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Plan of satan to try to destroy the Church of Jesus


February 17, 1974

Holy Hour


Veronica - This is Sunday, February 17. In the will of God I’m not able to attend in person to pray for the priests of the world, who are under great attack from satan.

     It is the plan of satan to try to destroy the Church of Jesus. However, everyone must persevere during this crisis. They must not leave holy Church because the foundation is Jesus. That shall never be changed. There are now in great numbers in the Church, many agents of satan. They work from high places. Know that many have been placed within the Church to create confusion and disillusionment. Do not leave! Our Lady begs you do not leave, but pray, for prayer is the strongest weapon given by the Father to chase satan from within the Church.

     There will be a time of great trial. Many clergy will be pressured to make a heavy decision. However, the truth lies in every man’s heart. Know that your first allegiance is with the Father. You cannot accede to the wishes of man, for you do not know who walks beside you.

     Satan, who lives in the kingdom of the spirit, cannot be seen by the human eye unless permitted by the Father for His reasons in this great battle. Therefore, know that these demons that are loose now upon earth are in the millions. They cannot work unless they enter into the human body. They promote accidents which are not accidents.

     The powers of satan are great. However, satan cannot kill you, the human body. However, he can kill the soul. This is what you must remember. He will promote situations to kill your human body; however, this will only be allowed by the Father for reasons which would be made known to you in the future.

     Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice must be your principal guidance in the days ahead. The Commandments of the Father must not be cast aside for the new modes of humanism and modernism. You’ll not save souls by catering to the human instincts of man, for you will feed the body and starve the soul.

     It is not an easy road to Heaven. Satan will make it most difficult, for it is his desire to take to hell, his kingdom, all the souls of the children of God. Keep your sacramentals about you, for they are your protection. All manners of sacramentals, all instruments for your protection must be used at this time because we are at war. It is a war of the spirits.

     Human man must now rely on the graces he may attain through the Sacraments of holy Church. Do not be turned away by the man whom God has chosen with consecrated hands to bring you the Body of Christ. Do not judge your clergy by human standards. Remember, he is a human being. However, during the time of Consecration, through the Holy Spirit he will bring you the physical Body and Blood of Christ.

     Christ is living. However, Christ can only live in pure souls. Do not be led astray by the modern creation of satan that man will be saved because he is a creature of God. No! Man must dedicate himself to God and wish to enter the Kingdom. He has his free will. Man will not automatically enter the Kingdom because he has been created by God. No! God sets the soul at the time of ... when the.... The soul enters into the body at the time of creation. This time of creation is at the time of conception.

     The Father has a plan for every soul He places upon earth. Therefore, man commits murder when he, through his free will, destroys the soul in the body of an unborn child. This is a direct breaking of the Commandment of the Father “Thou shalt not kill.”

     Satan has placed his agents well in high places. Justice and men who have been chosen and sent into office to promote justice have also fallen to the plan of satan. The legions of hell have taken over the United States and most countries now of the world. The legions of hell have massed in the House of God.

     There is a great war ahead.  It will coincide with the war in the Mideast. However, the greatest concern is for the salvation of the soul eternal. Many bodies will be destroyed by man due to these legions of satan in war and great disasters. However, the major importance for all parents and all individuals in the world is that they set their lives now to rights with God. They must live with God daily. They must accept all the graces that the Father has placed within their means to obtain. The greatest strength will lie with the Eucharist.

     Satan set confusion in the House of God so that many will leave. Recognize this fact, for you have fallen to his plan. You leave because you judge the Church of Jesus, not on the standards of Christ, but on the standards of man. Many have been placed within the Church for this very reason, to create confusion and bring about a total destruction of the Church of Jesus Christ under Pope Paul VI, the true leader and descendant of Peter, of Saint Peter, the first Pope.

     Do not be led astray by the many reports coming from your news media, for you must remember they, too, are under control of the enemies of God. You will only be told what they want you to know, and the truth lies not in atheistic hearts. You cannot expect the truth from an atheist.



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