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Save the Vicar...

October 2, 1972 - Eve of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus

     Veronica – Our Lady is appearing to the right side of the flagpole. With Her are many angels. They are beautifully dressed. Oh, the colors are just so beautiful! There are blues and pinks, and the light is shining so brilliantly on their clothes that I have—oh, it’s—there are no words to describe how beautiful they are. Our Lady now is coming forward.
     “The Rosary must be continued,” She said. Our Lady is coming forward. With Her is Theresa. She says:
     Our Lady – “We give you this little child, a spiritual child who gained her crown through suffering.”
     Veronica – Now Theresa is coming over to the left side of the flagpole. She says:
     St. Theresa – “My sisters on earth, you must learn discipline. You have been led astray and have accepted satan’s plan in your world. You must not follow the fashions of satan.”
     Veronica – Beyond Our Lady many, many nuns are appearing. They are dressed in different habits. They are all dressed in habits that reach to their feet. In fact, I can only see their dark shoes from beneath the skirts. Now the nun who has the hat with the large white wings is coming forward. It’s Catherine. And Catherine also has placed out her hand near Theresa. And Catherine is talking with Our Lady, and Our Lady has nodded Her head. And Catherine is speaking:

Discipline lacking in religious orders
     St. Catherine Labouré – “I cannot understand the lack of discipline in your orders, my sisters. You have cast aside your vows. You have traded your spirit. What can you expect in eternity but damnation? You have closed your hearts and your eyes to the truth. You have been warned by the Eternal Father and the Queen of Heaven countless times. You will listen now, or lose the gift of eternal happiness. You will not reach the highest pinnacle of sainthood unless you mend your ways now.”
     Veronica – Our Lady is stepping forward now. She looks very sad. Our Lady is pointing back to the church, and now to the sky. And I see many churches, and one large one that is rising above the others. It’s Saint Peter’s. Our Lady is crying. She’s, She’s told me to repeat:
     Our Lady – “Children of darkness, come out of your darkness. You are in error. Corruption has entered into the hearts of the holy men of God. The teachers of the children have gone astray. The parents have set an example for their children’s destruction. Woe to evil man who continues in his corruption and refuses to listen to the admonitions from Heaven.
     “A heavy hand will be placed upon you all. The penance will be severe. Your souls will be cleansed by trial. All will retire from the world that has fast become the playground of satan.
     “You will keep your sacramentals and pray now a constant vigil of prayer. Satan works now to corrupt and defile the dedicated. Watch, pray, and beware. He roams in the holy House of God. Many mitres will fall into hell. The love of God dims in your world. The dedicated are casting their badges off like they cannot run fast enough into the flames! Are you ashamed to stand as symbols of your Father in Heaven?
     “Our hearts are gladdened, My child, at the many who have demonstrated their love for the Holy Father and the compassion for the cardinals and bishops of your country. The power of prayer has made saints from sinners.
     “All who have joined Our little armies throughout your era will stand forth, and many will carry heavy crosses. They will follow the road of My Son.

Bible not to be changed
     “The Book of life, Bible, must not be changed to suit the weakness of man.
     “As children of the Eternal Father, you have been placed on your earth with a purpose, and only one purpose: to travel, as pilgrims, the road leading to the Kingdom of your God. You were placed here on your earth to do honor to your God by fighting the adversaries of Heaven, satan and his henchmen. Instead, many of Our disobedient children have entered the darkness. They have bargained and sold their souls to Lucifer.
     “Many in the House of God have been misled to accept teachings other than truth. Falsity has been covered by rationalization and leanings of modernism and humanism. You will find, My child, this well-laid plan has corrupted many.
     “As the demons of main mission go throughout your earth, you will find the destruction of souls increasing unless you listen now, go down on your knees and pray, and make sacrifice and atonement for your offenses against your God!”
     Veronica – Now Jesus is by the right side of the flagpole. It must be very windy because Our Lady is coming over fast, and Her skirts are blowing very hard. And I notice Jesus’ hair is rumpled, too. Oh, it must be very windy today.
     And now Jesus is extending His hand, His right hand, because He has His garment over His left arm. He has a very full robe on this evening; it is a beautiful burgundy-red color. And He has brown sandals and a cream-colored gown. And His hair—and Jesus’ hair looks very long from the side. He is bending down. Oh, He’s—now He is going to raise His hand. Everyone here near the tree—Jesus is right between the flagpole and the tree. Now He is raising His hand over His head, like this, and He has two fingers raised. And He is saying:
     Jesus – “I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.”
Veronica – And then, now—oh, here Theresa is also stepping forward. She is extending her Rosary. Theresa has a very large black Rosary, but the crucifix is very golden. And Theresa is smiling, and she is looking over to Our Lady. And Our Lady now is standing next to Jesus. Our Lady seems quite tall, too, but She is not as tall as Jesus.
     Now They are both gliding over to the left side of the flagpole. Now Our Lady has a large red and white Rosary—the Hail Marys are in red, and the Our Father in white. Now the crucifix is very large and golden; it’s very shining. Now Our Lady is standing, and She is holding the Rosary up, She says, to show you how, like this. And She is holding the crucifix out and the beads down. And now Jesus is extending His hand over His head. And now He has the five fingers like this, and He is blessing everyone over on the left side of the flagpole: In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
     Now Jesus is coming forward. He is just about next to the left side of the flagpole. Oh, yes, He has extended His hand out. Now Jesus has His hand on the flagpole, and He says:
     Jesus – “I have blessed all your sacramentals. They will be endowed with the power of conversion and cures for the manifestations needed for the propagation of the work from Heaven. My Mother will guide you, as will the saintly souls from earth. Do not expect the war ahead to be easy, for you will only survive the trials by dedication and suffering. Prayer, penance, and atonement are necessary for all on earth now. You will make restitution to your God for the offenses committed in the holy House of God.

Temptations of the flesh
     “All cardinals and bishops will go down on their knees and pray for the recovery of the fallen souls in their care. Many Red Hats have succumbed to the temptations of the flesh. Many Purple Hats are following suit. All travel the wide road into darkness and eventual damnation. They will turn now and make restitution now, while there is time.
     “All children of God will make sacrifice and pray for the recovery of the high holy men in the House of God—now! Those who have received the light will share their graces, given in abundance, to make ransom for the fallen souls.
     “A constant vigilance must now be kept throughout your earth. You are at war! The spirits are at war! I cannot caution you enough now to prepare yourselves for this battle. The final victory will be with the Father in Heaven. The outcome is already ordained. But many shall not accept the light and shall cast it aside to spend their eternity in the fires. All have the choice.
     “When the Ball of Redemption comes upon your earth, all will have received the Message from Heaven, and they will be given individual choice for their salvation or their damnation. The agents of hell have multiplied on your earth and in the holy House of God. Open your eyes to the truth. Do not follow like sheep to the slaughter. Pray, make atonement, sacrifice, do penance, for your time grows short.
     “I bless you, My children, as My Father blesses you, and We diffuse among you the Spirit to guide you in the days ahead.”
     Veronica – Now Jesus is raising His hand again. Now this time, though, He is making the sign of the cross. And He is pointing over now to the left side of the flagpole, near the trees. Oh, and I see a large ball, a very large ball. It looks like the earth. And there is a cross upon it. As I watch now there is a very dark cloud, and it’s passing across the ball slowly, slowly, and it’s stopped. Now only a very short, a very narrow line carries the light. The world is steeped in deep darkness.
     And now I see a map over on the right side. The map is of Africa. And Jesus is pointing, and He is saying:
     Jesus – “The forces of evil are now marching through the dark countries. They will gather their forces and join to meet in the Holy City where I, Michael, and the forces of Heaven will do battle; and consummation of the change of your earth will take place. All will have received judgment at this time.”
     Veronica – And I see . . . oh, I see many—oh, it’s like these horses, they are galloping across the sky. Now behind them I see angels, and they are carrying banners. Oh, but in front of them—oh, it’s Jesus. He is on this very white horse; it’s brilliantly bright. Oh, and He is carrying the banner, and the banner has on it Faithful and True. Oh, but it is different; the banner is in red and white and the words “Faithful and True” are written in red. And oh, now from the “True”—there are drops of blood coming down from the word “True.” And the blood seems to be falling right down here on earth.
     Oh, and now Jesus has stopped, and I see the horse that He was on seems to be just evaporating, disappearing. And He is standing there now, and He said:

Warn Vicar
     Jesus – “Warn Our Vicar! Reach him with your words and your prayer. The enemy is entrenched now next to him. He must be saved by your prayers, for woe to your world when he is removed. On the Seat of Peter will be the man of evil, and woe to the souls on earth!”
     Veronica – Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Please submit all testimony of cure, conversion, of heavenly manifestations for the records we keep for holy Church.
     Holy hour for all cardinals and bishops takes place on Shrine grounds from one to two o’clock every Sunday. Many prayers are needed.
     On last Sunday Rosary holy hour Jesus gifted us with the miracle of the spinning sun, evident to all present. Praise be to God! He loves us so!
     Pray the Rosary daily.
     All Heaven’s blessings in the light! V-J-M-J-T

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