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Strife in Africa and Italy...

September 28, 1972 - Eve of SS. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

     Our Lady – “My tears are for those who live by the boot. The Eternal City will suffer much strife.
     “In the ranks of My Son’s House are many who have chosen to sell their souls. Their fall will have repercussions, My child, for they will take many others with them.
     “You will continue to send My message to the cardinals and bishops of your country and the world. They are now going down the same road that they chose many years ago when they chose to cast aside My warnings. Intellectual pride has hardened their hearts and closed their ears to the truth.
     “Man is setting up his own kingdom. Many of those in the House of God have chosen to help them undermine the foundation. Let it be known now that their endeavors will come to nil. The foundation is My Son. It will never fall unless the Father permits this chastisement.

No peace without God
     “Many years ago I promised you an era of great peace. Your world now cries peace, and there is no peace. Does that not make you wonder? Are you looking for peace in the right places? No! You have turned to man to find your peace, and science. There will never be peace in the world unless My Son regains His rightful place in the hearts of His children, and the esteem accorded their God.
     “I have traveled throughout the world trying to awaken you with My admonitions to prepare you for the coming Chastisement. You have been given your plan for salvation. Now you will follow this plan, or you will fall.
     “All messages will be given in its entirety.”
     Veronica – Our Lady is dressed in a very brilliant, cream-white gown. There is gold trim all around the outside. The mantle is one piece; it reaches across Her head and goes down the sides to Her feet. Our Lady is wearing golden sandals on Her feet. In Her hands are a large white Rosary. The cross is very golden. Behind Her are angels; I recognize them. They are all sizes, and they seem to be making formation now. One—like ladders—one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. On the eighth step there is a group of hundreds of angels. They are very large and very awesome.
     Down the lower steps the first angels, the lowest of the children—they look like children. They are dressed in all pastel colors, and they are wearing garlands of—the first has a green like, almost—almost like the wreath around Jesus’ head. And the second, who is dressed in pink, has on a garland of roses. They are white. And the next—they are in order—the little children are ordered with green wreaths, and they have white flowers—roses they are, white roses made into garlands for their heads. And all along in formation, they are dressed like that.
     Now the other angels in between are in bright white. But they have also very sparkling trim. I believe it’s a silver trim going right down to their feet. And now behind them—oh! Oh, coming forward is Saint Joan of Arc; I recognize her. Oh, and she is carrying this banner, and I see on the banner “So be it.” It’s written, “So be it.”
     Now Our Lady has moved over to the right side of the flagpole, and She is pointing up to the sky. And in the sky are two maps. One is of Africa. And Our Lady is saying:

Strife in Africa and Italy
     Our Lady – “There will be great strife in the dark lands.”
     Veronica – And many of the countries are darkened in Africa.
     And then Our Lady is pointing over, and there is a map that looks like a boot. But I recognize it. It’s Italy! And on top of the boot there seem to be flames coming out. And She says:
     Our Lady – “Great revolution. Sadness through all Heaven’s heart.”
     Veronica – And there is the church again, a large, massive church. And there is a bell, and it’s tolling very slowly. And I see the cardinals and the bishops, all in formal gowns. And they are all going into this church; I know it’s Saint Peter’s. Now off to the side, as they go into Saint Peter’s I see three figures—oh, but they are horrible! I know they are demons. They’re—I don’t want to look at them; they’re horrible!
     Now one has stepped forward, and he now is placing on his head a red cardinal’s hat. And there stands a man, arrogant and of dark secrets.
     Our Lady now is coming forward. She is standing at the right side of the flagpole. I can barely—She is whispering very, very low:
     Our Lady – “Prayers.”
     Veronica – Our Lady says:
     Our Lady – “Prayers, many prayers are needed for your Vicar.

Subversion in the Church
     “My Son’s House is being subverted from within. The forces of evil are gathering. There are many groups of secret who make plans to enter upon the Seat of Peter. They have laid the groundwork for this entrance in well-planned secret. But they do not know that they are only allowed this for ultimate reversal to good. Man, of his free will, will bring many trials upon himself. This will be allowed by the Father.
     “All who have received the light will not enter upon the wide road. All who have received the light will pray and do penance for those who are upon the wide road. The forces of satan are now bringing deep darkness into My Son’s House and the world. Your times are now far worse than the time of Noe or Sodom. Recognize, My children, how close you are to the end of your era.
     “My Son’s representatives do not read the Book of life. Instead We find that they are bringing into their minds the evils of the world of satan. You cannot gain this world on earth and enter into the Kingdom. There is no bargaining.
     “We see many sitting in conference in My Son’s House, talking idle words that are destructive and not constructive. Better they get down on their knees now and pray, do penance, strip their bodies, starve out the demons that have entered them.
     “I shall be here on My sacred grounds as I have promised, My children. All guidance will be given to you all in the dark days ahead. Do not ride the currents stirred up by satan. Calm these turbulent waters with penance and prayer.”
     Veronica – Michael has now joined Our Lady. And also to the right of the flagpole are two beautiful figures—oh, Raphael and Gabriel. Oh, Michael is dressed differently than Gabriel and Raphael. Michael has on a short, dress-like affair. But his legs are covered by this web-like, woven type of cording. And his whole dress—outfit is in gold and green.
     Raphael has a longer, cassock type of dress. It’s in a burgundy color. And Gabriel is also dressed in a sort of a cassock, a long gown; but it’s more—it’s beautifully tied at his chest, up by his shoulders, with gold trim. His is in green, green, but there is white underneath. And his long gown under it is white also.
And Michael now is saying:
     St. Michael – “The guardians of the House, the guardians of the Faith watch with interest this conflict on your earth. You will bring back the Faith by example, prayer, and penance.”
     Veronica – Gabriel is reciting—he said:
     St. Gabriel – “The epilogue of the latter days.”
     Veronica – He is pointing to the sky. And in the sky is a large cross, but the cross has a black, sinister coloring all about it. And also, as I watch, I see Saint Peter’s, the large church in Rome, and a very dark cloud is settling about her. I see a Lady. She is very big in the—She looks like She is pregnant, expecting. And then as I watch a black cloud passes over Her. And over to the left there is a little Child. Looks like a newborn baby Boy. And He is reaching His hand up high into the sky, His right hand. Then the black cloud passes again over this Lady, but then it blows away. And the Lady stands up, and She is placing a beautiful golden crown about Her head.
     But She looks over, and there to the right of Her is a beautiful little Boy. He’s about three years old, with golden blond hair. But standing next to Him, He has His arm around what looks like a beautiful white baby lamb. But—oh, as I—oh, the lamb, the face is turning into a horrible wolf! Oh!
Now all has become darkness. And Our Lady now is coming around this dark cloud, and She says:
     Our Lady – “I am the light of the world. I bring with Me your plan for salvation. All who follow My direction will be saved.”
     Veronica – Our Lady said we are to continue with the prayers of atonement and await Jesus, Who will be here presently to bless all sacramentals.
     Jesus – “The tide of iniquity has closed in about your world. Know and prepare for the greatest of punishments. Your baptism will be by fire. We do not wish to fill you with fear, but you must be made aware of the days to come.
     “You will not set yourselves to judge others, for My Father is always the final judge. We ask you to act with charity among your brothers. Show by example, and you will find your efforts more fruitful. All Heaven stands by and watches the battle. Man, on his free will, will hold the decision for the fall of his soul.
     “We do not wish to have one of Our children fall into the abyss. Therefore, guard your souls well. Use the armor that My Mother has given to you, of prayer, penance, and sacrifice. Learn, My children, to cast aside the things of your world that bring your soul into darkness. Keep your minds filled with pure and holy thoughts, for it is the main point of entrance for the evil spirits.”
     Veronica – Jesus says you will all raise your sacramentals to be blessed, whether they are cards or Rosaries or mementos of spiritual value.
     Now Jesus is coming over to the right side of the flagpole; He is almost over by the trees. And He is raising His hand high above His head, and He’s blessing—He has two fingers this time, out like this, and He is blessing in the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
Now He is looking down, and He is coming over by the flagpole. And He’s placing His hand out—oh, He is placing both hands out now. And I can see the wounds on His hands; they are very deep. Now He has placed His hand high above His head, and He is blessing again in the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
     And standing beside Him is Michael. And Our Lady is there. And now I see a grouping of nuns coming towards them. Oh, I recognize Theresa. Oh, yes, now also there are three nuns behind Theresa. And I know they are her sisters. And behind them I see nuns, but they are all dressed differently. Oh, I know they must be from different orders. And now Theresa also is looking towards Jesus, and He has nodded yes. And Theresa says:

Chastity in the convents
     St. Theresa – “My sisters in Christ, cast aside the inducements to lose your chastity. You must not place upon your bodies the stigma of sin in either thought or action. You must live in the spirit and out of the world. The time on your earth is not long. You will soon be put to test. Do not follow like the sheep into the fires. Your sufferings for the truth will be worth all discomforts of your worldly life, for you will gain an eternity of happiness and joy here in the Kingdom of the Mother of God and all those who He has shared eternity with now. I promised when I left you that I would spend my time here coming to earth to help guide my sisters. I will keep this promise, for I will be with you unto the end of your time. And then I shall rest.
     “Chastity. Oh, poor, poor foolish maidens, why have you led yourselves into the darkness? You have been given the conscience of goodness, but you have been misdirected.”
     Veronica – Now Jesus is going past the nuns, and He is standing there now. And He is raising His hand high above His head, and He is looking down now by the trees. And He is blessing in the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
     Now Jesus is walking over to the flagpole. And He says:
     Jesus – “All the armor that you have been given shall guide you in the days ahead. But be of light heart in knowing that the ultimate victory lies with My Father.”
     Veronica – Now I can see Jesus is going—He is floating; They don’t walk—He’s floating over to the right side by the leaves. And Our Lady is standing there, and She is extending Her Rosary.
     Our Lady – “Continue, My children. Many prayers are needed for your cardinals and bishops.”
     Veronica – In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Spread the messages, especially to our beloved clergy, so as to prepare souls!

We encourage everyone to print or email copies of this web page to all the Bishops and all the clergy.  Also, email or send this web page to the news media and as many people as possible.

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