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Cardinals to Receive Message...

August 15, 1972 - Eve of Saint Joachim

     Veronica – Michael has appeared to the left side of the flagpole. He is saying:
     St. Michael – “Hail to the Queen, Queen of Heaven, Mother of earth, and Mediatrix of all graces! Listen to Her well, for Her words will soon be few.”
     Veronica – Our Lady has appeared. She is dressed now in red. She has a red satin gown with gold ruffles. There is a cloak over Her gown; it’s pure white. The white is so white that it sparkles. And I can barely see Her arms, which She is extending now from Her gown. She has a large Rosary. The beads are made of pearls, beautiful pearls, and the links are gold. The crucifix is solid gold. And as She turns it, it’s very glittering.
     Oh, She is now being joined at the left side of the flagpole by Saint Anne and Saint Joachim, Her father. Saint Anne is dressed in a very pale, ivory-colored gown. Her headpiece is cone-shaped, but very wide at the top, and it’s covered by material which hangs down her back from the cone.
     Our Lady – “It will not be necessary, My child, for Me to repeat My words of warning again to the world. All time must be used for the prayers of atonement, and especially for the repatriation of your Vicar.

Cardinals to receive message
     “You will hasten to send out to the cardinals the message that I gave in My last visit to you. I will not burden you with a long discourse this evening.
     “I do not wish you to use words of rebuke on your own to the high priests in Our House. You will only give them the words of Peter and My Son, and Mine, that come from a Motherly heart torn by the offenses to My Son. We pity those who have fallen in My Son’s House. Have pity on those who have fallen in My Son’s House.
     “You can only bring them back with strict and disciplined sacrifice with prayer. Your world has cast aside the true meaning of discipline, whether it is in your personal life or your life that should lead you to My Son, but instead has sent you farther from His path.
     “The three books will be sent out in great haste.
     “I promise this evening that you will receive what you have requested of Me before the evening is over. Nothing is impossible with My Son.
     “You will continue now, My children, with your prayers of atonement, and Jesus will be here to bless the sacramentals.
     “You will listen carefully, My child, of the instructions of My Son when He arrives. We have been waiting for this moment for you to be prepared for what is to be told to you this evening.”
     Veronica – Everyone will please kneel, who is able to kneel, because Jesus is coming here on the right side of the flagpole. And He is going to bless all objects that will become sacramentals. Jesus says you are to raise all medals, cards, crucifixes, and other objects that will be close to your hearts in the days ahead. And now Jesus is walking—He is not walking, He is floating. Oh, He is just floating! He is dressed in red, similar to Our Lady. And He is coming over to the left side of the flagpole, and He is smiling.
     Oh, He’s raised His hand now, and He is blessing with the sign of the Trinity, like this. And now He is over near the trees, and He is looking down, smiling. And He is raising His hand, and He is blessing all the sacramentals in the sign of the Trinity, like this.
     And Our Lady now, She has come over to the right side of the flagpole with Saint Joachim and Anne. And Theresa now is there, Theresa with her three sisters. And they are going over now beyond the trees, right by that tall star on the tree. And Theresa is looking up as I said that. Now they are looking down.
And Jesus is standing by Our Lady, and He is raising His hand now high over His head, like this, and He is about to bless: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. And He is raising it also in the direction of the flagpole: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
     Now Our Lady is moving forward. Oh, and She said you must not forget Saint Robert’s—the Rosary.
     “Oh, yes. Send the Rosary. Yes.”

Suffering Heart of Jesus
     Oh, now Jesus is standing over—He has raised His hand. Now as He raised His hand like this, I could see the deep wound in His hand. Now He is touching His chest, and He has pulled aside His robe. And I see a large heart, but it looks like it’s kind of cut. It’s all cut; and now there is blood dripping—oh, onto the right part of His gown.
     And Our Lady is standing over . . . and She doesn’t look very happy now. And She is saying:
Our Lady – “Daily the thrusts to My Son’s heart increase. Oh, how much can My heart suffer for the callousness of an ungrateful generation?”
     Veronica – And Saint Theresa has walked over, and she said:
     St. Theresa – “My sisters, will you not listen to my cautioning you of the days ahead? You are following the evil masters.”
     Veronica – Now Theresa has walked over. And she has raised her hand, and she’s pointing that way. She’s saying:
     St. Theresa – “The doors are closed, but the Father sees beyond them. You will now put matters right in your convent.”
     Veronica – And Theresa now has come over to stand next to Saint Anne and Our Lady. And now there are a group of nuns, all dressed in a different habit. These nuns have on hats that swing way out, like this way. Like—they almost look like wings, big white hats. And they are standing there with their hands inside their dresses, like this. And they are shaking their heads very sadly, and they are pointing now over in this direction. Oh, there are those dancing nuns again.
     Oh—well, Theresa said the number has been reduced, but not enough to stop the pain in Jesus’ heart. Therefore, the message will be continued to be sent out.
     St. Theresa – “Foolish maidens, foolish maidens! Why have you allowed yourselves to be led down this road?”
     Veronica – Oh, Theresa—oh, and Our Lady is standing there. Now Theresa has gone. She seems to be floating—she doesn’t even seem to be gliding—backwards. And her sisters, too. I can’t see them anymore. They have gone beyond the flagpole.
     And Our Lady has come over, and She is extending Her Rosary. Now She is blessing everyone this way. And She takes the Rosary: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
And Jesus has placed His hand out, like this. He says:
     Jesus – “I give you My peace as My Father, and in the Spirit I diffuse among you for the dark days ahead: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”
     Veronica – And Jesus said the cross will be extended for blessing. All crucifixes are to be extended for blessing. And Jesus is blessing now in the sign of the Trinity again, on the right side of the flagpole—His right side, our left. And He is walking over—He’s not walking, He is floating over to the left side—His left side of the flagpole, our right. And He is blessing again in the sign of the Trinity. He said:
     Jesus – “Many prayers are needed for the conversion of those in My House who have become victimized by satan. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
     “You are to continue with your Rosary and your prayers of atonement.”

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Please offer many sacrifices and prayers for Holy Father Pope Paul. Pray that the messages will reach our Holy Father in Rome. Remember to choose a cardinal to place under your shield of prayer protection. Be his special world “angel”; guard him with your Rosary. These are our present cardinals: Cardinal O’Boyle, Shehan, Krol, Cody, Dearden, Carberry, Cooke, and Wright. Please take one to protect or strengthen.
     God bless you in the light.

     Veronica J-M-J-T

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