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Visit Jesus in the Tabernacles...

October 6, 1971 - Eve of Our Lady of the Rosary

     Our Lady – “The hour approaches, My child. Your prayers are sorely needed now, for already the plan is in motion to remove Our Vicar from among you. Pray! Pray as you have never offered prayers before.
     “You, My child, Veronica, will exercise extreme caution in your association now. I cannot admonish you enough. We do not want Our warnings to fall on deaf ears, My child.

Red Hat of evil intent
     “I warn you now, you Red Hat of evil intent, you will not expel My Vicar from Rome! You who have sold your soul to Lucifer, do you think that We do not watch? Your sins are not committed in darkness that We cannot penetrate. You will bring the sword upon you!
     “All who are of well spirit need not fear in the spectacle that is before you. Should Our Warning not be heeded, many will fall in the great catastrophe which We will be forced to send upon you.
     “Believe what you will see in this great spectacle which through the merciful heart of My Son, We will give you. Believe what you see! Many will see and yet not believe, for already they have received the mark of the beast—they have been claimed by satan.”
     Veronica – Wait, wait, wait, wait. Our Lady said this is Her feast, but She will not tolerate the three who have come here to mock.
     Our Lady – “You will say your Rosary, or you will turn and leave these grounds at once, you three with the laughter upon your faces. You incur the wrath of My Son. Remove yourself from My grounds, or suffer the consequences!”
     Veronica – “God have mercy on them.”
     [Pause. The Rosary continues.]
     Our Lady – “All must have the message. All must reach the souls, for the hour has come. You may count the time now by the days.
     “Many signs have been given to you, My children. You will read through your notes, My messages of the past, and it will all be made clear to you. For now My words of the future will not be necessary. You will absorb what has been given to you in the past months of your earth time, and you will read them well. And you will prepare yourself now for what lies ahead of you, the severity of which will depend on your atonement and your penance.
     “The battle is now on, My children. You will find yourself divided soon. Those who remain true to My Son will be given the light in these dark days. We will not abandon any to Lucifer. All who call for Our help and assistance will receive the graces to carry them through.

Visit Jesus in the tabernacles
     “You will wear your Rosary and remain close to My Son’s tabernacles throughout the world. Spend not your time questioning the ethics or the reasoning of mere man who used My Son’s House; but retire within the spirit and come to My Son in His House, looking at Him through the spirit and not through worldly eyes. He will always be there in His House.
     “Our lawfully ordained, blessed priests will always have the power to bring My Son in physical Body to you. The trappings, as such, My child, placed on the procedure by man are as nothing, for you will live in the spirit, not in the aspect of worldliness and decoration.
     “All that has been destroyed and removed in My Son’s House are but symbols, indications of the major illness in My Son’s House, caused by the entrance of the evil one whom you call Antichrist, the adversary of satan and darkness.
     “Listen well, My children, to My words and remember them in the days ahead. Reread, My children, My words, so that you will not become confused in the days ahead. Pray for the light.
     “Help save your country with the gift I have given you, the beads of prayer to Heaven. Build a solid link to push back the darkness that now covers your land and the world.”
     Veronica – Jesus is here. Please, everybody kneel.
     Oh! Jesus has placed on Our Lady’s head a beautiful golden crown. And it has—oh, stones, and it’s beautiful! It’s red stones, and white, and green, and purple. And Our Lady now is sitting on this beautiful red-backed chair, and She has this large golden Rosary—oh, it’s very big, and it’s very shiny. Oh! Oh, my!
Jesus said continue with the Rosary.
     Now Jesus said all sacramentals, Rosaries, and medals will be raised. And in honor of His Mother, the Queen of the Holy Rosary, all Rosaries will be extended. Now Jesus blesses them in the sign of the Trinity. And Jesus said:
     Jesus – “I bless you all, My children, in My Father, My Mother, and the Spirit We send you from Heaven. All graces received on this hallowed place may be applied to all suffering souls in purgatory, who will soon be needed in your army. Amen.”
     Veronica – In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Our Lady at this time is sprinkling something from Her hands. I don’t know what it is, but it looks like glass, you know—little slivers of glass. Oh, She said:
     Our Lady – “These are graces, My child, which I give to you and all who have come to honor Me on this hallowed ground.”
     Veronica – Oh, you can see, if you look at the light, because behind Our Lady are these very large angels. One, two, three very large angels. And then to the right are a group of what look like little children. They seem to be different sizes, but they’re dressed in pink with pink roses around their heads, rosebuds. And they have on—one has a pink dress with gold trim, and the other has a very pale blue with gold trim, and they’re wearing golden slippers. Oh, yes. It’s just like they came from Heaven.
     And Our Lady is pleased with the Rosary. Oh, yes.
     All right. Jesus blesses us again in the sign of the Holy Trinity. He says to continue the Rosary.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Veronica begs your understanding of the delay in answering all the mail that is arriving. All will be answered as fast as possible. The medals will reach all who wish them. All Heaven’s blessings in the light!

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