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Rosaries across the country

April 10, 1972 - St. Leo the Great

     Our Lady – “My child, you will make it known to Our high priests that they are not to become involved in the politics of the world. They are being led into the web that will take them into deep darkness.

Defeat for your country
     “Harken now and heed My words. You are being blindly led into the darkness. There is within your country an evil conspiracy in this web of defeat. And I do not say ‘deceit’; I say ‘defeat’ for your country, for you have brought this upon yourselves. You have opened your doors to a brood of vipers. Your country will be cleansed by trial.
     “Your country is now turning back to pagan practices, My children. Satan has entered upon your hearts well. You accept him of free conscience.
     “All who will stand to defend My Son in these trials, many will be martyred.
     “Your government, your schools, and now My Son’s House has been entered. Many have sold their souls to get to the head. The abyss, the deep pit, is filling fast.
     “Your young people are being seduced. We place the greatest responsibility for their falling on the parents and the teachers. Rank in My Son’s House will not guarantee your entrance into the Kingdom. All who trade in My Son’s House will be judged among the least. You will not bargain My Son for the things of your earth!”

St. Gemma Galgani
     Veronica – With Our Lady there is a young girl who has on a long black dress, tied with a string around the waist. But she has a black cape over the dress, and she is showing me a flame and a heart on the left side of her dress. And she is saying, “Passionata! Passionata!” Oh! Her name is Gemma.
     St. Gemma – “I won my crown in Heaven through suffering and sacrifice. Every soul can earn his entrance into Heaven by following my road.”
     Our Lady – “You will continue to pray for your Vicar. His life is in great danger. You will ransom him with your prayers and sacrifices.”
     Veronica – Jesus just arrived. He is standing with Our Lady at the right side of the flagpole. He says:
     Jesus – “Why have you hardened your hearts and closed your ears to My counsel? You are heading for your own destruction. Within your city now there are the agents of hell.
     “There is a plan now being formulated that will enslave the people of your country. Open your eyes, My children, and see your world as it truly is. A country that turns from the Father will descend to the father of hell and the liar of all liars.
     “He is now gathering souls as fast as the snowflakes are falling from your heavens. You will remain indifferent to the truth until you suffer the greatest of trials, trials that could have been avoided if you had but listened to Us!

U.N. a gathering of demons
     “Remove from your city the agents of your own destruction, the gathering of demons—the dragon, the bear, and the serpent—or you will have visited upon you what you have sown.
     “Blessed are they who seek the light in this darkness, for their hearts will be opened to the truth. My children, unless you listen now, you will be herded as cattle. You will live lives of servitude under a master of hell.
     “We do not wish to visit these evils upon you. You have a free will. A country where the people will pray together, they will stay together. A country that turns from their God will be divided.”
     Our Lady – “O My children, We beg that you unite against the common enemy of God, who now goes throughout your world like a ravenous wolf seeking all souls to devour.
     “I must caution you, My children, of the days ahead. You will be forced to make a choice. The easy way, the way of submission will not set you on the path to Heaven.
     “You have been knowledgeable, My child, and enlightened on the fact of the coming Chastisement. There will be many internal disorders in your country, much suffering. Protect your children now within your homes against the evil which is accelerating. The agents of hell are firmly entrenched in your country.
     “How many tears We shed, My children, seeing the numberless souls that are being lost to Us. Please, won’t you light your candles with Me and search through the darkness and ransom your wandering brothers and sisters? Those who have been given many graces, much will be expected of them.
     “There are with Us this evening the defenders of the Faith: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael. Michael and all will be with Jesus in the final battle.
     “There will be promoted by satan a great war.
     “As you come closer to Us, My children, you become more on the defensive, for satan then gathers his armies to re-attack.
     “All messages given in the past must be dispersed as quickly as possible. Do not be affected by those who meet you with rebuttal. It is the cross you will carry. Suffer, My children, with patience, for there are great graces to be gained by suffering.
     “Many of Our images are being removed from among you. Poor misguided children and teachers, do you not recognize the hand of satan? Do you not know that ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is a proven fact? The young minds must have images, or they will cast their eyes on the darkness.
     “The condition in My Son’s House and in your world was long in developing. Satan and his agents have worked their plan well among you.”
     Jesus – “My Mother’s words and the words of the Eternal Father will have gone throughout the world, and then you will be planet-struck. All this depends now on your atonement, sacrifices, and your turning back from your evil ways. We are merciful. We do not wish to visit evil upon you. We say ‘evil’ because anything that hurts Our hearts cuts deeply. We love all Our children, and We do not wish to see one lost to Us. But many times, My children, We will be forced to bring you back through suffering.

Starving souls
     “We have given you in your country many graces. You are bountiful with luxury. You have grown fat on your luxuries, but this has not fed your souls. They are starved for the light. You wander in deep darkness. You search, but what are you searching for, My children? You reach out and what do you find? Satan!
     “Already religions of evil are spreading throughout your land, creations of satan. What of your children? Are they visiting these temples of satan? As a parent have you warned them of the trap that is being set for them? No! You are too busy living your luxurious lives, pleasure seeking, filling your stomachs, pampering your bodies. To what avail do you do this? Your time upon earth is so short! What do you gain?
     “Unless you become disciplined and seek the things of your God, you will be destroyed, physically and spiritually. In the final outcome We will separate the sheep and the goats. You will all have been given your choice.
     “My Mother has come to you with a heavy heart. She will remain on Her knees with you. She has promised to cover you all with Her mantle. Flee not from Our protection.”
     Veronica – Our Lady has placed Her hand out like this, and She said:

Rosaries across the country
     Our Lady – “Please, My children, gather about Me now and let Me bestow upon you all the graces necessary to take you through the trials ahead. I want you all to carry forth My plan for your salvation—a string of Rosaries from one end of your country to the other.
     “You will all, in these trials, win your crown. Do not be misled to leave the narrow road that leads to the Kingdom when you are placed under the trial.”
     Veronica – Jesus wants all to now extend their Rosaries, their picture cards, all sacramentals to be blessed and to be kept with you in the trials that will soon fall upon you. Jesus is blessing—He is standing at the left side of the flagpole, and He is blessing everyone with the sign of the Trinity. And He is moving over to the right side, and He said:
     Jesus – “I bless you all, My children. Continue in peace of spirit. You will be rescued if you stay within the light of My Sacred Heart.”
     Veronica – And Jesus blessed everyone on the right side of the flagpole.

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Veronica wishes to thank all who have submitted testimonials of graces received. All records will be kept for holy Church.
     Please pray for our Holy Father, Pope Paul!
     The next vigil will be held on May 30, the eve of the Queenship of Our Lady. All blessings to you in the light! [Ed. note: This was obviously printed after the May 10 Vigil.]
     All messages are printed exactly as taken from the tape made on the Shrine grounds.

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