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"I see that black horse now"

September 13, 1974
Exaltation of the Holy Cross and Eve of Our Lady of Sorrows


     Veronica - There’s a great light now coming just beyond the trees. Oh, it’s making the area very, very bright. Oh, it’s just beautiful! The light is white; it doesn’t have the blue tint. Now coming through the light I see ... oh, it’s Michael. Oh, it’s Saint Michael. He has on a short outfit, though, with laced-like leggings, they look like, up his legs. And he’s looking down now. He’s carrying a very long spear, and the balance is in his left hand. Now he’s coming forward. Oh, Michael is very, very big. Oh, he covers almost the whole sky, but he doesn’t look out of proportion.

     St. Michael - “My child, the Queen of Heaven and of earth, the Mediatrix between God and man, has prepared you well.

     “The saints and those who were washed clean by the blood of martyrdom, they join all in Heaven crying for vengeance against deceitful mankind and the abominations that offend the Eternal Father—abominations in the House of God!

     “Mankind, entering into deep darkness, has set himself to remove from among you the knowledge of the supernatural. In this manner will you fall more easily into the darkness and eventual destruction of the abyss!

     “You will listen and follow the direction of the Queen of Heaven or you will receive a just recompense. The punishment that will be visited upon mankind shall be meted in accordance with the sins and abominations in the House of God and in the heart of man.”

     Veronica - Now the sky is opening up. It’s just like a curtain pulling back. I can see dark, very dark clouds rolling. And they’re opening up, and—oh, Our Lady is coming forward. Oh, She looks so beautiful! Our Lady is standing over at the left side of the flagpole. She’s coming forward very quickly.

     Now on Her feet, as the wind is catching Her gown, I can see Our Lady has golden slippers. And on each toe—not the toe, but the tip of Her slipper, there is a golden rose. Our Lady—Her feet look very dainty in the slippers. She looks so beautiful. With the light about Her, Our Lady, Her gown looks very, very white. And the light is catching the trim of Her cloak that covers Her head. It goes all the way across Her head, down Her shoulders and to Her feet. It’s like a coat, an over covering.

     Our Lady has at Her side a Rosary. Oh, it’s the white Rosary with the golden Our Fathers. Now Our Lady is removing it from about Her waist. She has what Our Lady is calling “a girdle, My child, about the waist.” A girdle, like a belt, but Our Lady called it a girdle about the waist.

     Now Our Lady is extending Her Rosary in one hand, like this, forward. Now She is reaching into the folds of Her dress, and She’s holding up—oh, Our Lady is holding up a Scapular, a brown Scapular. Oh, it’s a very large brown Scapular, so that I can see the picture on it, of Our Lady holding the Infant Jesus. Oh, it’s very pronounced. Now Our Lady is leaning forward.

     Our Lady - “My child, this is your armor and the armor for all mankind. With these sacramentals We will withstand the onslaughts of satan and his agents. Yes, My child, the agents of hell, the demons from the abyss always gather outside of a shrine of purity. They never sleep. 

Transports from hell

     “It has been deemed necessary by the Father to give unto you a photograph of the transports from hell. You will inform your men of knowledge—scientists—that the vehicles known as UFOs are but transports from hell sent to deceive and confuse mankind and set him in quest of another world that does not exist.

     “Your protector and the guardian of your Faith has not been entered into the houses of My Son. Know that you will defeat yourselves with this action. Michael must be entered into the prayers and hearts of mankind. All clergy, all shepherds of the flock, must praise the Father through His guardian, Michael. You must return Michael in your prayers after the Holy Sacrifice!

     “Men of God, have you forgotten your vows? Intellectual pride, My child, has set mankind onto the road to his own destruction.

     “Your country, My child, is in a desperate state of soul. Without a major change or an intervention from the Father, many souls will be lost. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer. Pray that satan does not enter into your homes and claiming your children. Many mothers will cry bitter tears of anguish—too late, too late! Prepare now for what lies ahead.

     “Your country, My child, and the countries of earth have become cesspools of sin. Your leaders are worshiping the creation of their hands. They seek power to destroy. They will set up among themselves a church of man, excluding My Son from among them. Satan shall sit upon the altars of My Son’s houses. Pray, pray, My child; desperate days face mankind!

     “The plan for the capitulation and ultimate fall of your country, America the beautiful, desecrated for gain—the plan is evolving fast. Your government, your media have given themselves unto the agents of satan.

     “Yes, My child, if man had prayed more and turned to the Father, much could have been avoided. Man has been given a free will; and it is in the plan of the Father that he, as man and human, will seek his eventual life in the Kingdom of God, or with satan in the abyss.

     “You will pray much for your leaders in your government. Corruption and deceit abound in your country.

     “It is sad, My child. I am truly the Mother of great sorrow! Knives pierce My heart. I cry tears of blood.”

     Veronica - Oh! Oh, now there’s blood! Our Lady now is extending Her Rosary out, and there’s blood now coming from Her face, from Her eyes, down onto Her gown—oh, so much that the gown is now stained red! Oh! Oh! Oh! [Veronica cries.]

     Our Lady - “My child, you cannot wipe away these tears of blood. The blood of the martyrs of old and the martyrs of the future shall be with you.

     “My child, there are many armies given the light of knowledge to bring to mankind the truth in faith. Work and pray much. You will be sent many arms to aid you in this crusade of light against the darkness of satan.

     “I have told you in the past, and I must repeat, My child: a heavy cross will be carried by all who will stand fast in the Faith with My Son. You, My child, and others who will set the example for those who will be saved, must accept a life of martyrdom. You will be scorned, you will be ridiculed and you must, My children, be different. Were you of the world, you would be accepted; but now that the Father extends to you the grace to be of the light, you will be rejected by your world which is now in the hands of satan. His time grows short. He works fast for the souls! You must increase your lives of prayer and sacrifice.

     “There are many traitors, enemies of the Father in Heaven, in My Son’s houses. They will fall like rotten fruit as We shake the trees, on that day when My Son shall set all to right. All that is rotten will fall! A good tree will not bear bad fruit. By their fruits will they be known to you.

     “Do not, My child and My children, be deceived by the faces of evil who come to you as angels of light but are ravenous wolves seeking to corrupt and destroy. 

Days of trial ahead

     “My Son is a firm foundation. His House will go through much trial but will never be destroyed. Before the House of My Son shall fall, mankind shall be cleansed with fire. The sun shall scorch your earth and the skin will burn and dry up and blow off the bones as though it had never been. Eyes will see and many will still not believe, so weak is the faith! When My Son returns, shall He find, My child, even a flicker of faith left? The numbers saved will be counted in the few. Pray, pray much, My child. Days of great trial are ahead.

     “The leaders in My Son’s houses upon earth, those who represent Him, must set a better example as shepherds. Shall you stand before My Son, shall you as shepherds stand before Him and say that your teaching has been clean in His sight? No! He will see through you and cast you into the fires of hell!

     “The warning has come late for many, My child. Others have hardened their hearts and their eyes are blinded, as they have given themselves to the pleasures of the flesh and the riches of the world. Many have sold their souls to get to the head.

     “My Son’s houses, My child, the churches of earth, are on troubled seas. He stands fast at the helm. Do not abandon Him! Pray, pray that they do not remove from among you His tabernacles. Listen, My children, I have a message of great importance that you learn. Listen well!

     “You must pray for the leaders of your country. Pray that those who come to despoil and destroy will be removed in time that your country may be saved from the punishment, the Chastisement planned by the Father.

     “There is only, My children, one road to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. It is through My Son, in the Father.

     “All who deny My Son as the risen Christ, they are of the Antichrist and are against My Son and His houses on earth. Do not join them by the deceitful ways of satan that you call brotherhood and love. Seek beneath the surface for the truth!

     “Satan is the father of all liars. Many in your government, My children, are liars, for they have joined the synagogue of satan. Pray, pray that they change and mend their ways so that your beautiful country will not join those who have been given over to the enemies of God.

     “For money, the world bargains for souls. For money, many shall lose the Faith. For money, many will sell out their trust as pastors. For money, your country and the countries of the world shall bring themselves to the edge of destruction by the promotion of a great War, a war that will affect the lives of every man, woman, and child.

     “It will be a time of great tribulation for all, a tribulation so great that were not My Son to take pity on you and intervene, no life would remain upon your planet. Pray, pray, My children, for you do not know what lies ahead of you. 

Forces of satan in United Nations

     “It is in the direction of the Eternal Father that you remove from your country the forces of satan now running rampant in the grouping you call the United Nations.

     “You must as a nation take yourself away from this group of satan. You have opened your doors to the enemies of God! These enemies do not defend you, but they wait to pounce upon you like vultures! They are bringing you down to your knees now, My children. Like vultures, they will await their time.

     “I shall not, My child, be repetitious in My speech of the many abominations and atrocities that condemn the souls of mankind to hell. In purity of heart, in purity of spirit, redeem yourselves by coming to My Son in belief. Believe and you will be given the way.”     

     Veronica - I see that black horse now. It’s a horse—it’s galloping right across the sky now. It’s a black horse, and there’s a horrible-looking man upon it. He’s dressed all in black. He looks like an executioner, because he’s got a—it looks like a grass cutter; it’s like a Y-shaped hoe, sort of. He’s the reaper. Reaper! The word “REAPER” is written over the sky, over his head. “DEATH, FAMINE, STARVATION.” All the words are written now in the sky. Oh! Oh, my! He’s galloping fast across the sky. Now I can’t see him anymore. He’s gone beyond the trees. Oh.

     “Oh, Blessed Mother.”

     Our Lady - “The enemies within your house, My child, will seek to silence you. Do not be afeared. You are protected by one of the highest guardians in the Kingdom.

     “Yes, My child, satan can kill, but only if the Father permits this for the betterment of mankind. As I gave you directions in the past, you must follow these, My child. For with your free will you must accept the consequences if you do not listen. Bar your doors to all but your immediate family and close workers. You must obtain more rest. You shall not win souls by socializing. Better that you pray, for silence is often golden. Your walls, My child, have developed ears.

     “No, My child, satan cannot read your mind. This is a great grace. He can only follow your plans by your expression and outward action. Learn to communicate by the spirit, My child. Think your way to Us. Pray interiorly. Many words multiplied from the mouth do not necessarily bring you great graces. Better a few that come from the heart than constant prattle without meaning. 

Indulgences not removed

     “Much of your Faith in graces and indulgences, My child, they have been removed. Gather the books given to you in the past. Though mankind has set himself above his God to remove these from among you, know that in the will of the Father, they have not been removed. You will receive all the numerous graces of indulgences as directed by your good leaders of old.     

     “Pray a constant vigilance of prayer. All who pray together will surely, My child, stay together, united against the common enemy of God. You must not, My children, compromise the Faith of My Son’s House. You will not save souls by meeting them when they have fallen away and protested against the true teachings of My Son. You must bring them into His House, not tear down His House and enter upon those who have fallen and constructed another structure. No! Patch the cracks in My Son’s House. Set a better example and the walls will echo to the praises of the Father and the return of many souls into the light.

     “There will not be, My child, a one-world religion if there are enough prayers to offset satan’s plans. We ask for many victims, victim souls who will make reparation to the Father for those offenses that are now making heavy the balance used that determines the extent of the great Chastisement upon mankind.

     “Pray much. Wear your sacramentals, and go forward with your guardians.”

     Veronica - Now Our Lady is going over to the left side of the flagpole by the trees, and She’s standing there now and extending Her Rosary with the cross. She’s taking it and making the sign of the cross on the people: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     And now behind Her is Michael, and there are many, many other angels. Two in particular I recognize because they are extremely, extremely big. Oh, they are so awesome, but they don’t look abnormally big. It’s just that they cover the whole sky. Raphael, Gabriel. Oh!

     Our Lady - “Be seated now, My child, and join in the prayers of atonement.    


Manna from Heaven

     “I have a great secret to give to you and all those who are knowledgeable. Human food is not necessary. Know, there is a secret I reveal to you at this time. You can be nourished by the Body and Blood of My Son. For the secret, My child, is that you will be fed the manna from Heaven.

     “You ask, My child, what is ‘manna’? At this time, My child, let us just call it the food of the angels.


Apocalypse explained

     “My child, bring your seat forward. I would like to converse with you. You have followed My directions well to read the writings of the good John, Saint John, as I wish him to be known upon earth. The Father used him as an instrument to give you the knowledge of the end days. I will explain the part, My child, that puzzled you most.

     “All are in symbolic form, but if you pray to the Spirit for the light, your mind will be opened to the truth. Know that there will be two phases with the closing of the Book of the Apocalypse placed on parchment by Saint John, the good John, on the island.

     “There will be great trial and punishment, tribulation in the House of God, the houses of God throughout the world, and in the lay life of the human being. The fight will be a war of the spirits. The pages of the apocalyptic times must turn. All who remain after this time of great trial will join with My Son in setting up the Kingdom that I promised you, the time of great peace. It will only be with you, this great peace promised, at the return, the Second Coming of My Son, Jesus.

     “After the great tribulation, the number saved will be counted in the few. They will join with My Son and continue on with a life of great joy and glory to the Father as planned in the beginning. Satan will tempt none ever more unto the time allotted given to him before the great and final judgment.

     “Satan will be chained, My child, for a number of earth-years. He will no longer roam to tempt mankind. My Son shall be the Ruler upon earth; and then after this time, satan will be loosed once again to tempt mankind, as man will then evolve back into his human nature and find himself offending the Father and sinning once more.

     “Then will come the general, final judgment upon mankind, the end of time. It will be at this time that there will come unto you a new Heaven and a new earth—the new Jerusalem promised from the beginning of time by the Father.

     “Your spirit will return to your bodies. United will be the body and the soul. And as such, you will be set in judgment.

     “That, My child, will give you a condensed knowledge of what lies in the pages I asked you to read.

     “You must, My child, awaken your brothers and sisters to the fact that the days ahead have all been in the plan of the Father, knowledgeable to Him, as He knows all past, future, and present.

      “Read the Book of love and life, your Bible. Do not discard these apocalyptic days, My children. Try to unravel these symbols and secrets. They are not difficult. Hidden within the pages you will find the full story of the days ahead. However, the pages will turn only as mankind deems, slowly or faster. At the present time, My child, it is like a great wind has taken the Book and blown it away, and the pages are turning faster and faster, bringing man faster to the end of his time.

     “Do not be afraid, My child, to repeat all that I have made known to you. They will call you a prophet of doomsday. Ah, but, My child, how sad it will be when they recognize all that was given to them, the knowledge that they chose to cast aside, caring more for the things of their world than for the joys and treasures of Heaven that cannot ever by despoiled or removed. A life eternal with happiness and glory discarded for the pleasures of the world of satan! O My children, is it not any wonder that My tears fall! They fall as teardrops from Heaven. I am truly a Mother of great sorrow!

     “Yes, My child, We hear all these words—I say words—of peace, peace, peace, and brotherhood, but man shall never find peace nor true brotherhood without his God. He shall not unite as one, the ways of the world and My Son’s House, Church! Man shall not be set up as an idol to worship! The following of this course has condemned many to hell. Be they layman or wearing mitres upon their heads—they, too, have fallen into the abyss. By their free will they have chosen to offend the Father and discard the trust given to them in their vocation.

     “Return My Son’s House to the state of holiness and purity. Do not be silent any longer. Discipline—pastors, where is your discipline? You will not count souls by filling your coffers. Daily collections—money changers in the temple!

     “The gifts from Heaven that are eternal have no price placed upon them. They are free for the asking. Ask and you will receive, My children.

     “My child, there will be many armies strong with the Faith, though not with material gain or even the comforts of the human body. They will live in the spirit, neither seeking the plaudits, the praise of the world nor any worldly gain, accepting a pledge and vow of chastity and piety and poverty. We ask this in reparation for the many foolish maidens who have cast aside at this time their vows when they became the brides of Christ. They cast Him aside, divorced Him from their hearts, and sought the pleasures of the world and mankind.

     “Many homes are defiled by the example of the parents. The children, innocent victims of their elders, whatever shall become of them? Pray, pray for the children! Parents, you who have heard My words of caution, protect your children, for satan has seated himself beside your door. He waits to devour your child when he leaves your home, setting agents among you.

     “Your example must be one of strength and faith. Keep the faith in the hearts of those you love. For the souls who knock upon your door are to be pitied, for they wallow in evil. Pray for all men of sin.”

     Veronica - Now all who are able, please kneel as an act of atonement. For many do not bend the knee for Jesus during the Holy Sacrifice, Our Lady says.

     Now Our Lady is pointing up and the sky is opening and—oh, Jesus is coming forward now. He has no shoes on. He has bare feet. And He has on His white gown and His cloak is a red, sort of a burgundy red cloak, and it’s tied about His neck. And it must be very windy up there, too, because His cloak is blowing. And Jesus is smiling.

     Now He is placing His hands out in front of Him, and the rays are coming now from His hands. They’re coming down now—oh, they are so bright—on both sides of the flagpole. Oh, one of His hands is pointing—the rays are coming down over on my right side, over here. Oh, my! Oh, they are so bright. And now Jesus, on His right hand, the rays are coming also down on the left side of the flagpole. Oh, and they’re turning colors now. The rays look green and blue—oh, all the colors of the rainbow. Oh, they’re just beautiful! Oh!

     Oh, now Jesus is going up over the flagpole, and He’s coming down now by ... just a little above the Saint Michael banner. Now Jesus is bending forward, and He is placing His fingers together, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     And now Jesus is looking down.

     Jesus - “I bless you, My children, as the Father blesses you in the Holy Ghost. Your prayers of atonement will bring back many who otherwise would be destined for the abyss.”

     Veronica - Now Jesus is going over to the left side of the flagpole, and Our Lady is with Him. Oh, She’s so beautiful! There’s a great light now about Our Lady’s head. Oh, I notice now She has on a very small crown, a golden circlet. It’s almost, though, like—almost like a crown of thorns, though. The crown is a circlet, but it’s woven almost like the thorns that Jesus had in His crucifixion.

     Oh, now Jesus is coming over and He’s looking down. And now He’s extending His hand out, like this, and He’s making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     And now Jesus is coming down closer.

     Jesus - “My child, you will work with much haste. The time grows short. The enemy has entered into your government. Pray much for them. The demons possess many. They come in great multitudes, for they know the strength of prayer in your area. Should this be removed, your city, your state, and your country will go through a period of great suffering never seen before in this country.”

     Veronica - Now Jesus is moving over to the right side of the flagpole, and He’s placing His hand out again. And Our Lady now is coming before Him, and She’s extending Her Rosary as Jesus places His hand out. And He is making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     Jesus - “Additional graces I give unto you, My dedicated. Those who remain true to your teachings know that there is none whom you will answer to but the Father. Eternity is forever. Do not bargain your souls for the few years you have on your planet earth.”

     Veronica - Now Jesus is rising high. He seems to be just floating backwards. Oh, He’s just carried up. And Our Lady is standing there and looking down.

     Now Michael is coming from behind the trees on the right side, and behind him are beautiful—they’re like children; they’re small angels. They’re dressed in all different colors of the rainbow. Oh, they’re beautiful, they’re just beautiful! Oh, and they have about their head flowers; they’re floral wreaths of roses. Some are yellow. And the little angel—it looks like the figure of a little child, a girl—it looks like a girl little angel, and she has on a circlet of pink roses about her head. And then next to her is an angel dressed all in white. But that angel, a little child-like figure, has a green, leafy-looking wreath about her head.

     Now Our Lady is coming forward. 

Restore the processions

     Our Lady - “My child, what has happened to the processions in honor of your God and the memory of the suffering My Son? We do not see any down upon earth. Can this not be restored for the glory of Heaven?”

     Veronica - Oh, Our Lady is referring to the lack of processionals and outward atonement to the Father.

     Our Lady - “Remember, My child, I have requested that mittens be worn in all public processions.”

     Veronica - Mittens are gloves, Our Lady says.

     Now Our Lady is taking Her golden crucifix—Her Rosary is beautiful, the Rosary Our Lady is carrying. The beads are white, very large, but they seem almost to be a pink. They catch every turn. They’re like pearls. I never saw real pearls, but they’re like, I would think, pearls because they seem to catch all the colors of the rainbow as they turn, and they glow beautifully. And the Our Father—the bead must be solid gold. They’re so beautiful! And the crucifix—Our Lady has a crucifix, and I don’t see a corpus on it. It’s a crucifix without the corpus, but ... And now She is making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     And Our Lady is smiling now, and She’s floating over. And Michael is behind Her and the little children angels. They’re so tiny; they’re like cherubims, almost. They’re dressed in long gowns in different colors: pink, blue, a deep sort of an orange. A beautiful orange, a color I never saw before, but it’s a combination of an orange and a brown, sort of. And now they’re coming over with Our Lady. And Our Lady is bending down, and She’s holding the Rosary out, like this, and making the sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

     Our Lady - “We send upon you, My children, many graces: graces of cure and graces of conversion, graces in abundance for the asking. We send forth a shower of roses upon you, and the graces will be as plentiful as the petals of the roses.”

     Veronica - Now Michael is coming forward, and he’s standing beside Our Lady. And he says:

     St. Michael - “Honor well the Mother of God, the true Mystical Rose of the Kingdom of Heaven.”

     Veronica - And now Michael is—now he’s standing behind Our Lady, and he’s placed his sword—it’s like a long spear—above Our Lady’s head. He said:

     St. Michael - “I do this, My child, in reverence to the Queen of Heaven for the many offenses to Her Immaculate Heart being committed at this time in the hearts of mankind and upon your earth.”

     Veronica - Now Our Lady is going up, up, over towards the trees on the right side with Michael. Now Our Lady is bending forward.

     Our Lady - “Continue, My child, with your prayers of atonement. They are sorely needed at this time.”

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