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Agents of hell among you...

April 1, 1972 - Eve of Easter Sunday

     Our Lady – “My children, I come to you with a heavy heart. What should be a most joyous occasion for the world and for the peoples of Heaven has become a deep sadness. We are sad because of My Son’s Sacrifice for a world that has become unrepentant and lacking appreciation for the Sacrifice My Son has made for you.
     “The peoples of earth have become degraded, immoral, unchaste, and seeking after pleasures that bring soul destruction upon them. We look upon a world more vile, but of a sophisticated sin, more vile than when the floods washed you away, more vile than when fire was sent upon you. Under these conditions, My children, what kind of punishment are you calling down upon yourselves?”
     Jesus – “Your city calls for a sign. Those who are with Us in the light receive many signs. But the wicked of heart shall be scourged. This city, a perverse city, looks for a sign which they will not receive. Their sign shall be the destruction. And when this destruction comes upon you, there will be no doubt in your mind that it comes from God.
     “Mockery, debasement—who has created such evil? Uncleanness of heart—you shall reap what you have sown! We are merciful, We are long-suffering. We give you every chance to repent and atone.”
     Our Lady – “All messages given in the past, My child, will be dispersed throughout the world. The task will be heavy, but when you realize the importance of recovering each soul for Us, you will find that your burden becomes light. We have placed many centers throughout the earth. Do your part here, My children, and the rest will be carried forth throughout the world. We ask all with the love of My Son to send His message and Mine throughout the world.
     “Many places have shut Me out, My children. I have great hopes that We can still reach these hardened hearts.

A plan to remove the Vicar
     “Continue your prayers and sacrifices for your Vicar. The enemy has a well-founded plan to remove him from the Seat of Peter. The enemy has waiting those who will recrucify My Son. Only you can help to hold back the darkness that now is smothering truth within My Son’s House.
     “Our Church will rise triumphant in the final count, but how many souls must fall to satan before that time? How many who have been given the power within My Son’s House are using this power to destroy innocent souls? They have aligned themselves with satan. Woe to evil man, instrumental in destruction of young souls! His fate is far worse than the lowest pit in the abyss. He will be judged among the least.

Find and save old books
     “My children, make your homes a fortress against the evils that enshroud your earth. Gather the works of truth in your home, even if you have to search them out. You will not find the truth being printed now. Find the old books, My children, and keep them as treasures of truth.
     “The punishment planned for your country and the world is great. No time will be given. For when it comes upon you, it will be like a thief in the night. And all who have lived by the sword will die by the sword. All who have sold their souls to satan will be claimed by satan. All who have remained true to Us and Our Church will stand forth and join My Son in the glorious day when all will be one.
     “There is a great war ahead. Many arms will be needed in this battle. You will be divided on sides. The road in between holds nothing. You will not be lukewarm, but fired with the love for My Son and defend Him as such. You must now decide your path: the world or Heaven. You will not have both.
     “There is no other recourse, My children. You have all been given an inborn conscience. You must reject the plan of satan and not succumb to his lures. The world about you has become the playground of satan and his agents. Your world is in darkness; Our Church is in darkness. But We still carry the light. And all who follow Me, My children, will be led out of this darkness.
     “The punishment would be upon you this day but for the number of souls that satan would capture now.
     “We will manifest to many in these latter days. Many turn their backs on these manifestations, rejecting even the power of the Holy Spirit to work among you. Do not, My children, credit satan with the works of the Holy Spirit. The works from God are His miracles, for He is far greater than any entity in your world or the world beyond. He is God, He was God, and He always will be God!”
     Jesus – “My children, many come always seeking, but you must learn to give of yourself. Understand My words. Many deny the existence of the underworld of satan. Know you now that many are falling into the abyss, the bottomless pit of hell. There is a hell as surely as there is your earth. There is a place of purging in purgatory for those who have not cleansed themselves upon the earth. Before you come to Heaven, My children, you must be as spotless as a snowflake before it hits the earth to be contaminated.
     “Suffering on earth, when given as sacrifice for your God, will expiate your entrance into Heaven much faster. Learn, My children, the value of suffering.

War of the spirits
     “Now there is a war of greater importance to your human nature than the war being fought between brothers and sisters, for now you are in the war of the spirits. Satan will promote a great war. The enemy of God and of your country is now firmly entrenched. This condition you brought about by your own negligence and by your loss of respect and love for your God, setting up man as a being to worship.
     “As he sows, each individual shall receive what he has sown. Prepare yourselves well, My children, for the days ahead. Your armor has been given to you. My words have come to you often. I have prepared you well if you have listened and opened your hearts to Me.”
     Our Lady – “I will be with you always in the days ahead, and as I promised, My child, I will be here to guide you on the eves of all feast days. Many blessings of cures and conversions will come from My hallowed grounds.
     “There is a plan in Heaven for every life placed upon earth by the Eternal Father. As such, each soul is precious to Him.
     “There are upon earth many instruments, many voice-boxes for Heaven. Some have been closed out to Us, the others must struggle through the web of indifference and darkness.

Agents of hell among you
     “Do not expect an easy road ahead. The agents of hell are heavy among you. Compassion will be dulled; love of neighbor, love of parents, a jest; respect for life a thing of the past—all because you have allowed yourself to fall to satan!
     “A country that shuts out its God starts down the path for its own destruction. A country that loses its morality has placed one foot already in hell. Servitude, desecration, soul destruction—all will reap what they have sown. Floods, great heat, death. You will have visited upon you a plague! Recognize now the finger of death will be placed upon your earth. When you pass through this crisis, many will be cleansed.
     “Understand, My children, that science cannot go above the laws of his God.
     “Keep your monuments in your homes. Pray that the agents of death that encompasses not only the body but the spirit will remain from your homes, and you will be saved.
     “Your country will be cleansed by trial. And should this not bring you back, you will be led to your baptism by fire. Atonement, sacrifice, I beg of you now. There is no time left to wander throughout your earth.
     “I have come to what I believe, My children, to be an oasis in a barren land, to this seat of evil—your city of Babylon. But, My children, I know within this city of evil there are many that can rise above it and reach out and save their brothers.
     “Place your lives now in the Sacred Heart of My Son. Turn to your guardians and be directed now by the Holy Spirit, and you will have built up your defenses and not fall as many weak souls will in this crisis.”
     Veronica – If there are any instrumentals [sacramentals] or Rosaries to be blessed, please raise them now, for they are going to be blessed by Jesus.

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Please remember our Holy Father in your prayers. We are “buying” his time with us by our prayers and sacrifices. Man cannot comprehend the ways and judgment of God, as it is not akin to man’s.
Please remember the medal fund in your charity. Stamps are sorely needed in the large mailing that increases daily. Praise be to God!

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