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We look with great sorrow upon the secret societies of earth.

Eve of Palm Sunday - April 6th, 1974

Veronica - Now at the left side of the flagpole there's a very brilliant, white light and it's very much in the distance. Oh, but it's becoming brighter now, and wider. Oh, and out from the circle, the circlet of light is a huge figure...oh, it's Michael!

Now Michael is carrying in his right hand a balance, and in his left hand he has a long spear. Now Michael...I can see now that he has a whole attitude of despair, despondency. The way he is standing now, with his head down...almost upon his chest.

Now coming behind him is a figure...oh, it's Our Lady. Oh, Our Lady is beautifully gowned in white. And there's golden trim about Her head covering. It goes all from Her feet around Her head, down to her feet, and on Her feet are these beautiful, golden sandals. Now on the sandals I can see they look like golden roses, one on each foot. They look very dainty; The sandals look very dainty. they're very beautiful.

The light is very bright. It's very hard to look into. I can almost see Our Lady's face. I can't see Her face, the light is so bright. But now I notice that Michael is coming forward. And he is motioning for me to listen. He has placed his hands, now to his lips.

St. Michael - "My child, you will listen well to the words of the Queen of Heaven. Your world will stand now in great trial."

Veronica - Now Our Lady is coming forward, and She has in Her right hand...oh, it's a Scapular, a very large Scapular, the brown Scapular. And in...now She is placing from Her belt, She's taking out Her Rosary. It's a very large Rosary. It's white, beautiful white, very large beads. And the Our Father is golden, and the crucifix is now white, but it's becoming strangely very dark. Now Our Lady is coming forward. Now She looks...Our Lady looks very sad.

Our Lady - "My child, it is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that there will be great chastisement to your world. The sins of man have multiplied far beyond My expectancy. Our tears fall in abundance upon an unrepentant generation. There will be placed upon your world great trial."

Veronica - I see now a very large ball. It's coming closer. Now on top of the ball is a huge cross. It's a cross but no corpus on it. It's a very large cross. Now I see...the ball, which is light; it's turning grey now. And it's now becoming very dark. Our Lady says:

Our Lady - "You see, My child, the great darkness that will come over the world.

"The prayers, the acts of sacrifice made by the few on earth I can only say few, My child, for they do not balance the numbers and multitudes upon earth...these prayers had won a reprieve for mankind. However, it is in the plan of the Father that the cleansing begin. Man has not recognized the warnings given by the Father. Therefore, they will become more severe in nature.

"You will find that many will be placed upon the cross as victims for their faith. All who follow My Son will carry a very heavy cross. The time of the persecution is now accelerating. Prepare yourselves; retire from your world which has been given to satan. Guard the Faith in your homes, in the hearts of those you love.

"Heresy, O mournful heresy! whatever shall become of you? Loosed upon your earth are the demons from the abyss. They have multiplied and are prepared to do great battle. The time of times and the day of days approach. Understand and make preparation, for you are approaching the period of darkness. There will come upon you suddenly a great cataclysm of cosmic force. Recognize this as not an occurrence explained by science, but as the hand of the Father upon an unrepentant generation."

Veronica - Now I see a...river, a great body of water. It's very large, it's almost like an ocean. But now there are four figures coming down through the sky. They're dressed in long white robes.

The first figure now is coming and standing over the left side of the river. And he is carrying a banner. It has a figure on it, but it...the banner looks like a V - shaped figure. From here it looks like it might be, oh, something that, like a tornado or or something with great force.

And now I see the figure in white, the angel, is raising his hand for me to be silent. He says:

First Angel - "Waves, great waves will rise high above your land. Waters to carry and cleanse!"

Veronica - Now the second Angel is coming forward. He's carrying a sword in his hand. It's a very long sword. Now he is going over to the left bank of the waters. He is standing there now, and he is placing across his chest a black band. And on the band is written D - I - V - I - S - I - O - N.

D - I - V - I - S..."Division." Now he's placing the sword downward, pointing it downward with his right hand. And now the sword is being placed over his head and over his head I see small writing. There's a hand, I see it from the wrist, upward, and it's writing as though with the first finger. It's saying,

Second Angel - "Father against son, mother against daughter, sister against brother." And then underneath, "Division within the home."

Now it's growing dark and the writing is disappearing. Now I see another figure coming forward. Now he's carrying a long what looks like a piece of reed or wheat, and he has got a balance in his hand, a scale. But it looks different from the one Michael carries. He also has a black band across his chest, and he's standing now on the right bank of the...joining the other angel on the right bank of the river, of the great body of water. And now he is holding the balance up and he is pointing now to his chest, and written across the black band is

"Hunger." H - U - N - G - E - R. Now he's taking the balance and he's raising it high above his head, and he's saying:

Third Angel - "Denarius, denarius. A measure for the wheat! What will you give for your bread?"

Veronica - Now it's growing very dark. And I am looking over the body of water, and I see very high waves. And they're coming closer to the land. Oh! It looks, it looks like in Europe. It looks like England! And I see tremendous waves washing at the shore. Oh, and I see the bottom half of, of it facing onto the water. It's now breaking away and falling into the sea! Oh! Oh!

Now it's growing very dark. It's growing very dark now. I see another figure. He's dressed in white. He is also wearing a black band across his chest. But on the band is a horrible figure of a skull. A skull, just a horrible gaping skull! Now this figure of the angel, he has two swords which he's now crossing upon his chest. And now he's pointing both swords downwards to - as through the earth, it's the earth, because the great globe is standing there now, with a cross on it. And now, I hear many many voices, and they're crying, "War, war, war!"

Now it's growing dark. Our Lady is coming now. Our Lady looks very beautiful, but She's very sad!

Our Lady - "Yes, My child, I am heavy of heart. There will be a great War.

"You are saddened, My child, at the knowledge of what is to come. Blood will flow through your streets.

"I have wandered countless earth - years throughout your world, offering the plan for your salvation and to save you from destruction. How many have listened to My pleas?

"The evils, the Father finds abominable. Your country, your world is in far worse a condition of soul than it was in the time of Niniveh, Sodom and Gomorrah, and Noah. What then, can you expect for your future? You have cast aside, of your free will, the Book of life, Bible; you have chosen to follow satan, the father of all liars. You have followed him as you listened to his call - all for the pleasures of the flesh and the gain of money! Many have sold their souls to get to the head. Your redemption will be returned to you with great trial. Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption, which will be sent upon you as part of the plan of the Father for restoring the world to its original purity. All who are left will be with the Father, in My Son Jesus, to set up the Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Father.

"I have asked you to read your Book of life, the Bible, so that you will know the truth and not be led astray by the men who come to you as angels of light, but are ravenous wolves. They are sons of satan! Recognize they have crucified My Son, and they are now setting to recrucify Him again! This they will accomplish through His Mystical Body. But know you this! They will be given only a set time by the Father, and they will be cast into the abyss. The gates of Hell are open wide, but they shall not prevail against the Church of My Son. This He left to you as a guide, as you go on the narrow road and make your way back to the Kingdom. Too many have set themselves on the wide road and given themselves to satan.

"Oh, the anguish of heart, oh, the gnashing of teeth at that moment when they pass beyond the veil! What does it gain you now if you receive the whole world and lose your soul?

"Over the veil your life is eternal. Death, My child, is a word that should be stricken from your earthly language. There is no death! Life is eternal. Your body will one day rise anew, and you will be recognizable to each other. But until that time, you are living beyond the veil. There is no death. It is only the enemies of the Father that try to erase this truth from your mind. In this manner they can set you on the road to satan. For they are truly the sons of Satan, as they were always the sons of satan, when they killed My Son, too, upon earth.

"Compromise, My children, what have you to gain when you compromise your Faith? You divide yourselves so that the enemies of God will conquer you! All who do not recognize My Son as the Christ in the Father, in the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, they are not of My Son and they are not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven, and they shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven! This is from the Father.

Societies of Satan

"You have upon your earth, many societies of Satan. They have monopolized the industry of your world and the medias of communication. They have done the work of satan well. This was allowed by the Father because of your unwillingness to turn from your sins. All who are with the Father shall be saved. None shall come to the Father except that they come by the road of My Son.

"My child, too many fear for the safety of their bodies. Better that they fear for the salvation of their souls!"

Veronica - Now I see...it's growing very dark. And there are, oh!!...legions of figures. I say legions because they look hundreds of figures, but they're dressed in very dark garments. They are crossing across the sky. I have never seen any dressed like this in black. Oh, and as they turn now, they're facing me. Go 'WAY - Y - Y! Oh. Oh, they're, they're terrible. They're...oh, they're horrible! They're...oh. Oh, Blessed Mother, no I don't want to see them! Oh, and now Our Lady is coming forward.

Our Lady - "Do not be affrighted, My child. This the Father asks of you that you will recognize what is upon earth now. However, know that they will not appear to man as you see them now."

Veronica - Oh, they're horrible!

Our Lady - "But know well that they will enter into the bodies of any man, woman or child that has given his or her soul to satan. Satan cannot work upon his own and in his own image. He must enter into the body of another. Prayer. Pray much, My child and My children, for you can only send them from you by prayer, acts of fast and atonement. I have asked in the past many times, that the leaders and the teachers in the House of God, the Church of My Son, that they fast and do great penance, pray more, for they have allowed the demons to enter upon them. The Father finds their leadership very poor, and He will judge accordingly and all shall receive the fruits and merits of their actions and their leadership."

Pope Paul VI

Veronica - Now I see...it's growing very light. Oh, I've never been over there, but I recognize...and I'm standing with Our Lady in a very large area. It's...I'm looking at a very large church. I recognize it's St. Peter's. And Our Lady now is taking me by the hand, and She's pointing up to a building. And now we're going into the building. And I see...oh, I see Pope Paul. Oh!

He is...he is sitting in a very awkward position in his chair. He looks like he is sort of hanging over his chair. Now there are two men coming in. They're dressed in purple and red sort of, they have like a, oh round, like yarmulkes, round hats on their heads. And they are going and they're, they're propping him up. I don't know what's wrong with him. They're propping him up in the seat. He looks like he's a...half asleep or something. Oh! He does look very sick. He looks very sick. Now they are taking his hand, and they're putting a pen in his hand. And they are shouting something at him. "Sign it! Sign it." And now I see Pope Paul. He's raising his head and he is looking at them, very groggily, like there's something wrong with him. And he's leaning forward and he's trying to read a paper on the desk. But now he fell across the desk. And now the two men have pulled him up. They look like bishops or something. They have belts about their waist made of, like cords with tassels. Now they have pulled him up and sat him back on the chair. And they're taking his hand now, and placing it over the paper. And he's shaking his head. "No. No. No."

Then they...oh, the man on the right now has taken the paper and he's speaking to the other man; I don't recognize them; I never saw them before. And he is saying, "We'll wait until later." And now they are going out and Our Lady now is putting Her fingers to Her lips and we're leaving the room. And Our Lady now is saying:

Our Lady - "My child, there is great deception in the Holy City. Pray much for your Vicar. He is under great trial. Enemies surround him. And on one hand, My child, can you count those who can be trusted!"

Veronica - Now Our Lady is wiping Her eyes. She is very sad. And She's saying:

Our Lady - "It is a knife in the heart when We see the fall of the souls of our children. But it is countless knives in the Heart of My Son and I when We know that Our Houses have fallen to satan."

Veronica - Our Lady said the House is the church.

Our Lady - "Michael, the guardian of the earth's Church, must be returned.

"You must not try to understand the ways of the Father, for much lies hidden to your knowledge.

"You will wear your sacramentals at all times. You have all now been marked with a sign for redemption, and many will cast aside this great grace of free will! Pray much, My children, that they will be recovered, for the Heart of the Father is most merciful.

"Make it known upon earth that those who should show great example of purity, piety, holiness, they have lost the road and with them they will take many souls. Know that there are divisions of supernatural existence. There is hell. There is purgatory. And there is the Kingdom of the Father!

"Satan has great power, but not above the Father. He knows his time grows short. That is why satan now gives you full battle. Know, My children, that you are approaching the Day of the Father. The time of great sorrows is upon you. You will all be tried and tested. Those who persevere shall join My Kingdom.

"There are many things, My child, that you will not know, for you could not understand them in your human mind. This will only be made known to you when you cross over the veil. Were they all made known at this time, what would be sacred in the Kingdom, My Child?

"Yes, My child, many minor warnings have been set upon the world, but they go unrecognized. They will be accelerated. Many lives will be lost. Many will come over the veil unprepared! It is a great sorrow to My Heart. It is a great sorrow to the Heart of My Son! Only a few will be chosen.

"Pray much, My children, for the souls who spend countless years in purgatory. Many are forgotten, but for the charity of the heart of the few who remember those who have no one to pray for them.

"Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them. May all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace.'

"Join Me in prayer and meditation. Join Me on the first Saturdays for five Saturdays. Won't you join Me and release an awaiting soul?

Secret Societies

"For what you give you will receive threefold. It is not what you receive, but what you give that is important upon your earth life. Store your graces in Heaven where they shall not perish, for all you have on earth is only loaned to you during your earth existence. It is apparent, My children, that many are storing their treasures upon earth, caring not for the life eternal.

"Recognize, My children, the great evils that now are upon earth. We look with great sorrow upon the secret societies of earth, societies of satan! You call their nature the antichrist. All who are against My Son, not recognizing Him as the Saviour, they were the sons of satan and they shall be the sons of satan, unless they recognize My Son as their Saviour.

"The Father is always the final judge, but We do not condone evil, and you must speak out in defense of the truth. If you are silent in the face of destruction, you hold great responsibility for the loss of souls. If you cannot stand and fight for My Son, can you expect Him to recognize you and stand before the Father in your defense when you come over the veil? All who deny My Son shall be denied!"

Veronica - Now Our Lady is taking Her Rosary, and She is extending it forward in front of Her and She's raising now the cross, the crucifix on Her Rosary. And She is saying:

Our Lady - "I bless you all, My children. Continue with your prayers of atonement. I have gathered My little armies throughout the world. The battle of the spirits will accelerate, but you will go forward with perseverance and the knowledge that the victory, the final victory, will be with My Son and the Father in the Kingdom of God.

"Visit My Son often. You must eat of His Body and drink of His Blood so that you'll have the strength to resist the evil forces that have now invaded and multiplied upon your earth.

"The enemies of My Son will seek to take this great grace from you, so hasten, My children, be with My Son while you can, for the day will come when you will cry bitter tears and have to hide yourselves from your tormentors. For you will be taken before tribunals and set to the test for your Faith.

"Yes, My child, you ask Me, has it been many years that I have traveled throughout the earth? Countless earth - years, and why? Because, My child, My Message was not heeded. Man has become perverse, degraded and debased. He has given his body and his spirit to Lucifer, satan.

To Do Battle with Satan

"The Father set you upon earth to do battle with satan, and to return in triumphant glory to the Kingdom. Instead, We find that many of you have made your choice and gone into the darkness. You have been deceived, you have accepted delusions. You will now recover your souls in the Heart of My Son you called the Eucharist. You will read your Book of life so that the truth will enter your mind and cast off the books of satan that now enter your homes and the hearts of your children. Parents, you will be true parents in the light of God. For the day will come when there will be great anguish in the hearts of parents who have fallen, and failed to bring discipline and the knowledge of God to their homes.

"The statues, the monuments of godly nature must be returned to My Son's House and to the homes. Prayer, atonement and sacrifice, My children! Wear your sacramentals. My Heart is heavy and My voice grows weak, but I have promised you that I will be with you unto the Coming of My Son.

"Know that with your perseverance, one day you will understand that it was well worth the struggle, My children. Eternal life of happiness and glory.

"My child, you will sit now and join those in prayer."

Veronica - In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

(There is a pause while Veronica joins the pilgrims in prayer)

Veronica - Everyone please kneel because Jesus and Our Lady have been here for some time. Now it's windy down here, but it's windy also up there where Jesus and Our Lady are. Because now Jesus has on a gown and an outer covering, a cape. And I notice that it's also blowing like we are, down here. And now Jesus is smiling and He says:

Jesus - "Yes, My child, the Father knows the ultimate victory. There is much to have great sorrow for, but We are of great joy knowing that there are many who will join Us in the battle."

Veronica - Now Jesus and Our Lady are moving over. They don't walk; They're floating. They just glide on the air. And They're going over to the right side. They're just a little above the tree now. And Jesus is shifting His robe. He's gathered it; it's quite long and the wind's catching it. So He's rolling it around now His left arm, that's the cloak - like over His long gown. And Jesus has on sandals, but it looks awful cold. No, Jesus says there is no feeling of cold.

Oh. Now Our Lady is smiling and She's pointing over to the tree. And now She is right behind Jesus. Oh, now Jesus says:

Jesus - "You do not have to open your packages. The blessings will be given in abundance. These blessings, these graces from the Father, will be instruments in the conversion and cure of soul and body."

Veronica - Now Jesus is raising His hand, His right hand, like this. He has just about three fingers together, like this, and now He is making the sign of the cross:

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady has Her large Rosary, and She has them in Her hand, extending across her chest. They're very large, beautiful white beads. The golden crucifix and the gold Our Father catches the light as She's turning. Now Our lady is coming over toward the center between the flagpole and the tree. And now Jesus is smiling. The light is so bright it makes His hair look sort of a reddish brown. And now Jesus is looking down and He's placing His hand out now in front of His chest, like this, and He's bending down now and He's making...oh, the sign of the Trinity:

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

And now as Our Lady's standing there, She's extending her Rosary forward, but there are lights now coming out of Her hands. They are...oh, they're just streaming down now onto the grounds. It lights up the whole area on the right side of the flagpole. The rays are very bright. The rays are coming from Our Lady's hands. Oh, they're very beautiful, very bright. Oh, and now they're turning from a white to almost a very light blue. It's very pretty. The blue is very pretty.

Now Our Lady...now the light is fading from our lady's hands and She's moving over now on the...She's past the flagpole now and Jesus is right behind Her. Now Jesus is going forward. Our Lady has stopped by the flagpole. And now on the left, our left side of the flagpole now...oh, and Jesus is extending His hand. It's up near His chin now, like this, and He's making the sign of the cross while looking down:

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

And Our Lady now is just at His left side. And She now is holding up Her Rosary with the crucifix on it, and She's now blessing in the sign of the cross with the crucifix:

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Jesus is looking down and He's smiling. And He is turning to Our Lady and He is saying:

Jesus - "I see We have this evening, upon the Sacred Grounds, My dedicated."

Veronica - Oh! There must be a priest on the left side, because Jesus calls the priests and nuns, "dedicated", so there must be a priest and a nun. Now Jesus is smiling and shaking His head, "Yes." Now He's standing, now He's coming closer. Oh, He's moving over now towards the tree and looking down. Now He's extending His hand out and He's making the sign of the Trinity, like this, with three fingers:

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

Now Our Lady is...oh, She's put the Rosary on her belt. She has this golden cord around her waist. Now She's put the Rosary on the cord and Our Lady now is holding Her hands out. And the rays are coming out of Her hands. They're beautiful. Oh, they're just flooding the grounds. Everyone looks all lit up. Oh, they're beautiful! The rays are like crystal. They're beautiful. Now as they are turning, they're light blue. They're beautiful, pale blue. Oh, it lights up the whole area. The trees look blue now. All the trees and the flags have turned a very light blue. It's just beautiful. Now Our Lady is rising. Now the rays are starting to die away, they're just like evaporating. And Our Lady is rising higher. And She's standing now by the flagpole. And Jesus now is shifting His cloak over to the side. Now he's raising His hand in front of Him, like this, and He's making the sign of the cross:

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

Now They're moving over and They're coming, Jesus and Our Lady. Jesus is in front and Our Lady is following Him. And They're moving over by the right side of the flagpole now. And They're standing. And Our Lady now is bending over.

Our Lady - "You will continue, My children, with the prayers of atonement. Many are needed, for there is a great trial for your country."

"That the leaders and the teachers in the Church, that they fast and do great penance, pray more - For they have allowed the demons to enter upon them."

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