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Parents must Safeguard Children’s Souls...

November 20, 1972 - Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Eve of Christ the King

     Veronica – Michael is coming forward. He’s standing at the right side of the flagpole. He has in his hand a large scale. The scale is very uneven. He is looking down, and now he’s looking over to the right side of the flagpole—his right side, our left side. Oh, and he’s pointing to Our Lady. Our Lady is beautifully dressed. She’s dressed in a very bright white gown with a blue sash around the middle of Her gown. And upon Her head there is a crown, but the rays from the crown go upward to the sky. And on each tip there is a star, and the stars seem to go round about Her head. Oh!
     Our Lady – “My children, My tears fall upon you. I see the destruction of young souls. How many tears I have shed for you who are repentant, for you who do not listen to your Mother’s cries for atonement! The Father plans a heavy penance for you. None will escape the time of trial.
     “My children, you fail to recognize the existence of a world unseen to your human eyes. Satan and the abyss have come now upon you to do full battle with those who stand forth to defend My Son and His House. I look upon your world of complete darkness of spirit. The candles are few, and the numbers of souls falling daily into hell are as numerous as the snowflakes that fall from your heavens. [Veronica was terrified upon seeing many souls falling into hell.]

Test for the world
     “You must realize, My children, that the time of the enemy will be short. But his destruction during this period given him by the Eternal Father will afford him the time to gather and separate the sheep. Your world is now being given a test. This cleansing will be in the House of God and the lay souls of earth. I have not come to fill you with fear. I must awaken you to the fact now that your days are counted.
     “Satan, Lucifer, has been allowed his time to gather those who have fallen to his enticements. We give you the graces necessary for the salvation of your souls. When this period of cleansing has expired, those who have fallen will have done so of their own free will.
     “My children, you have all looked for the easy road to My Son’s Kingdom. The road to Heaven is not a road of acceptance of what pampers and you find is satisfying to your worldly being. You must deny yourself of these enticements which have been created by satan. I look upon your world and have found that sin has become a way of life with you. Come out of the darkness!
     “The hope that you can offer to those who have been led astray is the knowledge that when the Father forgives, He forgets. He does not wish that one of His children be given to satan. Your world and leaders—and yes, those in My Son’s House—have forgotten the value of prayer. They will not recover and ransom souls with idle talk. They must now go down on their knees and make atonement for their offenses against their God, starve their bodies of the demons that they have allowed to enter upon them.
     “Shall My Son find even a small flicker of light, of faith, in the hearts of His children when He returns? Woe unto an unrepentant generation! The numbers counted will be in the few.”
[Veronica then witnessed the coming of the Ball of Redemption and the many who will burn in its great flame. She almost fainted from the sight.]
     Jesus – “I repeat: what was to happen in the future, My children, shall be now.”

Parents must safeguard children’s souls
     Our Lady – “The Father now leaves the decision with His children. We place the fullest measure of responsibility, and place a condemnation upon all parents who do not safeguard the souls of the children entrusted in their care. We see a foul example in many homes. We see an uncaring, permissive attitude on the part of many parents. Woe to the parent who disregards this admonition now to prepare the souls of their children for what lies ahead!
     “There will be sent upon your country another plague. Many parents will weep, but their tears will come too late. I warned you, My children, of the first devastation, but you did not listen and you did not make atonement. And now what will you do for your children?
     “Those who cast aside the laws of their God—men of science ever seeking but never reaching the truth! Man shall not set up for a point, an object of worship, the human.
     “You will continue your acts of mercy and prayers to rescue those who have fallen in My Son’s House. Blindness, darkness will lead many into the abyss.
     “I have wandered throughout the world. My tears have fallen upon My children. I shall remain with you through your trials. I have given you, countless times and in many places, your plan for your salvation. Retire now from a world that has been given to satan. The ultimate victory over this evil will be with My Son.
     “I am the Queen of Heaven, Mother of earth, Mediatrix of all graces. I come to you with graces in abundance, graces for the asking. I will dispense to all those who join Me in rescuing their brothers, many graces—manifestations by means of conversion and cure. I place upon these consecrated, sacred grounds the graces to rescue souls in these dark days.
     “My child, in your haste you have forgotten your cross. I guarded you with My beads of prayer.”
     Veronica – Oh, what Our Lady means is that I am never to appear in public places without the cross, and I was in very much of a hurry and I didn’t carry the cross along with me in my hands.
     Our Lady has a very large Rosary. The beads look like pearls, and from the end there’s a crucifix. And the crucifix is very golden. Oh, it’s very large. And Our Lady’s turning now, and She’s pointing over to the left side of the flagpole. Oh, there’s Jesus.
     Oh, will everyone please kneel. Jesus is over on—oh, He’s on our right side of the flagpole. And—oh, He says:
     Jesus – “I have come early, My children, and I will bless all sacramentals and objects of your God. And with these graces I bestow upon you the grace of conversion and cure. It is in this means that My Mother’s work on earth will be recognized by many.”
     Veronica – Now Jesus is raising His hand up over His head. And He’s over near the trees, and He’s raising His hand up high. And He has His fingers like this, and He’s blessing everyone on this side in the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
     Now Jesus has placed His—He has on a red, burgundy-colored robe over His gown; it’s like a cloak. But now He’s shifting it. Oh, I see. He’s placing it over on His left hand; He’s arranging it onto His left arm. And now He—oh, so He could get His arm freer. And He’s—oh, He’s over here now by the right side of the flagpole. And He’s raising His hand above His head now, like this. And He’s blessing all in front of Our Lady’s statue in the sign of the Trinity: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
Now Our Lady is smiling, and She’s looking over to Jesus. And She said:
     Our Lady – “I dry My tears only, My children, because of the warm hearts that have now come to Us.”
     Veronica – Oh, Our Lady means the souls that are on the grounds this evening and others who are praying the Rosary and making sacrifice throughout the world.
     Now Our Lady’s—She’s not walking; She seems to be floating, over to the left side. Oh, and Jesus is now over by Her. Oh, He’s raising His hand now, and He’s blessing all on this side of the flagpole: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. And over in that direction, now Jesus is turned—His back is towards us here, and He’s blessing in that direction: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Oh, now Jesus is bending over. And Jesus said:

St. Michael exorcism
     Jesus – “You must return Michael to My House. The exorcism must be brought back to My House. Man has replaced the unseen world with worldly interpretations. He must recognize there is another world, unseen without the grace of the Father, to most. But all who are on your earth must pass on into this other world. Whether you reach the light or descend into darkness for eternity will be of your decision.
     “I bless you all, My children, and I diffuse among you the light in the Spirit. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”
     Veronica – Now Our Lady is coming down. And now She’s extending Her hand out over here, and She’s making the sign of the cross with Her Rosary over the people on the right side—oh, Her right side, that’s our left side. Oh, Our Lady . . . She says:
     Our Lady – “I send upon a dedicated son graces more abundant than his human mind could conceive.”
     Veronica – In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
     Our Lady now is smiling. And She says:
     Our Lady – “Continue with your prayers, for there are many souls to rescue.”
     Veronica – Saint Theresa is next to Our Lady. She is smiling and looking down. Theresa says:

Nuns must return to long habits
     St. Theresa – “Come out of the darkness, my sisters. You have been misled. Do not follow the fashions of your world. There is no fashion in Heaven. Jesus never changes. There is great punishment ahead for those who follow the world. Do not leave when you are discouraged by those who satan has sent into your convents. Stand forth as an example of purity and godliness. You will not be cast aside by your God, as you will by man, as you stand to defend your God. Pick up your cross and carry it.
     “You will return the habit to the floor.”
     Veronica – Over to the right side of the flagpole there’s a nun. She’s smiling. She has on this large white hat, with like—has wings on the side. Oh, she thinks—the nun thinks it’s very funny that I called it “wings.” Catherine! It’s Catherine, Catherine Labouré.
     St. Catherine Labouré – “When you accept a change that offends your God, you will be discontinued. Confusion, confusion! All about us we see confusion. Pray to the Holy Spirit that you may receive the light.”
Veronica – Our Lady is pointing to a map. I see Egypt, and Africa, and in the center, Israel.
Our Lady – “There will be a great War, and at the time of this crisis will return the Lord of lords and the King of kings. Prepare yourself now, for the time for your earth grows short. A great change will soon take place. It will be the end of your era as you know it. Prepare your souls now. You have all been warned.”
     Veronica – Our Lady wants this repeated as an act of humility.
     Our Lady – “You, Veronica, will care less of the opinion of your fellow man. When you know the value of self sacrifice, and accepting the jest of others without it affecting your emotions and ultimately your work for Us, I’m sure, My child, you will spare yourself much unnecessary suffering.
     “As you advance in virtue, you will cast aside all barbs and accept them, if you do, with great joy. Now all suffering will become a joy when you know the value of this suffering for the repatriation of your soul.
     “You do not have to find occasions to turn to man for solace; just open your heart to Us in prayer. But you must find more solitude in your prayer.
     “You may gain many graces by offering up your discomfort and every unpleasant work for the recovery of souls and the release of these souls in purgatory. There isn’t a waking moment of your lifetime on earth that cannot be used fruitfully.
     “. . . My child, many crosses. All who have followed into the Kingdom carried heavy crosses. All who enter into the Kingdom will carry a heavy cross.”

Rose Notes from Veronica:
     The words of this message are exact as taken from the tapes made on the grounds during the vigil.
Many testimonials of graces to souls are being received for the records of holy Church. Please send in all evidence of manifestations, etc.
     There shall be only one center for sending out initial message of Our Lady here in New York. Others will send out on a personal basis—friend to friend, link to link around the world.
     Our Lady blesses you, Jesus blesses you, and I thank you.
     In the light from Heaven,

     Veronica J-M-J-T

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