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Spiritual Blindness from Loss of Grace...

March 25, 1972 - Eve of Palm Sunday

     Michael appeared with Our Lady. He escorted Her forward to about seven feet beyond the statue. He said:
     St. Michael – “Praised be His name! Praise to the Lord, the Creator of your universe, and your Lord! All knees will bow at the holy name of Jesus!”
     Our Lady – “My child, you will make it known to all that the road ahead for your Vicar is marked with thorns. Prayers, My children, sacrifice; atone for your Vicar now. Among you, and in My Son’s House, are those who are paving their road to hell. Our hearts are grieved, for they not only fall, but they take others with them—innocent souls misled into darkness. Woe to evil man who turns his back upon his God. When the hand falls upon him, he will not rise.
     “My child, I am not here to fill you with fright. All will be good for those of well spirit. I am not here to rescue the good, but to awaken those who have turned their backs and are following Lucifer.
     “Your world is in darkness. Our House is in darkness. I roam, My children, throughout the world, carrying the light. My steps grow heavy. The light is flickering. Who shall light their light with Me and help Us in this war of the spirits? Prayer, sacrifice, atonement—is this too much to ask of you?

Bible rewritten by satan
     “We are patient, We are merciful, We are persevering. You will read the Book of life, My children. We left you a treasure of knowledge. But your Book is being up-dated, and this Book is being rewritten by satan. Be knowledgeable, My children, and understand that satan will not come to you as himself. He possesses the body of any unclean soul, be it man, woman, or child.
     “I repeat to you now: all parents will be held responsible for the fall of their children’s souls. Give them a good foundation, and when they are subjected to the storms of evil, they will not crack and crumble under the onslaught.
     “Permissiveness, My children, is destroying you—laxity of discipline, parents who involve themselves with things of this world. What has become of the dedication? What has become of the laws given to you by Our prophets? They are thrust aside. They have been changed to suit the weakness of man. How long do you think I can hold back My Son’s hand? We see the vilest of evils being committed in your country and throughout your earth—the lowest of abominations, the desecration of My Son’s Body, the desecration of young souls.
     “The brood of vipers in your country—why do you open the doors to this evil? Have I not warned you for years, My children? You are being deceived and led blindly down the path to your own destruction. Listen to Me!
     “This year they will recrucify My Son. You are receiving one of the final warnings.
     “Do not be frightened, My children, of My warnings to you. We have given you your armor. If you receive the graces which I am giving to you in abundance, you will also have an emissary from Heaven with you. They are calling Our guardians a myth, but the very words that they use to condemn those of Heaven will be used to condemn them in the final count.
     “My Son is God, was God, and will always be God. Recognize the evil plan of satan. My Son came to earth to be among you. He is God, was God, and always will be God. Recognize the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost as one: one in the Father, one in the Son, one in the Holy Ghost. Jesus is, was, and always will be!
     “I hear all the entreaties of your hearts, My children. Some I will cure, others must carry their crosses. Do not misunderstand My words, My children. Those who will carry their crosses will be doubly blessed. We have asked for victim souls in these dark days. Carry your crosses, My children, with purpose. Offer your sufferings with My Son, Who suffered much for you.
     “Know that all sufferings will one day be ended for you. All tears will be dried, and the peace and beauty of the earth as We gave it to you will be restored. There will be trials ahead that I shall not give you full description of at this time, for We do not wish you to continue in fear. But there will be trials for My Son’s House and in your country.

Blindness from loss of grace
     “You must realize, My children, that he who does not recognize My Son as his Savior shall not be given the keys to the Kingdom. My Son has given you all in the Father an inborn conscience and guide. You will not be misled by satan or his agents or by his enticements if you do not throw away the graces that have been given to you. Your souls will only become tarnished if you fall from this grace or cast it willfully away. Then you will become blind, My children. All of you can become blind where you will no longer recognize truth.”
Michael placed his hand out in anger, pointing, saying:
     St. Michael – “Luciel, the most despicable of creatures, has seduced our children. Luciel, prince of darkness, lord of damnation, your time will be short!”
     Our Lady – “You have been asked to wear a sacramental about your neck. Now I will explain why, My children. I have warned you of the unseen evil forces about you. I have cautioned you that your human eyes cannot see this. But it exists and is as solid in their world as you are on your earthly plane. Know this, that there are two camps now on earth: Lucifer on one side and the road to Heaven and its followers on the other. You have all been marked. There are two signs now: the mark of the beast and the mark of the living Christ.
     “Recognize the signs of the times, My children. The war is on. My children, it is much easier to close your heart and your ears to the truth. Your human nature forces you to flee from all that does not feed your vanity. You seek good feelings. But, My children, you cannot become blind to the truth. Recognize the signs of your times, the plagues that have been already sent upon you. The medicinal deterioration of your children’s bodies was well planned by satan. It is a plague within your country; it is a plague within the world. Destroy the mind and you can leave the soul to be conquered.
     “Nakedness! Abomination! Aberrations have become the way of life in your country. Nakedness! Have you no shame to expose your body and cause another to fall? Mothers, you allow your daughters to sin and cause others to sin in your permissive attitudes. Have you no protective instincts for your children? Do you subject them willfully to the ravages of satanic agents?
     “Many arms will be needed in this battle. All who will help in this battle will be held dear in My Son’s heart. Spread, My children, My message throughout the world. I tire; My heart is heavy. I have wandered the earth.
     “We have chosen your city because it is like a cancer here, the nucleus of evil. Man no longer sees the evil in his ways. There is nothing that he will fall to. He is now killing the creations of the Eternal Father. Who will be safe in your land, My children? You will one day grow old. Will you be a burden to your family, to be removed without heart? When you grow sick, you are ill, will you become too much of a burden to your society and they will remove you?

Man reduced to animal level
     “It is easy to close your mind, My children, to the truth. Hearts will be hardened; compassion will be gone. Love of neighbor will become a jest. All the most aberrational forces of satan will descend upon you. Man will reduce himself to the animal level!
     “The Eternal Father gave man precedence over the animals, but he is now joining them. You fornicate! You break the laws of your God! Despicable women who desecrate their homes—what have you to gain but hell! What example do you show to your children? You are like dung in the streets! Mothers—don’t use that word; call them harlots of the world. The laws of your God were given to you for reason, to keep you on the road to the Kingdom.
     “You were placed on the earth, the Eternal Father placed you with goodness in His heart. You were here as pilgrims with a purpose to make your way back to the Kingdom, to glorify your God. But now you turn to satan! There will only be a few counted in the final count. This choice will be yours. What you do now and up to the time when My Son returns will be your balance.”
     Veronica – Please, everyone, please. Have your cards, the Rosaries, the crucifixes, any mementos.
Now Jesus is walking over to the left side there of the pole. And He’s blessing in the sign of the Trinity, like this. He’s coming over to the side of the pole. And Jesus is dressed in a—in the light it looks like a burgundy robe. And He’s got a small golden crown, very small, and it seems to be on the back of His hair. And Jesus has a . . . well, sort of a red glint in His hair. And, but the light is so strong that it makes His hair look kind of reddish brown. And He’s walking over now here, and He’s—there’s a child here. He’s pointing down to the child; there’s a child over here. And He said:
     Jesus – “The children are close to My heart in their innocence.”
     Veronica – And Jesus walked by. And Our Lady is standing there. And Our Lady has this Rosary; it’s beautiful. It’s all white, the crucifix is golden. The beads are very, very large. And Our Lady has a white gown on with a blue mantle. And the mantle has real gold. It’s like—I don’t know what it’s like—the gold, little stones all down the mantle.
     Now Our Lady is smiling. But She’s showing, She’s pointing over—oh, She’s pointing over there, and—oh, oh, She’s referring to somebody who has a short skirt above their knees—oh, dear—under the coat. Well, Our Lady said it’s forgiven. And as She walks over and—oh, just—oh, She wants Jesus . . . Oh, Jesus says to tell you that His Mother is very concerned because She wants the Scapulars worn more. They’re being discarded. But She gave the Rosary, She gave people, She said, sacramentals and sacramentals. The Scapulars are numerous in graces equal to the Rosary. Oh, She’s holding, it looks like a green Scapular and a brown one. But there’s one that has some kind of figures on it. I don’t understand what it is.

St. Dymphna
     Oh! Oh, there’s a young girl with Her. Oh, Our Lady says there are some people here who have a nervous illness. And She said that Saint Dymphna—She said that you are to pray and make her name known to the world.
     She’s very pretty. She looks like she’s about thirteen years old. She has red-blonde hair, and she’s dressed in—oh, it’s beautiful! She has on a white gown, but a green robe over her—it’s green, like satin. Sort of like—oh, like you see in those green stones. It’s beautiful. Oh! Oh, she has also a little crown on her head.
     Our Lady said We reserve many crowns in Heaven for those who—oh, will be martyred. Oh, oh! And there are—Our Lady is pointing over here, and there are many crosses. Oh, there are people on the crosses. Oh, dear! There are going to be many martyrs in the days ahead before Jesus returns. Our Lady said there will be many martyrs. There are hundreds of crosses.
     Now Jesus has walked back. He’s on the left side of the flagpole. And He said:
     Jesus – “My children, continue with My Mother’s beads.”

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Jesus was very sad. He can look with compassion on the world. We must do all we can to ease His great pain.
     God bless and guide you in the light. Pray for Pope Paul. Many prayers are needed. Jesus said pray for the high priests.

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