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Cardinals misleading Bishops...

November 20, 1971 - Eve of the Presentation of Mary

     Our Lady – “Your country, My child, now has been given the balance. It has in its own hands the power for good or evil. For all the luxuries and graces bestowed upon this land, man has used them now to destroy his soul. You have allowed the dragon to enter upon your country. You have opened the door to the brood of vipers.
     “I have now laid out the plan for salvation for your country. You will follow this plan or you, too, shall fall. I have placed My mantle over your country, but I cannot force you to come to Me.

Read the Apocalypse
     “You will all read the pages set down by John. You will not be ignorant of the days ahead, for man is always learning but never reaching the truth. Pray for the light and you will receive the understanding. Look for My Son and you will be given the way.
     “The future—yes, the pages must turn, but you can lessen the suffering and the losses to Our adversary, satan, if you will but care, if you would set aside your selfishness and body pleasures to pray and sacrifice for the days ahead when you will be forced to pray and sacrifice. You will not be asked—you will be forced to your knees!
     “Your God is a God of love and justice. The Kingdom of Heaven was created for all man, but man will not enter unless he repents on free will, unless he stops the offenses to the Sacred Heart of My Son. The desecration given Me I can stand, but you will not show irreverence to your God!
     “I have given, I repeat, your plan for your salvation. I have given you the sacramentals. The future is now, and your decision. Prayer, sacrifice, a daily act of love can earn a reward that far surpasses the temporary pleasures and riches that you seek in this world of satan.

Cardinals misleading bishops
     “You will send all the messages to the bishops, for they now hold the balance. The Red Hat has fallen; the Purple Hat is being misled. Pray that they may receive the light before too many souls are led down the road to damnation. Even they will be rescued by your prayers. Without your prayers, they will enter hell as numerous as the snowflakes from Heaven.
     “Impress, My child, upon your world the existence of hell that man seeks to deny. There are fires of hell. These fires will be felt on those who have lost their modesty to modernization, who expose the sacred temple of God, placed when their spirit entered their body—expose them to ridicule! The flames will burn every inch of that which is exposed.
     “The Ball of Redemption comes closer, and many will die in its flame. Then you will no longer call Us a myth; then you will no longer laugh in derision.
     “You will not hide the objects of your God that bring these to the minds of your children. You will not lead your children astray, to be dragged into the path of satan. No! Every parent, every leader, every provincial, every kingdom will make an account to his God.
     “Those of well spirit have nothing to fear. But yea, I say to you, the destruction of the soul has far direr consequences than any body destruction you suffer on your earth.
     “Many graces will be given from this hallowed land of My Shrine. Your country will go into great darkness, but We will carry the light. Many will light their candles with Me and carry the light. Perseverance, My children! Confidence! We will rescue you; We will not abandon you. You must have perseverance in these trials.

Rosaries for our country
     “You must not be apathetic to the situation in your country, My children, for if you sit back you will be removed from your homes in your land. You must organize a solid front—yes, link to link, soul to soul, across your land—a solid Rosary, My children. Prayer and sacrifice: this is not too much to ask of you in face of the reality of what is coming upon you.
     “We will manifest to many in these latter days.
     “The Father has allowed a delusion to enter upon your world. In this way He shall separate the sheep from the goats. For all who cry ‘Lord’ shall not enter My Son’s Kingdom. The Father looks into your heart. You cannot pretend what is in your heart, My children, for you may fool the world but you will not fool your God.
     “You have only two choices: eternal life in hell with Lucifer, or to join Us here in the Kingdom with your God, My Son Jesus, and all who have walked the ladder of trial and suffering upon earth to reach this Kingdom through love, My children, and perseverance.”
     Veronica – Now I see Jesus, and Our Lady is with Jesus. Our Lady is dressed in white with beautiful gold trim on the outside of Her mantle and down the side of Her dress. And Jesus is dressed in all red. Very pretty! His hair is brownish red. And He is blessing everyone now in the sign of the Trinity. And He said, Jesus said that anything that you would want blessed, He will give you His blessing from Heaven.
Jesus is now over on the right side, and He is blessing in the sign of the Trinity, from the right to the left. And now He is coming over by the flagpole. Jesus is over on the left side, and He is blessing everyone on the left side. And Our Lady has part of Her Rosary extended, also. It’s very pretty; it’s all white, and has a very large gold crucifix. It’s very large.
     Jesus says:
     Jesus – “I bless you all, My children. Continue your prayers.”

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