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June 8, 1972 - Eve of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

     Our Lady – “O My children, how My tears fall upon you! How many have been led astray! How shall I recover you all in the time that is left?
     “My voice is growing weak. My steps are slowing. I have wandered throughout the world bringing you your plan for salvation. How many of you have listened to My pleas? We see the most degraded practices being permitted for the glory of Our adversary, satan, in your country.
     “Parents, watch your children. Guard them well. The enemy is always at your door. Your country has turned to pagan practices. My Son would wish to place the role of punishment upon you now.
     “Those who remain with Us in the light shall have no fear. All will be well for those of true spirit.
     “I have promised to cover all who come to Me with My mantle. I have given you your armor. You will wear your armor at all times, for I may tell you now that the time will come when you will leave with whatever is upon your body.
     “Man has left the road to Heaven. He has made his way from the straight path onto the dark one. The responsibility for the fall of souls will be balanced heavily upon those responsible for the destruction of young souls. Parents, why do you go down the road of satan? Has My Son suffered in vain?
     “My children, I am going throughout the world now, gathering the straying sheep. I have asked you to light your candles with Me. My Mother’s heart is torn. I see the many souls being ruined by Lucifer, falling fast as, as the snowflakes, into the abyss.
     “If I would be permitted by the Father to open your eyes to what lies ahead, you would spend all your time on your knees.

The Armageddon
     “Do not, My children, accept the easy road that leads to damnation. I have given you the truth. My Son has given you the grace. Recognize the battle that is being fought now in the universe. It is, My children, the Armageddon.
     “You are not directed to the light. The example by your teachers is not of the light. Weep not for Me, My child, but for the children of the earth.
     “You and your country were placed under My protection. I will not abandon you. My Son will not abandon you. But the choice must be made by you. We cannot force you to come to Us, for the Father has given you a free will.
     “Mothers, why are you permissive with your children? Do you not recognize the plan of satan? Do you wish lustful eyes cast upon the innocence of your young child? Do not lead your child into danger!
     “I have watched with torn heart the parent who leads her daughter to the butchers! How dare you kill a creation of your God! Do you think you shall go on like this, unnoticed and unpunished? No! Acts of violence, impurity of heart, murder without conscience, offenses of every nature to your God are being committed in your country. Your city is a cesspool of sin. Many cities in your country have become dark with sin. Will you continue to seek the way in darkness?
     “Understand, My children, that you are in a hard battle. The abyss is open, and when you are in Our light the forces of evil are doubled against you. Therefore, be watchful.

Miraculous photographs
     “The miracles in print are given to fortify your strength in spirit and belief. My children, do not credit the adversary, satan, with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The meaning of these pictures will come through in the days ahead.
     “All who remain steadfast will come through the days ahead to receive their crowns in Heaven. We promise that all who will light their candles and become Our souls shall be rewarded greatly in the days that lie ahead.”
     Veronica – Over to the right side of the flagpole I see a beautiful gray horse, and it has silver armor. Its armor—it fits right over the back of the horse. And there is a girl sitting on the horse, and she has blonde hair; I think she is about seventeen or eighteen. And she is holding a flag, but the flag has a large cross on the flag. The flag is made like a triangle, and there is a cross on the flag. Oh, and she is saying—I can’t hear her.

Saints Joan of Arc and Gemma Galgani
     St. Joan of Arc – “Avec moi! Avec moi! With me! With me! Oh! Be with me in the fight and battle ahead. We are watching well. The ultimate victory will be with those of Heaven. Do not be afeared, for satan will only capture those who turn completely from the Father. You will not walk upon earth without trial. I accepted my trial to win my crown in Heaven.”
     Veronica – Ah! Over on the left side of the flagpole is a young girl, and she is dressed in black. And she is holding up a cross in her right hand, and she’s got—well, she’s got something written on her robe, but—it looks like a red heart. And she has a small gold crown on her head. Oh! Gemma.
     Oh, and there—oh! Everybody kneel, please. Jesus is coming down. Jesus is dressed in a red robe, it looks like. No, it’s white, but the light is red—makes it look like red. Oh, and Jesus now is standing over by Our Lady. Our Lady isn’t crying any more. She looks much more happy than before. And Jesus has placed His arm around His Mother, and He said to His Mother:

Time given for reparation
     Jesus – “I grant, through the Father, the time for reparation. I do not wish to bring suffering to the world. What will happen will be of your decision and what will happen, My children, will be used to bring many souls back to Us.”
     Veronica – Our Lady is now holding out a large Rosary. The Rosary, the beads look white, but when She turns them around they look like they have different colors in them. They’re very beautiful! And She is holding up the cross. Oh, She is pointing to the end of the cross. There is a very large medal. Oh, oh, I know now, it’s Saint Benedict’s medal. Our Lady said:
     Our Lady – “You must make known the message.”
     Veronica – “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Oh, can I repeat it?”
     Our Lady said She understands that I did not recognize the message [the inscription in Latin on the medal], but She wants to assure me that it was all in the plan of the Father, as I will understand in the future. Oh!
     [Our Lady placed Her hand out, and roses and rose petals came down. Veronica tried to gather them.]
Now Jesus said He would like everyone to extend the sacramentals, the Rosaries, the statues, and all will be blessed.
     Now Jesus is walking over to the left. He is over by the tree, and He is blessing everyone in the sign of the Trinity, like this. And Our Lady is standing there, and She is holding something in Her hand; it looks like a ball with a cross on the top.
     Now Jesus is coming over to the right side of the flagpole, and He is going to bless everyone on the right side here. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. And Jesus said if you have any sacramentals, holy cards, pictures, He will bless them for you. You will need much armor in the days ahead.
     Jesus – “All messages must be dispersed with great haste. Do not take My words lightly, for We do not speak in vain. The situation, the balance with sin, has forced upon you a punishment which is not long in coming. It is in this manner that the earth will be cleansed. Live each day as if you were to leave it. Be ready for what is ahead.
     “You ask Me, My child, many times, why We permit these atrocities. You do not understand the ways of God, for you are only human. Man was given by the Father a free will. Love cannot be forced.
     “You cannot see into the next world. All about you there are creatures. Should you lose your grace in defense, they will enter you. And as such, you will fall under the master of hell; and under his guidance you will continue to grow until you have formed a web to destroy your brothers and sisters.
     “Until you leave your earth life, you can be rescued. Those who have the grace for their own salvation will offer all graces for the salvation of the wandering souls. Give, My children, and it will be returned to you double.
     “Many agents of hell, they have infiltrated into every part of your country: your schools, your government, your medias of entertainment. Where shall you go but to stay within yourself and hope that you do not be enticed into the web.”
     Our Lady – “This hope you will find nourished if you accept the guidance of My Son.
     “Satan has placed many enticements upon the earth. O My children, recognize the truth. They are there to nourish your worldly passions, your worldly instinct for body pampering.

The spirit lives forever
     “The spirit is a distinct enclosure within your worldly body. The shackles and fetters of your body will fall to dust, but you must live on!
     “You use in your world the word ‘death.’ My children, there is no death. There is no death. Your life will continue. The life hereafter will be eternity and forever. Satan has sought to remove the reality of hell from among you. You can sin when you think there is no punishment. Recognize the truth! You are walking in blindness.
     “I promise all who come to Me on My hallowed grounds to comfort them in their suffering. Many graces of cure and conversion will be given from Our hearts. There is nothing the Father would not do to rescue you, My children. Do not turn away from Us so your ears are closed to Our pleas. Close your eyes to your world; close your ears. Listen with your heart, and you will receive the light.
     “You will find that love is in unity. My children, unite now against the common enemy of your God. Turn from the enticements of your body he has set forth.

Daily Rosary brings protection
     “My beads of prayer have been given to you. I promise now, all who tell My beads daily shall be saved from the trials that lie ahead. I have asked for the beads to go across your country, link to link, a solid chain to hold back the darkness.”
     Veronica – Oh! Oh, over to the left side of the flagpole there is a little girl, and she’s waving. And next to her is a little boy; he has on knickers. He’s got very funny clothes on—he has on knickers, gray knickers, and a black shirt with long sleeves, and he’s got a bandana around his head. And he is smiling, and he is pointing over there, and about here. Oh!

Jacinta and Francisco
     Oh! Oh, he’s pointing to the picture. Oh, yes. Oh! Oh, it’s Jacinta and Francisco, pointing to the picture. Oh, the little girl—at first I didn’t understand her. I don’t understand the words, but now I understand. She’s saying:
     Jacinta – “I wrote your picture. I wrote your picture.”
     Veronica – And she is saying:
     Jacinta – “It is true; it will happen. It is true.”
     Veronica – And the little boy standing next to her is like—waving; He is waving his kerchief. Our Lady now has moved over next to the little boy and the girl, and She is standing by them. And they are holding up two beautiful Rosaries; they are golden Rosaries. I know they are made of gold, because they are shining like gold. Oh.
     Ah, the little girl said:
     Jacinta – “These will save your country.”
     Veronica – Our Lady has flowers all around Her Rosary now, and She is throwing the petals . . . . [words not clear.]
     Our Lady – “As numerous as the petals of the roses, My graces I give to you in abundance.”
     Veronica – Oh, there’s Jesus.
     Jesus – “I bless you all, My children. Continue with your prayers.
     “Know, My child, the value of suffering. When your soul enters the Kingdom, it must be as shining as the brightest star in the firmament. Many graces are given through suffering, My child. Many souls can be recovered if you will accept in good spirit the crosses and trials upon you. Offer them in abundance for the recovery of your sisters and brothers. You will find the road filled with roses. The cross will not hurt when you have a reason for the suffering.
     “Every moment of your remaining life on earth must be in dedication. It is only through suffering that your soul will be ready for the Kingdom. How simple a trial is, when you know of the glories of the Kingdom that is ahead.
     “Those here with Us have won their crowns in suffering and casting aside their free will and following the will of the Eternal Father.
     “Repeat often to yourself, My child, the humble lesson: Go through your life not seeking the plaudits of man, but turn only to the Father Who hears you in secret; and as such, you will be rewarded in secret, but known in glorious fulfillment at the end of your earthly existence.”

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