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Plague to come...

July 25, 1972 - Eve of Saint Anne

     Our Lady – “. . . as Queen of Heaven, Mother of the earth, and Mediatrix of graces between God and man, give you My final warning. All bishops and cardinals shall be held accountable now for the fall of the souls in My Son’s House. Your country recognizes not the hand of God. I have spared your state much hardship. Now you will feel the hand of retribution upon you. Those who have remained in the light have no fear, for your spirit will be untouched.

Plague to come
     “Man has hardened his heart to Us. I have roamed the world in tears; I have come to earth in desperation. The children shall no longer be subject to the evil. Many children will be removed from the earth. Parents, how have you prepared your children? The plague that I spoke of will now come upon you. Perhaps in this way you will remove the veil of darkness that covers your spirit.
     “The Father is not One Who punishes, but to bring you back to Us . . .”
     Veronica – “Oh! Oh! No! [Veronica groans.] Oh, mercy! The children. Mercy! [Veronica begins to sob.] Time, please! Time! Give us time! Please, give us time! Please, give us time!” [Veronica continues to cry.]

Saints Anne and Joachim
     Now Our Lady is standing at the right side of the flagpole. Jesus is walking towards Her with a man and a woman. Oh, the lady with Jesus has stooped over, and she’s kissing Our Lady on the cheek. Oh, it’s Her mother. It’s Saint Anne . . . oh, and Saint Joachim. Oh, and he’s pointing down over this way at the children. He said there’s children over this way. . . . Oh, he speaks of the example of the parents. He gives great heart. Saint Joachim said that the children will not be lost when they have been the victims of their elders. Heaven does not close the doors on the innocent. Oh.
     Over to the side, on the left side, I see—oh, there’s Saint Michael. And there are angels all about him, but they, they look like they’re lining up for some kind of a battle. Jesus has moved over to the right side of the flagpole. And He’s holding up His hand . . . and He’s holding up His hand, and He’s showing five fingers, five fingers.
     And Our Lady is now walking over, and She’s holding Her Rosary. Our Lady’s dressed all in white. And She has this beautiful gold trim that goes all along Her cape. And also She has now placed a mantle—Her hair is very long and hanging down on the front of Her garment. But She’s now placing Her mantle over Her head; it’s like a cape. And it’s also trimmed in this beautiful gold. And She’s holding Her Rosary up. It’s very large and white, and the cross is very large. It has gold; it’s very shining. Our Lady said:
     Our Lady – “The Rosary will be continued in a constant vigilance. For this will be the only means, with the sacramentals and the way written by the prophets of old, for the recovery of your soul.”
     Veronica – Jesus has moved over to the side of the trees. He’s dressed all in white, but He has a cape held over His shoulder. It’s red, like a burgundy color, and it’s tied also with a clasp at His neck. And Jesus also—His hair is quite long, and it’s a sort of a reddish brown. And Jesus said:
     Jesus – “You will all save yourselves in My Sacred Heart.”
     Veronica – And He’s pointing to—oh, it’s a very large heart, but it’s cut open. And it seems to be staining the front of His garment.
     Our Lady now has walked over to the left side of the flagpole. She’s crying, and She’s pointing over. She’s saying:

Pray for the children
     Our Lady – “The children! Pray for the children!”
     [Earlier, several young girls had come onto the sacred grounds indecently dressed. When questioned, they said they were Catholics, but no priest, no nun, no mother had admonished them about their clothes, so they said, “Why should you?” The vigil people replied, “Because we care.”]
     Veronica – Now Our Lady says to take your Rosary and pray the fifteen decades first for the children. And from now until December you will pray for the welfare of the Holy Father.
All mothers will now see that their children remain close to the sacraments. Many children will be taken out of the world in the plague. Many parents will shed bitter tears, but it will be too late.
     Our Lady said:
     Our Lady – “There will be many mitres in hell. Many priests are on the road to damnation; with them they take others. For this, the lowest pit of the abyss will be eternity! Those entrusted in My Son’s House will be held accountable for the fall of young souls. Your rank will be no guarantee of your entrance into the Kingdom. You have betrayed My Son. How dare you sell His House! You have sold My Son’s House for the profit of your temporary lifetime! Woe to evil man that has cast aside his God! You will receive the sword!”
     Veronica – Jesus is now at the right side of the flagpole, and He’s extending His hands. And He said:
     Jesus – “My peace I give you, My children. You will extend all sacramentals, and I will bless them with the graces from Heaven for conversion of sinners and for cures beyond most human understanding.”
     Veronica – Now Jesus is walking over the left side, which is His right side of the flagpole. He’s extending His hand out now, and He’s blessing in the sign of the Trinity, like this. And He’s walked over to the center of the flagpole, and He’s holding His hands out now, very pleadingly. He’s holding both His hands out, and He’s walked over. Now He’s raising His arm again, and He’s blessing, He said, all the sacramentals—cards, beads, medals, treasures of God; and He will give them the graces necessary for all conversions of sinners and cure. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
     Now Theresa is walking over—now I say walking, but they’re floating. They’re not walking; they seem to just glide. And Theresa is looking down to—behind her. Oh, she’s pointing. I see, she’s pointing over there. And she says:
     St. Theresa – “We are much distressed as we see beyond the doors.”
     Veronica – Oh, dear! Something very distasteful must be going on over there in the convent. She’s pointing to the convent.

Fashions of satan
     St. Theresa – “Those who represent God should not take up the fashions of satan. Those who represent God must set an example of purity of heart and purpose. Those who represent God must live in the spirit.”
     Veronica – And Theresa’s now walking over with Our Lady, and there are three other nuns joining her. They—oh! Oh, I think they’re her sisters. That’s what she said: “My sisters greet you.” Oh! And now they’re coming over by Our Lady. And Our Lady is pointing down and saying:
     Our Lady – “The children must be saved.”
     Veronica – And Jesus now is walking over by the trees. And He’s looking behind Him. And behind Him I see a large group of people in a hall, a big building. Oh, it’s some kind of a meeting. And they’re—oh, sitting there with knives in their hands. . . . Oh, Pope Paul has just walked into the hall, and two have left their seats and they’re going up behind him. They’re holding the knives in their hands.
     Oh, Pope Paul turned around and raised his hands. And on his hands, both raised hands, there are crosses. There are crosses where Jesus was nailed to the cross; he has crosses on his hands. Now he’s turned his back on them, and he sat down.
     And I’m looking—oh! Jesus walked over to the left, and He’s pointing over here. Oh, my goodness! Oh! I see some buildings being burned. And a lot of people are running in the streets, and they’re all screaming. Oh! And I see some people asking Pope Paul to leave. He’s in a—he’s in a church, and he’s praying to the Blessed Mother, and they’re telling him to leave. And he’s shaking his head no, no. Oh!
     And Jesus just walked back now to the flagpole. And He says:

Pope Paul offered as sacrifice
     Jesus – “You will keep now a constant vigilance of prayer. These prayers will ransom some time for your Vicar who has offered himself as sacrifice for those who have fallen in his House.”
     Veronica – I see Pope Paul. He’s sitting in a large room. There’s a desk. But he doesn’t look very well. He looks very sick. It seems like he can’t seem to keep his eyes open. His head is falling to the right. And then he sits up, and he’s falling to the left. Now he’s leaning over on the table. Now there are screams outside. And people are shouting, and they’re throwing all rocks, and they’re trying to come in the door. And they’re shouting. And Pope Paul—now he’s walked over, and he’s kneeling next to a statue of Our Lady. He’s praying to Our Lady, and he’s crying; tears are coming down his face. He looks awfully thin. The marks are still on his hands. I see him raising his hand up now above his head. Oh! Oh!
     And outside the door there are cardinals, five cardinals; they are hiding knives behind their backs. And over by the window, looking in, is a man. He looks like a cardinal, but he’s dressed in black. And he has a pillbox on his head, like, standing up. He also is holding a knife behind his back. And over on the right side, looking in the other window, I see a group of bishops. There are two, three, four, five—there are fifteen or sixteen bishops. They also are hiding knives behind their backs.
     Now it’s all faded away; I can’t see any more. And Jesus says:
     Jesus – “Now you will know why you must keep a constant vigilance of prayer, now until December.      You will continue telling your beads for your Vicar.”

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Please remember the mission in your charity. Praise be to God, the mailing has grown beyond all past expectations. The stamps, etc. run into financial strain.
     Our Lady appeared to several pilgrims to direct them to the Shrine site, as they were unable to locate the site. Our Lady is truly the most loving of Mothers! - Veronica

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