the destruction He will bring upon you.

Plotting against Holy Father
     “Your Vicar, your father on earth, will need your consolation. He is much grieved, My children, by the disobedience about him. There are many who are already plotting against his life.
     “Beware, My children, of those about you parading as angels of light. I repeat that you must flee from them. Flee from your false pastors—not to bring discredit to My Son’s House, but to prevent the souls of your children from being contaminated by the evil. Satan is working hard within My Son’s Church, but this you will remember in the days ahead: they will not be triumphant. Evil is never triumphant. We will come down now with the sword and destroy these evil ones in My Son’s House. But even those are My children, and I seek to bring them back to Me—those who once were in the light and now have walked into the darkness.
     “I extend to you the knowledge, My children, that the last grain is approaching in your hourglass. The measurement of time on earth does not coincide as a balance with time in Heaven.
     “We will expect those who have been given the grace to come to My hallowed land here to take about the messages that I have brought to you, My child. It will be necessary in the gathering of the souls now.
     “Charity, My child, love—spread the love from your Father to those about you. Grieve for each soul that has fallen. Pray for all men of sin.

Chastisement to come
     “Unless you are able to penetrate the darkness with the knowledge of truth, many will carry the cross with My Son. I tell you now: count not on the extension of this Chastisement; for, as I repeat to you, the last grain is approaching.
     “Were it not for the merciful heart of My Son in the Father, you would get much worse, My children, than is planned for it to be meted to you. Your balance, My children, will be measured by the extent of the sin in your land, the sin throughout the world, the offenses to your God.
     “The hour has struck, My children; there is no turning back. You can only hold back the darkness now. I am not abandoning you in the days ahead. I am always with you. The final decision will first come from man to the Father, and from the Father goes forth His decision to man.
     “When you find, My children, a cancer that is constantly growing and destroying everything about it, all you can do, My children, is to cut out that cancer.
     “Continue with the Rosary, My child, and await Jesus as has been directed. He will be with you at the completion of this Rosary, My child.”
     Veronica – Jesus is blessing everyone here tonight. Oh, Jesus is extending His hand. And He says:
     Jesus – “I bless you for My Father and My Mother.
     “My children, I have come not to add to the words of My Mother, but to give you My heart that has shed every last drop of blood for you.
     “Would I return now, what shall I find there but no faith? It is not that We wish punishment upon you, My children. This decision will be made by you in the days ahead, which are—I give you this word now—are few.
     “You, My child, Veronica, will continue the work that has been given to you. I have made a promise to you, and We intend to keep this promise, My child. So remember when the days ahead are filled with rocks and thorns, the glory beyond the veil will make up for all the suffering of My children who remain true to Me will endure in the days ahead.
     “You will continue without stopping to bring the words of My Mother to the world. Every soul will be given a free choice. Should he fall, it will now be of his own choosing.
     “The Kingdom of Heaven was made for all, but all will not enter unless they shed their blindness and repent of their own will. Many have cast aside the graces given to them. They are blinded to the eventual fall. They have been misled to believe that their life will be endless. Every hair of your head has been counted. Every moment of your life is balanced.”
     Veronica – Jesus is extending His hands. In the palm of His hands there are very large holes. I can see the crown of thorns upon His head.
     Jesus – “Save yourselves now, My children, in My most Sacred Heart. I bless you all. Come to Me in belief.”
     Veronica – “You may extend your Rosaries or any sacramentals of your choice,” Jesus said.
     Jesus blesses the Rosaries and the sacramentals like this: He is making the sign of the Trinity.
     Jesus – “Pray for all men of sin in the days ahead.”

Jacinta 1972 photograph
Rose Notes from Veronica:
     A miraculous picture was received. A man took a picture of the shrine grounds and Our Lady’s statue with a Polaroid instant camera, which develops on the spot—no negative. In eerie, supernatural scrawl across the whole face of the picture are these words: JACINTA 1972.
     The next day Jesus said: “Consider this a puzzle for the human race to figure out. If not solved in time to come, I will set the answer upon the world Myself.”
     The future is now! The future is now!

Rose Notes from Veronica: Cures

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