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Clergy Walking into Trap...

December 7, 1971 - Eve of the Immaculate Conception

     Our Lady – “I promise to place My mantle of protection over all who will call upon My Son in these dark days. Save yourself now in the Sacred Heart of My Son.

Tide of evil covering world
     “I have warned you before that you are approaching a great disaster. Now the tide is rising higher, and soon the waters will approach your shore. Pray that you may not be carried away on the tide of evil that now covers the world.
     “All who deny My Son will not escape the punishment—all who have developed intellectual pride, setting their intellect beyond the training that has been set forth by the men of your God, those whom you call as prophets. It has all been given to you, but you do not find the revelations.
     “. . . that many have chosen to rewrite the words. They strive after their own hearts, their own lusts. They have rewritten the words to suit the arrogance of man. You will not save your brothers and your sisters by turning from My Son.
     “We view now the vilest of desecrations being perpetrated in My Son’s House. You who have been given the grace to bring the light have chosen to use your power to destroy. What are you telling the children? The young souls are learning blasphemy, heresy, satanism! You will not escape the flames!
     “Delusion, delusion! Do you not recognize the face of error and evil? Do not rely on satan’s henchmen. You will go back to the true truth set forth by the men of My Son, the ones whom you call the prophets of old. Read and learn the truth. Do not accept your words of error coming from the mouths of heretics. Be not apathetic; for as you go along without caring, it is your children who will place the knives in your heart.
     “Your country has now taken the first step to its own destruction. The ladder from your country is not going up; it is going down.
     “As the cripple shall walk, as the blind shall see, so should the unbeliever believe again. But all who do not follow as they should, tell them that they will be saved if they will believe, for they will be given the way.

U.N. a brood of vipers
     “America, you will remove yourself, as a country, from that brood of vipers in your city that has set itself up to govern the world’s peoples and lead them to destruction.
     “The forces of evil have increased. You all will now act upon My direction, the plan of salvation given you, or you, too, will fall. You will experience suffering beyond all you have ever lived. The forces of nature will be used against you. But this will not be from man; this will be from your God.
     “The future cannot be changed, but can only be held back. The pages must turn, but the suffering can be lessened, My children. Graces have been given in abundance, and much is expected of you. If you fail this confidence that I and My Son have placed in you, you, too, will take your place with those who will be destroyed.
     “All who wear the mark of the beast will fall. This mark is what you have blindly accepted as the peace symbol in your country. All who keep My monuments in their house will be saved.
     “Astrology is for the unbelievers.
     “You will now keep a constant vigilance in your country. The balance now is in your hands. I will always be with you. You will defend My Son now. Pray! Pick up your cross and carry it without complaint, for you will receive the choice of going with My Son on the narrow road or leaving and following the Antichrist to destruction.
     “You will keep a constant vigilance of prayer. Pray that the evil does not destroy your family. Without prayer, sacrifice, atonement, you, too, will be lost. Pray for the light; without it, you will go into darkness.”
     Veronica – . . . to pray for the clergy, because it breaks, tears Her heart to see how they are fast going into the darkness, how they no longer recognize the evil that has entered into Her Son’s House. She said they must read the Bible, they must read the Bible; they are being given error.
     Our Lady cries:

Clergy walking into trap
     Our Lady – “Please, help Me. They don’t understand what they are doing to themselves.”
     Veronica – She said they don’t understand. She said that—She said that they are walking right into the trap, Her priests. [Veronica sobs.]
     They’re going to suffer terribly. They’re going to suffer terribly if they don’t listen. They don’t know that this is the plan to destroy within. But Our Lady said that—not to feel badly because Jesus will come and stop this; but, but many will be lost before His arrival. Many in the United States will suffer greatly.
     Our Lady – “Persevere against the forces of evil that now enshrouds your earth. Be nourished by the Presence of My Son among you. Hold back the darkness!”
     Veronica – . . . Jesus says, also, that the message from His Mother’s Shrine must be spread now because there will be many sufferings.
     Jesus – “Now continue with your prayers, My children.”

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