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No Dates to be Given...

March 24, 1972 - Eve of the Annunciation

     Saint Michael arrived at the side of Our Lady. In a booming, awesome voice, impressive with authority, he said:
     St. Michael – “Hasten now! Listen to me, you men of irreverence of earth! I am Michael, guardian of the Faith, guardian of the House, guardian of souls within the House. I speak to you now. You will listen, or meet the fate of an unrepentant generation.
     “You have descended the steps backwards, desecrating the holy temple. As such, you call down upon yourselves a just punishment.”
     Our Lady – “The armies of satan will be vanquished. It is an eventuality which man has not reckoned with. The sword will soon come upon you. O ye who stand as unrepentant in the eyes of your God, the bow is poised; it quivers. It will soon be upon you!”
     Michael held a spear in his right hand, in the left a large bow. He stepped forward and said:
     St. Michael – “O ye of little faith, who have turned from the Creator and sought the pleasures of the world, O you of little faith, who have desecrated the temple within you! O ye of little faith, leaders with black souls, taking those innocent souls whom we seek to save!”
     Our Lady – “My children—”
     Veronica – Our Mother, our Blessed Mother stands beside Michael. Michael is very huge. He’s very beautiful, but there is such a sternness about his face now. I can’t see his face very well; there’s a very tremendous bright light about him. But he’s carrying a spear in his right hand and a bow in his left. And behind him is Gabriel, and he’s carrying in his right hand what looks like a scale; it’s a balance. And Raphael holds in his right hand, a cross. He says:
     St. Raphael – “The war is on now. It has entered within the holy temple of God. You have set up a cross to worship, but it is of man. For this the sword will be heavy upon you.”
     Veronica – Our Blessed Mother is standing next to Michael. She says:

Prayers and sacrifices for Vicar
     Our Lady – “My children, the evil has accelerated. I see My Son’s House in deep darkness. Many Rosaries, many prayers will be needed for your Vicar. Unless you make many sacrifices for your Vicar, he will be removed soon from among you. It is a great sacrifice to the world, for you do not know what awaits you on the Seat of Peter.
     “There will soon be a violent change, My child, on your earth.
     “For those who have received the grace to hear My words, I plead with you now as your Mother to see that My words reach those who have not come to this hallowed ground. For those who have received in abundance, much will be expected of them.
     “O My children, how I have prayed to the Father that you would listen to Me. O My children, but for the grace from the Eternal Father to permit you to see what lies ahead! Repent now, while there is time.
     “You must accept the truth. You cannot escape the fact that there is around you an unseen world. But for the grace of the Eternal Father, you would be allowed to see what lies around you. The armies are heavy of satan.
     “The war is on. We will be victorious in the final battle, but many tears will be shed before that day. Many mothers’ hearts will be torn in sorrow. Many will leave your earth unprepared. Pray that this darkness will not reach your homes. We place the greatest responsibility upon all parents at this time to guard their children’s souls from the evil which will increase.
     “O My children, if you could look a few days in earthly years ahead and see what will come upon you, you would prepare yourself well for this day.

No dates to be given
     “You ask for dates, My child. This will not be necessary. Would I inform you of the date and the season with the plans of the Father, should these—this knowledge turn souls to Us in truth? No, My child, it would be that they would come in fear. And when the danger to their physical bodies is over, they would turn back to their sins. And We Who suffer in Heaven would gain no advantage to have to struggle through for the salvation of your souls on earth.
     “The Father in Heaven, My child, has a plan for every soul placed upon the earth. But man is always given this free choice. No one is forced through the gates of the Kingdom. He can be strengthened with the grace to enter the gates, but no one shall be forced. The prayers of others can reach out and give this strength to the weak. For you who know the true meaning of the word ‘saving,’ use your prayers, your sacrifice, and your atonement for this express purpose of saving these wandering souls.

Earth to be planet struck
     “I have spoken often to you, My children, of the Ball of Redemption. I know that this has brought great speculation of My children. But what I will tell you now will clarify the expression. The Ball will descend from the atmosphere of your earth. It will be from the heavens. It will not be man-made; it will be part of the universe. You will be planet struck! This We hold back, but the pages must turn. The time of your baptism by fire will come about, for you cannot change the future. But you can hold back the punishment.
     “When the flowers are in bloom and the heather on the hills, then gather the lilacs and bring them to the Shrine.
     “You will see, My child, that all bishops and cardinals in My Son’s House receive My words in full. They are being held accountable for the defilement of My Son. No political involvement will be allowed in My Son’s House. Satan has led many astray, blinding them to the truth. And what is the truth, My child? That man has traded within My Son’s House, bargained His Body for worldly gain and cries for material welfare, while the souls are numberless that are being starved and led into the darkness.
     “Those who are in darkness will not be able to understand many of My words, My child, unless they receive the grace to penetrate the hardness that has taken their hearts from their vocation.
     “All pictures given in the past have been given for reason, My child. Man and his faith for his God has grown very weak. He needs physical proof now. You can well understand, My child, how desperate We are to save each soul.
     “The count will be few, the final count will be few. There will be the gathering of the souls when My Son sets His House to right.
     “You will continue now with the Rosary and await My Son. When He arrives, you will listen silently, My child, for you will be given a direction, but it will not be repeated.”
     Veronica – Now everyone will extend their sacramentals, and He will bless them for you. And Jesus is now on the right side of the flagpole, and He is blessing all the sacramentals. He’s going like this. And He’s in the center. And Michael just came down behind Jesus. Michael—oh, Michael has a large bow, and Jesus said to turn back and put the—Michael put something in a bow and he was going to shoot it. I don’t know what he was going to do, but Jesus stopped him from shooting this large bow. I don’t know what it is; it doesn’t look like an arrow. I don’t know what it is.
     And Jesus said to continue holding your sacramentals. And He’s blessing them now over on the left side, on our right side of the flagpole. He’s going this way: He’s holding up His hand, sort of like this, and He’s blessing. And Our Lady is standing also to the left side of the flagpole with Michael, and there’s Gabriel just behind Her.
     And Raphael is over by Jesus, on the right side. And now Raphael is wearing a long gown, but, but Michael has a very short, sort of—it looks like those Roman dresses, you know, like the Romans used to wear, sort of. And Jesus says to continue and extend it. He said and also your medals and your—oh, He said monuments. He means statues. And any Scapulars, for His Mother’s Scapulars—He said if you’ll extend His Mother’s Scapulars He’ll bless them.
     Oh, I did want to take mine out, but Jesus said that’s been blessed now at least six times. Jesus said to continue the Rosary. He’s very pleased, He says, at the numbers that He knows are going to be with Him, because He said a great war is now on. A great war is now on.
     He said that at this time the Rosaries, the Sorrowful Mysteries, must be said for our Holy Father.

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Veronica was to print this message, “When the flowers are in bloom . . .” to pass on. It will be received by a certain J. L. This part of the message is a mystery at this time to Veronica. This is also to be passed on: “The hill on the meadow is a holy place. ‘C’ will be there with the holy light, a flaming cross in sword-like formation.”
     Please submit by mail any testimonials of graces granted of cures, conversions, manifestations, etc. We are gathering them to set in booklet form for the honor and glory of God through the intercession of Mary: Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers. (Submit testimonies to Bayside, New York address only.)

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