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UN: Brood of Vipers

February 1, 1972 - Eve of the Presentation of Our Lord

     Our Lady – “My child, it is Our wish that none should perish in the days ahead. Convert the unbeliever. Michael, the guardian of Our House, makes it known to you that you must make every effort to convert the unbeliever. The good stalks are being fed the pure waters, or they would have wilted, My child, long ago. Satan has destroyed many minds. Satan has captured many souls from Us. We ask now those with strength in the light, to reach out and save your brothers.

New York City labeled Babylon
     “You have allowed the evil to grow strong in your country. You will remove from your country this seat of evil that grows strong in your city. The mark of the beast has labeled your city Babylon! Open your heart and eyes now to the truth, before it is too late. You are being blindly led to your own destruction. The brood of vipers within your city must be removed at once!
     “The world is fast turning to the darkness.
     “Man must learn to humble his spirit. His excessive luxuries are destroying his spirit. The arrogance of man in his intellectual life has made him build his nest in the sky, but I will fling the eagle from his nest!

A soulless monster
     “You seek to create as the Creator! You have reached the point of the fallen angels. You will create in the jar a monster, for it will be soulless! Your arrogance and superiority will be your own destruction, you who seek to take the place of your Father! My children, recognize the path you are falling on.
     “I have given you for your enlightenment many miraculous manifestations, My children. It is only to strengthen you in the days ahead, for many will fall in this work. They will not be able to carry on. The cross will be too heavy for them. The strength will be given to you if you come to My Son, for you will bask in the light of His Sacred Heart.
     “My Son sheds tears of great sorrow. He cannot look upon the creation with joy.
     “The pages of the Book of love and life must turn, My children. But would you know what lies before you, you would be on your knees constantly, begging that this chastisement will be lessened upon you. Have you prepared yourself as I have come to prepare you? Have you listened to My words, or have you hardened your hearts to My pleas?
     “O My children, I have wandered the world in sorrow. I have approached many, and many have turned their backs upon Me.
     “Mothers, fathers, guard your children! It is your duty as the parents to protect the souls of your children for Us, for those who were given the grace to teach are now misleading in error.”
     Veronica – Jesus says:
     Jesus – “To all My bishops and priests of the world and earth, I ask you now: shall you stand before Me and say, ‘My teaching is pure in Your sight.’? Remember, you will stand before Me and say, ‘My teaching is pure in Your sight.’ And I shall cast you as venom from the vipers into the flames of damnation.
     “Your cross, My child, will grow very heavy. You will close your mind and ears to the opinion of man, for your direction will be from My Mother and I. Keep humble of spirit, My child, for the last shall advance to the first.
Church of God and church of man
     “There are two crosses in your world now, My children: the cross of the living God and the one that man has built for himself to worship. There are two churches on your earth now: the Church of your living God and the church of man.
     “Remember, do not condemn My Church, My children, for I gave it to you with truth and purity. It is man—in influence of satan—using fallen leaders who seek to defy and defile Me and My House! Those who remain in the light will recognize this truth. These loosed demons can be driven away by the guardians—the angels—assigned to My House to defend My House! Yes, even those who have fallen from grace will be rescued if they repent of their ways now and turn back to Us! Soon there will be a sword placed upon the world.

Punishment in stages
     “The punishment upon an unrepentant world will be given in stages. One will be internal, man’s own creation; the next will be from the elements; and finally, from the constellations will fall upon you the Ball of Redemption. Houses will blow in the wind and skin will dry up and blow from the bones as though it had never been.
     “Hasten, harken, and listen now, for you are receiving one of the final warnings given to this world. Before the cataclysm comes upon you, Our words will have reached throughout your earth; and those who fall will fall of their own choosing.
     “Do not judge, but act in charity, for the final judge is always the Father.
     “Every man on earth will follow one course to save himself: atonement, prayer, sacrifice, and turning from the lures that satan has leashed and unlashed upon you. You have been allowed to become blind because of your sins. You have been allowed to fall because you cast away the graces that We have given you. And there will come the time when satan will be loosed in full to claim those who have made their way to him.”

Oasis in a barren land
     Our Lady – “This hallowed place will become soon an oasis in a barren land, My children. In time you will understand fully well what I am telling you now.
     “Since you have been given this grace to hear My words, you have an obligation now to pass this word to your brothers and sisters. For there will be many tears before the gathering of My Son’s House. But one day—keep the hope, My children, in your hearts—yes, one day all will be as beautiful. All will be as the Father had created it to be. This thought, this truth you will keep with you in the days ahead. Remember, My children, one day all will be joy again.
     “My Son plans His return now. All of the next days will be governed by your actions now. Yes, My Son plans to return, but there will be many trials and tribulations before that great day.
     “Our hearts also are heavy, My children, but they lighten when We view the joy that will be Our ultimate victory over satan and the powers, the principalities, the evil he has set up upon your world, upon Our children.
     “Keep your Rosary about your neck; retire in prayer and works of charity. Do not become a part of this new system of satan on your earth.
     “Think, My children: can you remember those earth days when life was filled with more joy than today? And you will recognize the progress satan has made in your world to destroy your happiness, to destroy your love. Oh yes, My children, he does not do this so you will recognize his dirty work. No, he is a vile creature of the flames who parades as angels of light until he has drawn you into the web that he spins across the earth now.
     “If you listen to Us, if you save yourself now in the heart of My Son, His Sacred Heart, you will not be caught in this web.
     “I am on earth now, visiting many places as a Mediatrix of all graces, graces freely bestowed on all who ask for them.
     “I am the Queen of Heaven, Mother of earth, but I am still a Mother of My children. And you are My children, and I will be with you until I return with My Son.
     “I will be here on the eve of all feast days. I will dispense many graces from these hallowed grounds. Come to Me, My children. Fill your souls with the graces so necessary in the dark days ahead.
     “I must warn you now, My children, the war is on. While you gather your graces there is one beside you who seeks to take them away. You must guard yourself well, My children, against the evils. Learn to recognize the face of evil about you. Pray, and you will be given the light.
     “You will now, My children, extend your sacramentals. My Son will bless all sacramentals.”
     Veronica – Extend your sacramentals. Jesus will bless all sacramentals—cards, medals, books. Jesus is standing to the left, far left, of the flagpole. He is blessing all sacramentals in the sign of the Holy Trinity, like this.
     Now Jesus has moved to the right side of the flagpole. He says:
     Jesus – “I bless you all, My children. Come to Me in belief.”
     Veronica – Our Lady is dressed in a very white gown. And the mantle is very bright, it’s very bright. I can hardly look at it. It’s gold all around the outside of the mantle. It goes like—it comes down Her back. And She’s holding a Rosary, a very large Rosary. It’s white, and it glows; I see some light coming from all the white beads. But on the end is a very large cross, and it’s made of beautiful gold. And as Our Lady turns—She’s nodding to Jesus, Who is standing over to Her right—there’s this big cross; it is beautiful!
     And Our Lady has now—it seems to have come from the sky, a round, sort of a . . . not a crown; it’s like a circlet. It’s like a circlet, and it’s got—oh, the most beautiful golden stars. And it has one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven—I can see twelve stars around the circlet.
     And Our Lady also is pointing to Saint Theresa, who is standing over on the left side of the flagpole. Saint Theresa has a very large Rosary, but it is brown. And Saint Theresa is motioning with her skirts, her skirts. Now Theresa says:

Immodesty of the nuns
     St. Theresa – “I make it known you must dress as befits your vocation. It offends the Father and all Heaven, your immodesty, my sisters.”
     Veronica – And she’s pointing to the top of her headpiece. It’s like a—she has a white band . . . [words not clear] down on her forehead, and she has a, what looks like a black cloth on her head. And she says:
     St. Theresa – “No hair. No hair means no hair showing.”
     Veronica – And she says keep the arms covered.
     St. Theresa – “. . . [Words not clear] and pray for my sisters.”
     Veronica – Oh, but over here Jesus is pointing, and I see the inside of a church. And He’s going like this to the people in the church. And He’s going like this, because I see people walking down, and they are receiving Communion. And they’re forming a—and they’re also . . . also there’s a woman—oh! Oh, Our Lady is standing there with a handkerchief across Her eyes, because She’s pointing to a girl—she looks about eighteen—and the girl, the girl has an open dress. And I can see her underwear as she’s bending over to receive Holy Communion, I can see her underwear. And Our Lady is terribly upset. Oh! Oh!
     And I see that Jesus has turned, and He’s placing His fingers like this. And He’s standing, He’s standing by the altar railing. And Jesus is going over by the priest. And the priest turns his back on Him.
     And Theresa, Theresa is pointing to some who are approaching the altar railing, and she is pointing to their hair. There are five girls. They look like they haven’t anything on their heads. . . . [words not clear.]
     And Jesus says:
     Jesus – “You have now, My child, witnessed the defilement brought upon man. My teachers are not pure in My sight.”
     Veronica – Jesus says that what will take place in the days ahead will be necessary for the forceful recovery of souls. Jesus says the Father is all-merciful, but rather than lose His children to satan, firm action will be taken.
And Our Lady seems to be crying. And She’s pointing, pointing over to—it looks like a . . . [words not clear.] And She’s saying:
     Our Lady – “There will be a glorious victory soon upon the world. Prepare yourself; cleanse your soul of all sin, mortal and venial. Prepare yourself for the spectacle ahead. Many will see and yet not believe, My children.”
     Veronica – Now Jesus has returned to the right of the flagpole. He’s blessing everyone at this time with the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
     Our Lady said continue with the prayers that are needed for the recovery of all straying souls.

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Miraculous photos are being given from Heaven. We now have a photo of a sunset, and in the clouds are the letters: “U.N,” and on the other end of the photo, a dragon. The letters appeared from nowhere onto a Polaroid photo when a lady was photographing the sunset before the entrance of Red China into the U.N.
     We also have a photo of a pope rising in the clouds into Heaven. The photo was taken of the sky, and out came the pope with a cross and staff in his hand.
     The Jacinta 1972 photo and the eagle are also recorded for holy Church of the future.
Please wear your sacramentals at all times—the Rosary, the cross, Scapulars, medals—physical and spiritual armors of grace.
     God bless you in the light.

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