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A vision of hell...

June 8, 1973
Eve of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

     Veronica - There are flashes now over the left side of the trees. The trees are lighting up, oh, very blue. There's a border outline of about—oh, a good foot of light all around the trees. It's because Our Lady and Michael now are coming from over by the trees there. Oh, Our Lady now is moving over to the right side there—our left side, our left side of the flagpole. Now Our Lady is—She's just standing and looking down.

     She has on a long blue robe. The outer covering is blue, and Her gown is white. And there's a blue sash around the center of Her gown. It's very pretty; Our Lady looks very beautiful. Oh, and tonight She's wearing—oh, Her crown is all of roses! Our Lady is wearing a beautiful crown of roses.

     Now Michael is coming forward. And he's bending down now; he's still holding the scale. The scale looks very golden in the light. And there are—oh, I see Michael now. He's pointing with his spear over to the other side of the flagpole. Oh, he's pointing to—his spear.

     Oh, over on the right side, our right side, there's a horrible-looking thing. Oh! It looks like—oh, it looks like an animal; but it's got claw-like hands, very long, claw-like fingers. And it's got two ears; they're pointed. And his face—there's no face. It's like a—oh, oh, it's sickening. It's like—oh, I can't describe it. It's not an elf; it's, it's horrible. And now he's very small; his body looks stunted. But on his feet—they're very pointed—there's a ... his feet look like webs, like frog's feet almost, like webbed toes.

     Oh, now Michael is now placing out the scale in front of him, and Michael is saying:

Man wallows in errors

     St. Michael - "Man travels the road to deep darkness. Man wallows in errors, a cesspool of errors. Confusion, deception, deceit, and lies! Why have you allowed yourselves to be led down this road?"

     Veronica - Now—oh, over the flagpole, over to the left side, it's growing very light. I can barely look; it's very bright. And there's now—oh! Oh, Jesus is coming forward. Oh! Oh! Oh, He's very beautiful. It's so bright, the light, I can barely see His hair and His face.

     But Jesus has on a red robe; it's tied at His neck with a golden string. Now He's placing the robe over His hand, like this, and—oh, He's opening His ... the top part of His robe. Oh! Now I see there's a large heart. There's a large heart on the front part of His gown. But the heart now—there's a large sword; it's, it's, oh, it's going through His heart. And there's blood now dripping down His gown. Oh!

     Now He's coming over; Jesus is coming over closer. He's just above our heads now, and He's looking down. Oh, I ... it's ... Oh, I feel ... [Veronica is in great distress at the sight.] The drops are all coming down on us. Oh! Oh! Now Jesus is bending down. He's placed His hand over His heart. Oh, it's His right hand, and the blood is seeping through His fingers. And Jesus is saying:

     Jesus - "See, My children, what ungrateful man has chosen to do to Me. Have I suffered for you in vain? Will you ask a severe punishment upon you for your offenses against your God? Blindness, corruption, deceit! Sins more foul than since the time of Noe! Whatever shall become of you?

     "My Mother has made many visits to your earth. She pleads your cause well with the Father. However, the time for your atonement has been shortened. You will all save yourselves now in the merciful drops of My Blood shed for you through generations, shed now for an ungrateful generation that has chosen to give himself to satan."

     Veronica - Now Jesus is closing the robe across His chest, and He's now going backwards into the sky. And Our Lady now is coming forward. Oh! Oh, Our Lady now is going over to the right side of the flagpole, our right side. And She's motioning now up to the sky. Oh, and there are two men coming down now.

     They are dressed—they have long robes on. I don't recognize them now because I can't see their faces yet. Oh, now they're coming closer. Oh, one is Saint Robert Bellarmine. He has a very large Bible in his hand, and he's bending down. And he is saying:

Goats and sheep

     St. Robert Bellarmine - "Shout, my child and my children, from the rooftops! Man must now read the words of the prophets of old. He will direct his life in the light of truth, or he shall enter into a crucible of suffering. The Father will chastise those He loves. You cannot understand, as mortal, the ways of Heaven. All evil will never be triumphant. The sheep shall be separated into two camps: the goats and the sheep."

     Veronica - Now Our Lady is going over to the right side of the flagpole. She's now taking from Her waist—oh, Our Lady has Her Rosary. That's why this—oh, I, I see. Our Lady said we're to wear the Rosary during Her visits here on the belt, on the belt of our gowns. And they're to be removed so they will not be lost.

     Our Lady now is bending forward. She has a beautiful Rosary. It's all white, and the Our Father beads are very large. They're golden—they're beautiful, golden. Oh, they're so bright. The light is catching the Rosaries now, and they are so bright that they sparkle. Oh, and now Our Lady is bending over. She's extending the Rosary out over—oh, Our Lady wants me to touch the Rosary. Oh! Now She's coming closer. Oh ... oh ... oh, now I can touch it. Oh, yes! Oh. And Our Lady is kissing now the cross of Jesus—the suffering of Her Son, Our Lady said. And, oh, Our Lady says:

     Our Lady - "Remember, My child, I bestow upon all who come to My sacred grounds, the power to bring back and rescue from satan their brothers and sisters. You must not forget the power of prayer to the Father. Ask in the name of My Son, and He cannot refuse you.

     "Continue, My children, your prayers of atonement."


     "You will deliver to the world the Message from Heaven. You will permit no elaboration or additives to My words or any words from Heaven. You must not speak on your own. As Our messenger, you are not opinionated, My child, for you will only act as a voice-box for Heaven.

     "There are many agents of hell loosed upon earth now, My children. They have all means at their disposal for your capture, for the capture of your soul. Recognize, My children, the faces and forces of evil about you. Do not be misguided by the agents of hell who try to take from your mind by subtle means the fallacy and error that there is not another world beyond the veil. I can assure you, My children, that this knowledge will soon be made known to them.

     "The Father has great plans for restoring a proper balance to the world. My children, I repeat Myself with purpose. You must, you must retire now from a world that has been given to satan. It is a time of trial and cleansing. I have come to you many times, in many places throughout your earth, giving you directions and the armor for your survival during this greatest of battles. None will be lost unless they go of their own free will.

     "Prayer, atonement, sacrifice: is this too much to ask of you in the face of what you will soon find coming upon you? I do not come to earth to fill hearts with fear, but I bring reality of what is to befall an unrepentant generation.

     "There are many throughout the world, your world, that will be given a test. This is a test of faith and love; for many will be asked to give themselves to the Father as victim souls, victims to the merciful heart and love of the Father in repatriation for those souls who offend most the Father."

Flash and great heat

     Veronica - Do not look up to the sky—the flash! Oh, it's—oh, I see a terrible light. It's a flash, but it's hot. Oh, it's so hot! Oh! Now I hear voices, and the people are screaming. They're frightened.

     "There's no reason to be frightened. Our Lady will save you. There's no reason to be frightened. Don't run! Don't go outside; stay inside. Oh, pray! Remain on your knees and pray!"

     Our Lady - "The world before the great Chastisement will be plunged into darkness."

     Veronica - Now Our Lady is coming forward. Our Lady now is bending down, and She says:

     Our Lady - "It is a most frightening sight, My child, even to those who have been given the grace of knowing what lies ahead.

     "There are many manifestations and many souls who will speak out for Us throughout the world. All will have heard the word of truth before the final cleansing."

     Veronica - Now Our Lady is going over to the left side of the flagpole. And now She's placing both Her hands out in front of Her. The Rosary now is caught onto Her band about Her waist, the blue band.

     And Our Lady now is placing Her hands out, like this. Now Her right hand is going in front of Her left hand, and—oh, there's a very bright light coming from Our Lady's hand, like this. It's coming down from the sky. It's a very bright light. Oh! It's, it's, it's beautiful! Oh, the light is so bright. It's so bright that you ... it's ... there's ... I ... Oh, Our Lady now is saying:

     Our Lady - "These are the rays of hope I give to man during the coming trials. We all stand ready to guide you here, as We will guide Our beloved children throughout the world. Wear your sacramentals; do not take them from you, for they will be your armor. As the agents of hell roam the earth, they will not enter upon a soul who has armed himself with the sacramentals and graces given freely for the asking from the Father. Recognize, My children, that you are mortal, which will make the battle more strenuous."

A vision of hell

     Veronica - Now I smell—oh, a terrible odor of, like sulphur and rot. Oh! [Veronica has difficulty breathing.] Oh!

     "Our Lady, I don't want to look!"

     Oh, Our Lady wants me to look. There's a deep hole. Oh, it's, it looks like a—oh, a cavern. Oh, and it's, it's very—it actually smells like rotten flesh. And now Our Lady is taking me down, down, down. Oh, my! Oh, my goodness! Oh! Oh, I see people, and they're all, as we're passing, they're reaching their hands out. Oh, oh, Our Lady ... I must look. Oh!

     Our Lady - "My children, you see the poor souls that cannot be rescued. Many have come here because they failed to listen to the words of the Father. They have fallen victim to the pleasures of the flesh. More souls enter daily into this terrible place of suffering because of the sins of the flesh."

     Veronica - Oh! Oh! Now we're going down further! Oh! These bodies are floating—they're people. I see they're people, but they're, they're lit up like coals—they're an orange color. Oh! Oh! But right behind them are these horrible things. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! They're all different, but they're horrible. Oh!

     Now Our Lady is taking my hand and we're going up. We're floating up, up. It's getting much lighter now. I can see ... I can see the sky. Oh. Oh, Our Lady now is walking over—She's not walking, She's floating over, and it's growing very dark. It's very, very, very dark. And now Our Lady is saying:

     Our Lady - "My child, this color is of sorrow. The only light in the darkness is the Sacred Heart of My Son."

     Veronica - Now in the center, over the flagpole, there's a large white heart. Now it's turning a very deep, deep, deep red—ah, red-orange. Oh, oh, it's, it's very large; it covers the whole sky. Now Our Lady is floating over, and She's reaching out, and She's placing Her hand over the heart.

     And now She's pointing over, and She's—and the sky is becoming filled with people—many, many people. But they're walking, and they're carrying crosses on their backs. Many are wearing crowns of thorns on their heads. Our Lady says:

     Our Lady - "See, My child, many who will go the way of the cross before the final cleansing."

     Veronica - Oh! Oh, now Our Lady is coming very close, very close. She's—oh, Our Lady is saying:

     Our Lady - "Do not sorrow, My child. It is with joy that they carry their cross for My Son. The world—your world does not know the value of suffering, My child. If they did, there would be more who would offer themselves to My Son for the mercy of the Father in the days to come. Accept all suffering with joy."

     Veronica - Now—oh, over to the left side of the flagpole is Theresa. I know Theresa very well. Now Theresa is coming down by herself. No, and she's floating over by Our Lady. She's by herself, but Michael is standing next to all those people. They're all in the back with the crosses; they're holding the crosses up now, straight up and down. And they're standing there, just looking at Our Lady and Theresa. Now Theresa is coming forward, and she is saying:

     St. Theresa - "Veronica, my sister, please send out the Message from Heaven in great haste. The time grows very short. The great offenses to the Sacred Heart of our beloved Jesus multiply. Therefore, the scale grows most uneven."

     Veronica - Oh.

Skirts to the ground

     St. Theresa - "You must hasten, my sister, to make known the sorrow of Jesus at the deportment of many of His dedicated in the houses of God. They must not follow the ways of the world, for they lead surely down the road to destruction. They must now lower their skirts to the ground. They must return to lives of piety, poverty, and chastity. Many are giving themselves to the pleasures of the world. Many have brought scandal into the House of God. Pray for them, my sister; pray much, for many souls are being misguided. Pray, my sisters and my brothers, for all the priests in the House of God. They are in need of much prayer. Only you, in your goodness of heart and love of the Father, must act now to save them.

     "There are four agents from hell upon earth. One is now—"

     Veronica - Oh, and Theresa is pointing, and I see Saint Peter's. It's a very large church. It's very large. Oh, and I see this horrible-looking thing. This thing, he's going now into the door. He's very smug-looking. Oh, and he's now gone into a back room—in the room off the church; it's a room off the side of the church. There's a lot of people gathered there. There are cardinals and bishops. I can tell by the way they're dressed.

     Now one is going over, and he's counting. He's saying: "One! two! three! four! five! six!" And he's placing his hand now on the chest of the cardinal. Now as I watch—oh! Oh, I see him—he's just like ... oh, he's like evaporating into his body; he's just going right in! Now I can't see him anymore. But I see—oh! Oh! Now I see—oh, my! Oh! Our Lady says:

     Our Lady - "Yes, My child, you will have no fear in speaking out, for they must be warned."

     Veronica - I see now that the one, the cardinal, is now taking off his—he has a very wide hat. Now as he's taking it off he's smiling, but as he takes it off, his hat off, he has ears like a, like a devil—these things coming out of his head like a devil! And he's holding up the number—he's holding up his hand: five and one make six. Oh! Oh! Now it's growing very dark. I can't see anything. And Our Lady says:

     Our Lady - "You will continue, My child, until Jesus gives you further directions for your mission."

     Veronica - Oh, Our Lady now is coming over. She's on the right side of the flagpole. Oh, She's very beautiful. She has the blue cape on and the blue sash about Her waist. And I asked, "Please, Our Lady, I can still smell that stink on the earth." Oh.

     Our Lady - "My child, this strange odor that nauseates you will remain with you for some time, for you will accept this as part of your cross for the salvation of souls. It will bring to mind the scene constantly that I have brought you down to see.

No suffering ever wasted

     "I know, My child, that you have found the cross growing heavy, but We place great dependence and confidence upon you. The Father knows your great love for Him. Therefore, you will continue with confidence. We cannot promise you a life without suffering, for graces are not earned easily, My child, though they are given freely. However, you will follow the direction of your sister, Theresa, who has taught you her little way of gaining Heaven through suffering.

     "My child, make it known that no suffering is ever wasted, for there are graces following behind these crucibles."

     Veronica - Now Our Lady is raising Her Rosary, and now She is blessing: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Our Lady said:

     Our Lady - "You will continue with the prayers of atonement and will sit down now, My child."


     Veronica - ... and He's standing by the left side of the flagpole. Oh, He's just standing there and smiling. It's very bright about Jesus, as there's always a tremendous light. It just seems to come out from underneath His garments. It's just beautiful. Now Jesus' hair looks very long. It's parted in the center, and it hangs down to His shoulders, but it goes sort of just a little above the front of His shoulders and to the back. Jesus is smiling. Jesus says:

     Jesus - "My child, you always recognize Me, but the deceitful one has many faces. So you must be most cautious of your associations. There is no deceit in Heaven. The spirits that come to you from the sacred grounds are true. The deceitful one lies beyond the sacred grounds.

     "I caution you anew: beware of an evil force that surrounds a shrine of purity. They will try to stop you with all cunning and deception, so call much to your guardians. They wish to save you from all unnecessary suffering."


     Veronica - Oh, yes! I ... it's ... oh-h-h! Oh, now I see him, Tusazeri. Oh! When Jesus ...

     "Can I tell?"

     Jesus says I can tell now. Oh, when Jesus said He is assigning one of the highest guardians of Heaven to the work, for me, I didn't see him. But now I can see him.

     Oh, Tusazeri: he's very, very big. Oh! Oh, now I see he's turning around, and he's twisting, and he's becoming very transparent. Oh, he's twisting so—he's creating quite a breeze. Oh! Now he's twirling, and he's showing—oh that is actually a wisp of smoke. Oh!

     Now Jesus is placing out His hand to stop him from twirling because he's making the trees blow. Oh, Jesus now is placing out His hand. And now Tusazeri has stopped twirling around, so I can recognize him. Oh! Oh, now he's very, very large. Now Jesus is saying now:

     Jesus - "My child, you will recognize him. Blessed is he who does not see and believes. However, I give you this grace for the furtherance of your mission. You will explain, My child, what I have just said to you."

     Veronica - Oh, Jesus means that this is the first time I saw Tusazeri. When Jesus assigned him to me a year ago, He said He was sending one of the highest guardians in Heaven to assist me in the work, but I have never seen Tusazeri until tonight. He's very large. He's almost as large as Michael.

     Oh, now Michael is appearing on the right side of the flagpole. Oh, he's saying:

     St. Michael - "Not quite, my child!"

     Veronica - Oh, he is standing there now. Now Michael has a large bow in his hand; he has a large bow in his right hand, and he's carrying that scale still in his left hand. And the scale has a large black block on it. I don't know what the block is, but it must be the abominations that Michael speaks of.

     Now over to the left, now, Jesus is standing. And He's changing His robe over to His other arm. Now Tusazeri has gone back behind Jesus. He's standing behind Jesus now ... they sort of float. He's just floated behind Jesus. And Our Lady is coming over, and She's—Our Lady is speaking very softly, and She says:

     Our Lady - "Continue with your prayers, My children. Many are needed."

     Veronica - Now Jesus is—oh, now Jesus is coming forward. He's on the left side of the flagpole now, and He's extending His hand—oh, high above His head now, and He's making a sign ... He has His—like His three fingers out, and He's making the sign of the Trinity. It's squared off, like this. He's smiling. He thinks it's quite funny the way I'm explaining it, but it's hard to explain from down here. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     Now Jesus is going over to the left side of—our left side of the flagpole it would be, over here. And He's now coming forward a little. And I notice His robe is blowing, so it must be a little windy. He's about the center part of the flagpole now. And He's extending His hand over His head: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     Oh, now Jesus is floating over now. Our Lady is coming forward, too, and She's following right behind Him. He's coming over to the right side of the flagpole, and He's coming down very close. He's right over the—behind Our Lady's statue here. And now—Oh, Jesus is extending His hand high above His head: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     And now Jesus is looking down, and He's smiling. Now He's going to bless all of the peoples on my right side, that would be His left side down. Oh, now He's placing His hand now over here on the right side.

     Jesus is placing His hand before Him, and there are those rays again! There are rays—oh! Now He—oh, He's now placing His hand out straight in front of Him, and the rays are coming down now over on the left side. They're just between us now. I feel like I'm right in the middle of them now. And the rays are very strong; they're very, very bright. I can—now I can reach out, and I can feel them coming in here, but they're not hot. They're just very bright.

     Oh, now Jesus is floating over with Our Lady, and He's standing there. Now He's raising His hand. Our Lady also is placing Her Rosary in front of Her, and She's going to bless everyone with Her crucifix from Her Rosary, like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Now Jesus is floating over to the left side of the flagpole. He's standing by the trees. And now He says:

     Jesus - "Continue, My child, now. You may play your music box."


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