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Ransom Souls from Lucifer...

September 28, 1971 - Eve of SS. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

     Our Lady – “My child, you will make My message known to the world. We implore all true hearts to spread My message. My words will soon be few. The darkness is deeper. I have just come through the shadows. I have with Me, My child, three guardians of My Son’s House. He, the evil one, will not destroy My Son’s House.

Parents must instruct children
     “Yes, there will be many martyrs in the days ahead. All parents must rescue their children from the evils of error. We advocate the instruction of your children in the Faith. We do not want their teachers to be the adversary’s helpers, the followers of the agents of hell who do not recognize the truth. You must know this truth of the evil that is about you, and must fight this evil with prayer and sacrifice of your worldly desires, or you will not escape the Chastisement planned by the Father.
     “Unless you heed My words, all who guide My Church—unless you erase the evidence of error in My Son’s House, you will be destroyed!
     “I repeat: a House in darkness wears a band of death about it. A Church in darkness wears a band of death about it.
     “You will all wear your Rosary about your neck—not for decoration, but for that moment you will flee with whatever is on your body. Be not misled by those who appear to escape, through the mercy of the Father, that this havoc was wrought fully by man. No! Man will only lead themselves to the havoc, but the ultimate destruction will be allowed by the Father. When you on earth destroy life of the unborn, you have defied the Father!
     “Yes, I have traveled through the world to save you, My children. My words have been cast aside throughout the world. If you cast Me aside, who will help you? Who can save you?

Gather prayers of the past
     “You will gather now the prayers given to the blessed ones of earth of ages past, the messages of truth from the old House. You will not follow the plan of the evil one, the destroyer of the truth.”
     Jesus arrived and stood next to His Mother.
     Jesus – “Amen, amen, I say to you, not many days will pass but you will remember the words of My Mother.
     “Romans, turn back! Heal honorably. Do good in justice. In the name of your God, turn back before it is too late! Already the plan has been started to bring you back to Us. But how many souls will be given to Lucifer in the process of the restitution?”
     Our Lady – “Weep not for Me, My child, but cry for your children. But mothers, cry for your children, for they are the true victims.
     “I have begged you to remove the corruption in your country that now covers, like the darkness of the abyss, your government, your schools, and now My Son’s House. But you were apathetic to My warnings. What will you do now? The hour grows late.
     “Atonement, prayer, sacrifice—We beg your prayers! Those of well spirit will bear this with greater heart and courage, My child, but pity those who have descended into darkness. Pity the shock of realization they will receive—too late, too late!”

Ransom souls from Lucifer
     Jesus – “I give you My heart, My children, for all who will join Us in this battle. I hold deeply in My heart all who will help Us in this battle to save Our children. We will reward you with the greatest of expectations. The greatest acknowledgement of your God would be to save His children. Gather your brothers and sisters—do not lose one—and build a strong link to Us. Yes, ransom these souls whom Lucifer has bought.
     “You will not be alone in this battle, My children. We are always with you. We are watching. And I repeat, the ultimate victory will be Ours.”
     Jesus extended a large ball with a cross on the top.
     Jesus – “This will be your symbol of the work ahead. Continue your Rosaries. They will be gathered to release souls from purgatory. These souls will be in your army.”

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Under direct obedience to Our Lady and Jesus, Veronica will be unable to see anyone outside of her immediate family. All contacts will be made by mail.

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