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Do not be discouraged, My children...

November 1, 1973
All Saints’ Day and Eve of All Souls’ Day

     Veronica - This is Veronica. I have prayed for the direction of Heaven, and due to the urgency of the coming Warning and Chastisement, I must continue ahead with the Message of Heaven to the world. The vigils cannot be stopped at this Shrine. The prayers of atonement must not be stopped. It is the will of God.

     Our Lady - “My child, the test has come.”


     “The forces of evil have gathered to stop the good work. However, My child, you do not have to be affrighted, for We have prepared you for this moment.

     “The Message from Heaven will go throughout the world in the short time left for man: penance, atonement, and sacrifice.

     “I have gone throughout the world shedding tears for a degenerative generation. My child, the Father now deems it necessary to send upon you an intervention from Heaven.”    

     [Our Lady’s message was interrupted at this point by the arrival of a group of local parish authorities, led by the pastor, Monsignor McDonald.

     A letter from Monsignor James P. King, Chancellor of the Diocese of Brooklyn, to Father Powell, Episcopal Vicar of the vicariate in which St. Robert’s parish is located, was read by Father Powell. It stated that they have “reviewed all the information regarding these vigils, and can only conclude that no supernatural significance can be attached.” Therefore, they must discourage these meetings, and henceforth “the church property is out of bounds for devotional use.”

     After the reading of the letter, the church officials left the grounds without allowing Veronica to make a public defense of the prayer vigils.

     Veronica then proceeded to give an explanation to the pilgrims of why the vigils were held and must continue to be held. Finally she was asked to come inside the building and speak with Father Powell.] 

     Veronica - I’ve been speaking here with Our Lady in my heart. Our Lady says, should we have been approached in truth and justice, then I would have been subjugated to obedience. But since I was approached by an agent of satan, I do not have to follow him. Therefore, the prayers will continue for those who have the strength to stand up and be counted. It is too late now to be judged by personal opinion. It is too late now to accede to the masters who wish to destroy the souls and render them to satan. Therefore, you do not have to follow the road to hell. Cast off those, Our Lady said, and consult your Bible, for in the end days there will come among you false teachers, one who lives with pride and arrogance, using their rank to lead down the road to hell others.

     Therefore, stand forth in the Faith. Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice—more now than ever, for those who have been taken by satan and are being used as tools of the prince of darkness.    


     All who are able, please kneel. Our Lady—Our Lady said: 

Satan in the House of God

     Our Lady - “Do not be discouraged, My children. Did you not recognize the signs of the times?

     “Veronica, My child, why are you so despondent? Did I not tell you that satan had entered into the House of My Son? Prayer and atonement, My child. Soon your lot will be much easier.

     “Now My Son will bless these beloved children who have followed the golden rule.”

     Veronica - Now Jesus is coming over. Oh! Oh! Oh, it’s the right side of the flagpole. Oh, and Jesus has on a beautiful red cape. It’s a burgundy color. Oh, and He’s standing; He’s looking—oh, He’s smiling, but He looks so sad. Jesus is saying:

     Jesus - “Now you understand, My child, how I feel.

     “You were given the flower, the petal, with the heavy cross. We prepared you, My child, with the signs.”

     Veronica - Oh, yes. Our Lady now is smiling. And She’s extending Her Rosary. Oh, now She’s coming right down to the end. Oh! Oh! Oh, Our Lady said:

     Our Lady - “Great courage will be needed in the days ahead. You will pray much, and the Father will counsel you on your next recourse. Spread the message, My child, with great haste.

     “Did I not warn you that the agents of darkness would try to stop the truth? Have no fear, My child. It is not man that you should fear. Man has lost his way; he is in deep darkness. Darkness has entered into the hearts of many. Many in My Son’s House now have gone down the road to darkness. Pray for them, My child. Do not castigate them in any way, but pray that they may be given the light.”    

     Veronica - Now Our Lady is raising Her hand with the beautiful Rosary. Oh, She has a beautiful white Rosary with a golden cross on it, and She’s holding the cross up. And now She’s blessing everyone with the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     Now Jesus is standing next to Our Lady, and He’s holding a ball in His left hand, with a cross on the top of it. And now with His right hand Jesus is going like this: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     Now Jesus is smiling. Oh!

     “I—oh, yes. I—oh. I—yes.”

     I told Jesus that I feel so badly, but He doesn’t look that hurt. And He says that: 

Recognition will come

     Jesus - “The trials will soon be over and recognition will come to all. The Father has a plan for awakening those who have fallen asleep in My House.”

     Veronica - Oh!

     Jesus - “Now, My children, continue with your prayers of atonement.”

     Veronica - And now Jesus is raising His hand, and He’s motioning now over, oh, over by the trees. Oh, He’s blessing with His hand this way: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     Now He’s coming over with Our Lady. Our Lady is very beautiful, but She looks, oh, so tiny next to Jesus now. Oh, it’s because He’s a little higher. He’s a little higher than Our Lady; makes Him look very tall.

     And now They’re coming over to the left side of the flagpole. And oh, Our Lady and Jesus now—Our Lady’s raising the Rosary. The beads are very bright. The white bead sections are glowing like pearls. And now Jesus is raising His hand now. Oh, but He’s holding the cross. He’s taken the cross now from the world, and He’s holding it now above His head. Now He’s blessing all with the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     Now Jesus is turning, and He’s right near the flagpole. And He’s extending the cross over. The cross is made just of wood; it has no corpus on it, just wood. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. And now He’s going over to the right side again, our right side, and He’s extending the cross over: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     Jesus says:

     Jesus - “All cards of godly nature and all sacramentals have received the grace of conversion and cure.

     “Know that this night you have joined Me on the cross. Therefore, since you have acknowledged Me before man, I will acknowledge you before the Father. My children, you have heeded the call of My Mother, and you will be counted among those saved. 

Prepare for Warning

     “So now prepare for the days ahead. Pray much, wear your sacramentals, and beware of the sunrise. Do not look up to the flash. Pray; pray much during those days. The world will go into deep darkness. Prayer will be your only recourse. The light will flicker throughout the world, and man will be plunged into heavy darkness. My Mother will be here on these sacred grounds.

     “The saints cry out in Heaven for retribution against evil man. The balance has fallen heavily to the left, and man now will receive the just recompense of his evil.

     “All who have remained in the light will pass through this great cataclysm without fear, knowing that it is in the plan of the Father to shake from the trees all the rotten fruit. Amen, amen, I say to you: This generation shall not pass without chastisement!”

     Veronica - Now Jesus is raising His hand: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Now Jesus is pointing up. Oh, my goodness! There’s a huge ball. Oh, my goodness! Oh! It’s, it’s—oh, it’s huge! It’s the largest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And it’s spinning, and it’s spinning, and it’s traveling across the sky. And now the sun, the sun—oh, it’s almost the size of the sun! Oh, my goodness! Now as it’s spinning, it’s gaining fire. It’s starting to turn very red. And it’s starting to shoot out sparks and rocks. Oh, my goodness! Oh, don’t look up to the sunrise. It will blind you! Oh! Oh, my! Oh, oh, oh!

     Now it’s growing very dark, and I can’t see anyone. Now Our Lady is coming—oh, Our Lady is coming out. It’s just like the sky has gone all black. And Our Lady is coming forward. She’s saying:

     Our Lady - “Courage, My child. Can you expect less a lot than My Son received? Do you not recognize the signs of your times? The world now will go through a crucible of suffering. All that is rotten will fall. And all that remains will be those who will join My Son in glorious triumph in the setting up of the Kingdom.

     “I will be here, My child, for man has yet to find the way to enter upon the spiritual. Come to Me with your sorrows and I will dry your tears. The heart can always rise to Heaven, for few men can read the thoughts of another.”


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