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Faithful and True...

July 15, 1972 - Eve of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

     Our Lady – “My child, I have prepared you and sent workers throughout the world to spread the words of the coming punishment. I have cried tears of sorrow in abundance. Who has sought to ease the ache in My Son’s heart?
     “The world is now in deep darkness. I see the candles burning now. They will lead the sheep out of the darkness. You will pray and make many sacrifices for the recovery of My Son’s representatives. Many have succumbed to the evils of the flesh. Many will go down the road of darkness and take others with them. You will, My child, continue your work with great fortitude.

Darkness in House of God
     “There is great darkness in My Son’s House. Many have sold their souls to reach the head. Our Vicar will soon join the increasing list of martyrhood.
     “My child, you will have no worry for what you will say or your actions in the days ahead. You will be guided by My Son. You will approach the cross with resignation and commend all to the Father.
     “The man of dark secrets who seeks to replace your Vicar will be an agent of hell. Pray, pray much that you may be spared this further trial. You will take your thoughts from the world of man and keep your heart and your eye on the sky.
     “Each family that wishes to be saved must now retire as a family unit from the world which has now been given to satan. Guard the souls of the ones you love. Satan sends his agents among you with cunning. You must always watch. Many parents are leading their children on the road to damnation by their example, by their permissiveness, and by their laxity.
     “What has happened to the shame among you? Pagans! There was hope, My child, when satan used only the world. But now he is in My Son’s House roaming. He has kept it in darkness. He shall not be victorious, but many tears will be shed before My Son intervenes.

Intellectual pride
     “Many manifestations are given by Us in secret. You will inform Our bishops that intellectual pride has been their downfall. You will inform the Red Hats that they have overstepped the boundaries. They are like rodents burrowing into the structure of My Son’s House. Many mitres shall fall into hell.
     “Hell, the abyss, is open wide. Number three enters among you! There will be a great devastation. You do not recognize the hand of your God. How many disturbances of nature shall We send upon you before the cataclysm?
     “Cursed be those who fall to their knees and worship at satan’s idols of deceit. Damned forever to the eternal fires are the worshipers of satan!”
     Veronica – I see a little Boy. He’s about two years old. He has a red velvet cape on Him and a golden crown. And the crown has a ball and the cross on the top. Our Lady is holding Him in Her left arm, on our right side. And oh, Our Lady is beautiful! She has on a very deep velvet cape, and it has all—it’s white fur, but it’s so white, the light is so bright. And the Baby—He’s holding my hand. He’s reached out, He’s holding my hand. Oh!

Veronica holds Baby Jesus
     “Oh, Our Lady, He’s—oh, He’s very small, but He has no weight.” [Veronica was permitted to hold the Infant Jesus.]
     Our Lady has on golden slippers. They’re tied at the bottom in the form of a cross. The golden slippers are like sandals. And She’s—oh, She has in Her right hand the Rosary, and She’s given it to the Baby. And He’s holding the Rosary, the beads. Oh, the Baby, He’s holding the Rosary. Now He’s taken the cross, and He’s—oh, He’s making the sign of the cross with the cross. Oh, beautiful! The light is so bright.
Oh, Our Lady has a most beautiful crown. But beyond the crown there are stars—oh, twelve stars beyond Her crown. And She’s pointing—oh, She’s pointing over there. Oh, and She’s holding Her finger up, and She’s saying:
     Our Lady – “There.”
     Veronica – Oh, and it looks like Africa. But She’s wiping, Our Lady is wiping Her face. She’s crying.
     Our Lady – “Yes, they will join forces against My Son. Africa—”
     Veronica – “Oh! Oh, yes. Yes. Oh, yes. The vision? Yes. [Veronica gasps.] Yes. No, I can’t tell? No.
     “Stop them! Stop them! Oh. Why? Yes. The Holy, the Holy Father. Yes.
“No! [Here Veronica sobs.] No! No! No, please, no. No. No. No, I can’t tell. No. Oh!”

Faithful and True
     [Veronica saw in vision the banner to be raised to Pope Paul—a deep blue, pennant-like banner on a pole, a large white cross on the banner. Gold keys crossed over the white cross, the papal tiara on top of the vertical end of the cross. The words “FAITHFUL AND TRUE” placed under the white cross, the letters in gold or yellow. Keys and tiara in gold or yellow.]
     Will you please kneel, if you can kneel. Jesus is here. Now Jesus is over by the right side of the flagpole. Now He’s wearing a very deep red cape. And the inside—it looks like the robe is pinkish, but I think it’s the light. I think it’s like a white, but from the reflection it looks pink.
     And Jesus—His hair is quite long. I can see His hair now. It’s parted in the center, and it’s a reddish brown. And He’s smiling. Oh! Oh, He is—oh, He—oh, you’re to raise all your sacramentals—the cards, the Rosaries, the beads, the statues. Anything that you would like blessed, put over your head. And He’s blessing now in the sign of the Trinity, like this. Oh, and He is smiling. He is over to the right. Jesus moved over to the right by the flagpole, and He has also raised His arms, like this. He is making the sign of the cross.
Oh, now Our Lady is coming over. She was over by the trees. Our Lady is coming over with Jesus. Oh, and They are standing now on the left side of the flagpole. Oh, and Jesus is talking with Our Lady, and Our Lady is smiling. And—oh, and Jesus—now He is coming nearer so He is a little in front of Our Lady, and He is now blessing everyone on this side in the sign of the Trinity.
     Oh, and over, over to the left there are a group of nuns. They’re black; they have black habits. . . . [words not clear.] And they have long mantles over their heads; they’re black. And they have a, sort of a heavy—they look very stiff—padding across their foreheads. They’re smiling, and they’re looking over, and—oh, they’re holding up their Rosaries. They have—oh, they have very large Rosaries at their waist. And they’re holding up the Rosaries. Oh, there’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine—nine nuns. And they’re holding up very huge, large black Rosaries. But the crosses are very golden on the Rosaries. Oh.

St. Rita
     Oh, one nun has picked up her skirt. Oh, she thinks it’s quite funny. Oh. Oh, I know she means she’s—oh! Oh, she thinks it’s quite funny. Oh, but she said it’s not funny because it offends Jesus, the nun said. Oh, the clothes, she’s talking about the nuns’ clothes. Oh, this nun—oh. Oh! Oh, she says her name is Rita. Rita. And she’s pointing down, she’s pointing down by the trees over here and she’s shaking her head, no, no! No, no! Oh, over there. Oh, they all look quite disturbed. They’re looking down. And now they all have raised their hands and said, no, no! No, no!
     Now they’re all faced back to Jesus. And Jesus is standing there, and He’s also looking down over the trees on that side. He’s looking over to the right, and He’s turning His head.

Death at the Vatican
     And Our Lady looks very sad, and She’s pointing over this direction. Oh, dear! And there’s a big black cross, and it looks like it’s over a church, a big black cross over the church. And then—oh, there’s a bell. Bong! Bong! Bong! Oh, it doesn’t feel good. The cross is very black, and the bell’s going bong! Bong! Bong!
     And they’re—oh, they’re—it looks like somebody died. And there are a lot of cardinals. It looks like some of the cardinals—they’re all dressed in red, and they’re—they’ve got cardinals, and there are bishops, people all over. And the bell’s ringing: Bong! Bong! Bong!
     Oh, it’s awful! . . . Oh, it’s awful! . . . Somebody’s died. Oh! Oh! I can see the cardinals and many dignitaries are filing into the church. There is a body laid out in white and gold vestments. [Veronica almost fainted in shock.]
     And Jesus now, He’s back. I can’t see the church anymore; it’s all dark. It’s very dark over there. I can’t see the church. All I can see is a big, bright star. And the big, bright star is going way up into the heavens. But on top of the star is a, a pope’s hat. Oh. It’s—oh!
     Now Jesus is over on the right side, alone. The nuns aren’t there. And Our Lady is standing—oh, but She’s going back over to this side. And Our Lady says:
     Our Lady – “Pray. Pray now and never cease your prayers.”
     Veronica – And Jesus now is raising His hand very high, and He’s going to give another blessing. His hand is very high. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
And Jesus says to continue with your prayers for the conversion of those in My House—oh, I can’t say the rest.
     Our Lady – “You will pray for all the hierarchy in My Son’s House.”
     Veronica – “Oh, how awful! Oh, yes.”
     Now Jesus says to continue the Rosary.
     Jesus says don’t be so awe-struck, that you’ll fall over your chair.
     Oh! Oh, they’re all around the tree now, the angels. They are all around the tree with Jesus. Oh, look! I can’t see their faces, they’re turned. Oh, look! Oh, how beautiful! But they’re going upward. Oh, they—oh, oh, I can’t see them now, beyond the trees. But right by the tree now I see the three near the Trinity sign. Then they went into the sky there. I see the three over there by the Trinity sign, where Jesus is. See Him? Over there.
     Oh, Our Lady said we must continue the Rosary.

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Our Lady appeared to an out-of-state couple to direct them to the shrine area. Praise be to God and His holy Name! Testimony will go to holy Church in God’s will! - Veronica

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