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Great Spectacle from Heaven...

October 2, 1971 - Eve of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus

     Our Lady – “My child, man has aligned himself with Our adversary, satan. Man has taken up arms against Us. Unless the forces of Antichrist are removed from My Son’s House, there will be great suffering. Those who remain true to My Son’s House will be asked to suffer much.
     “Satan has loosed many agents among you. They have a strong army. The ultimate victory will be Ours, for We have given you your armor. Your defenses will be found in prayer. You will keep a constant prayer going in your country. It must be one life of atonement, sacrifice, and prayer now.
     “The number left after the conflagration will be counted in the few. The choice will be given to every individual which road he will travel.
     “Yes, there are many in My Son’s House who have fallen. Even they will be saved with your prayers. The ones whom your prayers do not recover, they will become a member of satan’s crew, for already he has lined them against those who will defend Our House.
     “We have asked your Holy Father for a great sacrifice. You, in your neglect of prayer, will hold the balance of this sacrifice.”

Saint Theresa
     St. Theresa appeared, standing to the right side of Our Lady, dressed in the Carmelite habit. She said:
     St. Theresa – “Love—why has the world forgotten the true meaning of love? Why has my habit been replaced and substituted for all the creations of satan? O woe to these souls that are going into the darkness!”

The Commandments of God
     Veronica – Standing to the right of Theresa is an old man. He has a yarmulke on his head, I think. It’s a round hat, you know? He holds two slabs in his left hand, and he’s pointing to them with his right hand. They’re the Commandments. I can see them. They’re in a foreign language; they’re like figures. They’re like . . . look like . . . I don’t know—figures.
     There’s a red horse, and there’s a man on the red horse. And he’s got a sword in his right hand, and he’s riding back and forth. And he’s swinging the sword out, like this. He doesn’t look very nice.
     There’s the Pope. There are two keys above his head; they’re crossed. Standing next to him is a man. He looks like a bishop from Arabia, or someplace where the climate is warm. His skin is dark. And he’s got a chalice in his right hand, and he’s looking around. He is stepping behind the Pope. Oh, he gave the chalice to somebody behind him, and he’s reaching under his robe. Oh, he’s got a knife! It’s round; it looks like—he looks like the grim reaper. [Veronica shook with fright.] The Pope bent over to converse and he swung the knife and cut off the Pope’s head. [Veronica was very upset.]

Great spectacle from Heaven
     Our Lady – “Soon you will be witness to a great spectacle from Heaven. Heed this and learn by it. When it comes upon you, it will leave no doubt in your mind on who governs the world about you. You will know the God that, in your greed and avarice, you have forgotten—you have chosen to forget—for your love of money. Yes, you will all prepare yourself for this event, for it will not be long in coming.”
     Jesus – “My child, you will exercise extreme caution in the days ahead. All suffering can be offered for the release of the souls in purgatory, but much We do not expect of you.
     “You will understand the directions of My Mother more clearly, My child, and abide by them, or your judgment will be impaired for the future. And We have great dependence on you, My child.
     “There is no need to fear, for We have surrounded Our workers with the highest guardians in Heaven. You will all learn to call on Michael more often. He has come to defend My House. He will enter My House even without being acknowledged within My House.
     “Antichrist covers the earth now. Those who have surrounded their lives with materialism and this new creation of humanism will find that they are only the prey of satan. And when they fall no tears shall be shed, for they have received the light to willfully cast it aside.
     “All messages of the past must be dispersed at this time, for the crucial moment is now here.
     “You will continue, Veronica, to help gather the souls. I give you peace of spirit and the help of a guardian.

Mass is valid
     “You will also make it known that the faith in My Mass in My House shall not be discarded. You will not lose faith in My Mass. I am present, in the physical and spiritual, in My House. And Antichrist shall not destroy this truth.
     “The agents of satan are everywhere. You will learn to recognize the face of evil and save yourself much grief, My child. I have given you the grace, and I expect you to use it, My child. This discernment must be recognized.
     “I bless you all, My children. Continue to ransom Our souls. Amen I say to you now: hasten, harken, and listen, for your days are few. You hold the decision—the world holds the decision, and the following few days will be your meter.”

Shrine of Our Lady of the Roses
     Veronica – I just saw the Shrine as Our Lady designed it. It’s very beautiful. The colors are gold and white. And Her statue—She has a blue veiling trimmed in gold, and She’s sitting with Her hands extended upon Her lap.
     I see the Rosary. It has been strung in the sky. It covers the whole sky, and it’s in the form of the figure 8, 8. And at the bottom are the figures, “4-11”. And then across the whole sky is written: “IN GOD’S WILL.”
Oh, Our Lady said to sit down, and that She will be back after the recitation of the Sorrowful Mysteries, which are to be said next.
     Our Lady said She has received a request for true conversion from souls here present on this hallowed place this evening. She has told me to reply that if the Rosary shall be said for the conversion of these two souls that at the completion She shall give this grace to benefit these souls in these dark days, for otherwise these two individual souls will be lost to satan. Therefore, the two—Our Lady calls them wonderful souls—among us that have come to ransom them will heed Her directive to pray the Rosary for the month of October, and She gives you Her solemn promise from the Father that these two souls will be converted. Amen.
     Therefore, now Our Lady has asked that all will extend their Rosaries and sacramentals, and Jesus will bless them. Therefore, they are to be retained, says Our Lady, in the days ahead, for each Rosary blessed on this hallowed ground will be given graces beyond most human minds to understand.
Jesus is blessing the Rosaries and all sacramentals in the sign of the Holy Trinity.
     And Saint Theresa is also with Our Lady, and Saint Joseph. And Theresa has asked me to say:
     St. Theresa – “Courage, my sisters; courage, my brothers, for what you sacrifice on earth will gain you the Kingdom forever.”
     Veronica – In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Veronica is now under obedience to see no one. All contacts will be made by mail. Help spread Our Mother’s and Jesus’ message to the world. All Heaven will bless you for your help. Pray the Rosary daily. Sacrifice for poor sinners.

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