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Books to Be Compiled...

August 14, 1972 - Eve of the Assumption of Our Lady

     Veronica – Over the flagpole have appeared many beautiful figures. I recognize them as angels. They’re all singing: “Hail holy Queen, mightiest through the nations! Hail, holy Queen, the light of the world, Who shall stand upon the world and crush the head of satan!”
     Our Lady – “My children, the Father will chastise those He loves. We do not set any individual down to judge another. We ask you to admonish, My child, and then pray; for the Father will be always the final judge. As Our messenger, you will bring Our words to the heads, the high priests of My Son’s House. That is all We ask of you, with prayer.
     “The time has come for all high priests in My Son’s House to make amends and set the House to right. You will spend more time in prayer and less idle talk on the winds. I have given you the plan for the days ahead. As such, you have been prepared and now must act upon it.

Books to be compiled
     “All messages of the past will be compiled into three books. They will come in this order:
(1) The word messages of My Son and the personages of Heaven to the world. (2) The occulations from Heaven in poetical theme. (3) Conversations with My Son, Jesus.
     “These books will be put together as quickly as possible and given to the world.
     “You will concentrate, My child, on reaching the high priests in My Son’s House.
     “We are happy that you have recognized the necessity for a prayer force. [Each worker has a special cardinal to pray and sacrifice for.]
     “I bless the pastor of My Son’s House, Father M., for he has now received a grace far more than he had anticipated. One day you, My child, will understand this.
     “I send you My graces in abundance. They will carry you through the dark days ahead. Your spirit will be strengthened when you keep in mind that My Son will be the ultimate victor. The pages must turn in the Book of life, but you will hasten these by not listening to My counsel. You will bring your earth days much faster to a close.
     “Our good John has written for you the pages of the end days. Instruct, My children, others to read them. They would not be in total darkness if they were to read what was set down in the pages. The writers of old were told the events of the coming days. Do not cast them aside of being out of your times. For it is those who discard them that are out of the light.”
     Veronica – I see a great light. It’s like shafts of light coming through the sky. They are beautiful. The light is white.
     Oh, Our Lady now has moved over to Her right side, which is our left, of the flagpole. And the shaft of light is carrying Her up into the sky. It’s a ladder. The ladder goes straight into the clouds. Now I see beautiful figures of children. I know they are angels. And they are floating down on the outside of the ladder. And they are dressed beautifully; some are in pink, others in yellow, blue. And they are holding in their hands Rosaries, but each bead is a star. They are beautiful! And they are twinkling, and they are shining. And I can see now as they turn around that—oh, their garments are lifting, and from their garments there is a huge wing span behind them.
     Now they have passed over to the right side; and I see them holding the Rosary, draped onto the trees. They have laid one, two, three, four—the fifth one is being placed on the top of a leaf above our heads. The one . . . sixth and the seventh—three now hang, beautiful Rosaries—three now hang right from the trees in front of us.
     Our Lady now—She is descending down what looks like a ladder, but She is floating down. Oh! Oh, She has the most beautiful golden crown set in blue and white stones. And behind Her is this long train. She has on a satin, a blue satin trailing cape; and the outside is trimmed in white fur. And She is holding a Rosary. Oh, and She has come now—She is over our heads, Our Lady. Oh, and She has placed the Rosary now across the trees. Oh! Oh!
     Our Lady – “With these Rosaries I send you the greatest of graces—graces for cures, graces for conversions. They will now be given in abundance for the sanctification of the souls who come to My sacred grounds.

Waters for cure
     “You will soon have a well. With this well the waters will cure. When this well erupts it will not be stopped by the clergy. You have reached the boundaries, and now My Son shall step in.”
     Veronica – “I can’t tell you. Yes. . . . Yes. . . . Yes.”
     Our Lady – “The waters will not be capped. The waters will be given to the ill.”
     Veronica – “Oh! Yes. . . . Yes.”
     Our Lady is now pointing down by the convent, and She said—that’s right. I must mail the Rosary to them this week. Yes, I forgot. Yes. The large Rosary from Brother Frost. Yes.
     “Yes. . . . Oh, yes. I really . . . oh, I . . . yes. I didn’t mean it, but I forgot about it. I know. Yes. I won’t eat anymore outside; I really won’t. I won’t. No. Oh, yes.”
     Our Lady said that:
     Our Lady – “All the prophecies must come to pass. But the extent will depend on man’s repentance. All messages given in prophecy from the sacred grounds must be carried forth. However, this can be lessened in degree to you. All is on man’s decision.
     “The Father is not an ogre, My children. He is not one to punish. He will do this only to bring you back to Us.
     “Retire from this world of satan. Wear your sacramentals, and have great hopes that one day the trials will be over. As you choose your side, be sure that you do not take the wide road which leads to your damnation.
     “Make your choice now, for your time is very limited. Sacrifice now for My Son, and you will receive the greatest of rewards. You cannot have both. You will not be rich on this earth and store up your riches in Heaven. You must be poor on this earth, and therefore gather your graces for Heaven.
     “I am not stating that all should discard their earthly living, My children. Man must work for his daily bread. But I do say you will not lose your souls for the desire of riches and your body pamperings. Your body is but a shell for the spirit, and your spirit is eternal. Remember this!

Hell not a myth
     “Do not be misled by the agents of hell who try to indoctrinate evil doctrines among you, trying to make hell a myth. Even they will soon find how much of a myth it is when they reach into the flames and scream.
     “Your earth will be cleansed by a baptism of fire. In this way We shall separate the sheep from the goats. Wars are a punishment for man’s sins. They will never end as long as man submits his will to satan.
     “My Son will be here in due time to bless all objects and sacramentals.
     “Among your earth peoples now are many false prophets. You must beware of those who come as angels of light but are ravenous wolves with black hearts. Many shall use the name of My Son to destroy. Beware! Watch and pray.
     “When you submit your will to your God in Heaven, you will be led along the lighted road. No man shall fall unless he falls now of his free will. You are all being tested like the metals in the fire. Only those who are willing to suffer for My Son and accept the trials that standing before My Son will bring them, will enter the Kingdom. The numbers after the final count will be in the few.
     “When My Son ascended to the Father, I spent many years spreading His word. I know the frailties of human nature. I know the heartbreak, the suffering, for I spent many years on earth. Therefore, I always beg for mercy, My children, to the Father for My errant children on earth. That is why I have been placed here as a Mediatrix between God and man. My Son has deemed this necessary.
     “Many places have now been closed to Me. I have expected this for some time, My children. But the work for the Father will continue as long as there is the light in the world.
     “I ask all who are placing their souls in the keeping of My Son to light their candles with Me and search throughout the dark world for their brothers and sisters. In Heaven there will be no class distinction, there will be no color distinction, and there will be no rank distinction. You will only enter the Kingdom on the merit of your spirit.
     “Many truths have been removed from the writings of the men of God. These truths will not be distorted and be the instrument for the damnation of innocent souls, led like sheep to the slaughter.
     “. . . graces will be given in abundance on the cross. Use them well, My child.
     “Continue with your prayers until the arrival of My Son to bless your sacramentals.
     “I bless you, My children, and all the guardians of Heaven bless you.”
     Saint Rita of Cascia and Saint Dominic joined Our Lady.
     Saint Peter also appeared. He took off his regal crown, and is dressed like a monk now. Saint Peter extended his hand out and said:
     St. Peter – “The cross will be heavy upon your world. In this way will the sinners be brought into the light. The cross will be heavy.”

Rosary to be worn
     Veronica – Our Lady asked that all nuns wear their beads fastened about their waist as previously. The lay women and men shall wear the Rosary about their necks—not for decoration, but to have in times of urgency.
     Our Lady – “Satan has hidden them out of your minds.”
     Jesus – “I give you My peace, as the Father gives you His peace. Therefore, continue with your prayers of atonement.”

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Testimonials continue to come in for holy Church.
     Please remember the stamps etc. needed so badly in this time of fast rising costs.
     God bless you in the light!
     Veronica J-M-J-T

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