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Worldliness causes Blindness of Spirit

December 25, 1971 - Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord

     Our Lady – “My children, your homes must be a fortress. Your homes must be unified. We look upon much division in your homes: father against son, mother against daughter—all the plan of the evil one. United you will stand, but to divide is to conquer. Recognize the evil throughout your land.
     “Parents will be held responsible for the fall of their children’s souls. Pray for the light; pray for your children, for they are the innocent victims in the web of evil that now spreads throughout the earth.
     “The example being given in many homes is foul. We have asked you to keep the statues, the pictures, the sacramentals in your home, for when your children go without your door they are exposed to the evil that is enveloping the entire world in darkness.
     “You are not ignorant of the fact that there are demons loosed now in your world. They are loosed with a plan of destruction for your children. You must not be misled by those who parade as angels of light, My children, for they have within them ravenous hearts. Do not be conditioned to accept evil or error, My children. Obedience is to your God.
     “Every human being in his life span on earth will be subject to temptation, error, and the light or darkness of the soul. Every human will accept or reject My Son on his free will. The choice will be given to all. Before the cataclysm comes upon you, the word will have been spread throughout the world so that none can claim ignorance of the facts.
     “You will not accept the rewriting of My prophets.

Satan entered hierarchy
     “Satan has entered the highest ranks of My Son’s Church. Pray for your priests. Pray for all those who have in their power the measure of the balance for the destruction of innocent souls. Many are being led down the road to damnation. Woe to evil man, who by his evil example and avarice of heart has chosen to sell his soul to Lucifer.
     “All of well spirit shall have no fear, My children, for the light will be given to them. They will be guided on the road with My Son. You must keep in your heart the fact that one day My Son will return. He will set right the evil that is loosed upon your earth; but many must suffer and become martyrs, as was My Son, before that great day.

Worldliness causes blindness
     “Should you become engrossed in your worldly pursuits, your desire for the material things of your world, you will be blinded to what lies ahead. You must now turn from the world that has been given to satan. You must now use the sacramentals given to you for your protection.
     “I repeat, the sorrow of sorrows is upon you. The tempo of the evil is accelerating. When it reaches its highest peak, then you will be visited with the Ball of Redemption. The powers, the governments, will be as mad, My children.
     “All must pray for the light that they do not be led into the darkness.
     “Confusion, confusion! All about Us We see confusion and the conditioning of errors. Family prayer must be instituted in the home. If you do not ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you, too, will walk the road of error.

Plan to remove Holy Father
     “Many prayers of reparation are needed for Our Vicar. There is, My child, a plan to eliminate him. It is being developed to remove him from Our House for one who is known as Antichrist to reign. Yes, this black leader is not black of color, but of heart. He will bring much evil into My Son’s House.
     “Those who have received the light to come to these hallowed grounds have been directed here by Jesus. I will dispense many graces from these hallowed grounds to strengthen you in these dark days from the evil that man has created of his own means in your world.
     “I love you all, My children. We do not want to see one of you lost to Us. I look down into the abyss where the souls are falling as numerous as the snowflakes from the heavens. Each fall pierces My heart.
     “Every soul placed on earth has a mission from the Father. Woe to evil man that destroys this soul before it has accomplished its mission. Woe to evil man who adds up the murders of the soul now.
     “Your land is a cesspool of evil; the world is a cesspool of evil. And if you do not listen to Us now, you will be eliminated, so that the Paradise We had promised you from the beginning of existence will return. We will not send more souls to your earth to be destroyed in their infancy.
     “I love you all, My children. Come to Me. My arms are opened wide. I hold the power to save you. I have been given this power as the Mediatrix of all graces from Heaven.

Suffering to save souls
     “Many who suffer physical illness, be consoled that many will be cured. But many will be asked to accept this suffering for the release of souls incarcerated in purgatory. Your suffering can be the instrument for the salvation of a fallen soul.
     “In Our Heaven, there is but one glorious family. In Heaven all are brothers and sisters. Why, then, must you fight over body color, body dressing, body wealth? What does it avail you to squabble and fight for something you will leave behind when you come before Us? Work now, My children, not to dress your body but to feed your soul. And many are starving.
     “Yes, you are all brothers and sisters, and as such, you have one bond in common with your God: that is love. And if you know the true meaning of love, you will reach out and save your brothers and your sisters.
     “I repeat again for man who has lost the road: there is no race, there is no color, there is no wealth, there is no respect to body distinction of health. There is only spirit in Heaven. And as such, when you come to Us, you will be judged by the merits of your soul, your spirit, not by your gains on earth. Many have sold their souls to get to the head. What does it gain them, My children, when they gain all the world and suffer the loss of their souls? You will not buy your way into My Son’s Kingdom. This you will gain by merit. This you will find in belief and love.
     “All messages must be given to the world. The load will be heavy upon you, but My Son will fill you with strength in your work, My child. All will be given the strength to spread the message, for My words will be carried throughout the world.
     “I have roamed the nations, and I am still walking your earth, My children. I will never stop until My Son returns with Me. It is only because of the mercy of the Father and His love for you all that I have been allowed to come down to you.
     “Follow the light, live in the light, and We will gather you to Our bosom.
     “I bless you all, My children. Continue with your prayers. They bring great solace to Our hearts, so torn with the evil We see about Us.
     “A world in darkness, a House in darkness wears a band of death about it, My children.”

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     God bless and guide you all in the New Year!


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