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Man of Dark Secrets...

October 6, 1972 - Eve of Our Lady of the Rosary

     Our Lady – “. . . you will spend this hour and many hours of the coming day. Throughout the world My beloved children will stand forth in defense of My Son. Many prayers are needed in atonement for those who have fallen in My Son’s House.
     “You will alert all bishops and cardinals to the dark days ahead. Many are now walking in darkness. Unless you recover them with your prayers and acts of sacrifice, many mitres will fall into hell.
     “I have cautioned all parents to guard the souls of their children. The example We see in many homes is abominable. The soul destroyers are being brought into the homes by parents. It truly rains teardrops from Heaven.
     “I have given you the way to your salvation. I have provided you with all your armor. For many years I have wandered your earth in tears. How many have sought to ease the hurt in My heart and in My Son’s heart? Do not trade and bargain within My Son’s House, for you are setting up souls for destruction.

Man of dark secrets
     “We are pleased with the numbers who are making atonement to the Father for the ransom of your Vicar. The evil surrounds your Vicar. The plan is to remove him from among you. When he is removed, you will receive the man of dark secrets upon the Seat of Peter. Woe to evil man who refuses to repent of his ways.”
     Veronica – There is a tremendous light—
     They must remove the umbrella from over me. Please, I cannot see the light. It’s beyond there.
     There is a tremendous blue light all around the trees. And Our Lady now is coming forward. Our Lady is dressed in white with gold trim all around the outside of Her mantle. She has golden slippers on Her feet, and She has a very large Rosary. The Rosary is white, and it has a golden crucifix. The crucifix is very brilliant, and it’s shining.
     The light is so bright I can barely see, but there is someone moving behind Our Lady. Oh, it’s Michael. Michael is standing to the right side of Our Lady. Now Our Lady is moving over to the right side of the flagpole—no, the left side, on this side. And She is pointing to the convent and the church, and She is saying:
     Our Lady – “You will not concern yourself of the opinion of the clergy. Pray for them and We will give them the light.”
     Veronica – Michael is very tall. Oh, and he’s next to Our Lady. He is very much taller than Our Lady and he is very wide, but not like fat. It’s just that his whole structure is very large. And he’s—now I notice he has on his feet sandals, but they are laced up to his knees. And he has on a skirt-like dress, sort of, with metal pieces fitted into the seams of the skirt. And he has a cloak over his shoulders, and the cloak is green. And Michael is handing now Our Lady a banner. And the banner has letters, “Faithful and True.”
     Now Our Lady is coming closer to the right side of the flagpole, and She is pointing, Our Lady, over to the right. And there is a large map, and it’s a map of Italy. And I see blood running down the map. The blood seems to be flowing from this map of Italy into the water. And I see a large church in Rome. Oh, it’s a large church; I know it’s Saint Peter’s. And the cardinals and everyone are going inside the church. But now there are many strange people going inside. They seem to be foreigners; they don’t look like anyone that I recognize. They are strangers. I don’t know where they came from.
     Now I notice there are a group of nuns over to the left side by the church, and they are starting to take their clothes off. Now when they take off their clothes, they have short skirts on. But behind them there are a group of older nuns, and they have their clothes on, the garments. And they are reaching behind them and they are bringing out these garments. And they are telling them to replace their garments. They are a disgrace to their order.
     Now Our Lady is standing over by the church. She is rising, She is rising up onto the top of the church, and She is standing on top of Saint Peter’s. She said:
     Our Lady – “I am the Queen of Heaven, Mother of earth, and Mediatrix of all graces. I will stand here through the turmoil that lies ahead within the holy House of God.

The half-moon sickle
     “You will all recognize the sign of him who seeks to destroy. He will have on his coat of arms the sickle, the half-moon sickle. You will all make atonement for your bishops and cardinals.
     “The balance is uneven. Should the balance sway more to the left, We will be forced to send upon you the second disaster to your country. The greater the sin, the greater the punishment that will fall upon your country.
     “Science will not have a cure for the plague that will be sent upon your country.
     “You will all keep now a constant vigil of prayer. My Rosary will cover your land. You will all go forth and rescue your fallen brothers. The power of prayer reaches high to Heaven. The final outcome of the planned punishment for your country and the world lies in, now, the will of the Father.

Punishment measured by sin
     “You will be measured by the extent of your sin. The degree of punishment upon your country and the world will be held in measure by the extent of man’s sin and acts and commissions of folly against his God and the laws of the Eternal Father.
     “A wise soul knows the true meaning of saving. Prayer, sacrifice, atonement are your measure for recovery. There is much talk going upon the winds, talk which is destructive and not constructive. This We find in the holy House of God. Better they turn now, go down on their knees, and beg forgiveness for their offenses against their God. Rank shall not spare the wicked. Remember Luciel: he was cast from the eternal Kingdom. All who turn their backs on the commands of the Eternal Father will join Luciel in his dark world.”
     Veronica – All who are able, please kneel, because Jesus is here.
     Jesus – “I know those who have the love of Me will do all to rescue My high priests.
     “Now, My children, you will place all sacramentals and objects of your God forward, and I will give them the blessings necessary for cure and conversion as manifestation in the dark days ahead.
     “Many of you will find in the future that your sacramentals will be a great source of comfort and true source of manifestation for your God and the development of My Mother’s Mission here in your Shrine of purity.”
     Veronica – Now Jesus is placing His hand over His head, very high, and I can see—oh, I can see the wound on His hand. Oh, it’s very deep. And now He raises His hand, and He places two fingers like this. Oh, now He is moving over to the left side, and He is blessing in the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
     Now Our Lady is coming up to Him, and They are both moving over to the right side of the flagpole. And behind Them is Michael. But now coming down from the sky are . . . hundreds—oh, so many angels! Oh, they’re—oh, they just seem to be all over the sky now. And some are down beyond the trees here. They are very heavy. And oh, now—oh, two are coming down here right by Our Lady’s statue. They are just about up above Her crown. And they’re—oh, I know one is Raphael; I can tell by his clothes. He has on this red, sort of crimson-colored, sort of burgundy, dark red gown. But I can’t see his feet now. He is now moving over, he is floating over to the right side. And he is joining Our Lady and Jesus.
     Now Our Lady is holding up Her Rosary. She has a very large white Rosary. And She is taking the crucifix—it’s golden—oh, and it’s very shining. Now She is extending it in front of Her, like this, and She’s blessing everyone. But this time She is raising it very high, and She is making the sign of the cross.
Now She is coming over, Our Lady, and Jesus is right behind Her. Now They are both facing us on the left side of the flagpole. Oh, and now Jesus is raising His hand again, and He is blessing in the sign of the Trinity, like this, very fast. And He is facing over now towards the trees.
     Now He has turned and looked upward, and He is pointing upward. And oh! Oh, my goodness! I see—oh, coming down through the sky, a very large ball. It’s—oh, it’s spinning very fast, and oh, it’s shooting out fire! It’s like the sun falling. Oh, it’s spinning and it’s heading—oh, I can almost feel the heat. Oh, now it’s passing by, but it’s got a long, fiery tail. Oh!
     Now the air is clearing, and I can look back now. And I see Jesus and Our Lady and all the angels. And Jesus looks very, very sad. He said:
     Jesus – “I give you the vision of what is to come upon your earth in the final days.”
     Veronica – Oh! Now Jesus is raising His hands and holding them both forward. And He says:
     Jesus – “Look upon My hands and know that you intend now to crucify My Mystical Body. Woe to the world who has placed up man as an object of worship and cast aside his God. The eternal flames will reach many.”
     Veronica – Now Our Lady is coming forward. She looks very sad. She has reached down now and with the edge of Her cape, Her mantle, She is wiping Her face. And She said:
     Our Lady – “I travel throughout the world shedding many tears. Those who will be gathered in the latter days are few. Already the Ball of Redemption has been planned by the Father. Send My words throughout your earth in the time that is left to you.”
     Veronica – Now Jesus is coming forward, and He is standing by Our Lady. And He said:
     Jesus – “I give you My blessing, as My Father bestows His graces upon you. And We will diffuse among you the Holy Spirit to guide you in the dark days ahead. Take your hearts and your minds from your world of satan. Retire now into the spirit that We entrusted to each one of you. We intend that that spirit be returned to Us for eternity. We do not wish one to be given over to the adversary, satan. The war is on now! The sides are being lined up. And you will make your own choice now while you still have the time. You will have to remain close to your Sacraments, for you cannot at this stage, be governed completely by false teachers.”
     Veronica saw a large globe covered in darkness, only a small section still lighted.
     Our Lady – “Prayer, atonement—do penance now, for your time grows short!
     “Honor My message, though many now dishonor your God, for many tears will be shed when it is too late.
     “I bless you all, My children. Continue with your prayers of atonement.
     “I give you graces in abundance for the asking. From My sacred grounds I have captured from Lucifer, through the merciful love of your brothers, with prayer, many souls destined for the flames!”
     Our Lady moved forward and pointed to a large map. There was the United States. A very dark area covered two places in northern California. This dark area also extended from New York through Massachusetts to Pennsylvania.

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     Rosary hour of atonement every Sunday on Shrine grounds from 1 to 2 p.m.
     Please submit for the records all written testimony of cures, conversions, and manifestations. These are gathered for holy Church.
     God bless you in the light!

     Veronica J-M-J-T

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