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Man of Many Faces...

November 1, 1972 - Feast of All Saints’ Day and Eve of All Souls’ Day

     Our Lady – “I am truly the Mother of Sorrows. I look upon the numbers of My children who are engaged in conflict, needless conflict among brothers. While you engage in temporal disputes, the enemy of your God takes his advantage.
     “We gather the prayers of Our beloved children to take to the gates for release of those who are waiting. There are many who have been forgotten, My children. A little sacrifice on your part would release one of these waiting souls.

Clergy in purgatory forgotten
     “Your clergy, the ministers of your God, are forgotten in these dark chambers. See, My child, the countless souls who are waiting to be released. You are surprised, My child, to see they are ministers of My Son’s House. A human has no rank when he is working for the salvation of his soul. He must go down the path of every human. I ask, My children, for more prayers for your departed clergy.
     “I look upon faces filled with fear that covers the love. I do not come to place fear in your hearts, My children. I only come to prepare you for the battle which lies ahead. The harvest of souls is great. Many will be taken from earth before the coming of My Son down among you.
     “Penance, sacrifice, works of great mercy are needed now.
     “My child, do not be disturbed by the events about you. Guide all My children on a straight course. No evil will ever triumph. The Eternal Father wishes you to know now that much is permitted and shall be reversed on its course when the time is ready.
     “You ask, My child, for dates. This will not be necessary. What matters is that you prepare yourself.”
     Veronica – The sky is becoming very bright. And there are figures—oh, I recognize them now—hundreds, hundreds of figures. They are dressed in different garments. I recognize Theresa. And next to her are her sisters: one, two, three. Saint Catherine is coming over by the right side of the flagpole. And Our Lady now has joined Saint Catherine, and She is holding up Her Rosary. The Rosary is very large and white, like pearls, very huge pearls. And as She turns—Our Lady is turning towards Saint Catherine—the pearls have a pink glow to them now. And the crucifix is very large and golden.
     Our Lady now has turned to the rear, and She is pointing to all the clergy who are lining up behind the nuns. And there is a man coming forward now. Oh, he is very young. He has curly hair, and he is smiling. And I know it is Saint Dominic. Saint Dominic is saying:

St. Dominic
     St. Dominic – “I have passed on to my brothers on earth a great secret, the secret of salvation from Mary, the Queen of Heaven. Do not cast these aside for your temporary worldly pursuits and interest. All time must be used now for the repatriation of all souls. All crowns in Heaven were won by trial. Do not turn from suffering, my brothers. Learn the value of suffering.”
     Veronica – Now there are four men who have come forward, and they are standing next to Our Lady. And Jesus now—oh, Jesus is coming down by the right side of the flagpole. He is dressed in a red-burgundy long gown, and He has this—it’s really His covering, like a cloak. And His gown is like a cream color. And He has on slippers, sandals—a brown; they look like leather. And Jesus now has raised His hand, and He is pointing over to the three men. And He says, Jesus says:
     Jesus – “Doctors of the House of God.”
     Veronica – And now I see names appearing over the men’s heads: Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Robert Bellarmine, and the other man is left with a question mark over his head. The man—and Jesus says:

Man of many faces
     Jesus – “This is the man of many faces who walks now in the holy House of God. Only you hold the decision to his fate.”
     Veronica – Oh! Our Lady now is turning and also motioning to this man who has no face. He is turned now, and I see no face. And Our Lady says:
     Our Lady – “He is being developed to enter upon the Seat of Peter. All trials coming from the abyss can enter into this man of perdition. A constant vigilance of prayer must now be kept throughout your earth. The time for your Vicar has been extended, but only for a short time. When he is removed from the Seat of Peter, the man of dark secrets is waiting.
     “Many in the House of God have accepted their blindness. When a man of God falls from grace, he can be blinded to the truth. His way back will be one of heavy penance. Seek and ye shall find the road back. Travel on your wide road, and you enter into the abyss.”
     Veronica – Our Lady has now come very close, forward to the right.
     Our Lady – “I struggle, My children, to reach you all before the Chastisement.
     “There will be many internal disorders in your country, much suffering. Protect your children now within your homes.
     “I need much help. Many arms are needed. I ask your help, and the help of all those who have the love of My Son. Do not permit those of evil infiltration to desecrate the Body of My Son. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.
     “My Son’s House is now infiltrated, My children, with many agents of hell. Recognize the signs of your times. I have given you the armor for your salvation.
     “There is coming a general mobilization of forces in Heaven. The saints who have kept their robes clean upon earth shall enter into the spotless glory of eternal salvation. As We go into deep battle with the agents of Lucifer, many will accept martyrdom.
     “The balance is heavy for your destruction. Man has created an uneven balance. As he adds the atrocities created by him to defile the God-nature of the Eternal Father, he brings himself closer to his own extinction.
     “The Eternal Father, My children, is not a punishing God. He waits, He wonders, He loves, and He is all-merciful. My heart is saddened to have to relate that your time grows short.
     “The Eternal Father has created your world, and He can eliminate all source of evil by cleansing your earth and starting anew. The holy House of God will be cleansed by trial. In this manner, those who remain when My Son arrives will be ready to set up the glorious Kingdom.
     “To avoid this major destruction upon your world, there must be a complete and uncompromised about-face from your evil lives.
     “The light has dimmed on your earth, but Our candles shall search in the darkness.”
     Veronica – Our Lady has floated over to the left side of the flagpole. She is dressed in a deep blue mantle, cape-like mantle that covers Her head and goes right down to Her feet. And She has golden sandals on, and a cream-colored dress with a beautiful golden sash. Oh, She has two roses in each hand, and Her Rosary is now entwined in the roses.
     Our Lady said that She is very pleased with the number of prayers and acts of sacrifice being made for the cardinals and bishops of our country and the world. Jesus is very pleased that He finds many who care.
Our Lady said at the conclusion of the full mysteries, Jesus will bless all sacramentals and objects that are to be kept in the—to guide you and to be your source of comfort in the dark days that lie ahead.
     I saw hundreds, hundreds of white crosses covering the ground—thousands of white crosses covering the ground. Our Lady said:

Wars a punishment for sin
     Our Lady – “Wars are a punishment for man’s sin. Satan promotes these wars by using the weakness of man. As long as man idolizes and searches for the temporal things of this world, earth, he will go farther from the laws set forth by his God. As long as man turns from the laws of his God, he will be engaged in conflict of war. Before the coming of My Son and the armies of Heaven, there will be a great world conflict. Pray that your loved ones do not become involved.
     “The measure for avoiding catastrophe and destruction to your earth will be in measure of the penance, the sacrifices, and the acts of atonement made to a dishonored God. You shall receive what you have sown.”
     Veronica – All who are able will please kneel, for Jesus is now coming forward.
     Jesus – “My child, have all extend their Rosaries, all sacramentals and objects of the nature of God.”
     Veronica – Now Jesus is coming over to the right side of the flagpole. He is extending His hand very high above His head, and He is making the sign of the Trinity, like this. And now Jesus is being joined by Our Lady. And They’re—oh, They have turned and They are going over by the tree, just a little over by the tree. And Our Lady is smiling, and Jesus now is blessing everyone straight down in front of Him in the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
     And Our Lady now—She has something in Her hand. Oh, it’s the roses She had held before. Oh, She is peeling the roses, Our Lady, and She is tossing them out. Oh, Our Lady said:
     Our Lady – “Now you know, My child, why I often spoke to you of graces more bountiful than the petals of the roses.”
     Veronica – And Our Lady now is smiling. And She is now—She is floating over. She is on the left side of the flagpole. And now Jesus is next to Her. Oh, Our Lady looks much smaller tonight than Jesus. Oh, I see; She is down farther in the sky. It makes Her come almost up to Him, almost to Jesus’ waist. Oh, He’s coming down. Ah! [Veronica laughs.]
     He said—I don’t know if I should repeat it. Jesus said:
     Jesus – “You are very observant, My child. Is this better?”
     Veronica – Oh! Oh, now Jesus is raising His hand. He is smiling. And He is blessing in the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. And He is turning now towards the trees area. And now—oh, He is going to bless in the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
     Oh, now He is being joined by Saint Dominic. Oh, and there is—and there is Saint Aloysius, Saint Theresa, and Saint Catherine Labouré. Oh, and there are many, many others. I don’t know, there are—must be at least fifty or sixty women over on the right side of the flagpole.
     They’re—some are dressed in clothes that—oh, I . . . they’re dated, almost, I guess you would say, around the 1700’s, or 1600’s. They look very—like something we used to see in our history books. And—but then I see these nuns; they are nuns, they’re dressed in all different kinds of habits. Some have on hats that look like “Sun Bonnet Sues.” And then I see Saint Catherine with a large group of nuns with the big headpieces, like wide-wing bonnets. And then . . . also I see some nuns that look like they’ve got—I don’t know what they are. There are red crosses on their arms—nurses, I guess. Now over here I see many—oh, many men.
     Oh, and Jesus is saying: “The saints of earth.” And these men—oh, my goodness! There is Padre Pio. Oh! And there is—but she has long hair. There is, there’s—oh, I know who she is. That’s Rose Ferron. Oh, but she looks very young, and she has long hair—oh, cut down her back, like—it’s very cut-off, like it’s been chopped off, but it’s down her back. And then there is someone—I don’t know who she is. But Jesus now, He’s turned towards us. And He is saying . . . He’s saying:

Sainthood for the asking
     Jesus – “These are all saints of your earth. Make note that nothing is impossible with your God. Ask and you shall receive. The realm of sainthood is yours, all for the asking. Surely, My children, you would not willfully turn from the lighted road and accept the realm of satan. For could I open the gates of hell to you but for a moment, you would spend the balance of your earthly life on your knees and running far from the enticements and inducements that take your immortal being to the abyss.”
     Veronica – Oh, I see a very dark cavern; it looks like a large hole. People—oh, they seem to be as though they are naked. And they are all falling down. It’s as though there was a great wind pulling them down. But yet they are floating, and they are bouncing, and they are hitting into each other. And they are screaming, they are screaming! Oh, there’s these horrible-looking things. Oh, these things, they’re . . . oh, I don’t know how to explain them. They are like half animal, half human. They are really gruesome.
     Now, now I see—oh, I see two church people with headpieces on. They are mitres. And they are screaming; they are screaming as they’re going—one is going in head first, and the other one seems to be falling. And two things, these two things have them by the legs and they are pulling them down. And then I see . . . oh, I see these others are black, like coals, and they are floating. They don’t seem to stop; they keep turning over.
     Now one is looking up, and he is saying: “If I had known! If I had known! If I had known!” And he is repeating it. Now as he is looking up—this man, he is looking up, and I see all these piles, rows upon rows of little bodies, some without legs, some without heads, some cut in half, some with sliced heads and arms. It’s just like piling on the dump.
     Oh, now I see those—as they are lying there, there is something rising, hundreds and hundreds of little white lights are rising up out of those bodies. Now Our Lady is placing Her hand out, and everything is growing dark. I can’t see it any more. And She said:

Hell awaits abortionists
     Our Lady – “This, My child, is the first level of hell. You see what awaits those who slaughter the innocent. Each body has been given the spirit of life, untimely sent back to the Father. Woe to evil man who has set himself up to destroy the life created by the Father. Never has such wickedness been equalled since the time of Noe! How can you expect a lengthy reprieve? Your warning, being given here from My sacred grounds, is now one of the final warnings being issued to your civilization.
     “I have chosen many voice-boxes throughout the world, but all will give the same message from the Father: Repent now while you have the time, for you shall be destroyed by a measure of your offenses against the laws of God. You will not be judged by the laws of man, for man has lost his way and set up an idol of self-worship. Penance, penance, atonement! What more can I say to you? Your time grows short!”
     Veronica – Now Jesus is coming over to the right side of the flagpole. He’s holding out His hand.
     Jesus – “Listen, hasten, and act upon the words of My Mother. Your offenses have reached a tolerance that We find must now be stopped. Under these conditions you will all have been prepared for what lies ahead. Hasten, harken, and listen, for the words will go throughout the world, and then the curtain falls!
     “I bless you, My children. Have hope in your hearts as you remain in the light.”

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