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Demon 5 to come up from hell...

March 24, 1973
Eve of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Unscheduled Vigil 

     Our Lady - "Satan has defeated his own purpose. As he ... [Words not clear] ... confusion in the world and in My Son's House, he has defeated himself, as now prayers rise to Heaven against him.

     "My child, Veronica, in the days ahead you will grow accustomed to the unusual. As you give yourself directly to Us, you will be guided by the Holy Spirit. Do not be concerned of the written message that lies dormant now. The Message of Heaven is reaching the multitudes.

     "Your personal mail will be taken care of in due time.

Manifestations on photos

     "You will be very busy studying the incoming photographic manifestations. Many are temporarily blinded to what story lies hidden in these photos. We have adopted this means to communicate with a blinded generation. As We gather the sheep, many will receive manifestations. The sight to see beyond the veil will be given to many as you line up in battle against Lucifer.

     "The days upon your earth are counted. The Ball of cleansing is on its way. All who remain close to My Son during this crucible of suffering shall have no fear. All who fall into the darkness during this crucible of suffering will have done so of their own choice."

The Chastisement from Heaven

     Veronica - I see a large ball of fire. It's twirling very fast. It's growing larger as it's coming closer. As it's coming—as it's twirling through the space I see there are stars falling. It is a group of stars; there are stars falling about it. And they're glowing very much now, the stars, as they come down to the earth.

     It's moving very fast. It's now going over behind the moon. The moon now is bleeding on one side. Part of it seems to be melting. Oh, it's twirling very fast, it's ... [Words not clear] over on the right side; it's like a burning star. It looks almost like the fourth of July, like a sparkler, only very red and orange.

     Now as it comes closer it's very, very hot. In sections this ball looks white; it's a white heat. Now also something is breaking away from it; it's like chunks of molten rock and heat.

     Now I see the water, and I see the waters are rising very high, very high. Oh, the waters are rising at least—oh, fourteen, fifteen feet higher than they normally would be. And they're now coming over the shoreline, and I see them now covering a city. And the city now—the water's pulling down, and right where it was, underneath the buildings have fallen. And pieces—I can see some doors. And I see two people sitting on a door. And they're being pulled, and they're trying to fight their way onto the foundation of a house. Oh! Oh!

     Now I see the ball. It's pulling away and it's going out into the sky. But it has this large tail, and the tail now is—it's just breaking up, and pieces are falling down back onto the earth here. And also, on the other side, there's a ... [Words not clear. A large map appeared, indicating Asia and Africa] ... Asia. And above them I see written: "YELLOW." Then looking at the map I see Africa. And above Africa is this cloud.

     And now there's a large hand pointing—it has no arm; it's a hand, and it's pointing over to the right side of the flagpole. And it's, it's pointing now, and the finger's writing: "NO PEACE WITHOUT GOD." "HOURS," H-R-S, "HRS EQUAL YEARS." "HRS EQUAL YEARS. LOOK TO THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PICTURE."

     Now Our Lady is coming forward. Oh! Now—oh, there are great rays. Now Our Lady is bathed in a—oh, a beautiful pink, pink glowing light. Oh, it's so bright! I have never seen the light so bright, so pink. Now She's standing there. And She has on a beautiful white gown; it has a pink cast in the light. And She has on a blue shawl, and it's—oh, She's—Our Lady said it isn't a gown, it is a cape. And also, motioning to Her neck.... Oh! She's showing the golden tassel. Now, oh, about Her neck there is a golden tassel with loops.

     Our Lady said it is not Ballantine beer. I, I, I don't know what it is, but it seems, it looks like sort of a Ballantine beer sign. And Our Lady said it's not Ballantine beer—She thinks it's very funny. It looks like pretzels. And now Our Lady is just smiling, and She's pointing over to the left. And She says to remind Evelyn ... Evelyn, that she will continue with her mission.

     Now Our Lady is coming over, and She's now.... Oh, look at that! Our Lady is blessing Evelyn ... oh-h ... with Her Rosary, with the golden Rosary. And She's standing over—now Our Lady is right here. [Veronica sounds very excited.] Oh-h-h! I could touch Her hands. Oh, I could touch Our Lady's hands. Oh! Oh, She's very close. I don't have the pillow here. Oh, Our Lady says She doesn't need the pillow. She can just stay where She is. Oh! And She said:

     Our Lady - "I extend this special grace, for I assure you, My child, Evelyn, you will need it in the future. You will be certain to bless your camera with pure waters before you use it."

     Veronica - And now Our Lady is now floating—She doesn't stand, She floats—over to the right side of the flagpole. And now She's extending Her Rosary. Her Rosary is very white. Oh, it's very large, and the beads are like pearls; they're very white. And the Our Fathers are golden. But the crucifix is extremely large. It's golden. Now Our Lady is taking the crucifix—She wants me to show you the manner—like this, and She has placed it like this. And now She is blessing in the sign of the cross. Now Our Lady wants me to repeat, but I am to sit down.

     Our Lady - "I ask many to make unscheduled vigils here on My sacred grounds. Many prayers are needed for those who have not been given the grace to come here.

You must not sit back

     "Graces are earned and can be gathered by the prayers and penance of others. Therefore, you who have received these graces have a great responsibility to your brothers. You must not sit back and accept your redemption with pride, for this offends the Father. Your graces will be earned with thorns. Therefore, you will overcome your obstacles with prayer and sacrifice.    

     "All sacramentals will be worn as armor. No sacramentals are given for decorative purposes. They are to be with you in time of need, and to protect you from infiltration from satan.

     "Man has his free will and can cast aside his armor at any time. He may paint a picture of purity and holiness before the world, but the Father will see into his heart. The truth will be pictured in your heart.

     "Yes, the hours, the days, the months are counted. I have spent many years of earth-time preparing you for this momentous occasion. It shall not be a time of fear, but a preparation for that glorious day when My Son gathers His household and renews it. You will all go through a heavy crucifixion. Only in this way will you be able to follow My Son into the Kingdom.

     "Before the arrival of My Son, many will have weakened and chosen the easy road. This gives Us great sorrow in the knowledge of what is to come. However, you have been made knowledgeable in advance of what lies ahead. Therefore, when you fall, you will have made your own decision.

     "Continue, My children, your prayers of atonement. Many are needed, for souls are falling fast into hell—much faster at the present time than We can recover them. Great graces will be needed, and they will be gathered by your prayers and acts of atonement."

     Veronica - In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


     Our Lady - "My child, Veronica, you will disattach yourself more from all worldly interests. You are no longer a worldly identity, but an instrument of God. Therefore, your life will no longer continue on a normal or free scale and judgment. All directives will come to you from My Son. You will limit your associations with others. These associations will be limited to your immediate workers. You have no time for entertaining now, for the time grows short to gather the souls. We ask full dedication to your mission.

Only a few to be saved

     "I have the foreknowledge to impart to you that only a few will be saved in the coming Chastisement. Many will be taken from the world before this crucible of suffering. Many will be chosen by the Father to remain in martyrdom, awaiting the coming of My Son. The six days of suffering are not for you.

     "Those who have given their lives and souls to Lucifer are now blinded to what lies ahead. They will be eating and drinking and marrying, and then will come the Ball. Their flesh shall burn and dry up and blow off the bones as though it had never existed! All those who have defamed their bodies, the temple of the Holy Spirit within them, these bodies shall burn!"

     Veronica - Oh-h! Now Jesus is coming over with Our Lady. And He looks very beautiful. Jesus has on a—oh, it's a beige-colored sort of a cape. It's, it's very full and He's gathered it over His arm. And He's wearing now brown sandals. They look like—oh, brown, like skin-like sandals. And now Jesus is smiling. He thinks—oh, He thinks it's quite amusing, He says, that I'm comparing "My clothes to those of the world."

     Jesus says He likes fullness of garments, ...

     Jesus - "... but the enemy of God has fashioned a way of life and dress to destroy your spirit. Better you hide your nakedness from the agents of hell. Therefore...."

     Veronica - And Jesus is pointing now, and He's putting His hand like this. He's covering—I don't know; I believe it means the people.

     "Better," He says,

     Jesus - "... you all set a good example for your children."

     Veronica - Oh! Oh!

     Jesus - "The age of reasoning calculated on earth is not in the plan of Heaven. A parent shall be the leading force in the life of his children regardless of chronological age on earth. Therefore, every parent will be held responsible for his part in the destruction of his children's souls.

     "The forces of evil are gathered against the young. Parents will be the anchor in their home. Guard the souls of your children, for they meet the agents of hell once they step outside your doors. Prayer, and prayer alone, with the graces gained in sacramentals and sacraments will be your fortification against the agents of hell now loosed in great numbers upon your earth.

Demon 5 to come up from hell

     "As this battle progresses, number five will enter from the abyss. The corruption will increase until man will wish he would be removed from the earth. He will beg for mercy. Yes, death of the body would be preferable to existence upon this world that has been given to satan.

     "There will be small lights in the world, candles lit to hold back the darkness.

     "My Mother has been sent to you as a Mediatrix between the Father and man. She has placed Herself in sacrifice for lost souls.

     "I have watched as you have degraded Her, and you have sought with the agents of hell to destroy Her. You will know now that My Mother will crush the prince of darkness, and he will lie before Her, chained by Michael and cast into the pit. He rages now upon your world, knowing that his time grows short.

     "Recognize, My children, the signs of the times. Open the Book of life and read what John has left you. We instructed him well in the mysteries that will unfold through many seers in many places throughout your earth. If you seek, you will find the answer. Those in grace will understand the meanings of the wordings of John."

     Veronica - Now Jesus is going over to the left side of the flagpole, and He's extending His hand high over His head. And now He's blessing in the sign of the Trinity, like this. And now He's going over—Our Lady is right beside Him, and over by the right side of the flagpole. Now Our Lady has reached up, and She has in Her hand now roses, flowers. Now Our Lady says:

     Our Lady - "I have used the petals of the roses as instruments significant of the graces that I will bestow upon you."

     Veronica - Now Our Lady is—oh, I see. She's taking the roses, and She's taking the petals, and She's throwing them. She's—oh, She is just ... they're, they're floating; they're floating right down onto the ground. Oh, they're—oh, Our Lady flings too far. I can't get them. But they're floating down now onto the grounds. And She said:

The construction of an oasis

     Our Lady - "I now dispense upon these sacred grounds the power from the Father for conversion and cure. All in the plan of Heaven for the construction of an oasis in the dark times. My Shrine shall be called Our Lady of the Roses, Mary, Help of Mothers.

     "Come to Me, all mothers who weep for their children. Come to Me and I will solace you. Understanding pours forth from My Mother's heart. Come, and I will place My mantle about you, and you will find great comfort with Me.

     "Many mothers shall stand in great trial in the days ahead. Satan will enter upon many homes, and parents will be placed upon the cross.

     "I will always be here waiting for you. There is no time in Heaven. Therefore, there is no calculation of time upon My sacred grounds. I am always here. During the vigils of the eves of feast days, We ask for special gatherings for the propagation of the message to go throughout the world. However, We ask all to come here without this special purpose, but to accept the graces that We will dispense henceforth in abundance."

      Veronica - Now Our Lady is going over to the left side of the flagpole, and She's bending down now. And She wants—oh, Our Lady says that:

Many workers will come and go

     Our Lady - "During the work ahead, many workers will come and go. As My Son started with many and ended with few, so will those who walk His road."

     Veronica - Now Our Lady is floating over to the right side of the flagpole, and She's joining Jesus. Now Jesus is standing there, and He's raised His hand, and in it He's holding a ball with a cross on the top. He said:

     Jesus - "The days upon your earth are counted. The pages have turned much faster than the Father had planned. But the destiny of the world was always in the will of man. Love will not be forced: graces given in abundance, but earned."

     Veronica - Now it's growing very dim, the light. And Our Lady and Jesus now are going beyond the flagpole. And Our Lady says:

     Our Lady - "Continue now with the pearls of prayer. Many souls are waiting and thirsting for your graces."

     Veronica - In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


     The sky—the stars are in the sky, but the sky is very red. It's almost like blood. The sky is very red.


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