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Errors from False Teachers...

December 31, 1971 - Eve of the Solemnity of Our Lady

     Our Lady – “I will be with you, My children, on the eve of all feast days. All messages given in the past must be dispersed with great haste. You must reach without fail all bishops and cardinals.
     “I have come to prepare you for the days ahead. I see the world in total darkness. I see many prophets rising throughout the world in defense of My Son.
     “You will be very busy, My child. I have given you, with consent of the Father, some of the highest guardians of the Kingdom. You will work without fear. You must learn patience, My child. The signs given to you will be made known at the proper time.
     “I need not, at this time, repeat My message of the past. I will state in few words My constant plea for prayer, atonement, and sacrifice. I have assembled for you throughout the world and your land, armies to defend the truth. You will meet with much opposition from Our clergy. But pray for them, My child; offer many sacrifices for their welfare. Offer many mortifications for their salvation. Already many have left the light.
     “Understand what I say now: The Ball of Redemption will be upon you. Then it will be too late to cry to your Master. The time will then be too short to make reparation to your Creator. It will be of your decision should you fall now.

Errors from false teachers
     “I will direct you with My Son. You will now read from the Book of life and light many passages of the prophets of truth. There are many distortions and errors of truth created by false teachers and the-o-lo-gi-ans, theologians among you. They are not of the truth. You will work with Paul [St. Paul] to disprove these fallacies, My child, from the Book of life and light.
     “Your work will be very heavy, for We must add on to it at this time, My child. We will direct you on your course and procedure.

Bible rewritten by satan
     “The words of Our prophets of old will condemn those who promote error. Satan has rewritten the words of Our Book.
     “You will carry the work with great pride and purpose, My child. The opinion of man will not hinder your work, for your first allegiance is to your God. The opinion of man is not important at this time.
     “Your present activities, My child, must be placed aside. You must learn to be stern, for there are moments when it is more constructive to be stern. It is not that We say this with lack of charity, but prudence, My child. You must be aware of the great danger about you that can hinder your work for Us. Proceed with prudence, but remember We guide you always.
     “My child, your words and terminology are not similar to Ours here in the Kingdom. The word of earth called ‘brainwashing’ We call satanic infiltration. The world is guided and governed by two forces only: good and evil. And the battle is of good and evil.
     “The world cries ‘renewal,’ but We see destruction. Man will never renew the earth on his own. He will never renew the earth without the Eternal Father. Left to his own resources, there will be one solution: to start over, My child.
     “All who persevere to the final stage will be saved. All who persevere in this last siege will be saved.”

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