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Atonement needed to gain time...

June 18, 1972 - Second Anniversary of Our Lady of the Roses

     [Satan tried to eliminate a worker by having him run down outside the Shrine grounds by a possessed young soul in a speeding car. Satan’s plan was foiled. Our Father is our protector. Our Lady covers all with Her mantle.]

Attack from satan
     Our Lady – “You have no need to be afeared. Do you not know that We are watching over you? I know the plan of satan to cause disturbance and to separate My children from their prayers of atonement. When I told you that I surround you with My blue mantle, I meant, My child, that you will not be free from carrying the cross. You will be now an outstanding object for attack from satan.
     “Man on earth lives in a crucible of suffering, My child. The afflicted one is close to My heart.
     “Unless you recognize the existence of the unseen world about you, you will not prepare yourself for the attacks of satan.
     “All Heaven rejoices for the recovery of three little souls. The agents of hell surround a shrine of purity.
     “You will carry the banner called Faithful and True. A great sacrifice will be asked of your Vicar.
     “I have set up in your city of evil, an oasis. Your souls will be nourished by the graces given from My hallowed grounds.
     “My Mother’s heart is torn at the number of children being lost to Us. I have come to earth to give you your plan for salvation. I have come to your earth to prepare you for what trials lie ahead.
     “The monuments must be returned to My Son’s House now! All who keep the monuments in their homes will be saved. The pagan practices that are being condoned in My Son’s House must now stop!

Hierarchy to avoid politics, worldly living
     “All high priests of My Son’s House will live in the spirit and not be concerned with the politics and worldly living. You will make your choice: you will stand with My Son, or you will be of the world. And you who have been given the graces to represent My Son in this world will be cast aside and condemned with the least for the offenses you are committing against your God!
     “Blindness and the darkness covers the whole of earth. I have looked into the hearts of your countrymen. You offend Me, My children, when you expose your flesh to lustful eyes. You offend the Father when you butcher the souls of innocent children. The bodies are the shell for the spirit. The body is the temple for the spirit. You send the spirit back to the Father when it has not finished its commitment. How dare you set yourself up as God!
     “My children, how little you understand. It took much less than what We see in your world today to have the Father cleanse with water. But now you ask for your baptism of fire.

Atonement needed to gain time
     “We are all active in Heaven, My children. We are not sleeping. The reign of satan upon your earth will come to an end one day. We must make atonement to the Father so that the time will be extended to gather the souls. Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption. Many will enter beyond the veil unprepared. Whatever shall We do with them?
     “Do not be afeared, My child. I have sent Theresa to be with him.” [Veronica was worried about the injured worker, who was taken in an ambulance to the hospital after having been struck down.]
     Veronica – Jesus will bless the sacramentals—cards, Rosaries, medals. He is standing to the right side near the trees. He is standing there, and He says:
     Jesus – “I give you My peace, My children.”
     Veronica – Now He is coming over, and Our Lady is standing there by the flagpole. She is very beautiful. She has on a white, a white robe. It looks like a cloak, over a very bright, white gown. And there is a gold belt. No, it’s like a piece of rope, gold rope, tied at Her waist. And She has a beautiful crown upon Her head. It’s very—it’s closed, though. It seems to be rounded, like—puffy, sort of like a ball. And then on the top is a large golden cross. It almost looks like the round world with the cross on it. And Our Lady has this gold trim along the edge of Her outer—the cloak.
     And Our Lady now has moved over to the left side of the flagpole, and She is extending Her Rosary. She has a very large Rosary. It’s white and has a very—oh, it’s a golden cross hanging from the end of it. And—oh, Our Lady is blessing also with the sign of the cross of the Rosary.
     I see—Oh, there are a lot of what looks like little children, and they are dressed in long white robes. And they have—oh, they have roses, garlands in their hair. Oh, and they all—they are circling around Our Lady now. And they are standing with Her. They all seem very golden in the light, very bright.
     And Jesus is smiling, and He is looking down. He said:
     Jesus – “Do not be afeared, My children. You can expect these assaults from satan. We anger him when We recover Our children. He has great plans to capture your souls.”
     Veronica – Now He’s walked over, and He is blessing in the sign of the Trinity. He is on the right side of the flagpole. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
     Jesus – “Be very careful of your associations in the days ahead. You must be extremely careful when you go outside of your home. You will eat or drink nothing outside of your home.” [Note: this was addressed to Veronica.]

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Testimonies of conversions and cures continue to come in for the records of holy Church in the future.
Please remember the medal and stamp fund in your charity. We want to cover the world of souls!
     God bless you and yours, in the light!

     Lovingly in Christ, Veronica. J-M-J-T

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